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Bompas & Parr: Mercedes Drive Thru- 09.14.12

bompasdt0.jpg I’m delighted to share with you tonight’s latest adventure of an experience with two of our favorites… Mercedes-Benz and Bompas & Parr. What an unexpected duo to team up and take on London Fashion Week by popping up the Mercedes Drive Thru at the Old Selfridges Hotel to solve the problem where “Models, journalists, and buyers go hungry as they dash between presentations and appointments. The Mercedes Drive Thru is our solution, an art installation that serves emotionally compelling food on all fours within 180 seconds of arrival,” says their pamphlet/menu. They continue to say that “Guests emerge holding steaming meat luggage within minutes of entering. You experience a specially commissioned light installation by Jason Bruge Studio, a big and nasty soundscape by Dom James and our troupe of roller-girls, Marawa and the Doughnuteers.” Sound like craziness? Well it is ~ and Mercedes-Benz’s Avant Garde Diaries chose Bompas & Parr to curate this latest experience for us all!

Tonight we got a preview at their opening party which was quite the affair… while the drive thru turned into a walk thru, and instead of a menu, the roller girls were serving quite the assortment of surprising cocktails and munchies in the usual Bompas & Parr fashion (with them we’ve inhaled Campari gas, mini golfed through cakes, and so much MORE) … things really got taken to the next level when the first car came thru… the Mercedes Benz A Class and it’s trunk was full of CHEESE! Then, there’s also the salami step and repeat… the mortadella stools… the glittery high heeled light up roller skates… and so much more. See the video and pictures of all the fun on the next page!

There was quite the line besides the Selfridges Car Park tonight… bompasdt1.jpg

As you approach, you see the salami step and repeat… bompasdt26.jpg

Then the gates that open… bompasdt2.jpg

… taking you into the crazy holding space of lights and sounds…. bompasdt3.jpg

… and perforated mercedes logo… bompasdt4.jpg

… until you’re released into the MERCEDES DRIVE THRU/party… bompasdt5.jpg

… complete with rotating seating to watch the cars pass through… bompasdt6.jpg

Then as the party filled up, the sea of people parted to let the first CAR in! A Mercedes A Class! Driven by Harry Parr of Bompas & Parr…

… and a trunk full of CHEESE! bompasdt20.jpg

Side Note: how amazing are her glittery, high heeled, light up (with frog bike light!) roller skates?!?! bompasdt19.jpg

No joke about the Mercedes A Class Cheese Trolley! bompasdt21.jpg

… and the cheese lady… bompasdt22.jpg

… It really was an unreal amount of cheese and giant grapes and other goodies… bompasdt23.jpg

The A Class! bompasdt24.jpg

There were even Mercedes Jello shots… bompasdt25.jpg

The Four Horsemen of the Esophagus. bompasdt15.jpg

The mortadella stools and salami tables in the rotating seating… bompasdt16.jpg

Chicken and sauce… bompasdt7.jpg

The caped roller skating servers with Mercedes logos between boobs had glowing white acrylic serving trays of goodies like mini burgers… and snails… and more. bompasdt8.jpg

Even the martinis had sausages in them… bompasdt9.jpg

Tiny fried quails egg toasts… bompasdt10.jpg

More drinks! bompasdt11.jpg

Martinis in the making! bompasdt12.jpg

Super sweet absinthe… bompasdt13.jpg

Smoked cheese fondue and crackers… bompasdt14.jpg

More glowing roller skates! bompasdt17.jpg

The band… bompasdt18.jpg

and a salami wall of ipads showcasing the Avant Garde Diaries… bompasdt27.jpg

And if you go drive thru (tickets sold out for spots - but they are holding a few at the venue!) here’s what you can expect to choose from! bompasdt28.jpg

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