*notcot in gratis , 11:05

Holiday Giveaway #11: QOOQ- 12.04.12

QOOQ0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2013 is around the corner, and we’re finishing up this year with more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores and over 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

Phew* today we’re getting double NOTCOT Holiday Giveaways since a major installation we NOTlabs was working on disappeared my last few days! But today’s two are especially awesome! First up we have QOOQ! Have you heard about this kitchen proofed (think splash proof mineral slab, protected wiring, slip proof legs, etc), French made, Linux based tablet focused on changing the way you COOK? It comes with 1000 recipes included (and a subscription will allow you to buy/download more) from top chefs, all types of food, and walk through videos to really show you how to execute them. Fascinatingly, it even allows you to do menu planning and it will help create a shopping list (organized by aisle apparently) - or on the flip side, tell it what you have in the fridge, and it will tell you what you can make!

As for the specs - it has a 10.1” capacitive TFT LCD touch screen, is 10.63”x6.3”x0.9”, weights in at 1.8 lbs, with a ARM Cortex A9 Dual core 1 Ghz, 8GB, runs on Linux/QT, has wifi and ethernet as well as an SD slot and USB, speakers, and a rechargeable battery. And beyond cooking - you can still browse, check email, play music, look at pictures, and all the usual stuff…

THE GOODS: The winner will receive a QOOQ Tablet (English version) and a 3 months subscription to QOOQ to download recipes.

TO WIN: Leave a comment here telling us what you’ve always wanted to learn to cook (but perhaps been too scared to try?) by 12/9 midnight PST for a chance to win. Winner will be notified by email.

See more details of the QOOQ as well as video to see it in action on the next page!

CONGRATS to Diana in Chatsworth, CA!





TO WIN: Leave a comment here telling us what you’ve always wanted to learn to cook (but perhaps been too scared to try?) by 12/9 midnight PST for a chance to win. Winner will be notified by email.


422 Notes

This is such an answer to my prayers! I would love to learn to cook sushi one of these days…

----- heidi 09.12.12 20:03

I have always wanted to make a Croquembouche! and i am always experimenting in the kitchen and this will help me become a master chief!

----- Tristan 09.12.12 19:27

We loved to cook!My husband always try to out do each other in the kitchen! He’s working on the perfect breakfast-we really need a recipe that doesn’t dirty every pan in the kitchen!he he- don’t tell him i said that!!!i want to learn how to make the perfect mole sauce!!! the perfect plus!!my kitchen is done in red and white so it would even match!!!!Thanks for giving us a chance!!!!!

----- kathleen yax 09.12.12 18:43

anything really, because i can barely make oatmeal. but i guess steak would be the ideal.

----- melda 09.12.12 18:36

Well, before this weekend I wanted to try fondant. It’s my daughter’s birthday so I make a batch of marshmallow fondant and make several figures for her birthday cake!

----- Carmen 09.12.12 18:29

I’ve always wanted to cook authentic Filipino food.

----- Alex Clise 09.12.12 16:38

I have friends that are capable of making absolutely fabulous prime rib of beef. I have yet to perfect this, and some aren’t willing to part with their recipes. Also, some fine risotto. Oh, and anything French, love the richness and sauces.

----- Anne M Garry 09.12.12 16:24

I have always wanted to learn how to cook chocolate silk pie! Because its like clouds… but chocolate clouds! which is even better!

----- Calin 09.12.12 15:35

I want to cook authentic Vietnamese Pho!

----- Eric S 09.12.12 14:57

Banana Cream Pie. Whaaat?

----- Luis B 09.12.12 14:08

Julia Child’s stuffed duck

----- Laura 09.12.12 13:44

TURDUCKEN! It feels like it’s some mythical creature, for some reason.

----- ARHIP MF 09.12.12 13:41

What would I like to learn how to cook? Food! Real food! I’ve been ordering, not cooking, for way too long. I SOOOO need to leave the processed stuff behind, and welcome in the fresh!

----- Nancy M 09.12.12 13:01

Welsh Laverbread! I got lost in North Wales last year and stumbled across it in a pub in the hills, I’ve been trying to replicate it since but it’s been somewhat unsuccessful…

----- Alice Perry 09.12.12 12:07

i’ve always wanted to make my own Kombucha but it freaks me out a little bit!

----- tommy pez 09.12.12 11:55

Homemade “hangop” an Old-Dutch dessert recipe.

Well tx, now i am hungry

----- Barry 09.12.12 10:06

A good homemade Filipino dish…kare kare, dinuguan, etc.

----- Ben 09.12.12 10:01


I’m from Thailand. There’s part of Thailand called E-Sarn where the food are really good. They use simple and exotic ingredients. I have always wanted to learn to cook E-Sarn food.


----- Aom 09.12.12 09:04

All of my mother’s recipes. Her cooking is a dream!

----- Dee Wallace 09.12.12 09:00

This is BADA-S!!!!! I would have this thing loaded up in no time!

----- Brian K 09.12.12 06:58


----- evita 09.12.12 04:43

I’ve always wanted to try making macaroons.

----- Alison 09.12.12 00:44

I want to learn to make sweet potato gnocchi from scratch.

----- Casey 08.12.12 21:12

Pasta from scratch!

----- Michael W. 08.12.12 20:15

I’m living on my own and I’ve been eating pretty poorly. My cooking skills are limited to about eggs and pasta.

----- Dominique 08.12.12 18:22

I’ve always wanted to learn how to make parmesan cheese (aged) but feel too intimidated.

----- Amanda Hall 08.12.12 17:27

Baked Alaska! Not even sure that’s possible, but it has to be tried.

----- The Slapster 08.12.12 17:00


----- Ian S. 08.12.12 16:05

Homemade Greek Yogurt..I eat QUARTS of it every week!

----- Stephanie Jones 08.12.12 15:46

I’ve always wanted to learn how to cook Ho Doek a korean yummy dessert

----- Casey Dure 08.12.12 15:25

I’m headed back into bachelor life, and I’m looking to cook my way through The Silver Spoon to polish up my techniques and take better care of myself. This would really come in handy for that journey, to learn all the techniques I’m going to need.

----- Greg 08.12.12 12:53

jiajiang myun

----- steven 08.12.12 12:26

I always wanted to learn how to make milk. Seems like a complicated process.

----- Shane O'Brien 08.12.12 12:08

I have always wanted to test my hand at making strudel from scratch, though I have read how tricky the pastry is to make, and have always put it off for another day, another time.

----- Graeme 08.12.12 11:33

Ramen, I read thru Lucky Peach(David Chang)’s Ramen issue, still haven’t got the courage to try

----- Teresa 08.12.12 11:25

I’ve always wanted to know how to make foccacia, but it’s daunting.

----- Clementine 08.12.12 11:10

Thai curries! Yummy, but labor intensive.

----- Kay 08.12.12 10:10

Indian food from scratch.

----- Seth 08.12.12 09:04

Portuguese paella.

----- Helder Ricardo 08.12.12 08:00

Frog legs. QooQ should help :)

----- Alex H 08.12.12 06:33

a wolf. ^_^

----- Christine 08.12.12 05:05

I love to cook and there are so many more dishes that I would love to learn how to cook. My parents love chinese food the authentic dishes not the americanized ones. I would love to learn how to cook those dishes. Also I would love to learn how to make stuffed cabbage. Another one is fresh mozzeralla from scratch. I can go on and on about many more dishes that I would love to learn how to make. I would also want to learn how to make chilean sea bass many different ways. Like I stated I can go on and on.

----- Charlene Morales 08.12.12 03:59

College student who loves the crock pot and wok. About to go out into the real adult world and would love to hone my cooking abilities solo without the roommates stealing my sweet sweet ingredients. Video gamer at heart, and this device looks oh so sweet. Qooq on

----- Luke 07.12.12 23:24

I would like to learn how to cook the sweet potato casserole someone made for the potluck at my work.

----- Meghan 07.12.12 23:23

I’ve always wanted to learn how to make bison tartare.

----- Mary 07.12.12 22:43

I have been trying to make a good French Onion soup for years, and have never been able to master it. Maybe one day…

----- Vincent 07.12.12 22:17


----- ria 07.12.12 21:55

sushi, but with the rice on the outside.

----- emily 07.12.12 20:34

I would really like to learn how to cure my own meat and bake bread.

----- Derek 07.12.12 20:23

Although others will say its easy, I’ve yet to be successful with Irish soda bread, which I fell in love with when over in Ireland in 1999.

----- Erin 07.12.12 19:14

I’ve always wanted to cook Naan bread but there is so many ingredients to keep track of!

----- AlexD 07.12.12 18:35

I want to start from scratch. Make my own condiments, salsas, pickled vegetables (kimchi!), breads, jams, noodles, tortillas, and all of the other foods that taste so much better when made with love.

----- Robin Hertert 07.12.12 17:25

I want to start from scratch. Make my own condiments, salsas, pickled vegetables (kimchi!), breads, jams, noodles, tortillas, and all of the other foods that taste so much better when made with love.

----- Robin Hertert 07.12.12 17:25

I want to learn how to cook a great Quiche with a nice pastry and/or a Souffle.

----- Brad C 07.12.12 15:40

An authentic curry, all from scratch. Something that really has that deep orange/red/brown color.

----- Cody 07.12.12 15:24

I’ve always wanted to cook my mother-in-law’s pecan pie…. oh what a pie to live up to!

----- Meghan 07.12.12 15:00


----- Jaclyn 07.12.12 14:10

Pizza, seems easy enough but have yet to try it!

----- Iris 07.12.12 13:03

The perfect cinnamon roll!

----- Rob C. 07.12.12 11:51

Homemade Pasta! I know that it would be worth it if I got it right, but I having a feeling I’d make a gigantic mess and mushy noodles…

----- Brittany 07.12.12 11:41

Indian butter chicken. I think it takes two days!

----- Meg 07.12.12 08:25

Authentic ramen with pork broth and pork belly. Once I learn, then it’s time to experiment!

----- Blue 07.12.12 07:56

Pie crust. Pie crust has been my speed bump. Once I can get that handled, I can tackle anything.

I want to cook because it is usually cheaper than eating out. And I love food.

----- Erin 07.12.12 07:54

Bananas Foster…or my Grandpa’s plum pudding. I should have got the recipe while he was alive. I loved the flames when I was a kid. I was sure there would be a fire.

----- Kirsten 07.12.12 07:52

I dream about making mac and cheese and homemade bread. Carbs!

----- Kate 07.12.12 07:12

I’ve always wanted to make my own bagels, but haven’t had the skill or patience yet.

----- Anna 07.12.12 07:05

I’d like to cook chicken pot pie but not just any regular chicken pot pie. It has got to be a bom diggity finger lickin’ chicken pot pie!

----- Gary 07.12.12 06:43

i would love,love love this!i want to know how to make souffles,and wonderful pastrys.thank you!THIS WILL BE ANAMAZING GIFT FOR SOMEONE.

----- kathy hawkins 07.12.12 05:55

I’ve always wanted to learn how to make potroast, steak, and, well, any kind of meat! It was always my Grampa’s job to make the meat for our dinners when I was growing up. Guess it was a kind of caveman thing - lol! Mine always seems to turn out too dry or not quite done - I need to work on this badly!

----- Jennifer M. White 07.12.12 05:31

Cheese Souffle! My roomate makes a killer one, but every time I heard about making them I’m warned about the difficulty.

----- Jane 07.12.12 05:30

How about a Korean feast - complete with Japchae, Bi bim bop, Galbi, Jjajangmyeon, Kimchi, etc….

----- Adam S 07.12.12 05:29

I would love to learn how to cook duck!!

----- Joanie 07.12.12 05:20

Stick toffee pudding!

----- Corey 07.12.12 05:17

I use to love to cook. As time goes by I have lost interest in trying new things and even staying to the basics. My husband tells me that I have lost that appeal to spice things up, i.e. try new spices in my recipes, and that I cook things too fast. Sometimes I think it his him always trying to show me up. I am not real good at the internet, but try to find recipes or ways of cooking things to make them better. Boy, this tablet would be a life saver in finding new innovatie ideas for cooking and other short cut, time saving kitchen aids to get me there. One day I look forward to my husband telling me “Fantastic meal, cooked the right way”. I hope its before my demise, lol.

----- Annette tipton 07.12.12 04:54

A proper pastel de tres leches.

----- James M 07.12.12 04:32

I’ve always wanted to learn how to cook a good Quiche that does not break or separate or gets weepy. Goodness it sounds like I can’t cook but I’ve been cooking and baking since I could stand in a chair and help my Mother. I’ve made so many things that it’s sort of embarrassing that these come out wrong. I’m helping my Husband expand what he cooks and he is doing great. It would be so helpful to have the QOOQ Tablet and fun to learn with the QOOQ Tablet. Thank You.

----- Lila 07.12.12 04:25

I have always wanted to make my own pasta from scratch but am too afraid to try. I know, it’s not something fancy like a lot of the others, cooking those types of dishes don’t intimidate me.

But a good homemade pasta, with all the correct tools? I’ve love to be able to do that as we eat it at least 2 times a week!

----- Sandra Gustchen 07.12.12 04:21

Haha that would be the deadly Fugu fish!!

----- Jos 07.12.12 04:20

I would love to be able to pull up new and exciting recipes from my kitchen instead of running back and forth to my computer…
On my list of learning is anything that would be considered new..to my family and grocery list…we do the same ol’ same ol’ all the time….BORING!

----- Joy Brenner 07.12.12 02:27

I’v always wanted to learn to cook osso bucco for my husband.

----- marianne 06.12.12 22:56

Eggs Benedict!

----- B Louie 06.12.12 22:51

I would like to leard how to cook fried chicken in and Iron skillet but is afraid to try might burn it?

----- Christine Blackburn 06.12.12 22:11

I would love to learn to make yeast rolls, bread, etc. any recipes using yeast. I have tried many times but without any success. I love the smell of yeast rolls cooking in the oven. I can make edible , not great, cinnamon rolls and my family loves a great cinnamon roll. I love baking and can make some fantastic cakes. Thank you for hearing me out! Merry Christmas.

----- Joan Carver 06.12.12 22:02


----- Daniela 06.12.12 21:45

I have always wanted to learn to cook the perfect Creme Brulee. I never got it quite right.

----- Craig 06.12.12 20:40

It isn’t exactly cooking, but I’ve always wanted to make my own kim chi.

----- Dana 06.12.12 20:34

I have always wanted to learn how to make an authentic peiking duck (北京烤鴨)from scratch complete with steamed buns &c. I’m pretty sure that if I ever manage to do that, my girlfriend will marry me.

----- Michael 06.12.12 18:45

There’s a Chinese recipe called Yolkless Eggs that I’m dying to attempt to make. They tell gullible tourists that the eggs are produced from a special breed of hen, but in reality they separate the yolk from the white by slicing off a tiny portion of the shell and mixing the two parts with a host of other ingredients before re-injecting the shell with the mixture and cooking it!

----- Annie 06.12.12 18:34

mac and cheese… I fail every time

----- Kelley Wollman 06.12.12 18:33

A big braided Challah Loaf

----- Heng An Wang 06.12.12 18:32

I would love to learn how to make Chinese Egg Rolls, but I have “Fear of Frying”! I also fear I would eat too many!

----- Kim Brown 06.12.12 18:02

I want to become the master of spanakopita!!!!

----- Rob 06.12.12 17:41

Any all-veggie meal. I never know what to do if I’m not including some sort of meat.

----- Adam 06.12.12 17:20

Bipimbop or Bulgogi beef.. oohhhhh drooL.. I am getting hungry alreayd!!

shoot I would even take learning how to do a Soufle!


----- Phabeon 06.12.12 16:56

since i’ve been a vegetarian for 18 years but recently started eating meat… i’ve been scared to but really want to learn how to make a mean braised beef dish!

----- sophie 06.12.12 15:58

I’d like to learn to make a proper Fruitti de Mar (pasta with seafood- like shrimp, scallops, etc).

----- Natalie 06.12.12 14:49


----- P. Lee 06.12.12 14:31

The perfect french macaron. It’ll be a BIG step up from Jell-O.

----- John 06.12.12 14:29

Scared to Cook? I’d say bacon but pants and long sleeves have given me the courage for that one. I’d have to say Ive always wanted to but never have cooked dumplings in orange chicken stir-fry!!!

----- Andy Stoltz 06.12.12 13:31

I’ve always wanted to try a soufflé, but it seems so inimidating!

----- Diana 06.12.12 13:06

I’ve always wanted to learn how to cook Samosas!!

----- Amanda N 06.12.12 12:54

i love eating steak tartare and i want to try making it but im always afraid of making myself sick

----- Vania 06.12.12 12:28

There was this recipe on my community potluck of choice for duck breast in a cherry reduction sauce, it looked divine. I just don’t usually try for real food, I love experimenting with desert foods more, they’re slightly harder to do wrong (well I mean there’s a better margin for error, usually still edible.)

----- Jennifer 06.12.12 10:58

I’m just getting into cooking. I want to learn everything but mostly how to cook healthy meals that are still tasty.

----- yvonne 06.12.12 08:39

It sounds pathetic, but I want to be able to make a delicious creamy soup. Every time I try, the consistency is all wrong! Gah!

----- Tony 06.12.12 08:31

I’m not the biggest fan, but I’d love to make a Baked Alaska. I love to play with Fire!

----- Sid Law 06.12.12 08:29

I always waned to learn how to make amouch bouche!

----- Levi Montez 06.12.12 08:21

I know it’s supposed to be simple but I’d like to bake a pie from scratch.

----- Anders 06.12.12 07:52

i always wanted to learn how to cook a perfect souffle. Also I’m scared to cook anything that still has bones in it =)

----- alanna 06.12.12 07:43

Cooking is relaxing and I would like to learn how to cook the perfect chocolate Fondant!

----- Cara Wares 06.12.12 07:37

I am the laughingstock of my friends and family for my culinary abilities. I would love to cook anything and everything! I want to finally be able to make something edible and unburnt. My dream success would be a turkey. I’ve never made one and everyone says it’s so easy but to me it seems like solving the Gordian knot.

----- Joanie 06.12.12 07:26

French Macarons-nervous but want to make zillions of those little wonders.

This is awesome. Definitely need this gem for cooking in the kitchen. I hate having my laptop out on the counter.

----- Kelly Rae 06.12.12 07:25

I’ve always wanted to learn how to cook quail and have a secret dinner club.

----- Matt H 06.12.12 06:40

for me it’s not so much a question of what i might be scared to cook — but rather a fear of scale. with the right instructions and tools, cooking for 2-4 is manageable. but we all know more friends around the table = more good times. i always worry for the food to still come out right when quantities are scaled up …once it’s for 8 or more guests, there’s more stress on the line!

----- ido 06.12.12 05:41

Sushi sushi sushi. Sashimi. Scared to work with raw fish, but it is my favorite dish when I dine out. How to make “sticky” rice?
…and for the Italian side of me, Homeade Ravioli created from scratch.

----- TONI 06.12.12 05:37

I have traveled to Vietnam over a dozen times and would love to bring some of the authentic Vietnamese cuisine into my own home to share the experience with my family. Not sure where to begin and doubtful it will ever come out the same. It would open a whole new world for us, Just learning all the ways to flavor shrimp, would be a great step forward.

----- Jeff Lynch 06.12.12 05:32

It sounds a bit ridiculous, but coq au vin has been my nemesis for a while, it would be worth mastering for a lazy sunday dinner.

----- Michael 06.12.12 04:58

Not exactly cooking - but aged cheeses.

----- Sarah 06.12.12 04:49

If I had a chef holding my hand in the kitchen and watching a sexy french chef making soufflés and French pastry .. I just know I’d have courage to tackle both soufflés and French pastry.. Who doesn’t love food porn!!!!! Win win

----- D. Bracciodieta 06.12.12 04:49

I’d like to make terrines and soufflés . The two things that intimidate me the most.

----- Dale stern 06.12.12 04:37

Lamb shank

----- Jim 06.12.12 03:52

I’ve always wanted to cook a whole big christmas dinner with some fancy duck or pork roast, something that my relatives would love. I haven’t really ever tried to cook a large portion of meat in the oven as I don’t eat much meat myself, and I guess it does seem like a challenge :)

----- Liisa 06.12.12 02:10

Classic French cuisine. Croissants, Madeleines, mille-feuille, steak a poivre…

----- J Alexander Jusino 06.12.12 01:14

Beef wellington. Ramsey makes it look like it’s hard on Hell’s Kitchen.

----- Eric 05.12.12 22:47

I’ve tackled so much of it but the one thing I really need improvement on is doughs and pastries.

----- Sharon 05.12.12 22:08

Wife always wanted to try creme brulee. Careful, careful, nooooooo!

----- tony 05.12.12 21:36

I’ve never loved my homeland food as much as when I left home…I need to learn how to cook lebanese food as soon as possible!!!

----- Sandra Nicolas 05.12.12 21:31

I’ve always wanted to learn to make pasta…but I’ve never had the time or the space!

----- Katherine 05.12.12 21:27

I have always wanted to cook “real” naan. I just don’t have the space to build the clay oven.

----- Madoc 05.12.12 20:37

Beef Wellington! I always order it when I go to a fancy restaurant because its too hard to make, but I’d looooove to learn!

----- Danielle 05.12.12 20:29

Seared foie gras

----- Jenna 05.12.12 20:28

I need to master the art of mole sauce

----- Sarah 05.12.12 20:15

I’ve always wanted to learn to make the perfect croque monsieur. And anything else with cheese!

----- Will Lipman 05.12.12 20:14

A well roasted, stuffed turkey for Christmas :D maybe a small one.. my home oven is a bit small

----- Juliana 05.12.12 20:03

duck for sure.

----- matt 05.12.12 19:20

FUGU: a poisonous japanese puffer fish dish “Domestic preparation occasionally leads to accidental death”
So yes, I have always been scared to prepare this

----- Grant Ross 05.12.12 19:19

I have always wanted to try Beef Wellington, and it looks kinda simple, but those are the ones I end up ruining!

----- Lisa Ann Smith 05.12.12 19:14

Duck, I’ve always wanted to try cooking duck…or goose.

----- Tom 05.12.12 18:02

Fried Turducken.

----- Tiffany 05.12.12 17:47

I would love to learn how to make a Turducken - just because you can fail on so many levels! I love a challenge!

----- Rali 05.12.12 17:05

I’ve always wanted to learn how to make sticky toffee pudding.

----- Megan 05.12.12 16:56

Hi! I’ve always wanted to be able to make soft, fluffy, southern style biscuits :)

----- Holly 05.12.12 16:46

I want to learn to cook a perfect full southern breakfast just like my Gramma makes. Fried potatos, bacon, gravy and the best fried biscuits around.

----- Lea 05.12.12 16:40

Always wanted to try making a souffle….specifically a Grand Marnier Souffle….oy yoi yoi…just the thought scares me!!! but I will do it :)

----- Gail Murphy 05.12.12 16:33

I have always wanted to try to make herbal and food foams to add to a dish instead of spices. So far I have failed twice. I would like to give it another chance.

----- Anthony 05.12.12 16:22

Chitterlings are a favorite in my family during the holidays but since my Grandma died no one can make them like her especially since no one wants to clean them.

----- rebecca 05.12.12 16:05

Lemon Meranguie Pie, with white fluffly clouds, incredibly flaky crust and super tart lemon filling.

----- Erik Kennedy 05.12.12 15:57

Beef wellington.

----- Yoshio 05.12.12 15:49

I always wanted to learn the correct way to cook a duck.

----- Pam I 05.12.12 15:44

I would LOVE to learn how to prepare ‘Carré de veau Orloff ’ which was named after Prince Orlav- apparently, it’s a dish from the 1700’s, I’d love to bring back vintage arisotcratic recipes and learn how to do those fancy presentations that they did for Royalty:)

----- kellyk 05.12.12 15:15

I’ve always been terrified of Macarons! I hear they are so difficult to get perfect.

----- Jenna 05.12.12 15:10

A croquembouche! It seems simple-ish but it’s definitely a lot more complicated!

----- Daniel P 05.12.12 14:53

I would love to cook some snake meat. It is supposed to be really healthy: low in fat while being deliciously tender. The fact that you can’t buy snake meat where I live has prevented me from doing it so far.

----- P de Medeiros 05.12.12 14:07

I have tried cooking most types of food, though molecular gastronomy has always worried me (if you accidentally freeze your finger can it break off?)… I would also like to perfect my father’s chicken marengo, but not matter how hard I try it is never as good as he makes it.

----- Kat 05.12.12 14:02

I’d love to finally learn how to make my Dad’s Steak Tartare. I love the way it tastes but I’m terrified I’ll make it with the wrong cut of meat or I’ll buy the steak at the wrong market and end up contracting some kind of nasty disease from eating raw beef. I guess I need culinary courage more than cooking skills…

----- Dan 05.12.12 13:44

i would love to learn how to make pierogi the way my great grandmother used to.

----- Kaitlyn 05.12.12 13:18

A whole roast pig.

----- Perry H 05.12.12 13:15

How to make a souffle

----- Debbie 05.12.12 12:48

Creme Brulee! that’s the food of the olympic god’s

----- María 05.12.12 12:31

Roast duck!

----- Thu 05.12.12 12:25

Good soups! The guy I love loves soups, I’m going to drown him in them

----- Kylene 05.12.12 12:01

I’d try to better assist my husband, as he is the household’s head cook.

----- Mia 05.12.12 11:52

I don’t have a ton of cooking experience, but my goal is to learn enough to make 6 or 7 dinners really well, for whenever they’re necessary. So far I have stirfry down. Next: Pot pies!

----- Jeremy 05.12.12 11:34

I’ve always wanted to cook kale!

----- Elisabeth 05.12.12 11:21

I would love to learn how to cook a proper haggis in time for Burn’s Day in January.

----- Courtney 05.12.12 11:15

Gingerbread - I can not find a perfect spice combo.

----- Agnieszka 05.12.12 11:06

cassoulet, carbonnades flammande, or bouillabaisse.

----- siena 05.12.12 10:59

i always wanted to learn, how to make a perfect macaron!

----- rebekaluca 05.12.12 10:59

I would love to learn to cook a proper rack of lamb! Would be even more interesting if it was some kind of a fusion of a traditional recipe and some spicy regional stuff. Om nom nom.

----- Mikell Johnson 05.12.12 10:57

I would love to learn to grill just about anything!

----- Susan 05.12.12 10:44

Waaaa… there’s so many thing I want to cook… I can’t think of any @.@

----- Tate 05.12.12 10:43

I want to cook an organic whole chicken. I’d probably just roast it with some simple seasoning…but i’m afraid of chopping off the head and the feet.

----- Jessie 05.12.12 10:21

I’ve been really wanting to learn how to clean my own fish, butcher my own meat, pickle things and make cassoulet…but so many scary steps for all of those! And sometimes big freaky knives! eek!

----- EJ Mejia 05.12.12 10:02

I’d like to learn how to cook some killer lamb dishes.

----- tonyF 05.12.12 09:26

I have always wanted to learn how to cook like Chels do!!!! WONDERFUL DISHES!!!!

----- Wanda Roe 05.12.12 09:25

chocolate truffles…

----- Eliot 05.12.12 09:20


----- CLARA MARRON 05.12.12 09:16

Cured pig, probably prosciutto, and fermented green beans.

----- Eric Brockmeyer 05.12.12 09:13

I would love to learn to make artisan breads like whole grain and rye.

----- Carolyn Kaminski 05.12.12 09:10

I would love to make pasta from scratch. It’s just so easy to purchase it in the store that I didn’t have the drive in me to go through all that trouble. I remember though my mom’s home made noodles (we’re Polish) and I want them so bad.

----- melinda frazier 05.12.12 09:08

GODDAMN BEEF WELLINGTON!! I’ve heard tales of this legendary delicacy yet have never had the good fortune to grace my buds with it’s flaky, juicy splendor.

----- Dustcrumb 05.12.12 09:03


----- NYN 05.12.12 09:00

Turkey for Christmas! Sad I know!

----- Mike H 05.12.12 08:41

I’ve always wanted to learn to make reduction sauces to top meats, fishes and veggies!

----- Sandy 05.12.12 08:32

I will learn how to make all the recipes from TASTEOLOGIE!!! Everyday one!

----- Lukas 05.12.12 08:28

I’ve always wanted to learn to make macaroons!

----- Rossi 05.12.12 08:27

thai crispy duck!

----- Natalie Kay 05.12.12 08:26

Hi, I love the idea of cooking a delicius pesto pasta dish. Would love to learn to cook pasta and pasta sauces. All I can do at the moment is open a jar! That’s not cooking!

----- Amy 05.12.12 08:12

I really always wanted to learn to make labor-intensive pastries - croissants, macarons - but I can not imagine spending all that time & effort on something that has such a high failure rate!

----- Kimberly M 05.12.12 08:07

I would like to make a Tiramisu. Why I’d like to have the tablet is then I could watch videos for the exact techniques, to create a wonderful sensual dessert to share with my sweetie after a romantic stroll under the moonlight.

----- Kathleen Kiester 05.12.12 07:37

Soup dumplings.

----- Heather 05.12.12 07:31

TURTWINKIE…….A Turducken replaced with Twinkie inspired stuffing and the cream used as a glaze for the outside of the bird…everyone has to do their part for one of America’s greatest snack institutions!

----- Matt P 05.12.12 07:28

Vegan Chocolate Cake!

----- sam li 05.12.12 07:22

anything CHEESY!

----- Andie C 05.12.12 07:19

I really want to learn to slow roast some pork or ribs… but in general I’d like to be independent of recipes for the most part. I’d like to feel comfortable with the chemistry and ratios and just experiment.

----- Erastos 05.12.12 07:11

Lamb tagine.

----- John 05.12.12 07:03

some killer ribs

----- Jacob 05.12.12 06:55

I want to make duck confit…I just haven’t gotten around to it yet

----- Liz B 05.12.12 06:54

I’ve never been a baker and everytime i make cookies they turn out different everytime!! lol Thank you for the chance to win the Q!!

----- Misty Gallagher 05.12.12 06:43

really good sushi rice

----- Eugene 05.12.12 06:37

Cooking is my tgherapy…especially Baking….I love it !!!

----- Steve Mier 05.12.12 06:19

Sounds simple, but I really want to learn how to poach eggs.

----- Nick 05.12.12 06:02

I think this is really great, the grandkids & i

----- Gina Starling-Barnes 05.12.12 05:53

I have always wanted to learn how to make beef bourguignon.

----- Alex Nardi 05.12.12 05:30

find a lot of forgten French recipes.

----- pascal 05.12.12 05:03

lasagnaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmm!!!!

----- Ana 05.12.12 04:42

I would cook: bacon ipsum dolor sit amet bresaola meatball cow, chuck hamburger turkey filet mignon. Tail bacon t-bone, spare ribs pork cow kielbasa prosciutto ball tip. Ground round frankfurter andouille, bacon ribeye tri-tip doner t-bone fatback jowl hamburger sirloin. Sirloin hamburger prosciutto frankfurter, jowl pork chop meatball andouille shank venison chuck bacon turkey capicola pastrami. Boudin turducken swine drumstick. Jerky fatback tongue salami andouille sausage, flank shank kielbasa ground round sirloin ham hock corned beef pastrami doner :)

----- laura dragomir 05.12.12 04:39

Once, I exploded a stove (no kiddin’). I REALLY need to learn how to cook.

----- Talita 05.12.12 02:31

Our friends were living in Ghana, and they saw a sign advertising turkey right before thanksgiving, so they bought a couple and cooked them up. Everybody thought they were a little gamey and stringy, but they didn’t think much about it. After a few months there was another sale and another friend asked them how the Turkey Vultures were, because he wanted to try one.

I would love to deep fry a Turkey. (not a turkey vulture)

----- Cody 05.12.12 02:12

I”d have to try my hand at a Thai Green Curry. I’ve got it in my head that it’s mega complicated. It is most probably not…

----- Stu G 05.12.12 02:08

My partner is a well known vegetarian chef in London and I would love to learn how to make some tasty non-meat recipes to take the burden off of her.

----- Justin 05.12.12 01:56

The perfect Chimi Chunga! with guacamolie! yummy!

----- Simon Jackson 05.12.12 01:52

This looks like it may be an interesting addition to the kitchen. I might actually learn something from it without having to print anything or leave the kitchen.

----- James Robinson 05.12.12 01:32

I’ve always wanted to try and make my own cider and cheese, but I think I’m too impatient! I always want to eat them the next day, and can’t bear the thought of a long wait before trying the fruit of my labors.

----- Lucy 05.12.12 01:04


----- John Norman 05.12.12 00:59

I’d like to learn to make croissants!

----- Edgar 05.12.12 00:35

patissiartism: “the art of French patisserie gastronomy”

----- HNL 05.12.12 00:25

I would love to learn how to make pretzel and bagel dough.

----- Christina 05.12.12 00:06

I’m afraid to try the million and one recipes from tasteologie, but I’m afraid of failing and being forced to order pizza for dinner

----- somerset 04.12.12 23:19

fruit tart!

----- Debbie 04.12.12 23:08

would love to figure out how to build my own tandoor oven and do some tandoori baking - breads, especially.

----- mridula 04.12.12 22:54

Having an easy-to-access interactive book can help me shop groceries better and cook healthier meals for a new year full of happier and healthier goals. I’d like to loose 50lbs in 2013!

----- Arturo 04.12.12 22:44

I’ve always wanted to slice up a blowfish a la that vintage Simpsons episode.

----- Mooni 04.12.12 22:43

i have always wanted to cook a rack of something (pork,beef) but am terrified i will waste the meat

----- shanea 04.12.12 22:30

I’ve always wanted to make a loaf of white bread or one of those crunchy french baguettes, from scratch :) Every time my favourite food blogs post a recipe of yeasted bread with absolutely scrumptious looking pictures, I would get this urge to make it … however I have always been daunted by the long process that comes with making bread.

----- Joanna 04.12.12 21:53

This is SO cool!! I’ve always wanted to learn to make macarons.

----- Liz 04.12.12 21:47

Rabbit chilli soup would be my number one on the list. Almond biscuits for dessert.

----- Arthur 04.12.12 21:26

I always wanted to try to bake a nice chocolate cake.

----- James 04.12.12 21:19


----- Andrea 04.12.12 21:19

Would love to try some new recipes and have them all in one place.

----- Corinne 04.12.12 21:11

For me… Making homemade pasta… It terrifies me!

----- Charlie price 04.12.12 20:55

A fresh ham!

----- sara 04.12.12 20:41

xie ke huang

----- jason 04.12.12 20:41

Bananas Foster

----- Nick 04.12.12 20:37

I always wanted to cook squid.

----- shauna s 04.12.12 20:36

Bread, my mom is 89 and just can’t do bread anymore but I am not a dough person so would really like to be able to do a good bread recipe.

----- Kathy Westhorpe 04.12.12 20:32

I would LOVE to learn how to make a traditional Croque Monsieur !!!

----- Shantel Davis 04.12.12 20:25

Bread from scratch.

----- Tim Anderson 04.12.12 20:20

A green chile so perfect, I’ll cry.

----- Katy 04.12.12 20:19

I’ve always wanted to learn how to make cheese.

----- Speck 04.12.12 20:16

I want to perfect sweet potato fried chicken. Last time was a terrible failure.

----- Paul F 04.12.12 20:11

I wanted to make chicken coco van.

----- Leland Lee 04.12.12 20:04

My uncle has a restaurant and I want to cook like him!

----- Mike 04.12.12 19:50

I soooooooo need this. My complete kitchen remodel will be done in about 2 weeks…(Pending no more delays….I HOPE) And this would be the BEST present for it!

----- R. Piovarchy 04.12.12 19:49

Yucatecan Panuchos

----- Will r 04.12.12 19:41


----- Lora Lanier 04.12.12 19:39

Macarons (the french kind). They are crazy delicious. Luckily my hubby can make them for me…hoping to win this for him.

----- Jessica L. 04.12.12 19:34

I’ve always wanted to learn how to sit and make my own pasta so I can make ravioli and lasagna! Yummy.

----- Angela 04.12.12 19:22

I enjoy making desserts. Italian desserts are beautiful, ones I have always wanted to make are recipes with mascarpone cheese and learn how to make my own cheese. Back in the day visiting the North end bakeries was such a treat, as I would pick a few different ones of the Italian desserts, try and figure how they were made. Lol..when all else failed, a glass of wine and eating the bakery dessert, made my failures not so bad. Would love to learn how to master these desserts.

----- Alaina 04.12.12 19:22

I like to cook

----- John Cole 04.12.12 19:16

I have a very limited diet so I’d love to learn how to cook a butternut squash and almond flour equivalent of pumpkin pie.

----- Blake 04.12.12 19:01

I’ve always wanted to learn how to make chocolate agnolotti!

----- Julie 04.12.12 18:57

Id like to be able to make shrimp and grits that are worthy haha.

----- Corey 04.12.12 18:49

I want to learn how to flambé!

----- Noni 04.12.12 18:47

The perfect Sous-Chef!

----- Forrest Brooks 04.12.12 18:42

i need some help with preparing meals using game meats in creative ways, namely a nice venison roast as it is deer hunting season

----- Nic H 04.12.12 18:29

Yes, I’ve always wanted to learn to cook.
Seriously. I would love to learn to cook anything! My husband does all the cooking cause I burn water!

----- Sandra 04.12.12 18:26

ooo i love cooking tech

----- rachel 04.12.12 18:16

I want to lean how to make homemade pizza—dough and all.

----- Geoff 04.12.12 18:04

I’ve always wanted to learn how to make hongshao rou, or Chinese style braised beef that you have to simmer in a pot for 8 or so hours.

----- Matt James 04.12.12 18:03

I’m more of a baker, but I’ve never understood how to make meringue!

----- Jen D 04.12.12 17:53

I need to learn more preschooler friendly recipes—boring I know.

----- lilcg 04.12.12 17:48

Fried tempura ice cream. I’m afraid of splashing oil to fry anything.

----- Jacqueline D. 04.12.12 17:44

Paella - from traditional to dessert

----- Doni 04.12.12 17:34

Fish…Today’s Fish is???

----- David Mosher 04.12.12 17:33

I want to learn to cook better because i’m in love with my girlfriend and I want to make her as happy as I possibly can.

----- Andrew Visconti 04.12.12 17:25

I would love to learn how to bake like I mean it and stop reinventing the chiffon cake (the only thing I know how to bake and which almost always ends up more like a deconstruction).

----- Ellen Bautista 04.12.12 17:23

I’ve been dying to try stuff with a home sous-vide. Maybe a brisket. I’d also like to try my hand with escargot. Maybe a puff pastry thing with mushrooms?? OOH! And I would love to try my hand at medieval recipes! Old spit roast hunks of meat! ha! Anyway this thing would be a huge help. Not having to lug boxes and boxes of books when travelling would be fantastic! Plus anything that reduces one’s carbon footprint is a good thing!

----- Philippa 04.12.12 17:20

Recovering vegetarian in need of this awesome tablet. I am ready to learn to cook meats as I, for the first time in my adult life, add it to my diet. Please help!

----- Gina F 04.12.12 17:12

Home made ravioli

----- Debby 04.12.12 17:11

I would like to learn how to make Creme Brulee, kitchen flametorch and everything.

----- Sarah Smith 04.12.12 17:01

Perfectly cooked lollipop lamb chops. I can cook lamb, but I want to learn at a 5-Star level how to prepare this delicious meal.

----- Vinny Mannello 04.12.12 16:55

Turducken! Definitely Turducken. It’s Christmas. What could more Christmassy thaan that?

----- Tim Driscoll 04.12.12 16:52

I have always wanted to cook pretty much anything sous vide, but have been way to intimidated to try. Maybe it’s time I get crazy and have at it with some duck?

----- Lauren 04.12.12 16:50

Smoked Brisket! A favorite of mine from my childhood in Texas. I dont have have a smoker or the patience.

----- Tate 04.12.12 16:33

I’ve always wanted to learn how to cook, and perfect, the perfect scrambled egg.

----- Paul Morgan 04.12.12 16:28

Lamb with caramelized figs. It shouldn’t be too difficult, but fresh figs are rare where I live, so i usually eat them raw before I have a chance to start cooking!

----- Laura 04.12.12 16:18

I always wanted to be able to cook Dinuguan but am almost certain that I don’t have the necessary flare to make it so people don’t get sick :/

----- Rachel 04.12.12 16:13

Salmon Filets over Couscous i seen Palua Dean cook this dish 1 time, and i’ve been wanting to make it ever since. But the problem is i’m not the best cook and the episode went to fast for me to try and keep up lol!!

----- Antoinette Burleson 04.12.12 16:09

Seafood (I’m allergic)

----- Jack Frost 04.12.12 16:04

Wholly crap! I wish I could make beef Wellington

----- Tom Freeland 04.12.12 16:04

I’d say the majority of Julia Child’s cookbook. Something about French food just looks very complicated.

----- Lara 04.12.12 16:03

Everything french baked. Macarons, Baguettes, croissants, french bread… all the stuff you need for breakfast.

----- Arnon 04.12.12 15:58

I have never cooked in my life, my wife makes everything. I would love to learn to cook anything so I can surprise my wife with a good meal. :)

----- Ed J Moore 04.12.12 15:57

Thai curry

----- Almin 04.12.12 15:54

Homemade pasta! I don’t know why the thought of giving it a try frightens me so - but it’s on my list of ‘one of these days….’

----- Christina 04.12.12 15:51

I am a cancer survivor and am trying to relearn cooking…I want to eat right and feed my family healthy foods cooked in a way that is tasty but healthier…taking steps to not ever have to do chemo and radiation again..raising a grandaughter and want her to learn to be a healthy cook as well

----- cheryl chessa 04.12.12 15:50

I want to learn how to bake fancy French pastries!

----- Ashley 04.12.12 15:48

As a chef, I love cooking, I have always wanted to cook escargot, but I have limaxaphobia, so I am literally too scared to.

----- Mat Moore 04.12.12 15:48

i would love to learn how to cook tamales

----- Namtran Nguyen 04.12.12 15:47

If I could learn to make a proper baguette I would die a happy (if not fatter) man.

----- Jamie 04.12.12 15:40

I love to cook but have always wanted to be a good cook. Learn the tricks of the trade to make meals more exciting for my family.

----- Molly Garza 04.12.12 15:34

I always wanted to learn how to cook more pies and different cakes and learn how to make homemade breads

----- DEMETRIA JONES 04.12.12 15:33

I am interested in learning more casserole recipes, like shepard’s pie and other one dish meals

----- judy clark 04.12.12 15:30

I’ve never made a full turkey or chiken, but I would love to. My mom always makes it on family celebrations like cristmas, easter and such

----- Iva 04.12.12 15:30

I learned how to bake primarily from my Baba when I was growning up but somehow completely missed the cooking lessons. While I have no fear of dessert (except for pie) cooking intimidates the pants off of me. I would love to be able to cook with confidence and bring something to my work potluk that goes beyond my usual offerings.

----- Katie 04.12.12 15:26


----- Lexu 04.12.12 15:25

i can’t cook. but my sister is a renowned chef. help me restore the balance of power in the family!!! with QooQ i will show her how to really cook….or at least not be laughed at quite as much!

----- kevinb 04.12.12 15:25

I love to cook and am always looking for new ways to fix familiar ingredients and new ingredients to incorporate into my menus. I would love to win this QooQ!

----- Marilyn 04.12.12 15:16

To cook for my wife and sweep her off her feet.

----- Salim 04.12.12 15:08

I’ve always wanted to make my own napoli style pizza but i’m afraid my oven will ruin everything!

----- Nat G 04.12.12 14:59

Wow! I have always wanted to have a PC in my kitchen, so I could just pull up any recipe that I needed, at the touch of a button. But PC’s are too bulky; which made my dream not practicle. Since the invention of the tablet, I had not added the two, and invented this myself. So when I seen the QOOQ, I said, “Wow, I could have invented that!”.

----- Russell Wilson 04.12.12 14:47

2 fears: Macarons (the REAL ones) and Croissants. After living and working (as a baker, no less!) in France last winter…those are two things I have yet to muster up the courage to tackle! I love the thought of a kitchen-proof tablet…my laptop keyboard could be spared after all!

----- Maia Jane 04.12.12 14:46

I want to learn how to make culatelli

----- Mark 04.12.12 14:44

Want to learn to smoke meats.

----- Wendy 04.12.12 14:44

It is my fantasy to one day learn how to make Croissants from scratch, then I would simply just double the amount of butter in them : )

----- Keno Leon 04.12.12 14:43

Breads. Good breads. Like my mom used to bake when I was a kid. The smell of fresh bread.

----- Ernest 04.12.12 14:40

Pastry has always been my nemesis…. Let me @ em

----- john 04.12.12 14:38

I’ve always wanted to learn to cook Cajun food. I ate some in New Orleans once and it blew me away. My fear though is that I could not make it as good.

Let the good times roll!

----- Erik 04.12.12 14:36

I want to learn to cook perfect eggs!

----- Cianan 04.12.12 14:34

I’ve always been willing to try any recipe, but baking makes me a bit nervous, especially if it involves making it pretty with frosting…I also need more baking tools. My next baking purchase will be a waterproof springform pan to make a cheesecake in my pressure cooker! Cooking is great because it’s science with a delicious outcome.

----- Barbara 04.12.12 14:31

I’m sure if I had this I’d be a better cook … my friends and family would thank you!

----- Terri L 04.12.12 14:30

The perfectly cooked double cut pork chop is something I have NEVER been able to achieve. This would make all meat timing a breeze.

----- Arnold Koo 04.12.12 14:29

I’d love to make a great meatless lasagne from scratch!

----- kfrances 04.12.12 14:28

I have always wanted to make a raspberry souffle to match the one I had with great flourish with friends on a special night out when I was in college.

----- Yvon Varunok 04.12.12 14:28

i want to learn to cook anything that is out of my normal realm of eating my husband is not one to take eating risks me on the other hand will try anything once

----- tracey s 04.12.12 14:26

I love cooking. Homemade noodles, pasta, ravioli, etc. I’m always looking for something new to try!

----- Lisa 04.12.12 14:23

OOh, I’ve always wanted to learn to QOOQ really delicious oriental food.

----- Anna Gaukel 04.12.12 14:21

Cooking at home is most certainly the cheapest way to vastly improve your standard of living.

----- Ryan J 04.12.12 14:20

I’ve always wanted to learn how to cook my own from-scratch quiches. I suck at quiche.

----- Rob Wilkey 04.12.12 14:16

I love to make fondants for dipping chocolates for the Holidays. One thing I am afraid to tackle is homemade marshmallow for rocky road chocolates. Marshmallows and tootsie rolls, has me shaking in my boots.

----- Holly Bright 04.12.12 14:16

Since my new girlfriend is vegetarian - and I often try to follow good example - I’d like to cook her some fantastic meatless food. My quiche has been getting better, but I think too much of a good thing doesn’t work miracles for a balanced love-life! ;-)

----- TIm 04.12.12 14:12

Always wanted to make Baklava…love it but need a great recipe for it

----- Debbie 04.12.12 14:12

I’ve always wanted to learn how to cook a proper creme brulee, but the biggest obstacles are not wanting to spend money on equipment which isn’t versatile (I don’t really need a household blowtorch just to cook one dish) and a considerable lack of skill

----- Brian 04.12.12 14:11

I always wanted (and trying out) to cook fish right

----- Israel Goldshmid 04.12.12 14:09

i’ve always wanted to make pho that is NOT my mom’s recipe… of course, i don’t dare to try lol!

----- Kna 04.12.12 14:07

I’ve got a family of 5.. I am SICK of cooking the same things over and over. And finding meals to make EVERYONE happy is hard. Plus I’m out of work, so it has to be cheap. I need some good ideas!

----- marci palumbo 04.12.12 14:03

Souffles. They are so yummy but seem easy yet hard to make.

----- lace 04.12.12 13:54

I hate making a mess in any book — you can imagine the abuse a cookbook gets. I would love to learn to coo with this tool!


----- Kristine 04.12.12 13:53

I always wanted to make a great prime rib, complete with au jus and horseradish.

----- vu nguyen 04.12.12 13:51

While there are still lots of recipes out there I’ve not yet gotten around to attempting; I’m not scared to try cooking ANYTHING…I simply love to cook! Falling back in love with cooking and creating in the kitchen alongside learning lots about health and metabolism are the things that have helped allow me to transform my life and lose 104 pounds while keeping it off for the last 3 years. My only possible cooking fear could be not ever getting to all the recipes I want to cook before leaving this plane ;)

----- Cassandrar Cornwell 04.12.12 13:50

I know how to bake - that’s no problem. But I would like to take the dinner mantle from my chef fiance every once in a while without having to make one of my standbys: bagel pizzas, grilled cheese, scrambled eggs, etc.

----- Meghan 04.12.12 13:50

After a recent trip to an herbalist I’m wondering what to do with the earthworms he just perscribed!

----- Brian S 04.12.12 13:47

Would love to explore healthy new recipes

----- Patti Toney 04.12.12 13:47

My fiance is in culinary school, so this would be an awesome addition to our kitchen for him…but I also love to cook and frequently try to out-do him, so it would definitely help my game!

----- Kirsten 04.12.12 13:43

i have always wanted to make a wedding cake

----- Angelia Howard 04.12.12 13:39

would be nice to learn

----- James Cushing 04.12.12 13:36

I would love to learn to cook duck, or lamb. I’m pretty good at standard recipes, but those two meats have scared me!

----- Susan 04.12.12 13:34

I’d like to try my hand at more candy making in the kitchen

----- Joe Birdwell 04.12.12 13:33

I have been thinking about cooking Lamb, so far I have not been able to find any where I live

----- Sharon Garrett 04.12.12 13:30

Paneer and Samosas.

----- kelsey 04.12.12 13:28

I ‘ve always wanted to cook something exotic…using ingredients like crocodile meat…the shop in my neighborhood claims that can deliver such a delicacy…i hope this QooQ gadget can deliver a recipe…

----- Michael Polymenidis 04.12.12 13:25

Thai Curry!

----- hayley 04.12.12 13:21

I’ve always wanted to try making COQ AU VIN!

----- Mark 04.12.12 13:17

Have always wanted to try baked alaska, just never had the nerve

----- Tracy Wright 04.12.12 13:16

I would love to be able just to cook something on a whim with what I have in my pantry and fridge…And would like to do some small catering for personal friends…This would be awesome to have.

----- Tonya Jones 04.12.12 13:16

I do ok with day to day basics and have perfected our household stable of a few star main dish favorites, but I’d like to try and learn how to cook more desserts, they really add a special touch to a meal and look so fun to make!

----- Laura G. 04.12.12 13:13

I would like to learn to cook any/all kinds of meat better. I hate to cook and meat is the worst.

----- Tobi Drabczyk 04.12.12 13:13

Would LOVE to Win this :)

----- deborah marks 04.12.12 13:13

I’ve always wanted to attempt puff pastry

----- Jan 04.12.12 13:12

I would love to have the courage to make “Beef Wellington”! It looks yummy,but don’t have the guts to make it and afraid to overcook the meat and therefore waste such precious meat!

----- Sandra Soliman 04.12.12 13:09

To cook real nice pizzas!

----- Louis 04.12.12 13:08

I’ve never really been afraid to try cooking anything but I love reading cookbooks to find new and interesting ideas.

----- Hope Korunka 04.12.12 13:05

My wife and I regularly eat cereal for dinner, so maybe it would be a good thing if I learned to cook.

----- Daniel 04.12.12 13:03

“Chicken a go go” Are you sick of this fine feathered friend? Sick of the same bird all the same ways? Want your family and friends to know that you’ve tamed the bird into tasting good? Well then try one of my favorite bird ti go recipes.
Cooked Chicken (sorry but you can cook it any way you want)I use skinless breasts. What man doesn’t like breasts? When cooked cut into cubes.
1 or 2 (up to you) cans of cream of bird soup
Ritz Crackers I break them up in a plastic bag. I tried chewing them first but it didn’t work out.I usually use 1 sleeve.
Butter or margarine this to is up to you how much to use
Ok here goes. Hope you are ready to put this together.
In a rectangular cake pan or the pan you happen to pull out. Put in the chopped bird.
On top of that put the soup (not heated)
Melt the butter or margarine I use a glass measuring cup)
Throw in the ritz crumbs and stir together
Throw that on top of the other stuff and bake at 350 degrees for about one hour or until the crumbs look golden brown.
This is a pot luck must have.

----- Carol 04.12.12 13:01

I’m a pretty adventurous little chef, always trying new things and recipes— but the one thing that completely overwhelms me is fois gras. It just looks so luxurious, and if I mess it up I’ll feel like I’ve done it (and the duck) a Major disservice. It would be great to have a tool that could walk me through that and more!

----- Matthew 04.12.12 12:56

I have never been a great cook, I am a mother of three boys and I am always trying to learn how to make things they like and will enjoy. I have recently purchased a crock pot. This does not seem to be helping me in the cooking area. I NEED this cook book tablet so I am able to learn how to cook and be as amazing as I have always wanted to be!

----- Tabatha Mazzeo 04.12.12 12:54

Always wanted to learn to bake all different types of cookies.

----- Mildred Perez 04.12.12 12:53

Any true Chinese cooking

----- Pamela Bohnstedt 04.12.12 12:53

My mother was from England and passed away many years ago, would love to make her authentic fish and chips! Thanks!

----- michele 04.12.12 12:51

A souffle, I am so afraid it will fall and be a mess.

----- Theresa Chamberlain 04.12.12 12:49

I want to learn how to bake croissants.

----- Josh 04.12.12 12:47

This sounds fantastic. I am a housewife who loves to cook but i need some definite direction. I cook the same things over and over and i want to find great new meals for my family. I watch Food network on a daily basis and have gotten great ideas but this would really help me. Thanks for the opportunity.

----- Ginger Riggs 04.12.12 12:46

I would love to learn to cook more interesting foods for my diabetic son, diagnosed this year on his 13th birthday. As a teenage boy he LOVES to eat and we have a very hard time providing him with unique low carb meals.

----- Victoria Vance 04.12.12 12:46

I always wanted to learn how to cook creme brulee… i had some once and always wanted to learn to make it

----- gail mclane 04.12.12 12:46

I really want to learn to cook. I’ve tried, but must be the worse cook ever. I’m so bad I’ve caught a toaster on fire. This new gadget could help me learn to finally cook and enjoy it!

----- Ariel Rosentswieg 04.12.12 12:44

I want to learn how to make good gravy. Sounds too simple, doesn’t it? My mom could make wonderful gravy but the skill has not transferred to me.

----- Sandy 04.12.12 12:42

I would just love to learn how to look at a pantry full of ingredients, and say, “hey, a meal could be made from all this random stuff.” I would love a device that helped with that.

----- Kevin 04.12.12 12:41

I’d love to cook more from scratch and less from the Trader Joe’s freezer section (not that I’m abandoning you, tasty Danish pancakes—just looking to expand our options).

----- KatieB 04.12.12 12:40

danishfood foods, all of them!

----- Pops 04.12.12 12:40

I have always wanted to cook cheese souffle.

----- Michele F. 04.12.12 12:39

I always wanted to make a yummy chocolate mousse but I am too scared to even try it out once.

----- diana mathews 04.12.12 12:38

Hmmmm, my family is composed of avid cookers and bakers, which can be a little intimidating at time! My curiousity is very strong though, I really want to make a turducken! ;)

----- Ayla 04.12.12 12:37

I have always loved cooking and learning new techniques. To win one of these would be the ultimate teaching tool for me. Thank you,

----- Mary H. 04.12.12 12:37

I would like to learn how to cook ANYTHING! I can’t cook!!

----- Sue H 04.12.12 12:34

I would love to learn how to cook crepe’s . I’ve always wanted to try cooking them but have been too scared to try.

----- Denise 04.12.12 12:33

I love to cook all the time, I have always want to try and make my own homemade ice cream.

----- Jorian 04.12.12 12:32

I have always wanted to bake a pie from scratch, especially the crust. I’ve made pies before, but I’ve never actually made the crust from scratch because I’m afraid of failure.

----- kim 04.12.12 12:32

I’ve Always wanted to make breaded soup bowls!

----- Emily dunfee 04.12.12 12:32

I would love to be able to make make something and turn it into another meal for the family; like roast a chicken and do what with the leftovers? Or what do I DO with the bits and pieces of little misc. stuff in the fridge to turn it into a meal?

----- Faith 04.12.12 12:31

I’d love to learn how to cook authentic spaghetti.. it looks so delicious.

----- Niccole Tapp 04.12.12 12:30

I’ve always wanted to learn to cook with tofu, but I’ve been afraid to cause it can turn out so horribly wrong.

----- Amy R 04.12.12 12:30

Learned to be a decent cook during college but never ventured too far out due to my lack of practical knowledge on different terms or techniques used in recipes I would find.

----- Matt Z 04.12.12 12:29

I have always wanted to follow in Julia’s footsteps and cook her whole cookbook! But I have been too scared by all the fancy French techniques!

----- Lucas lund 04.12.12 12:28

I have yet to venture into cooking Indian cuisine, but I love to step into Indian restaraunts.

----- Neecole 04.12.12 12:25

I’ve always wanted to learn to bake things — I can follow recipes well enough, but haven’t learned how do give it a go on my own. This QooQ thing is pretty nifty, from the looks of it!

----- Chris Stave 04.12.12 12:25

I really want to buy a few expensive dry-aged rib-eyes and cook them up at home…but I’m always worried I’ll just end up with an overcooked steak that tastes the same as something I could have paid $5/lb for!

----- Ryan 04.12.12 12:24

I cook so much that my wife doesn’t ever want to go to restaurants! I may be a super taster, I often will try new food, then recreate it almost exactly at home, just by taste. I love to cook and this QooQ would be the ultimate add-on to my kitchen!!!

----- Ben Bates 04.12.12 12:21

I’ve always wanted make macarons!!!

----- Petru 04.12.12 12:21

I am not very good at pastries or baking at all, but regardless, I have always wanted to make a chocolate soufflé.

----- Alex Blugerman 04.12.12 12:18

Well, I have been eating for some time now…. practically all my life. but I do a pretty crummy job of feeding myself. Now that I have settled down, and gotten married to a gal that is …er… less culinarialy inclined than I am I figure I better learn to get cooking if we want to feed some children properly in the near future.

----- Will 04.12.12 12:18

Cherries jubilee.

----- Robert W. 04.12.12 12:17

Ratatouille! Ever since that Pixar movie, I’ve been wanting to learn more about French cuisine!

----- Tyler 04.12.12 12:14

The first time I tried to bake anything from scratch was in high school, and after laboriously making a batch of inedible “death brownies” (termed by my best friends brave enough to try them) I decided baking was not for me, I’ll stick to cooking where I could at least try to fix something that was going downhill. But so many people light up at the sight of pretty baked goods, I would love to learn how to make crispy palmier cookies or the perfect brownie.

----- CC 04.12.12 12:12

I have a personal obsession with Hollandaise sauce. I love it on eggs, I love it covering chicken, I could seriously lick it off of my fingers. Even just saying the name makes my mouth salivate and I want to devour a whole bowl of it! I understand it isn’t a hard sauce to make but I worry that my attempt won’t live up to my exceptional hollandaise standards!

I would also love to cook a lobster… but I am terrified of the little sea bug pinching me in the process :)

----- Jenni 04.12.12 12:12

I’ve always wanted to be able to make smoked turkey legs like the ones they sell at Disney resorts… maybe I’ll have room for a smoker when I get a house!

----- monica 04.12.12 12:11

I’ve always wanted to learn how to cook my grandma’s Portuguese food - especially the ability to perfect arroz doce the way she does. She lives in Portugal and I’d be quite pleased with myself if I could visit her and impress her with my arroz doce making skills; she’s quite the critic.

----- Allison 04.12.12 12:10

Macaroons! All the different flavors….They’re endless! Mmmmm.

----- Benjamin Poole 04.12.12 12:06

I’d love to make baked breaded mac and cheese balls. There’s nothing like comfort food with a finger food twist.

----- Aaron 04.12.12 12:05

it might sound simple - but for me it is cake I would like to bake someday

----- martins 04.12.12 12:02

I would love to learn how to make authentic croissants. Also, I would enjoy branching out into different varieties of artisan breads.

----- EKG 04.12.12 11:58

Ive always wanted to learn the art of the souffle, or any item that has to rise. I always want to check things out when int he oven and that destroys a souffle so fast.

I need a little bit of patience and a lot more skill to pull that off.

----- John G 04.12.12 11:51

I’ve always wanted to get into baking, particularly croissants.

----- Daniel 04.12.12 11:50

I have always wanted to make my own Béarnaise sauce. Maybe this cool little gadget will make that possible.

----- Mark Joyce 04.12.12 11:49

I’m a late arrival to cooking (and the joy that comes with it), but I’ve been making some good strides. One thing I haven’t tackled, though, is a cake. And I mean cake in the most traditional, pretty, overdone way. I’ve made pies and single layer cakes, but for some reason I’ve been too intimidated with making a tiered cake of some kind, or one that’s got multiple layers. I really want to accomplish making a Princess cake, with marzipan and fondant and all.

----- Tanya 04.12.12 11:48

Authentic paella!

----- Dee Wallace 04.12.12 11:48

I’ve always wanted make rosemary gnocchi with brown butter sauce and crispy speck or prosciutto. Homemade pasta has been a dream of mine but I dont want to get flour all over my comp.

----- Kristopher Hammond 04.12.12 11:48

Always wanted to learn how to make a Bouillabaisse, and to perfect Creme Fraiche.

----- Eric Powlesson 04.12.12 11:46

Mine is somewhat ridiculous because it’s not that difficult, but ever since having the most amazing gnocci in Riomaggiore, Italy, I’ve been wanting to learn to make my own.

----- Pete 04.12.12 11:45

I love this gadget! I have some cookbooks, but always inevitably turn to my iphone for ideas. That this device is designed to withstand messes in the kitchen is perfect.

----- Julie 04.12.12 11:44

pad thai. Not because it’s hard, but because it’s one of the first things I tried to make and I screwed it up so bad it wasn’t edible. Haven’t tried it since.

----- jack 04.12.12 11:44

I have always been “Daffy” about Cassoulet! I would love to learn how to make a really great one but have been daunted by Duck Confit. Maybe if I could find “Tin-O-Duck Confit,” I would tackle the recipe.

----- Gemma 04.12.12 11:41

I’ve got several things I would love to learn but are too scared to - roasting poultry and grilling top the list.

----- Jess 04.12.12 11:40

Coq au vin!

----- wolfie 04.12.12 11:38

Well quiches are one of my favorites, but dealing with those doughs always make me think twice before trying :)

----- Martin 04.12.12 11:37

Duck pate.

----- Seth B 04.12.12 11:37

I’m a pretty adventurous cook, so there aren’t many things I have been afraid to try to make, but if I had to choose a type of dish it would be indian food. I love indian food but get confused by the subtleties in the seasonings for different dishes.

----- Eric 04.12.12 11:33

I’ve always wanted to learn the correct way to make French macarons.

----- Kate 04.12.12 11:32

I have always wanted to know how haggis could taste so good. if i learned the recipe perhaps i would be more inclined to finally try it.

----- Chris Martin 04.12.12 11:29

I’d love to learn to cook pate en croute, or maybe rillettes. Really, any sort of good, fatty french charcuterie.

----- Carl 04.12.12 11:19

I’ve always wanted to roast a whole pig in a fire pit like the Hawaiians do. Alas, I don’t think my landlord would think kindly of me digging a giant pit and cooking a pig in the middle of the landscaping. I’ll just have to settle for making tropical cocktails, serving them in tiki cups and playing some luau music on the hi-fi.

----- Neil 04.12.12 11:17

I love to cook!… the problem is that I’m not very good and tend to stick to the same few dishes over and over again - this QooQ could help me break out of that rut!

----- KC Heller 04.12.12 11:17

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