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Holiday Giveaway #8: CW&T- 11.30.12

cwtMAIN.jpg Happy Holidays! 2013 is around the corner, and we’re finishing up this year with more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores and over 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

CW&T created their Pen Type-A out of love for the Hi-Tec-C pens when they wanted a more deserving casing for the great cartridges… they designed their dream pen, an incredible stainless steel pen that fits the cartridge perfectly, and slips into a multipurpose ruler/sleeve with incredible piston like precision (creating the most incredible pop as you pull it out)… and with the overwhelming support from Kickstarters, their dream became a reality (and beyond! They asked for $2,500 and ended up with $281,989)! This also a lesson in larger scale manufacturing… in china… and the crazy business nightmare that we can all learn from… and now they are manufacturing in multigenerational family run shop in Vermont with some awesome people, and back on track to share the pen they love! So for NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #8, we’re thrilled to give away 3 Pen Type-As to 3 winners!

THE GOODS: 3 of CW&T’s Pen Type-As to 3 winners.

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing what item you treasure that you imagine handing down to the next generation by 12/5 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.

Take a peek at more details (and making of) as well as a coupon on the next page!

UPDATE: Congrats to Yvonna in Denham Springs, LA, Leslie in Bayfield, WI, and Leif in Nanaimo, BC!





Here are a look at some of the fun details! pen1.jpg Pen Type-A

A peek at the making of… pen005.jpg

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing what item you treasure that you imagine handing down to the next generation by 12/5 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.


See more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores HERE!


425 Notes

I love the design. I want one please!

----- Jacob 09.12.12 05:28

This cool pen once I win

----- Chuck bodah 08.12.12 12:04

I treasure a picture that my mother gave me of Jesus. It’s just a little hand size picture with a prayer on the back and it means the world to me.

----- yvonne 06.12.12 08:50

My collection of hats as I’m also likely to pass on my bald head!!!

----- Oliver 06.12.12 04:54

My mother’s old iron iron, that you’d full with charcoal to keep hot.

----- Moe 05.12.12 23:07

All of the furniture that my husband has made.

----- Noelle Stiles 05.12.12 21:05

A picture of my mother and her sisters when they were young and still in Haiti so it helps to remind my kids that everyone is young at some point with hopes and dreams

----- Daphne 05.12.12 19:59

The belt I’ve been using for fifteen years and my first pair of Redwings.

----- justin 05.12.12 19:26

I can’t wait to give my kids my frat shirts lol but seriously

----- Rudy V 05.12.12 18:44

I will pass on the Figa necklace charm that my Grandmother gave me. It was passed to her from her mother (my great-grandmother) who was given it while her father was stationed in Brazil when he was in the US Army around WWI. I’ve worn it virtually everyday since she gave it to me 20 years ago except when it was being repaired, and will wear it everyday until passing it on.

----- Phil Gillman 05.12.12 18:44

I’m looking forward to passing down baby quilts that my mother loving made for her future grand babies after she found out she had cancer and would never be able to meet them and give them hugs in person.

----- Holly 05.12.12 17:01

I have a time capsule buried in a forest nearby. I’d hand over the directions to this so that our children could start a new adventure together while I sit in anticipation.

----- Herman 05.12.12 15:49

The rocking horse my dad made.

----- Jessi 05.12.12 15:38

What my mum handed down to me- 1970s vintage Nikon photography camera + vision to see art without a lens.

----- Iris 05.12.12 14:28

I have a picture of (almost) my entire family taken in the 70s that means a lot to me.
Also my dad’s dog-tagS from when he was in the Israeli army.

----- Gil 05.12.12 14:20

When I was a little girl, I always admired the great grandparents wedding portrait. When my Great Grandmother passed away, my Nana gave it to me. It is my most cherished possession and I will definitely be handing it down to my children. It is important to me to keep my family’s history alive.

----- Kaitlyn 05.12.12 13:10

My great grandmother’s jewelry. And a really cool teapot.

----- Debbie 05.12.12 12:44

The piano my mother and I both learned to play on.

----- Jeremy 05.12.12 11:33

My grandma started giving me some of her possessions when her time was almost up, and they represented a wide range from precious to ordinary. I have an antique arm chair that is salmon with gold dots and elaborate wood claw feet that I will most certainly pass down to my children and grandchildren. But something else she gave me was 3 pairs of her socks. These were literally just little white socks with flowers on them that she said she just didn’t need. I thought it was pretty silly that she gave them to me, but couldn’t say no to my grandma, and just threw them in my sock drawer to forget about. But now, when I open up my sock drawer, I see those little socks inside, and I think of her. They are simple and precious at the same time.

----- Jessie 05.12.12 10:16

I plan to pass down the stuffed rabbit that was given to me as a baby. It’s incredibly worn and missing a nose, but it brought me a ton of comfort all through childhood, and I hope it will do the same for any children that come after me.

----- Courtney 05.12.12 10:12

My mother left me the muk-luks she wore while pregnant with me in Fairbanks, AK in 1956. They are made out of wolverine and reindeer hide, and you can see the chew marks in the leather to make it softer to work with. They are also adorned with beads. I have not worn them as the place I live is not cold enough! They are wonderful to look at though, and I hope that future generations appreciate them!

----- Leslie 05.12.12 09:31

watch pen and wallet !

----- Eliot 05.12.12 09:23

In my family we have traditional Bulgarian clothes for holidays that were made by my great great great granny and I must pass those on. Thanks for the chance!

----- Rossi 05.12.12 08:32

My classic Dutch bicycle, which I rebuilt, and then curated all the components for, to make it exactly the way I wanted it, as a very specific and beautiful bicycle, that is unique and truly one of a kind. And it goes as smooth as butter!

----- William 05.12.12 06:59

my grandparents gave each grandkid a jade sculpture engraved with our family name. I’ve always treasured this gift from them and think it would be worth passing on.

----- cat huang 05.12.12 06:14

I would leave Grandfather Stewart’s wedding ring to my daughter, I know she would treasure it for a lifetime.

----- brad osterhaus 05.12.12 04:54

The most valuable thing I want to pass on is my ability to make things, I can see a time in the not to distant future in the UK where these valuable hands-on craftsmanship skills are lost and forgotten forever. How terrible it would be if that were ever to happen.

----- Ollie 05.12.12 03:13

I have china handed down from my great great grandma, they are in great condition and is a reminder of a time gone buy when meals were served beautifully and not in plastic food cartons. So i’d like to hand them over to them next generation:)

----- Ann Hidayat 05.12.12 03:03

I assume I’ll dominate the world before I’m old. So I would pass it with love to my next generation.

----- Talita 05.12.12 02:45

Roots & Wings :-)

----- Casper 05.12.12 00:40

The quilt my grandmother made.

----- Christina 05.12.12 00:16

my fabulousness? can i pass that down? also, are we allowed to pass things down to pets?

----- Mooni 04.12.12 22:11

jewelry my mother gave me from my grandmother

----- Andrea 04.12.12 21:23

I would love to win this! Classic, beautiful, and will make the architects I work with envious! ;)

----- Xjacklynx 04.12.12 21:19

My grandma’s kitchen ware. Especially the Pyrex nesting bowls and printed glassware.

----- Speck 04.12.12 20:06

My great grandmother’s handmade ring and my smith corona typewriter.

----- Angela 04.12.12 19:29

My double edge safety razor, wish i would have gotten my grandfathers when he passed. I hope my son or grandson would cherish mine as much as i would have his.

----- Corey 04.12.12 18:44

Recently i inherited my great grandfathers pocket watch (via my grandfather and father). One day i will make sure it goes to one of my kids (when i have them!). It lives on my bedside table because it is beautiful and that is where all my forefathers have kept it! It’s not just the object, it’s about passing on the tradition as well.

----- Jimmy 04.12.12 18:39

alll my glassware, glass is timeless

----- Andrew Visconti 04.12.12 18:39

my collection of guitars and percussion instruments, music is the greatest gift and the greatest healer.

----- Christina 04.12.12 18:30

My children would love to have my large selection of old 70-80s LPs.
What better way to pass it forward?

----- Tim Driscoll 04.12.12 16:49

The whiskey that I made and barreled.

----- gn Chan 04.12.12 16:38

Alden shell shoes.

----- Jack Frost 04.12.12 16:03

The only thing I have to pass down to my children are watches. I love different watches of all types & I have a small collection that I will give to my children. :)

----- Ed J Moore 04.12.12 16:01

more than anything that i treasure that i want to hand down is laughter. for laughter make the world a better place.

----- kevinb 04.12.12 15:31

I would like to hand down the recipes that I was given like my great-grandmother’s recipe for blueberry muffins, written out by my grandmother.

----- Susanna 04.12.12 15:25

my sense of humor

----- melissa flicker 04.12.12 15:22

The vintage money clip given to me by my Grandfather. I have carried it everyday for almost 10 years.

----- P. Lee 04.12.12 15:09

After being passed down a picture of my father with the most fantastic mustache I could ever imagine. I feel it is my duty to do the same to my kid.

----- John 04.12.12 14:32

My Grandmother and Grandfather’s Vintage tandem bicycle

----- hayley 04.12.12 14:11

My grandfather’s chess set: I remember drilling out the bases of the pieces and putting lead weights into them with him, then finishing the bottoms with green felt. Good memories. Nice chess set too.

----- Juststeve 04.12.12 14:09

I hope to pass down what my parents passed to me. This is a precious store of qualities - the desire to love and nurture especially the vulnerable and fragile, the desire to wonder and explore, the desire to leave a mark and be productive. They were immigrants and left everything and so have ‘nothing’ in the sense of goods or land or wealth to hand over. This fact of their life distills for me what remains and its immense wealth for me.

----- mridula 04.12.12 14:02

A mahogany & cedar ukulele that I made.

----- Scott 04.12.12 13:49

My 3D Prints… And my tissot t-touch watch

----- Alex Maund 04.12.12 13:40

My pocket knife. My wife gave it to me for our 1st wedding anniversary. I will most definitely hand it down. Love family heirlooms.

----- Evan Huwa 04.12.12 13:29

My great grandfather’s pocket watch which was passed down to me.

----- Matt Z 04.12.12 12:44

It would need to be something that I made… One of my college sculptures, I created an embedded tensegrity sphere; made from 6 tensegrity spheres, each inside of the next, and each a little smaller. They remind me of worlds within world and how precious a necessary each world is.

----- Ben Bates 04.12.12 12:44

Great question! I will pass on many things but my great-grandfather’s toolbox, brought from Sweden, will be one of them.

----- Eric Brockmeyer 04.12.12 12:02

I’ll be handing down my Ray-Ban Wayfarers!

----- Alex 04.12.12 11:53

my awesome roller skates and an engineer’s compass that my dad passed on to me… it’s old school and so nice!

----- melissa flicker 04.12.12 11:50

I’d like to pass down my kitchen-aid mixer to my (future) daughter, it was given to me by my mother and I hope that my future daughter and I can spend many many hours baking together!

----- KC Heller 04.12.12 11:20

my travelling journal! consist of what not to do at X, must saw, visit, and eat. my thoughts and my advice for that place to be better. i guess that will be quite a valuable treasure.

----- erick hilmansyah 04.12.12 10:51

I would leave my children these old antique owl book ends that I have. Just in hopes that they would have a love of books like their mum.

----- Sandra Ahn 04.12.12 10:40

My wedding ring was may Grandfather’s I want to pass this along when I’m gone.

----- tonyF 04.12.12 10:23

I inherited my Grandfathers old toolbox. It’s made of wood and looks like he might have made it himself. He was a carpenter and used it his entire life. I love it, just looking at it you can see the history there. I use it now in my living room as a publication holder. It’ll always been in my family.

----- Danielle 04.12.12 10:04

I would love to pass down a good collection of photos.

----- Julie 04.12.12 09:50

my grandfather passed away earlier this year at 98 years old. he played the fiddle for his entire life, right up to his death. He played with Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys for a while in the 1930’s. I received his cowboy hat, boots and fiddle after the funeral - this is what i would pass on.

----- scott 04.12.12 09:49

Definitively i would leave a touch of humor and some of may precious work tool some post-it, a pencil and imagination!


----- Patrici 04.12.12 09:32

My uncle passed down a 1960s Alvarez acoustic guitar that’s seen better days, but served him well for 30 years. He gave it to me 15 years ago. It’s what I learned on and what my kids will learn on too.

----- Matt 04.12.12 09:21

I would love to leave my kids with lots of photographs. Some of the best memories are reopened just by looking at a simple photo.

----- Brittany 04.12.12 09:08

It’s the small things i want to be remembered by, that make a big difference. I want to empower others and give them the tools to re-evaluate themselves and see the good and abilities in them.

----- lihi 04.12.12 08:55

I would like to bequeath to future generation the meaning of life!

----- Sybille 04.12.12 08:05

A sense of honour and humanity…and this pen :-)

----- Almin 04.12.12 07:41

My Roleiflex

----- Levi Montez 04.12.12 07:40

No kids yet, but when they arrive, I’d hand down my grandfather’s handmade pistol and the large wooden trunk that my dad made me, both of pirate-style character.

----- Brenda 04.12.12 07:34

I would like to pass down a music instrument (thumb piano) that I made when I was in high school. It is the only thing I still keep after so many years and it symbolizes my love for creating. I hope that it can also inspire my kids some day and also their friends and so on. It also represents a symbol to me that I should constantly challenge myself…

----- Oscar Salguero 04.12.12 07:13

A 3d sketch done in the 70s by my dad. Means so much to me and I know my soon to be born son will cherish it as much as I do!

----- Jenni 04.12.12 07:00

My sketchbooks that I’ve made over the years.

----- sam li 04.12.12 06:38

tools and knowledge of how to use them

----- kieran 04.12.12 06:36

my LC-A+ camera.

----- jay panelomo 04.12.12 02:09

That pen is pretty phenomenal! I unfortunately no longer have the one thing that I would love to pass on to the next generation: a three-gold ring with my mom’s engagement diamond mounted on it. I lost it about 4 years ago, in the stupidest way, and it’s something I regret to this day.

----- Sharon 03.12.12 22:37

Hope, love and knowledge in culture, criticism and capoeira.

----- Patrick Wong 03.12.12 22:28

Er… my pen Type A?

----- Jonas Chau 03.12.12 21:39

Please help me to not need to use charcoal from my fire to write with any longer.
Sometimes I can’t read my own smear and the world would be a better place if someone could.

----- KimB 03.12.12 21:25

My glorious genes. And my glorious jeans.

----- Ian Russell 03.12.12 20:50

Our stories, so hopefully we can continue to live on from the lips of our ancestors. I always love hearing them from my 93 year-old grandmother.

----- tony 03.12.12 20:14

I hope to someday pass down my 1972 Datsun 240z. It’s from an era gone by where cars were designed to evoke emotion, and when drivers required skill not computer controlled gadgets to drive properly.

----- Andy L 03.12.12 20:02

A pretty gold necklace I had since I was a baby. The main part is a loose round pendant with inscriptions on both sides, once you flick it, it spells out “I love you”.

----- Noryden Devora 03.12.12 19:46

I’d pass along my swiss army knife, given to me by my dad a while back… although I think he keeps forgetting he gave it to me… haha

----- Marco 03.12.12 18:51

the HotWheel toy cars my dad and I collect together

----- Jennifer 03.12.12 18:47

Jade earrings that my grandmother gave my mom, which she in turn gave to me.

----- Jaclyn 03.12.12 17:52

I have a handmade leather belt that’s breaking in perfectly. It the sort of thing that will look even better when my son wears it.

----- Ryan 03.12.12 16:42

Since I don’t know who my children (if I’m ever able to have any) will be, and therefore don’t know what their interests will be, I don’t really know what of my few material possessions I would pass down to them. It could be any of my small collections: books, comics, music, various kinds of art, etc. But also, who knows if I’ll even still have those things to give if I should ever be lucky enough to have a child, or children, to give them to. And just because I was fond of these things doesn’t mean that my offspring would be fond of them as well. So I think more importantly than any “thing” I could offer them, I would do my best to offer them something much less tangible. When I was a young child, and then as I grew up, and even now to a certain degree, my rather large immediate and extended families gave me so much. Not monetarily or materially, because we’ve never had much to speak of in either of those categories. But in just about every other way I can think of, mostly by way of encouragement. They encouraged me to be silly. They encouraged me to be creative, inventive, and resourceful. They encouraged my artistic and musical abilities, and my curiosity. They encouraged me to be intellectual. They encouraged me to experiment, and to not be afraid of things that were new or different, or perhaps even difficult. They encouraged me to be kind and generous, and to find beauty and value in things and in people. They encouraged me to take chances. They encouraged me to be the best. Not to try to be better than anyone else, but to be the best that I can be at whatever it is I do. They gave me freedom, and they gave me their time whenever they could. They taught me how to do things or encouraged me to figure them out on my own if they couldn’t. They took me to the library, gave me puzzles and problems to solve, let me build things or take things apart and then put them back together, gave me art projects, let me listen to their records and tapes, let me explore, and so, so much more. These are the things that I treasure most, and these are the things that I can only hope to pass on to my children, or anyone in generations to come. And if I also happen to have some belongings that they treasure, I will gladly pass those along as well.

----- Colin 03.12.12 16:01

I remember seeing this pen on the Kickstarter website, great to see the polished/branded product. Something to pass down… Finding dad’s classic t-shirts and caps is always a good one. Holding on to these items through the times is the challenge.

----- Lloyd 03.12.12 15:59

Hopefully my genes…
and after that, I would love to pass down a well loved antique sewing machine

----- Ace W 03.12.12 15:49

I would like to hand down my sketchbooks to the next generation, with a few fresh clean sketchbooks and a Pen Type A that shows years and years of patina.

----- Josh K 03.12.12 15:40

I think I’ll be handing my Chrome backpack down to my cousin. He’ll be hitting high school soon and that bag will help him out a lot! Tons of space, cool design and its really worn in. ;)

----- John G 03.12.12 15:30

My business will be left to my son(s)

----- Matt Burke 03.12.12 15:04

I would love to pass down my lovely Turkish kilim.

----- Colleen 03.12.12 14:59

My love of skateboarding and being alive in the sun…being 20 that’s all i have to give.

----- Kyle 03.12.12 14:56

My guitar… it was my dad’s and I’d like it to keep going on down the line.

----- Erastos 03.12.12 14:37

I would leave behind a story of some sort. Don’t really know yet but I can get crafty, and who knows with the technology that’s coming out soon…? It will definitely consist of music, because I remember I started loving music when I first saw my dad listening to Guns N Roses on his headphones. Plus I’m listening to music about 90% of the day.

I really love that pen.

----- Matias 03.12.12 14:29

A Scottish cashmere scarf that my grandfather gave me.

----- JP 03.12.12 14:16

the paper nutcracker ornament that I’ve had since 1987!

----- Namtran Nguyen 03.12.12 14:15

My artistic dna and hopefully this farm. His grandfather’s ashes are already out back.

----- Audrey Heffner 03.12.12 13:50

I imagine that I will pass down my Dad’s Smith & Wesson 38 Special revolver. I don’t even shoot it that often, but the thing is beautifully made with a carved hickory handle and leather holster. It was passed down to him from his father, and I plan to do the same when I have kids.

----- Rob Wilkey 03.12.12 13:29

Hopefully some of the furniture that i’m design och making right now.

----- Joel Jönsson 03.12.12 13:20

I’ll be passing down a coin collection amassed from two generations of my family.

----- edgar 03.12.12 12:49

My father’s hand printed posters from when he was in college. They are beautiful, classic and have been a constant inspiration to me.

----- Jenna 03.12.12 12:33

As I have gotten into designing and building furniture with hand tools I have begun to collect some lovely heirloom quality tools, hand planes, chisels, marking gages, etc. I would love to one day hand these down to one of my three boys who will be interested in learning about the craft.

----- chip mccarthy 03.12.12 12:21

I would most likely pass down all of the art that I’ve collected over the years.

----- Allison 03.12.12 12:10

I would hand down my Hello Kitty cassette player with my childhood sing-a-long cassettes.

----- Sandy 03.12.12 12:04

My Juno burger phone.. cause it’s just so freaking awesome!

----- María 03.12.12 11:44

Definitely my old Teddy bear who’s been around since I was two. Him and all my jeweler’s tools. (not at the same time though)

----- MMMMat 03.12.12 11:39

My art and my sketch books.

----- Laura 03.12.12 11:37

I would definitively pass down my dad’s Stratocaster. I think that it would make a really good tradition, since I received it from him. Another thing would be our vinyl player; I hope to teach my children the great adventure of vinyl collections.

----- Samuel Valdez 03.12.12 11:30

My artwork and poster collection

----- That 03.12.12 11:30

All my sketchbooks and my pen collection! ;)

----- Marc 03.12.12 11:28

I imagine passing down my zippo lighter.

----- Kevin 03.12.12 11:01

I have a beautiful classic record player console that was passed on to me by my grandparents. I plan on keeping it and some records and hopefully instilling that love to my kids/grandkids.

----- Kevin 03.12.12 10:59

I will hand down my engagement ring to my son or daughter, whoever wants it more.

----- shauna s. 03.12.12 10:41

I want to hand down my Hasselblad 500CM. It’s the camera that changed the way I look at the world, and the tool that I use most often in my life as a Photographer.

----- Timothy Mulcare 03.12.12 10:37

I just saw this pop up on an instagram! Such a beautiful sturdy design.

----- Timothy Mulcare 03.12.12 10:35

My collection of cognac bottles will be my legacy.

----- Randy 03.12.12 10:31

My grandmother’s vinatage earring and family stories.

----- Melanie 03.12.12 10:28

I want to pass on my sketchbooks, they are filled with drawings, songs and insights.

----- Gabriel 03.12.12 10:08

I want to pass down both of my grandfathers’ tools. I have been systematically restoring them and using several such as antique calipers and compasses. I have no idea if my daughter will have any interest in them, but I have hope.

----- Paul F. 03.12.12 09:43

Probably my light-box. In the land of dark and horribly traced, he who wields light-box is king.

----- TOM 03.12.12 08:14

I will use this awesome pen to create a crazy rant-y sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project of the Brooklyn Art Library, where my sketchbook will remain and occasionally tour for millions to read and puzzle over for generations to come (I hope!)

----- Blue 03.12.12 07:58

my paintings and books

----- luna 03.12.12 07:54

Oh boy I will be passing my kite collection (a bit more than a couple of cheap kites)

----- Rob/thief/corgimas 03.12.12 07:45

my collection of vintage designer children’s books. boom!

----- baron 03.12.12 07:22

I’m passing on to the next generation all the my sketchbooks, full of collected papers and drawings of everyday scenes and thoughts.

----- Bruno 03.12.12 06:48

My record collection.

----- Robert W. 03.12.12 06:43

My 23oz framing hammer that has been used in the construction of three small houses (so far), and my Nikon FM2- hopefully real film will still be available and the next generation will know the joy of watching prints appear on paper.

----- Dan 03.12.12 06:40

The greatest hand me down ever was a marathon tank top my dad had from the 70’s, it was the only article of clothing he kept for me. Since then Ive been storing all worthy shirts (including the tank of course) for the mini me of the future, or to divide amongst my three beautiful nieces!

----- William Riedel 03.12.12 06:34

I look forward to passing on my grandmother’s wedding rings.

----- Kate 03.12.12 06:19

My records!

----- John 03.12.12 06:04

vintage tech, my fave!

----- Andie C 03.12.12 05:18

my skulls collection

----- martamask 03.12.12 05:12

I have an Eames DCM chair I found at a thrift store for $11 and two George Nelson tables I got for $10.

----- MINIM 03.12.12 04:59

I hope to hand down my grandmother’s paintings. I have a bunch of them, framed - she painted landscapes, mostly, including construction sites (my favorite!).

----- Natalie 03.12.12 04:56

A 1908 hardback illustrated edition of Grimms Tales that I found in my Gran’s loft… wonderful stories matched by equally beautiful illustrations.

----- Sam Coney 03.12.12 04:23

a remarkably designed and elegant pocket watch that passed from my great grandfather to my grandfather to my mom and, now, to me.

----- Ana 03.12.12 02:00

I still have the cape my mother made for me as a kid. It was made from old floral fabric and not very heroic looking but we didn’t have much money growing up so it meant a lot to me. I plan to pass it down to my kid so they can be the superhero.

----- Vu Nguyen 03.12.12 00:14

I am a high-maintenance city man that was strangely obsessed with the beautiful design of the Best Made Co. axe. Naturally, I was happy to be at my parent’s farm when I was given one for Christmas and I used it to cut all of our firewood while on holiday. After recently getting the matching leather case, I know that this is something that I will pass on to future generations. Not only will I be passing on a beautifully design object, but I will hopefully pass on the enjoyment of old-fashioned tasks.

If I won this pen, I would honestly keep it for myself. Wouldn’t you?

----- Jeff 02.12.12 23:37

I would love to put all the lessons I’ve learned in my live in a nice black notebook and leave that. Everyone must learn from his/her mistakes, but a little help it’s better …

----- Federico 02.12.12 23:27

My correspondence set: paper, envelopes, pens, postage stamps, wax, wax stamp

----- Tony Everett 02.12.12 22:41

there is a manual copper coffee grinder that belonged to my grandparents in Europe that was and which is still in the family. It works better than any burr grinder I have tried or a manual coffee grinder I used, whatever the provenance. This thing is definitely a keeper!

----- tasa 02.12.12 22:29

Dear NOTCOT, my treasured item that i plan on passing down is a secret collection of love letters that i’ve been writing for the past few years. Luke has no idea that they exist, I haven’t decided yet when I will give them to him.

----- Robin Hertert 02.12.12 22:19

I have a book of nursery rhymes that my mom had purchased for me as a toddler. This book has all the classic pictures and rhymes that any child would fall in love with.

----- Christi 02.12.12 22:14

definitely my wine barrel bar that i built myself

----- Brenda 02.12.12 22:11

The tattered, torn, stained, stretched, old Nirvana t-shirt I wore throughout my youth in middle school.

----- Daric Kassarie 02.12.12 21:59

I would hand down my artwork collection.

----- Barrett 02.12.12 20:16

books books books

----- dylan 02.12.12 19:03

Old pictures that have been passed down to me. I will add my own collection of pictures. I am completely fascinated by pictures and the emotions and stories they carry.

----- L. Lorenzana 02.12.12 18:55

I would most definitely pass down the Gibson guitar that my parents bought me.

----- JYEE 02.12.12 18:38

My mother’s diamond ring.

----- Marshal 02.12.12 18:22

My Mother was an architect and our home was full of pens, pencils and various drafting instruments. I still have a few of her old mechanical pencils, Parker and Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth, and will try to pass them too.

----- Peter 02.12.12 18:11

Since it is the getting close to holidays. The first items that pop in to my mind are some antique glass tree ornaments that got from my grandmother.

----- Madoc 02.12.12 17:49

I will be handing down my vintage A-2 leather jacket and sneaker collection to my kids.

----- Robert Z 02.12.12 17:32

I am going to pass on my great grandfathers signet ring which has been passed down through my grandfather and father and I will keep the tradition going and pass it on to my son.

----- Tristan 02.12.12 16:58

Certainly my vintage perfecto leather jacket. The same as Marlon Brando in the Wild Ones

----- Walt Presley 02.12.12 16:42

The jewelers loupe I used in geology class (and have played around with ever since).

----- Jason 02.12.12 15:57

My mother in law paid for a Cartier watch for my 30th birthday. It was a big milestone in my life, and was unbelievably kind of her to do. I will DEFINITELY pass this watch down to my kids.

----- Eric P 02.12.12 15:47

I wear my grandfathers Bulova Accutron watch every day, a watch that he was given for being with Ford Motor Company for 35 Years. I would love to keep this watch running and one day give it to my child or even grandchild.

----- Alex Blugerman 02.12.12 15:43

I have a titanium spork that I hope my children and children’s children will also use to scoop, stab, and (believe it or not) cut their food.

----- Zack 02.12.12 15:42

I intend to leave to my children an appreciation of individuality, craftsmanship and a sense of the absurd. Oh, and my stuffed carcass, to be placed on the mantlepiece in a position of supplication towards the nearest discount liquor store. That might make them realize just how much really cool stuff I didn’t buy for myself whilst they were growing up, instead spending vast quantities of money on tasteless plastic tat and the stereotypical gender enforcing shite that constitutes modern childhood these days. And if that doesn’t teach them anything, at least I get the satisfaction of having them look at my flabby old stuffed arse every time they look at the clock!
Do I win this really cool pen?

----- Christopher Skinner 02.12.12 15:28

Our every growing collection of Art-o-mats, because you can’t help but smile when you pick them up & discover tiny little pieces of unique art.

----- The Slapster 02.12.12 14:54

I am currently working on opening my design studio. Any heirloom quality items I design in the future will be passed from generation to generation. I will succeed.

----- garet 02.12.12 14:29

My father’s wrist watch. He got it when he graduated High School (first in his family) and he gave it to me when I graduated. Tough part is which of my four children will get it.

----- Michael W. 02.12.12 14:24

Most certainly my double bass. It has the warmest, most comforting sound and it is without a doubt a great piece of work even just sitting in my living room.

----- Karan 02.12.12 14:23

In an old tea tin I leave:
-a gift, my Jean Pierre double-hunter pocket watch; engraved in binary with the year I left my favourite job
-the notebook of my morning pages; a very personal legacy
-my CW&T pen type-A
-grandmother’s memoirs; extraordinary tales of ordinary life in wartime London
-the rolled blue glass from that secret beach and the poem that it inspired.

----- Ceilidh 02.12.12 14:15

I’d leave my violin, assuming it survives me. The poor thing has seen cigarette butts, drunken brawls, splashes of whiskey and blood, and a rainy backpacking trip through Europe. Luckily, it still looks wonderful and plays beautifully.

----- arthur 02.12.12 14:02

A pair of small gold hoops passed down from my grandmother.

----- Lindsey Powers 02.12.12 13:50

simply beautiful

----- Tufan 02.12.12 13:36

Along with the usual material objects, my photos with accompanying tales, memories and lessons of life I’d have learned during my time here

----- Paul 02.12.12 13:18

The sewing machine!

----- Iva 02.12.12 13:08

Hope… that will be a next generation

----- Dina 02.12.12 12:51

I just deserve it, I´ve worked hard.

----- LY 02.12.12 12:50

jewelery, watches and habitual objects/decorations that gained value by use

----- maja 02.12.12 12:45

I’ll be passing down some titanium rings I made for myself, and a beautiful Les Paul Custom that was given to me by my parents.

----- Curt 02.12.12 12:43

A sapphire and diamond ring that looks a lot like Princess Diana/Kate Middleton’s engagement ring. I inherited it from my grandmother!

----- Natalie 02.12.12 12:07

I would probably hand down an antique mirror of mine faded glass and a wooden frame painted gold adorned with wooden roses

----- Clea V 02.12.12 11:31

I have many things that I would love to pass down but nothing is more meaningful than my great grandfathers 30-30 rifle. It works, but it is most valuable as an item to look at. I love the way it is made and how it looks on the wall of my office. I would love to have a great pen like this and I think it would be a lovely item to add to my collection.

----- Jeremiah andrick 02.12.12 11:14

A shoebox of black and white photographs and a pretty meaningful collection of books.

----- Joanie 02.12.12 10:25

My fathers Datejust…

----- Tarun 02.12.12 10:15

My parents and I refinished this beautiful old church that they now live in, in Savannah GA. The finished product of the house will show that hard work and finishing something you started can bring you something beautiful, and almost whatever you want.

----- Guy 02.12.12 10:14

The art collection, and my Leica M6. Have no children to pass anything on to, but my nieces will enjoy these things.

----- Scott B 02.12.12 09:28


----- evita 02.12.12 09:12

My treasures are my art collection and I will be handing down some beautiful oils, sculpture and photographs. Also a classic pen that this one would make a fine companion to.

----- Tina 02.12.12 09:05

A color pencil with 22 replaceable color heads in the toso of the pen will be the item that i want to pass along. I dont know what age did I started to own this pen, but I remember bringing it everywhere with me when I was a kid. It was a japanese kids stationary with 22 different colored crayon heads that you can store in the body of the pen. When you need to change the color, just replace the hole of the color stud you took out with the one you place of. It is a very special and unique pen to me now that im applying for graphic design courses in university. Others may like to pass on some vintage jewels, but I would like this pen to be one of the items that I pass on to my kids and grandkids, as a symbol and reminder of creativity, colors, and hope of this world to them :)

----- Sonia C 02.12.12 08:58

I recently sat down with my parents and took down what they remembered from their grandparents and parents (what they did, where they lived, that kind of stuff): I did that not only for myself, but I feel that (ie. identity!) also the best gift to pass on to your own kin…

----- Ivar 02.12.12 08:19

Christmas ornaments.

----- Clementine 02.12.12 07:54

My watch collection. I’ve only got two…but there’s a history behind them. Also will pass down my “elf in the shelf book” and keep it in the family!

----- Sam 02.12.12 07:53

children’s books

----- wolfie 02.12.12 07:46

I would love to pass on my grandmothers wedding dress, a hand sewn satin dress from the 40s that I wore for my wedding day, and didn’t have to get it altered because we were so similar in shape

----- Meghan 02.12.12 07:44

My great-aunt gave me her autographed copy of “Life along the Passaic River” by William Carlos Williams. It is one of my most cherished possessions, and one of the reasons that I became a writer and professor like my aunt. I look forward to passing along this volume (to go with his love for language) to my beloved nephew…

----- Doug Van Gundy 02.12.12 07:18

My family photo scrapbook

----- James 02.12.12 07:07

Id hand down bone of my sculptures, what child doesnt need a dead animal made from flowers?

----- xtiaan 02.12.12 06:55

I hope I will not pass on my handwriting. Is like me: complex and all over the place! I hope I donate those characteristics in all other personality aspects however…

----- TIm 02.12.12 06:33

My old tube radio, I already got from my dad.

----- Markus 02.12.12 05:42

my toy collection

----- STEVEN 02.12.12 05:20

this pen?

----- mine 02.12.12 04:46

I’d like to hand down a dead stuffed fox named Cecil. It’s so soft and lovely.

----- Mat Moore 02.12.12 03:36

Jewelry from my mom. Our Eichler home.

----- Hoister 02.12.12 02:48

My book collection.

----- Rose 02.12.12 02:23

I’d pass down a bracelet and earrings that were gifts from my grandmother. Plus the huge iron pot my dad uses to make his signature dishes.

----- Nat G 02.12.12 01:05

There are a few things I find sentimental and one of them is an old measuring tape my father used to use. I have it now, as he has newer and better ones but the memories of him indulging his little girls interest in tools and science (of which he knew very little bless his kind and patient heart) are attached to this small tool which I treasure. I would pass on this very useful and under-appreciated tool with love.

----- Lish Rebman 02.12.12 00:57

My mom and aunt’s black and white pictures from the world war II era.

----- Valeria 02.12.12 00:53

It may not be an item, but I’m handing down my gratitude prayer that my family prays every night.

----- Chy 02.12.12 00:45

I will hand down my favourite film camera down to the next generation, even if film is obsolete by then.

----- Michael 02.12.12 00:35

A family ring

----- Kayleigh 01.12.12 23:59

My grandmothers cookie cutters. The joy and warmth of making cookies together should be a treasured memory, eating the cookies even more treasured.

----- Chris 01.12.12 22:28

I’m one of the only kids in my family to not have children but I have always been the historian. So hopefully, one day, a niece or nephew will want the great collection of photographs, stories, and small possessions I have from many past generations.

----- Lorinda 01.12.12 22:16

I hope whenever I have a kid that I’ll be able to share my favorite old sci-fi paperbacks with them.

----- Joe Birdwell 01.12.12 22:11

I hope my son appreciates one of my grandfather’s watches.

----- Shawn 01.12.12 22:07

My music collection and my whisky.

----- Kathlyn 01.12.12 21:49

My family has a crest that we pass to all the children on their 18th birthday. It started when the first of my ancestors moved to North America eight or nine generations ago, and I hope to keep it going for as long as the name lasts. The crest itself is an armour-clad arm holding a sword, engraved into bloodstone and set in a gold ring— and doubles as a seal for envelopes. There is something really profound about having a peice of your family’s history given to you, it centres me. And I can’t wait to have the opportunity to give that same thing to my children.
Thank you.

----- Matt 01.12.12 21:44

My recipes collection would probably the best to pass along as its personal, useful and goes back more than a hundred years.

----- Valerie 01.12.12 21:19

I will pass my genes along some day

----- Grant Ross 01.12.12 21:09

I have a lot of toys I cherished as a child, especially this one dollhouse that I hope to hand down to my daughter (hoping I have a daughter).

----- Lara 01.12.12 21:04

This pen is beautiful. What a great way to always have both your ruler and writing utensil handy, and looking good!

----- Cameron Shore 01.12.12 20:57

I would pass down my out of print art books.

----- Anne 01.12.12 20:42

My charm bracelet. My parents put a charm on it for each important event in my life - ballet, graduation, etc. It’s adorable and fun to wear no matter how old I am. I look forward to explaining it to one of my future lil’ pups.

----- Ashley 01.12.12 20:37

I hope to pass on my great grandmothers wind up mantle clock.

----- Alison 01.12.12 20:36

I have an old, well-worn pair of cross-country racing shoes I wore through high school that I would like to pass on. Not so much as something to run in, but to remind the next generation to find something they are passionate about to integrate into their life.

----- James W 01.12.12 20:27

I would hand down a small gold necklace from my grandmother. It’s my treasure!

----- Heidi 01.12.12 19:57

i would pass down my iphone, the object of my generation

----- cody l 01.12.12 19:42

The honest truth about the Mental Illness that has been running in my family for decades and at times killing us.

----- jimmy dimarcellis 01.12.12 19:33

One of two: Eames rocker that was my first father’s day gift from my wife, or 1975 yamaha 2-stroke motorcycle (RD350, imported the last year they passed emissions standards. Small, fast, and orange!)

----- Matt 01.12.12 19:18

Rare Book Collection

----- Marie 01.12.12 19:09

With my love for music, I imagine that I would give my children a CD album of Michael Jackson. Though I’d probably need to provide them a CD player, as well.

----- Joanna 01.12.12 19:07

I would love to pass on the leather bag that my dad pass on to me

----- Kelvin Y 01.12.12 19:01

My desk, which my father and I built together out of pieces of our old home.

----- Daniel 01.12.12 18:36

I would love to pass on my wedding band to my grandsons to wear. It represents my wife and family and so in turn represents everything truly precious to me.

----- Zach 01.12.12 18:22

I’d love to pass down my fathers light he designed piece by piece

----- Alan B. 01.12.12 17:40

I will most definitely be passing down my creative nature. The Type-A seems to embody a great deal of utilitarian purpose for such activities.

----- Dakota B Harper 01.12.12 17:35

I have my great-grandfather’s chess set. The beautiful hand turned pieces have all made their way through four generations of children, floods and the occasional not so sportsmanlike game. They always make me think of my grandfather and I hope someday they’ll make my grandchildren think of me.

----- David B 01.12.12 17:33

I recently pieced together a Beauchene skull from a disarticulated human specimen. Its a beautiful thing, and as a med student, it also serves a wonderful didactic purpose. I hope to pass that on to my child one day.

----- Carl 01.12.12 17:29

I’ll pass along my great-grandfather’s chess set. The beautiful hand turned pieces have made it through four generations of children, floods, and the occasional unsportsmanlike game. I treasure them and I hope my children will too.

----- David B 01.12.12 17:28

The novels by my great great grandfather, and the short stories by grandfather.

----- Katy 01.12.12 17:24

My mother got an Inuit doll from my grandpa in the Yukon when she was little. It’s made of leather, and the original face washed off somehow, so he used a bic pen to draw a new one on it for her. She’s passed this doll to me, and I love it, especially the face.

----- Kylene 01.12.12 17:22

I have a silver bracelet that was my grandfathers and then my fathers that I wear everyday. Not planning on having kids but it’s something i’d definitely pass on to a niece or nephew.

----- Tiffany 01.12.12 16:43

My watch

----- Scott 01.12.12 16:20

I would pass down my journals and the letters I’ve received over the year, along with any stationery I still had left, in the hopes of passing on a love for written sentiment, personal reflection, and the beauty of design.

----- Julie 01.12.12 15:54

When I bought my first place, a small 500 sf condo in DC, I bought a custom coffee table by designer Justin Couch. It’s a Walnut veneer, laser cut table in the shape of DC. It looks pretty funky, and I love it, I hope my kids will too

----- Kibby! 01.12.12 15:53

The Pen Type-A is just won

----- Richard C 01.12.12 15:50

I will leave my dads lubeshop jacket that he wore while he was working his way through college and supporting my family when we were young. I still wear it. It is awesome.

----- Spencer Nelson 01.12.12 15:48

Legos…all of them.

and the ability to properly wield an axe.

----- seth 01.12.12 15:27

I have a Howies overshirt that I hope my son can wear in years to come.

----- Dan Gilmore 01.12.12 14:49

It’s cliche, but most valuable and personal to me - my wedding ring.

----- Mia 01.12.12 14:47

I have a fantastic coat from Nau that I expect to long outlast me or my build, so I hope to one day pass it one.

----- Mark 01.12.12 14:42


----- Laura 01.12.12 14:00

My edition of Black Hole that was signed by Charles Burns, in Seattle. At an appropriate age, of course. Don’t want to be warping my future kids too early.

----- Meghan 01.12.12 13:57

My Mont Blanc pen.

----- Schmidty 01.12.12 13:55

My father passed down to me his love of craft, and continues to pass it down through ideas and answers to questions of making. He has always been a sounding block and source of knowledge for how to create and how to detail a project into a success. I would like to be able to pass on the same love and knowledge to the next future generation of my family, because crafting is useful in every walk and way of life; and the belief in successful completion of a task is the most inspiring belief I have.

----- Michael 01.12.12 13:10

A love of traveling and all the goods and skills that go with it!

----- Annie 01.12.12 12:55

A love of traveling and all the goods and skills that go with it!

----- Annie 01.12.12 12:55

never forget how to draw and write in old fashion style

----- adriana 01.12.12 12:38

My dad studied architecture, and so did I, when I went off to school he gave me the box that he used to hold his drafting supplies, it’s something I plan on passing down.

----- Amy Willard 01.12.12 12:35

I imagine passing down some of my film cameras and hopefully the knowledge of how to use and abuse them properly.

----- Eric 01.12.12 11:59

1. My grandma’s secret recipe for the perfect meat loaf.
2. The three gold coins I own.
3. The Leica I will buy someday.

----- Ben 01.12.12 11:38

I have a jade Buddha around my neck that I never take off. I would like to pass that on to my future child.

----- Eric 01.12.12 11:23

The Black and White chemistry and film, I have been hoarding for over a decade.

----- Yoshio 01.12.12 11:03

My skills at Mario Cart. It will take some serious training sessions. Every Saturday morning from age 4 for a couple of hours.

----- Cody 01.12.12 10:45

I’d pass down a book I made in 5th grade. I had traced the family tree as far back as possible and across the ocean. I collected photographs and wrote down stories of as many members of our family as I could, including my own. I’d like to add more to the book and pass it along to be added to. Our original family bible passed down over many generations with photos and stories and notes had been lost in a flood containing those precious stories when I was six. I only hope what I made can be passed down and cherished too.

----- Alex Z 01.12.12 10:38

i’d pass down whatever artwork speaks to my kids/grandkids when they get older

----- Caroline K 01.12.12 10:34

i’d pass down whatever artwork speaks to my kids/grandkids when they get older

----- Caroline K 01.12.12 10:34

I’d like to leave my suits, assuming they’re still an acceptable style 80 years from now. ^_~

----- Tom 01.12.12 10:25

When my grandmother passed away, we found a beautiful gold ring with a pink stone. After some family investigating, we learned that it belonged to my great-grandmother - she bought it for herself when her soon-to-be-husband refused to buy her an engagement ring. I inherited it, and have been wearing it for 14 years. Even though it is monetarily worthless, it’s a treasure to me. I hope to pass it along, with its story, to the next generation and the one that follows.

----- Lauren 01.12.12 10:25

I ask each person in my family to keep their own autobiography. I buy the Moleskine’s and pens and give them a bit of structure to help kickstart it. It’s a piece of living history that we can each pass down.

----- Blake 01.12.12 10:24

Definitely all my photographic materials, films, prints, files, cameras…

----- Miyon 01.12.12 10:05

my son will inherit furniture that was handmade by his daddy.

----- sarah 01.12.12 09:55

Any work that i’ve done, illustrations, paintings, drawings… leaving something that has no age.

----- Goody 01.12.12 09:41

ceramic and porcelain tableware that to remind them of all the fun conversations we had over meals, and in hopes that they continue the tradition.

----- johnny 01.12.12 09:30

I want to give my kids some of the furniture I’ve made.

----- Adam Edwards 01.12.12 09:24

I have been collecting different types of wallets and I would leave them behind with some money in each one.

----- Peter W. Horton Jr. 01.12.12 09:17

I look forward to handing down the wax letter seal of two crossed rowing oars that my dad made for me.

----- Leah 01.12.12 09:17

I’d love to pass down anything I own from my parents or grandparents — heirlooms are constantly created and I have a curated collection myself.

----- Cameron 01.12.12 09:04

When I was little I would love visiting my great grandmother and exploring all of her treasures. She used to travel and would bring home special pretty things from every place she visited. The most beautiful of all were placed in a round curio table with glass sides and a glass top. My sister and I would sit for hours (or at least hours from a little girls mind…probably only about 15 minutes in real time) and marvel at everything pretty. A few years ago my dad gave that table to me and I place only the most special of our things inside of it. I can’t wait for the day when our grandkids sit around staring into it and I then one day pass it down to my kids.

----- Jenni 01.12.12 08:57

I’m hoping to start a long chain of handing down pocket sketchbooks. I’ve got 12 moleskins (well-loved and weatherbeaten) I just imagine them being passed down and inspiring whoever gets them family or not and they add-on to the collection. I iterate all my good ideas in these pocket sketchbooks, if they weren’t already born from the book already.

----- Andy Stoltz 01.12.12 08:49

To my 20 year old daughter, I hope to pass on the personal
depth, strong self worth, childish wonder, and humility to
always strive to see, and make the world a better place
to be.

----- Darrin S. 01.12.12 08:04

My grandfather’s super heavy marble-handle 357 magnum handgun that he kept with him in the cab of his 18-wheeler all those years during his career as a cross-country truck driver. And no joke … he also had one of those gigantic metal balls covered in spikes that’s attached to a handle via a chain. Yeah, the kind you swing and absolutely crush anything it touches. Not sure what they’re called. Just looks so badass.

----- Eric 01.12.12 07:53

My parents collection of pipeworks to be played with for many generations. (PVC doesn’t corrode, does it?)

----- Sarah 01.12.12 07:16

My wedding ring I got from my grandfather.

----- Yariv goldfarb 01.12.12 07:07


----- Liz B 01.12.12 06:33

I truly treasure my architecture models. My sweat, frustration, blood, tears, and my sanity was used to build them and I would love to pass them onto my children so they can understand the importance of craft & patience in their lives.

----- Lara Richard 01.12.12 06:33

I imagine the pleasure at handing down a copy of the OED, which will either be treated as a holy relic, or a curiosity of a life before ubiquitous information access.

----- Brian 01.12.12 06:21

I collect horses and have a 8 priceless pieces because they were delicately handcrafted and painted by a good friend as a birthday present. I can loose my entire collection, even the pricey ones, but I’d definitely find a new home for those horse masterpieces before I move on. If anything, they should be a testament to what real friendship is all about.

----- Ellen Bautista 01.12.12 06:16

I hope to leave behind several of the wooden drums I make.

----- Roger 01.12.12 05:09

The leather bag from my father, also they should become a traveller.

----- Marie 01.12.12 04:43

My vintage swiss watch :)

----- Greg 01.12.12 04:15

Probably my college textbooks. Just kidding, I’d most likely hand down my jade charm I’ve had since I was a baby, my mother gave it to me and I’d like to give it to my kids also. That and/or an emerald lined ring (necklace charm?) my grandmother gave me. So much treasured jewelry ;__;

----- Amanda 01.12.12 04:01

I think most material objects are replaceable—even heirlooms. Instead, I hope to pass down my drawings, paintings and writings so future generations can know me through my passions.

----- Nikolas 01.12.12 02:08

I would give my Technics mk and my lp’s to my children.

----- De W. Quinten 01.12.12 01:47

A gramophone that belongs to my dad.

----- artur 01.12.12 01:41

my lederhosen :)

----- Matthew 01.12.12 01:26

my vintage juki sewing machine from the 30’s(???)… looks & sews beautifully.

----- sophie 01.12.12 01:20

if I had this pen, I’d give it to my youngest daughter. I’m sure that she’ll pass it on to her children. and fill out the pages of our family’s diary. awesome addition to the family.

----- David Fobrogo 01.12.12 00:56

My pocket watch. My great-grandfather’s pocket watch.

----- tudza 01.12.12 00:39

My sketchbooks and journals are all I have worth leaving, everything else is just tech garbage.

----- Jeff 30.11.12 23:49

Well…let’s see…we mostly have Ikea furniture. Not very ‘pass-down-able’. I suppose our kids would receive a few pieces of handmade furniture my father had made.

----- Darrel 30.11.12 23:43

I own an old bike that I got in college to get around town and campus. A blue Miyata from the eighties. I got it because in many cases it was more convenient than a car for near vicinity jobs. I spent a lot of time tuning it up, but mostly just learning how to make sure everything worked properly. Old steel bikes will probably no longer get built in Japan for the same price and quality. I attached a nice rack to the end of it and kept it in good condition. One day I hope I can pass it on to a kid who will use it more than I. I hope the next generation will appreciate old but good things. Maybe it will even inspire them to learn how to teach themselves.

----- Dana Z 30.11.12 23:36

I’d pass down some of the art in our home if it resonates with my children/grandchildren

----- Caroline K 30.11.12 23:00

Most likely the angel we’ve used on top of our Christmas tree every year. =D

----- Andrea 30.11.12 22:09

a download of whats in my noggin

----- kelly 30.11.12 22:04

my four year old daughter has already laid claim to my collection of dunnies and other designer vinyl toys.

----- rich 30.11.12 21:52

I look forward to passing on beautiful tapestries I brought back from India, along with the stories that come with them!

----- Chelsea Raine 30.11.12 21:49

My playing card collection!! and also all my childhood photos =)

----- Kai 30.11.12 21:38

probably my polaroids, plus the camera and extra film (hoarded tons of film) good memories and good times with that insta-camera. totally worth passing down for my kids to see and talk about my past stories

----- EuEu 30.11.12 21:37

Well it’s not a Patek Phillipe, that’s for sure.

----- Will 30.11.12 21:02

I would hand down my collection of art history books. I don’t want the kids to forget how to read about art.

----- Elizabeth 30.11.12 20:52

I would leave my collections, I have a collection of airline cutlery that I use and cherish at the same time. I love things that are practical and beautiful. Is it not the best combination~!?

----- janice cheung 30.11.12 20:36

My great grandmother gave my grandmother a ring, and now I have it, & i would pass it down to my daughet.

----- Kimberly M 30.11.12 20:31

I would leave the next generation the journal written by my great great great great grandmother. It’s a true family piece worth passing on.

----- Thomas 30.11.12 20:13

my family has been keeping a box of recipes (handwritten on bits of paper or index cards or the backs of receipts, with suggestions and tweaks written in the margins, like the Half-Blood Prince of recipe indexes) for generations, ever since my great-grandparents first came to America from Italy. I can’t wait to pass it down and let future generations add their own recipes and notes.

----- Allie 30.11.12 19:57

All of my old Faber Castell green drafting pencils I accumulated in architecture school. My kids already ask me why they look so weird and what’s with the crazy sharpener. There’s something about sounding old when I tell them stories about drawing with a mayline.

----- Sung Chang 30.11.12 19:52

I have a 1972 Kenner Blythe doll that I restored myself and love to pieces and would be so happy to hand over to the next generation…if the next generation isn’t too creeped out by it.

----- cilla 30.11.12 19:36

My dad’s Car, a jaguar E-Type, on which we worked many time together.
I think it will stay in the family for a long time.

----- Arnon 30.11.12 19:33

I imagine handing down my old timer pocket knife. My grand dad had one and when I was little I always hoped that he would give it to me one day.

----- Justin 30.11.12 19:30

We just had our firstborn one year ago so, this is something we’ve been thinking about. I inherited some great pens from my grandmother and while I’d like to continue that and perhaps make it a tradition, I want to hand down something to Thomas that he is excited to have. If pens then great! However, we’ll just have to wait and see what this young boy will be fired up about as he grows.

----- G.Allen 30.11.12 19:21

A few items:

My handy 6” drafting ruler made by L.S.Starrett Co. that my father gave me as a kid - I know hoard these they are so useful for more than as a ruler!

Woodworking tools that given to my father by his great-grandfather given to me.

My favorite antique footstool that kind of looks like a distorted mushroom (It’s my favorite piece of furniture)

Hand-woven wool blankets passed down through the family.

And advice on the value of common sense and the importance of compound interest.

----- Charlotte Terry 30.11.12 19:11

I have a metal lion door stop forged at the John Deere foundry in Waterloo, Iowa in the thirties. I am the the third generation to own it and someday it will belong to my son.

----- Aaron R. 30.11.12 19:08

my grandfather’s hand wind watch with alarm and wool coat.

----- tane 30.11.12 19:08

My kids will be passed a long list of intangibles (this has already begun) and my already vintage Boler travel trailer. Hopefully they’ll be inspired to continue making adventure memories with their own kids someday.

----- Nichole 30.11.12 18:49

I will be handing down my painted furniture - years of my own work and progress.

----- Ani Michelle 30.11.12 18:47

I have been collecting all my favorite albums on vinyl, and that is what I hope to pass down as I grow old.

Music helped me find my individuality; it helped me feel accepted during some hard times in my life. The music that shaped me is just as much a part of who I am than anything else I can imagine.

Outside of my vinyl collection, I would pass down my guitars and pianos. They’ve always helped me express myself when I couldn’t find the words to say what I felt.

----- Eric Eisher 30.11.12 18:24

Anything made in my grandfather’s woodshop. My grandfather is an avid woodworker, and we just discovered that he has a collection of boxes made of cherry and eucalyptus wood that he was trying to get rid of that he made almost 20 years ago. There is something beautiful about holding something in your hands that was made by someone you love, and I hope to pass that feeling on to my kids someday.

----- Matt James 30.11.12 18:19

I would love to pass along my mother’s charm bracelet. It is covered in charms commemorating special events in her life. There is even a tiny replica of the wedding set my father gave her!

----- Cindy Aiton 30.11.12 18:10

I have this collection of expensive scotch bottles that i collected for each semester of my grad school, i dont think i will hand over the bottles, but i will hand over whatever i end up making with them.

----- Chris Martin 30.11.12 17:58

I have many things that I would love to pass down but nothing is more meaningful than my great grandfathers 30-30 rifle. It works, but it is most valuable as an item to look at. I love the way it is made and how it looks on the wall of my office. I would love to have a great pen like this and I think it would be a lovely item to add to my collection.

----- Jeremiah andrick 30.11.12 17:42

I have an old stanley plane plane that I inherited from my dad. Now it’s not like I’m constantly using it or anything, but it has an incredibly satisfying feel to hold and put to good use. Much like I imagine these pens would be. I love an excuse to put my plane to good use, and I imagine passing this tool down to my child…once I have one.

----- Kennan Archer 30.11.12 17:37

The book of household management circa 1861, complete with letterpress illustrations :)

----- Jane 30.11.12 17:31

I’ll be handing down my Leica M3 and Nikon cameras for the future generation.

----- Adrian 30.11.12 17:29

I have a handful of ornate early 19th century printer’s blocks that my mother gave me. I can imagine them surviving a few generations in the family.

----- Michael 30.11.12 17:23

I would pass the passion for new ideas, the ability to imagine, think beyond what people tell you. Just a pen and a notebook.

----- margaux 30.11.12 17:13

My grandmother round oak table and six chairs. She bought it second-hand in 1930.

----- Brenda in TN 30.11.12 17:08

The first toy that my husband was given when his parents moved to the US.

----- Laurita 30.11.12 17:02

I would like to pass on an understanding that the things of this life that have true value and worth cannot be bought.

----- Aaron 30.11.12 16:59

Before my silversmithing grandfather had a stroke and lost all of his ability to create jewelry, he would often take me to his workbench and take out a small jar of tiny pebbles less than a centimeter wide and tell me the first step to crafting anything beautiful out of silver was to learn to create tiny pebbles of rolled up silver. He would always tell me that he would someday teach me how to make silver pebbles, but at the time he grew sick and upon suffering his stroke, he was unable to pass on any of his skills to me.

I still have one of his many jars of silver pebbles, which to me serves as a small testament to his ever-refining of the craft he loved, as well as the unassuming nature of where beautiful work comes from. I keep it on my desk to remind myself to always work hard, and I’m hoping I can someday pass it on to children I may have in the future.

----- Édouard U. 30.11.12 16:58

I have a plain gold wedding band with my loves name inscribed inside. When my three children were born I got a thinner gold band made for each child with their name inside, which I also wear. Now that I have 10 grandchildren I wear 14 gold rings on my fingers. Each person will inherit their own ring when I’m gone.

----- Roland 30.11.12 16:54

Two things: My grandmother’s puzzle box. It is made of cedar, and decorated on one side with an inlaid mountain scene, and on the opposite side with a rose. When I was a kid I would play with it endlessly. The various moving sections need to be gently urged into or out of place for the box to open, and no side is up.
Also my signed copy of Slaughterhouse Five.

----- Brandy 30.11.12 16:26

My collection of screen prints.

----- Ian 30.11.12 16:09

My 5-shelf foldable bookcase. I got it from my dad when first moved out into my own place. He got it from his dad during the same occasion. That’s as far back as it goes, since my grandfather just found it at work and it was going to end up in the trash. It’s not a beautiful piece of furniture, but it’s been well used and has been holding all my favorite books for a decade. I’d love to pass down said books too, but for a single piece the shelf has it.

----- Mikey 30.11.12 16:09

They’re not so much an item per say, but they’re still treasured - memories. That’s what I hope / imagine to pass down to the next generation!

My grandmother passed away two years ago but I can still remember all the stories she told me about her childhood and her life. By passing on bits of ourselves to the next generation we all, in some way, stay alive.

----- Em 30.11.12 16:07

My art collection.

----- Jennifer Lewis 30.11.12 16:02

Oddly enough I am going to hand down a pen. The Astronaut Space pen I carried while deployed to Afghanistan. it writes upsidedown!

----- Matthew Messner 30.11.12 16:01


----- Brad 30.11.12 16:01


----- Jean 30.11.12 15:49

Some of my watches are pretty classic and I will definitely pass them down. This pen is a piece of art! I’ll definitely treasure it as well.

amy [at] utry [dot] it

----- Amy Tong 30.11.12 15:36

My collection of basketball cards! I worked for years collecting all of them! I just hope my future child will love them as much as I do!

----- Lucas lund 30.11.12 15:35

I wear a jade necklace that was given to me by my grandmother when I was 10. I’d like to pass it down someday.

----- Megan 30.11.12 15:25

My favorite cameras!

----- Ian S. 30.11.12 15:22

I’d love to pass down my books (not the electronic kind) and stuffed animals, and hopefully my piano as well!

----- Jen D 30.11.12 15:15

My family history, or at least as much as I know of it. I think it’s important to known the trials and tribulation people from the past had to go through in order for life as we known it today (or in the future) to exist for us, especially on a personal level such as family. Hopefully, the next generation will appreciate it as much as I do.

----- Alice 30.11.12 15:14

Art, tons of it, a small vinyl record collection and my titanium mug.

----- Keno Leon 30.11.12 15:11

I have a journal my wife and I write in. I’m sure someone will find it interesting one day.

----- Daniel 30.11.12 15:10

I’ve got a powder horn my grandpa carved. I don’t shoot a muzzleloader but it’s a hell of a wall hanger.

----- Ryan J 30.11.12 15:08

Handwritten cookbook with all the family favourites collected over the years (generations).

----- Michael 30.11.12 15:03

my super nintendo and donkey kong country games

----- Jordan 30.11.12 15:02

I’ll be passing on my astronaut Teddy bear. Hopefully it will remind my decedents to shoot for the moon!

----- Nat K 30.11.12 15:00

I would like to hand down a Pen Type-A that i am anticipating winning… If that does not work out I would like to see my children appreciate the simple moments in life and not the things that distract from those moments.

----- dan 30.11.12 14:53

My super comfy green velvet couch.

----- Laken 30.11.12 14:48

The thing I wish to hand down as inspirational to the next generation is set of “Estes Improved Geometrical Solids” a beautiful set of wooden shapes made at the start of the 20th century in New York.

----- Mark 30.11.12 14:43

All of my vintage viedo games and my Pog collection.

----- Christine 30.11.12 14:43

i’ll be leaving my boys a collection of handmade electric guitars that i’ve built over the years, lets hope they learn to play them better than i have!

----- Ian 30.11.12 14:40

Ive got my kids to do sketch books now , which i will keep and give back to them when there older . Also old family photos.

----- rich 30.11.12 14:35

My father works at the Mayo Clinic as a cabinet builder and general repair man. I had always been in love with this very cool basic wooden medicine cabinet with a wooden red cross on it. It’s just beautiful and something I will always treasure and hopefully hand down to a second generation.

----- kelsey 30.11.12 14:35

my Jay Ryan screen prints.

----- Will 30.11.12 14:34

When I was a child I used to love playing with my mother’s vintage costume jewelry. She had inherited it from her aunt and grandmother. Most people want to hand down real jewels fashioned in a traditional style, but I would prefer to hand down the fake ones that show off the edginess and playfulness of an era.

----- Annie 30.11.12 14:31

My grandfather’s pocket knife and my grandmother’s seeds from her garden.

----- Nick 30.11.12 14:30

I hope to pass down a sense of humor and a lot of hand-knitted sweaters and a whole mess of books!

----- Liz 30.11.12 14:24

When I leave this mortal coil there is one discrete and particular piece of American Iron that will continue on;
my Grandfather Rasmus Jensen’s Delta “Unisaw” (ca 1948). Tools like this will never be made again.

----- Steve Jensen 30.11.12 14:23

My favorite books.

----- Leslie 30.11.12 14:21

I’d want to give them the courage to stand up to doing what’s expected of them if what’s expected is wrong.

----- David K 30.11.12 14:11

Having a 7 year old daughter now, and seeing how media and information, most specifically the Internet has been woven into our present lives I have began telling her the stories how things were before. A show and tell in a way, except that she gets them in the end. To date, she now has a film slr, board games!, and soon vinyls. And, yes, the typewriter is still waiting.

----- bonks 30.11.12 14:10

My 50lb spool of natural flax string. This will NEVER run out and can be used for EVERYTHING.

----- Michael 30.11.12 14:09

I’ll definitely be passing down a wooden high-chair. My kids are currently using it. I used it when I was a kid, as did my mother.

It’s got a nifty design that folds into a work table. Two of the legs have hinges halfway up and a large wooden surface that’s close to the floor when it’s being used as a high-chair, but becomes the work surface when it’s converted into a work table. Very nifty piece.

----- Leif Miltenberger 30.11.12 14:08

I would pass down my tiny Japanese Maneki-neko (otherwise known as a Lucky Cat) figurine that I got a decade ago while visiting San Francisco. A maneki-neko is said to bring you good luck, and I’d love to leave a talisman of fortune with my future children and grandchildren.

----- Kevin C. 30.11.12 14:05

my parents still have the teddy bear i grew up with. I would love to pass that along.

----- matt 30.11.12 14:00

My grandmother (now 83 years seasoned) gave me a quilt that she had made. II plan on passing that down to continue to bring warmth and comfort to my descendants.

----- Tyler 30.11.12 13:57

My nicest flashlight!

----- Jay 30.11.12 13:57

The cradle that was hand built for me by my Father and my Great Grandfather. I, and each of my three sisters slept in it in our turn. I dearly hope for my children to sleep in it, and my children’s children.

----- Ben 30.11.12 13:53

A trick lock that was given to me from my grandfather!

----- Ben 30.11.12 13:50

I hope that future generations will appreciate the art that my parents collected, and have passed along to me. I created whole dream worlds around some of those paintings when I was a kid. I would love to spark the imagination of a another child.

----- Nick 30.11.12 13:49

A pair of hand-made leather shoes.

----- Peter D 30.11.12 13:47

I have some well-made jeans that are essential to who I am and I will be passing exactly half of them to my future offspring.

----- Thomas 30.11.12 13:45

i’d like to hand down my old Smith-Corona typewriter.

----- anton. 30.11.12 13:42

Rather than tangible objects, I hope to hand down a lifelong love of learning in my children.

----- monica 30.11.12 13:35

Knowledge how to knit, crochet, sew, embroider - these are shared in my family from mother to doughter for more than 100 years. I’d like to be part of this crafters chain. My little one has just begin to learn knitting.

----- Agnieszka 30.11.12 13:26

My grandmother’s scrapbooks from college. While the next generation won’t get a chance to meet her, I hope they will appreciate what she went through and the beautiful person she is/was.

----- Erin 30.11.12 13:22

The item: a sheet of notebook paper on which Francis Ford Coppola jotted down his advice for a young screenwriter.

----- Greg 30.11.12 13:22

my genes

----- misha 30.11.12 13:21

I’d pass down a giant collection of technology, collected throughout my entire life. If my kids or grandkids are anything like me, it would be a goldmine of never-ending antique wonder:

“What’s this, grandpa?”
“Well, that’s called an iPad.”
“What does it do?”
“You know that little microchip embedded in your brain, that lets you play games and gives you directions to the movies? It does that too, but you have to carry it around with you!”

----- John 30.11.12 13:19

What I treasure the most, that was handed down from my grandparents to my parents to me, is the pleasure to draw.

----- Adrian 30.11.12 13:10

framed photos of my great grandparents. my mother gave them to me recently and i treasure them.

----- Rachel 30.11.12 13:05

Compared to other guitars, my 10 year old Martin acoustic is merely a baby. But it is something that I value greatly, and my hope would be to have a son or daughter one day, that could both use and appreciate it as much as I have.

----- Jason M. 30.11.12 13:05

I have a pocket watch that my immigrant grandfather used when he got a job working for Great Northern Railroad many years ago. He was so proud of this watch and it fascinated me to see him go through the same ritual each time he “needed” to check the time. He would get a twinkle in his eye and then a dead serious look on his face as if he alone could read the time. He would ceremoniously straighten his collar, press his hands to his chest and with a slow sweeping gesture follow the watch chain from its fastening point to the loop on the top of the watch. His fingers would disappear in his pocket and slowly the “Recorder of Time” would be withdrawn. He was not to be interrupted during the entire ritual until he put his hand cradling the pocket watch close to his face and in his most formal voice, and without his usual accent, grace us with the present time. My grandmother told me that he put away a $2.00 per month in their savings account until he saved enough to buy it. I think it was around $14 in the 1930s. Someday my son will have it.

----- Steve Eide 30.11.12 13:01

Earrings I made from ears cut from a thrift-store doll, so they know how to be creative, and so they can put the ear-less doll with holes on the sides of his head above their fireplace for decor.

----- SARAH 30.11.12 12:59

I hope to pass along my morgan line-o-scribe table top letterpress to the next generation. Hopefully I can keep it in great condition and someone in my future will find it just as interesting as I do!

----- Natalie Kay 30.11.12 12:55

I will hand down the Laser-Cutter from our hackerspace. Yes its technology, yes its used, but at the same time I’d love to see my children cutting wonderful objects useing LASERS!

----- Michael Senkow 30.11.12 12:53

well as an architect a pen like this is simply perfect…you never know when you need a ruler…and i would love to pass this along to my kids one day so that i can pass along my skills, sketches, and talents along to them as they grow up and become MASTERS OF THE WORLD :)

----- wes 30.11.12 12:53

As an upcoming designer this is beautiful, too bad I can’t afford it just yet…Hope they are still available in the next few years.

----- Gio 30.11.12 12:52

My family is rather old, therefor has a rich past, and many items to hand down. My only hope is that my children will value it as much as I do.

----- Davo 30.11.12 12:48

I have 96 hats, I think it would be nice to leave these to my potential son(s) as, like me, they will go bald and wish they had 96 options to cover up.
I love my potential kids

----- Terence Monaghan 30.11.12 12:47

We don’t have children, but our 12-year-old nephew has been known as The Little Engineer since he was 4. He loves to do things by hand, and on their last visit, he showed a keen interest in my technical pens, mechanical pencils, squares, rulers, etc. He asked me to show him how to do a few things with the tools, and he picked up on it immediately. He went home with a mechanical pencil, leads, a sharpener, and a couple of tools to practice with. I’d love to present him with a CW&T Pen Type-A when he graduates from high school.

----- Bruce 30.11.12 12:47

My hope is that when i have a child, i buy an expensive bottle of wine or cognac so that when they are of age, i can celebrate with them good food, good conversation and that said bottle of booze.

----- John Lind 30.11.12 12:45

I would like to pass down my astrolabe. It is a Greek invention that allows you to locate your position and calculate the time of day. It is so fundamentally beautiful in its construction, design, and function.

----- Erica 30.11.12 12:45

I have a taylor acoustic guitar that I will hang onto and pass down for sure

----- Chris Wilkinson 30.11.12 12:43

I’ve got an old cookbook full of my grandmother’s and her mother’s recipes. Personal, priceless AND practical. :)

----- Kelsey A 30.11.12 12:43

My Danner boots. They’re so well made and they only get better with age. My son will have to pry them from my feet though.

Ok fine, he’ll earn them at some point.

----- Matt 30.11.12 12:42

Def. my Sony walkman. It kept me look cool during my high school day…and I will be a cool antique item by the next gen.

----- trinh 30.11.12 12:40

Hopefully ive had time time to pass down the skills of craftsmanship to the next generation, using hand tools to make things from wood and steel, glass and ceramics. Also a sense of adventure and exploration, something that has been lost over the last decade : )

----- Chris 30.11.12 12:40

I would be sure to pass down my sketchbooks.

----- Steve 30.11.12 12:38

I have a pair of gold cufflinks that belonged to my great-grandfather, that were melted from his mothers jewelry. A very important treasure that will most definitely be passed down within our family.

----- Christopher 30.11.12 12:37

I’m still pretty young, so not many treasures I can imagine passing down yet. I hope those after me keep my books, though.

----- Ben 30.11.12 12:35

I have a heritage leather shoulder bag from Hard Graft (they call it the 2unfold) that is amazingly detailed. The leather will age well with plenty of stories behind it, and I can’t wait to pass it to the next generation.

----- Seth 30.11.12 12:33

I do not have any costly possessions worth giving away, all I can present are my photographs, as the negatives, positives and scans/digital files. I take pictures of the beauty and ugliness of the world, and maybe one day someone will find it valuable.

----- Chris 30.11.12 12:32

This pen would probably be one of the treasures I would pass down! And hopefully I’ll live a story that deserves to be remembered and passed down to my children and to theirs.

----- Angela 30.11.12 12:32

Although not mine as of yet, I hope to eventually acquire my parents’ rice cooker which has lasted for dozens of years at this point. Hope it’s durability will last long enough to pass through multiple generations from now.

----- Jeff 30.11.12 12:27

What I would like to hand down is not so much an item as an environment to grow up in. I myself grew up surrounded by carefully picked furniture, vases and other day-to-day elements. Without knowing it I was infused with great design every day of my childhood. I feel that this is the base of my love for design and I would love to pass this on not only to my own children but to everybody around me.

----- Paul 30.11.12 12:19

I have a silver yard o led pencil that was given to me a long time ago, this is the kind of pen I would like to hand down a long time from now.

----- Robert Dobry 30.11.12 12:09

I was given an art nouveau statue by my grandparents as a wedding present that I had admired in their china cabinet since I was a small child. I will cherish this object and maybe someday I can pass it on to my own grandchildren.

----- Brandon 30.11.12 12:03

As a new father of a now 6-month-old; this is something I haven’t quite thought of yet! I’m getting a set of hand-made dice made from 5000 year old Ancient Irish Bog Oak soon, should my son be into the same sorts of things I am- I think that would be a nice keepsake to pass on.

----- Brian B 30.11.12 12:02

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