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Holiday Giveaway #12: Incase- 12.04.12

incase0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2013 is around the corner, and we’re finishing up this year with more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores and over 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

Holiday Giveaway #12! Our friends at Incase have come up with another stellar bundle of goodies for you guys this year! This time filled with tons of black and white travel goodness - Duffel, Sonic headphones in white, Heathered Protective Sleeve for MacBook (13” or 15”), Origami Jacket for the iPad, and Pro Slider Case for the iPhone 5. Everything you need for your teched out adventures! The duffel is part of their stunning new EO Travel Collection - my favorites are definitely the Duffel and Hardshell Roller! Take a look at all of these and more Incase goods on their site.

THE GOODS: An entire black and white themed Travel Prize Pack containing a Duffel, Sonic headphones in white, Heathered Protective Sleeve for MacBook (13” or 15”), Origami Jacket for the iPad, and Pro Slider Case for the iPhone 5.

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing where you’d head with this Travel Bundle by 12/9 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.

See more details about the goodies as well as a coupon on the next page!

UPDATE: Congrats to Marc in Stoneham, MA!

incase1.jpg Duffel

incase2.jpg Sonic headphones

incase3.jpg Heathered Protective Sleeve for MacBook

incase4.jpg Origami Jacket for the iPad

incase5.jpg Pro Slider Case for the iPhone 5

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing where you’d head with this Travel Bundle by 12/9 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.


See more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores HERE!


568 Notes

I will be headed to NY or Chicago…

----- Daniel Herrera Marmolejo 09.12.12 22:22

I would take this on a relaxing trip to the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, soaking up the sun and its turquoise waters.

----- Jonathan 09.12.12 21:26

I would love to have these

----- Greg Thompson 09.12.12 20:15

I am going to use it around Europe visiting family and couch surfing with my beautiful wife!

----- Tristan 09.12.12 19:25

Boston to get my girlfriend, and then to Haiti to make a difference.

----- ryan strittmatter 09.12.12 19:17

to a yurt in mongolia.

----- melda 09.12.12 18:37

Since it’s snowing here, I’d head to Florida to visit my parents!

----- Carmen 09.12.12 18:29

I’m going to abscond to London to meet my friends, France for an affair, Spain in Spring for the Festivities, and the Philippines to see my brother, and the family I haven’t known since I was two. How about you?

----- Brandon Hayward 09.12.12 16:49

I would travel all the way to Birmingham? Yes just to visit that boyfriend of mine.

----- Calin 09.12.12 15:36

This looks like it would be a welcomed addition to my spring trip to find the family homestead in Toronto.

----- Danny 09.12.12 14:21

I would jet to Paris and check out the Cartier Bresson galleries.

----- Luis B 09.12.12 14:06

Don’t even have to think twice about it - Seattle.

----- ARHIP MF 09.12.12 13:37

Wishfully, the Netherlands!! I’ve always wanted to see the Aurora Borealis, from the Aurora Sky Station, in Sweden’s Abisko National Park.

----- Nancy M 09.12.12 12:49

I’m taking a 3 day train from NYC to LA in a few weeks. I have a history of attracting the talkative and mildly eccentric types on long, enclosed journeys… Head phones would come in very useful!

----- Dianne Perry 09.12.12 12:19

i’d pack up and head for warmer weather, like miami beach. colorado is getting cold!

----- tommy pez 09.12.12 11:53

I’m thinking about going to Scotland next summer, and I think I need all this stuff when I get there!

----- Ken 09.12.12 11:44

I’ve already got the trip planned. Pristina, Kosovo to London, Egland to Berlin, Germany to Paris, France to Barcelona, Spain and back to Chicago.

----- Ryan 09.12.12 11:28

Would love to head East to Massachusetts to see family.

----- carol stewart 09.12.12 10:09

Do some backpacking in Southeast Asia decked out in all this awesome gear.

----- Ben 09.12.12 09:58

Pack my GF stuff and sent her to the client

----- Barry 09.12.12 09:46

Italy…so I can propose to my gf

----- Seth Werbitt 09.12.12 09:33

Switzerland. in the alps. for a nice walk.

----- Willy Harris 09.12.12 09:04

I’m heading all over the world here in the next 6 months!!!

----- Brian K 09.12.12 06:57

I would go home to see my family that I haven’t seen in such a long time!

----- camille 09.12.12 06:41

going home for xmas!!

----- evita 09.12.12 04:41

Paris with a quick stop in Brussels.

----- ChrisM 08.12.12 23:24

I’d travel to the front page of the Virgin Airlines in-flight Magazine.

----- Sung Chang 08.12.12 23:12

I’d go to Ordos. I’ve been interested in visiting ever since seeing that amazing skate video by Charles Lanceplaine.

----- Casey 08.12.12 21:07

I’d definitely go visit my parents new house that I still haven’t seen 3 years after they moved in.

----- alex lathrop 08.12.12 20:53

Down to NYC to visit some of my watch collecting pals.

----- Michael W. 08.12.12 20:13

I quit my teaching job in Beijing yesterday and I have to leave China by February. Over the next 6 weeks, I want to pack light and think heavy, looping around China as a final parade before I head back home to England.

----- Nathan 08.12.12 19:34

I would go see real snow for the first time

----- Dominique 08.12.12 18:37

Calgary! To see the fam jam :)

----- Simon 08.12.12 17:32

I would take this bundle Home For The Holidays!

----- Jamie 08.12.12 17:15

St. Petersburg, Russia for my study abroad experience!

----- Andy Swafford 08.12.12 16:17

With the size of the bag you can’t travel for too long.
The location will be filled with a noise you want to drown out with the headphones..
You’d want to appear busy, so you bring your computer.
And, when all else fails you’ve got a friend pre arranged to call so you can run off with an “emergency”

This package is the Definitive go bag set up for….

A weekend with your girlfriend’s family.

----- Casey Dure 08.12.12 15:30

I’d head straight to the North Pole to give Santa a big hug!
(And look good doing it!)

----- Tyler 08.12.12 15:29

Some place warm, like Alaska in the summer

----- Dasha 08.12.12 14:17

are kidding me Everywhere!!!

----- Joseph Sarti 08.12.12 13:52

I presented at my first national conference last month, and I loved it. I have the bug for it, now, and I want to go anywhere that I can share the fulfilling work I do.

----- Greg 08.12.12 12:51

San Francisco and Seattle, WA!

----- Christine 08.12.12 12:45

Peak’s Island off the coast of Maine.

----- Adam Edwards 08.12.12 12:36

One way ticket out of here to Japan

----- steven 08.12.12 12:28

Ideally… Hobbiton. It seems nice this time of year.

----- Shane O'Brien 08.12.12 12:02

I would take this on my trip to Brazil next week!

----- Clementine 08.12.12 11:09

I’d use it everyday. Work/weekends with friends!

----- Chris 08.12.12 10:19

To San Francisco!

----- Kay 08.12.12 10:08

One way ticket to Thailand!

----- Seth 08.12.12 09:03

I will go to Iceland (Blue lagoon).

----- Helder Ricardo 08.12.12 07:38

I do my holiday getting around via long-as-hell Amtrak rides, because I love trains, and sleek black is always my go-to travel style. This stuff would fit riiiiiiight in.

----- Josephine 08.12.12 07:14

I’d use it on my yearly trip to Vermont to go skiing!

----- Aaron 08.12.12 05:54

I would use it to go home to the north of Germany for Christmas. After living abroad the past 10 years and having just returned to work in Berlin, this will be easier than in past years, but having this in case travel set would definitely make it more fun.

----- Lena 08.12.12 05:13

I think I’d head to Japan In May, after I finish my degree.. There’s plenty of inspiration there for a Product designer like me, and If I’m lucky, I could possibly catch the end of the snowboarding season there too (nov-may).

----- Marcus 08.12.12 04:04


----- Meghan 07.12.12 23:24


----- Garrick 07.12.12 23:13

I would take it with me on my snowboarding trip to big white.

----- Mary 07.12.12 22:41

The GF and I have been wanting to take a trip to South Korea! It would be awesome.

----- Vincent 07.12.12 22:16

So many places I still want to visit but this travel pack is screaming cross-country road trip or train trip!

----- Sharon 07.12.12 20:48

I really want to snowboard the Alps!

----- Derek 07.12.12 20:25

I would go to Norway to see the Northern Lights!

----- Aja 07.12.12 20:13

To visit the countrysides of Yorkshire, England.

----- Andrea 07.12.12 19:42

I’d head to the real life Shire of New Zealand!

----- Erin 07.12.12 19:12

To my parents in Grand Rapids MI. I love a white Christmas!

----- AlexD 07.12.12 18:56

japan or spain

----- Winnie 07.12.12 17:26

I’m heading to molokai, hawaii for paddleboarding and relaxation in a couple months. But I think I should probably take the train up to seattle for a weekend sooner than that.

----- Robin Hertert 07.12.12 17:21

I would go to my Parents in New York for the Holidays…with this wonderful gift…

----- summer bonner 07.12.12 17:13

I just got laid off from work, this week, right before the holidays! I would use the travel bundle, first, to go home for the first time in 2 years and see my family for christmas. Times are tough and me losing my job hasn’t made it easier. My parents and sister are being very supportive, and we will make it a very merry Christmas in a back part of Virginia no matter what the finances look like. Then, second, I would take the travel bundle with me to road trip to all of the locales I want to make my next home. I don’t really believe in “job hunting,” or finding a job just because you need one. You have to love what you do and know that great opportunities are out there. I’m sad that what happened happened, because I love the company I worked for and its in trouble. But this presents an opportunity for me to learn and grow and laying me off means that the company has more cash in the bank and more opportunity to succeed. I would love to have the travel bundle by my side and find my next place, my new passion, my new greatness.

----- Janey Junker 07.12.12 16:15

Head to the Oregon Coast for my 15th Wedding Anniversary.

----- Ben Pickett 07.12.12 16:11

I’d take it with me on a fishing boat somewhere near the gulf of Alaska!

----- Mati 07.12.12 15:19

ROAD TRIP. ROAD TRIP. Yessssss. I would end up somewhere no one knows my name and share a bottle of the best bourbon they have with everyone there at 2 in the afternoon.

----- Meghan 07.12.12 15:08

NYC! Happy Holidays! :)

----- Jaclyn 07.12.12 14:08

I would like to travel around Europe with this set, and eventually around the world!

----- Wen 07.12.12 14:01

Roadtrip to where ever the dart hits the map w/my best friend from college. We’ve discussed it for years.

----- JUSTIN 07.12.12 13:00


----- Iris 07.12.12 13:00

I’ll be heading where the awesomeness takes me. World Wide!

----- Adam 07.12.12 12:10

I’d pack it up so I could take it to the hospital with me when I deliver this baby.

----- cole bern 07.12.12 11:51

I’d use it on the long trip from Seattle to Brasil we’ve been saving up for. Eeeek!!

----- Brittany 07.12.12 11:39

Damn that’s a sexy giveaway! Road trip to NOLA or a flight overseas, it doesn’t even matter as long as I’m that stylin!

----- Pete 07.12.12 11:10

Haven’t been back in Seoul for a bit!

----- sheynk 07.12.12 10:47

Kyoto, Japan all the way, like durr. :3

----- cilla 07.12.12 10:37

Ireland. Yes, I think Ireland.

----- Kevin 07.12.12 10:35

To the bus that goes to the tube that takes me to the coach that takes me to the airport which welcomes the plane that takes me to my birthplace for new years where there is a car waiting for me at the parking lot outside of the arrivals gate that takes me to my grandmothers country house where I can put on skis and take a trip around a lake.

----- Jo 07.12.12 09:49

I have already started the planning for a trip to ICELAND next year!! I cannot wait, maybe the music festival… definitely the glaciers!

----- Drew 07.12.12 09:41

I’ll volunteer to watch over a friend or relative in the hospital since I’ll have enough things to do c/o my goody bag!

----- Nadine 07.12.12 09:40

Every weekend would be a new trip. Just for an excuse to use that sexy duffel.

----- Greg 07.12.12 08:58

I will use it to go back to Istanbul.

----- jose 07.12.12 07:55

I plan to go to the Peruvian Amazon for a 6 month job in the rainforest. Writing & social media are required for this role so this travel kit would really help.

----- Alex H 07.12.12 07:48

I have not been home for over 3 years now (visa issues)! Finally got my green card :) So I can go home. The plan is to go to Istanbul in May. And travel to Safranbolu for a mini trip. InCase will house some of our most prized posessions during these trips. Can’t wait!

----- Blue 07.12.12 07:48

I have a week-long cruise with my extended family over Christmas to St. Thomas and St Maarten. I think being able to bring my electronics will be a welcome distraction.

----- Erin 07.12.12 07:36

The beaches of Mexico in January!

----- AJ 07.12.12 07:25

I’m renting a house in the British Virgin Islands with 11 friends this February, so that would be an opportune time to use these things!

----- Kate 07.12.12 07:14

i would go wherever life takes me, the important thing is not where you go but how you do it :)

----- eugenio rebolleda 07.12.12 07:07

I’ll be going to a cabin in Maine.

----- Anna 07.12.12 07:02

On a Canada-wide train trip from the east coast to the west coast, and then I’d hike around the rockies

----- Jane 07.12.12 05:32

Uncle Archie in Aberdeen, Scotland

----- Bradley Osterhaus 07.12.12 05:30

to my job sites in port-au-prince

----- Adam S 07.12.12 05:23

Moving to the South!

----- Corey 07.12.12 05:18

I would be heading to Vermont.

----- Lila 07.12.12 05:00


----- RobMc 07.12.12 04:52

Back to Northwestern Europe!

----- James M 07.12.12 04:32

I would take it on my trip to Cuba in July!

----- Tony Everett 07.12.12 02:10

Wellington, NZ … for work but also bringing the family, my baby will be turning 1 y/o

----- darrell 06.12.12 23:52

Take me to the moon

----- bojan 06.12.12 23:52

this holiday, the bf is taking me back to his hometown in Australia to meet his parents for the first time! This bag could help me with packing my stuff in a stylish bag!

----- leanne 06.12.12 22:55

I’d love to go to New Orleans!

----- B Louie 06.12.12 22:51


----- Daniela 06.12.12 21:43


----- Lauren 06.12.12 21:18


----- Mindy 06.12.12 21:00

ill be booking a flight to japan and these shall come in handy.

----- BJ 06.12.12 20:58

Heading to London to work soon, but it would be nice to go around experiencing different cultures. Not only seeing the surface of the places as a traveller, but to really understand the way of living like the people who have been there for a while.

----- CCH 06.12.12 20:52

Moscow, Tokyo, or up to Portland, ME.

----- Dana 06.12.12 20:29

EUROPE! pack everything up from camera to laptop and go to prague and austria to eat and enjoy the gorgeous sites!!!!!! :D

----- Sharla 06.12.12 20:25

Bhutan, even though it’s invite-only.

----- Marc 06.12.12 19:16

Well, coming up we have the swamp (Florida), the desert (Arizona), the mountains (Colorado) then back to the islands, so I think I can get some serious mileage out of these.

----- Michael 06.12.12 18:38


----- Heng An Wang 06.12.12 18:30

I’d head to a remote cabin in Apen Colarado.

----- Vu 06.12.12 18:28

I’d head to a remote cabin in Apen Colarado.

----- Vu 06.12.12 18:28

I’d take this on my next beach get away or out of town on a road-trip with friends!

----- B. Scott 06.12.12 18:07

Definitely will use to to everywhere I go. They’d complement my gadgets perfectly!

----- Azmir 06.12.12 17:38

i would take these things to the end of the earth and beyond. here and back again

----- Rae 06.12.12 17:24


----- Adam 06.12.12 17:18

TOKYO!!! Back during the EDO period of course…

----- Phabeon 06.12.12 16:58

Travel me in style

----- Paul 06.12.12 16:10

shanghai and tokyo

----- sophie 06.12.12 15:57


----- BURÇİN 06.12.12 15:53

After winning this I’d take it straight to the apple store to buy some stuff to put in it!

----- Tom 06.12.12 15:17

Switzerland to see the work of Peter Zumthor

----- P. Lee 06.12.12 14:29

I’m heading back to the motherland (Philippines) in a couple weeks for a family reunion and need new luggage! #whitesand #beaches

----- John 06.12.12 14:27

This kit would see a lot of airplane cabins in the next 6 months. From SXSW to NYC to Maui and Hong Kong. Perhaps a bit of Melbourne, Perth and New Zealand as well.

----- Phil Gillman 06.12.12 14:19

Diving in Bonaire!!

----- Kristen 06.12.12 13:46

I promised my lady I’d try and get us over to see Sardinia/Italy this summer so long as she would bear with us going to Iceland in 2014 all possible thanks to tips from A.O.N.C. which I found via notcot - so thank you.

----- Andy Stoltz 06.12.12 13:24

I’d take off to the Great White North!

----- Cole 06.12.12 13:16

I would travel to Seattle to visit my best friend.

----- Diana 06.12.12 13:13

I might be going to Japan this coming January, so I would definitely bring it there. Incase makes beautiful stuff

----- sam li 06.12.12 13:00

New Zealand… or just to my sister’s in CA

----- YuenMe 06.12.12 12:39

id head to sweden for the alps! and also their awesome scandinavian design.

----- Vania 06.12.12 12:29

I want go to africa on a safari.

----- Glo 06.12.12 12:27

With all this stuff I’d head to Seattle on the month of February well because… my best friend is getting married! I’m excited for her because she deserves to be happy. She’s been there for me for everything and is still here in my life. We’re both designers, tech geeks, and usual readers of notcot. We come here to try to get inspiration of any kind. It would be amazing to win this and show off this stuff as her witness. And I haven’t been to Seattle so it be nice to be decked out for the trip.

Happy Holidays!

----- Khoa 06.12.12 12:04

It has been my dream to visit my father’s hometown in Germany. I have been saving up money for the past 2 years to make this journey in his memory.

----- Doug 06.12.12 12:00

I would totally rock this travel gear on a trip to Florida to visit my brother, and the Disney theme parks

----- Jennifer 06.12.12 10:51

I’d be heading HOME (to my lovely wife and kids, since I do a lot of business travel)

----- Roel U. 06.12.12 10:39

I would use it on my upcoming trip to Mallorca, Spain! Nothing helps to feel more prepared for a new trip than to have all of your tech gear carefully protected and jet-set approved. It’s chic without being flashy, and never fails to induce a little envy from your in-flight neighbors. Awesome gear!

----- Charla Mayer 06.12.12 10:09

FIJI to enjoy the waves and relaxation.

----- AJ Danan 06.12.12 09:55

I would use all of this great stuff on a trip on my first trip to London!

----- Hadi 06.12.12 09:53

I’d take my girlfriend to London on Christmas Eve with this set.

----- Matthieu 06.12.12 09:44

I would head to Patagonia and get my wild on.

----- Anrew 06.12.12 09:38


----- Andrew 06.12.12 09:22

there’s so much to see right here in los angeles. i’ve lived here for 3 years and i still have a lot to discover.

----- dayne 06.12.12 09:17

I would go to Iceland, that would be really awesome!

----- Laszlo Dobrovolszki 06.12.12 09:05

If I win I would give this to my fience because he’s a boat captain and he is always traveling. Plus he’s the best so he deserves it for all the hard work he does :)

----- yvonne 06.12.12 08:44

Beautiful sunny Portland! It will look great sitting in my room at the Ace Hotel.

----- Ian 06.12.12 08:44

I’d take these buggers with me to the Scottish highlands!

----- Tony 06.12.12 08:32

Cross country roadtrip to Seattle, WA!

----- Min 06.12.12 08:25

I’d travel up to New York to surprise my wonderful girlfriend for new years

----- Sid Law 06.12.12 08:23


----- Anders 06.12.12 07:53

Manitoulin Island!

----- Darryl 06.12.12 07:50

I’d travel to Zug, Switzerland to go snowboarding

----- alanna 06.12.12 07:39

I would love to backpack around South America! ;) And your awesome travels gadgets would be extra helpful while travelling.

----- Cara Wares 06.12.12 07:30

I’d head to Montreal.

----- Kelly Rae 06.12.12 07:27

I’d travel right over to my friends house to show her my win then I’d pick a destination with her and go!

----- Joanie 06.12.12 07:22

i’d take these lovelies everywhere, babe! but first of all back home in snowy estonia, all my gadgets need these to keep them warm!

----- daile 06.12.12 07:10

I’d head to NYC to present proposals to venture capitalists.

----- Matt H 06.12.12 06:36

Id head to chicago to visit my sister in law! She moved there almost a year ago and i havent yet gotten to visit!

----- jenni 06.12.12 06:34

new york!… because this pack of goodies does inspire an urban trip

----- maja 06.12.12 06:17

i’m wrapping up a work stint in paris and am excited to head home to san francisco early next year. of course…with a return from paris, comes a showering of macaron gifts for family + friends (pierre herme over laduree). as these delicate treats require delicate care, i would fill the duffel up to the brim and have a stylish way to carry them home to safety (and to thankful mouths).

----- ido 06.12.12 05:19

I’d probably use it on trips to Hong Kong and Japan that I have planned for this and next year.

----- Range 06.12.12 04:56

InCase giveaway? Oh man, way to bring me out of lurk-mode. I’d have to head for the Caribbean, probably St. Thomas.

----- Michael 06.12.12 04:56

To the Northern Lights!

----- Jing 06.12.12 04:55

Hawaii - for the sunshine!

----- Sarah 06.12.12 04:51

Macbook…iPad…iPod…music…clothes… these are all a portable extensions of life at home. I’d take them wherever I might get homesick… just ‘incase’!

----- Oliver 06.12.12 04:47

I’d head home to visit my family for christmas!

----- Yoo Jin 06.12.12 04:45


----- Jim 06.12.12 03:54

I want to be ready to travel to another planet when the world ends on 12.21.12!!!

----- Daniel Brundl 06.12.12 02:47

I just came back from Nepal some time ago, and it was amazing beyond words. I would really love to go see other countires in that area as well - Tibet, Vietnam etc. However, this gear would probably be too fancy for a trip like that and I wouldn’t even take my laptop with me. This looks more like a really nice winter holiday at my gradfather’s place :)

----- Liisa 06.12.12 02:06

Duffel for me, few days trip in the Italian Alps needs a warm package. The headphones for my older brother @ his studio recording job. The sleeve for my girlfriend….she’s going to by a new laptop this weekend!!The Origami jacket for my mum…she loves to travel/work with her ipad. The case…well, my new iphone 5 is still naked..and getting cold in the winter!!

----- Fabio 06.12.12 01:21

No sleep til Brooklyn!

----- J Alexander Jusino 06.12.12 01:15

Perfect for my trip to Brazil for the world cup!

----- Chris 06.12.12 01:03

I would take it with me to my friends’ wedding in Bali!

----- kim 05.12.12 23:19

I’d go on that cruise to Antarctica with my family! YESS.

----- Moe 05.12.12 23:09

Montreal… visit friends and family

----- Patrick Wong 05.12.12 23:05

Paris, to a street side cafe, a little people watching while I work on my laptop. Perfect.

----- Eric 05.12.12 22:50

The first place I would go is to purchase a box large enough to hold everything because it would be wrapped for my son as a Christmas present - and he would love it!

----- Sharon 05.12.12 22:05

I would head back to London for a bit. Then, onto somewhere that we haven’t been in Europe.

----- James 05.12.12 21:30

I’d like to have this giveaway…just incase.

----- Ariel S. 05.12.12 21:23

My spouse has had a tough winter. His job is in limbo. I would take him on a nearby weekend getaway. With this B/W Travel Pack he could travel in style and forget his worries for a little while.

----- Noelle 05.12.12 20:51

I would take this travel bundle and go to that place that nobody knows about and can’t reach me.

----- Madoc 05.12.12 20:40

I’m heading off to Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand this coming Feb 2013 and this would be the perfect Travel Bundle for me! :)

----- Jennifer 05.12.12 20:39

I’m going to Vegas + Rome this winter! Also, I have an iphone 5, an iPad, and a Macbook pro! This would be PERFECT

----- Jeff 05.12.12 20:20

I’d be headed for my new office on a cliff top somewhere overlooking the ocean!

----- Nguyen 05.12.12 20:17

Friend’s wedding in Nicaragua.

----- Sarah 05.12.12 20:14

I would travel to the Ozark Mountains for some holiday hiding.

----- Corey 05.12.12 20:10


----- Will Lipman 05.12.12 20:09

I have been their supporter ever since they came out and have been loving their macbook sleeves and bag!
This will be a great addition to list of incase products i already have enabling me to world trot in style!

----- Ming Chew 05.12.12 19:49

I’d meet my family in Amsterdam since we’re now scattered all throughout the world! The goincase duffel bag would come in handy with all the special brownies I’d buy, oh yeah.

----- harmon 05.12.12 19:40

I am off to Patagonia

----- AV 05.12.12 19:23

work :P

----- matt 05.12.12 19:21

anywhere! but i’m headed to australia next so this would definitely come in handy!

----- julie 05.12.12 19:04

To the great pyramids.

----- Cindy 05.12.12 19:03

in my dreams, i’d be on a flight to Cambodia with this gear… hopefully for my honeymoon…

----- gray 05.12.12 19:02

I’d like to hike half dome

----- Rudy V 05.12.12 18:48

I’d head home for the holidays!

----- Gina F 05.12.12 18:35

A place in my mind just down the corner where the world is black and white, like Incase’s products.

----- Loh 05.12.12 18:25

Iceland would be fun.

----- Tiffany 05.12.12 17:45

aw man, you’ve asked that sort of question before! my life-goal destination is still Spain, to see Salvador Dali’s hometown and self-built museum, but now i’m also interestd in visiting Asheville, North Carolina, after seeing my friends’ wedding photos from there. it looked just stunning.

----- taryn 05.12.12 17:42

San Diego and then Disneyland!

----- Jeremy 05.12.12 17:38

Spain. mmm..

----- tane 05.12.12 17:33

San Francisco

----- alagwc 05.12.12 17:09

This will help me arrive at Fernando de Noronha, Brazil in style.

----- Philip 05.12.12 17:00

Greece! Already planning a trip for the spring :)

----- Megan 05.12.12 16:55

I would head to the nearest Apple store and buy every item that fits into these cases because I personally don’t own any Mac products. Then I would cobble the money I have left, which be probably be very little, and fill the car with petrol and drive down to the nearest beach with my wife and 2yr old son and chill for the weekend.

----- Patrick 05.12.12 16:40

I’d jet off to Hong Kong so fast your head would spin! I’ve always longed to see the city my family is from, but somehow I’ve never been included in the pilgrimage. But of course, Hong Kong is a high-tech metropolis, and I’ve got to have proper gear to take with me! I’m looking at you, Incase EO duffel. ^_^

----- Kurt Yun-Doyle 05.12.12 16:38

I’d take the bag to the hospital for our new baby’s arrival, the headphones to listen to the soundtrack my husband and I made for her, and the rest of the stuff will protect our things from baby vomit and spills. We have quite a trip awaiting!

----- Valeria Delgadillo 05.12.12 16:37

The highlands of Scotland or Iceland. Comfortable and organized.

----- Anthony 05.12.12 16:25

To my next jungle safari in southern india!

----- Chitra 05.12.12 16:15


----- Yoshio 05.12.12 15:43

I’d go the Philippines and Okinawa, Japan. It’s been 12years since I got to see my family over there…

----- Rachel 05.12.12 15:39

Straight to Kreuzberg in Berlin

----- Herman 05.12.12 15:31

I would take this with me on trips to London and Busan.

----- Laura 05.12.12 15:26

Sweden, I’d go to Sweden so fast, my iPad nicely tucked in tow.

----- Daniel 05.12.12 14:58

It would be my incentive to gather my rhyming dictionary, my cheap papermate mechanical pencils, my muji pencil case, several bottles of Porter Creek Voignier, a pair of clean undies and head to a cozy corner of the city and write the next great American musical. Black out. Curtain.

----- John Dietrich 05.12.12 14:54


----- Jessi 05.12.12 14:49

I would go north, until I hit snow.

----- Bryan Dunn 05.12.12 14:37

Weekend trip to Iceland to see the Aurora Borealis.

----- Craig Richardson 05.12.12 14:36

I would take the bundle to Brazil - been wanting to go for years!

----- Gil 05.12.12 14:18

Well, the next trip I have planned is in February. First I go to London Fashion week, then hit up Berlin which I have been trying to get to for the past few years, then visit my cousin in Sweden and finish it off with a visit to my friend in Vienna.

----- Kat 05.12.12 14:05

It’d take it to Copenhagen. No Doubt. It’s perfect for a trans-Atlantic flight and Danes love good design.

----- Roma 05.12.12 14:00

Casablanca, Morocco. I want to find a hidden little gambling den like Bogey’s, blow all my savings playing cards and regret nothing.

----- Chris 05.12.12 13:54

Lima, Peru!

----- Grace 05.12.12 13:38

I would head out to San Juan, Puerto Rico. This minute, right now. A lazy afternoon, a plate of Arroz con Polllo and a frosty glass of Medalla beer. I’m there already.

----- Perry H 05.12.12 13:24

i would go to budapest and then prague.

----- Kaitlyn 05.12.12 13:20


----- Michael P 05.12.12 13:03

Ideally? I’d take my mom to Tuscany. We’ve always longed for an Italian getaway but it hasn’t been super-high on my priority list the last few years due to budget constraints. Realistically? My husband and I (just married in October!) would pack up our fluffy goldendoodle Enzo and take a road-trip up to Buffalo, NY to spend the holidays with my mom, old friends, Canadian beer, and hopefully all the snow we could handle.

----- Evie Adair 05.12.12 12:57

I would travel back to my beloved friends in Sweden.

----- Markus 05.12.12 12:55

If I could go anywhere? I’d head to Thailand with this setup. Amazing food, people, culture, and scenery. And, the weather’s not half bad either!

----- stephanie 05.12.12 12:40

Bora bora!!! :D

----- María 05.12.12 12:29

I would visit my friends in China!

----- Thu 05.12.12 12:26

I would love to visit friends in New York.

----- rich 05.12.12 12:19

i would love this! i am always going away on weekend trips, so this bundle would be perfect!

----- Nathan 05.12.12 12:11


----- Rose 05.12.12 12:03

Any day now I’m going to take my savings, catch a plane, and run around Europe spending the last of my twenties gloriously exploring everything I can afford to see.

----- Kylene 05.12.12 11:58

I would love to travel to Italy!

----- Debbie 05.12.12 11:58

With the Travel Bundle my first trip with it would be to San Francisco to visit sister and college friends.

----- Matt Z 05.12.12 11:57

I would take it to France next year, with my parents, when they go to a wedding.

----- marie henry 05.12.12 11:54

To work… But I’d enjoy it.

----- Mia 05.12.12 11:51

…To escape winter in the northeast with a warm & sunny trip to the Cayman Islands. Yay, sun! ;)

----- Shelly 05.12.12 11:47

Seattle, Washington.

----- Jay 05.12.12 11:37

I’d like to go visit my friend in Prague.

----- Jeremy 05.12.12 11:35

Hong Kong bound in January!!!! LETS GO!!!

----- Steven S 05.12.12 11:34

where do I go? I’m currently in Berlin, but I need to leave the apartment I’m subletting here for the holidays, and I’m going to try and see what Brussels have to offer for Christmas and New Year Eve. It’s the first time I’m having those holidays, since Jewish people from Israel tend to celebrate Hanukkah. it’s the most perfect bag for this short trip, and a great first ever Christmas present.

----- Liron Milstein 05.12.12 11:29

I would head over to Istanbul, Turkey to experience all that country has to offer.

----- Dan 05.12.12 11:24

I think a visit to best friend living in Munich is in store.

----- Courtney 05.12.12 11:08

These awesome cases etc. would accompany me to Beligum for beer tasting and Scotland for a Scotch sampling adventure. They would house my work equipment so I can squeeze in a little productive time between adventures.

----- Mikell Johnson 05.12.12 11:00

costa rica or iceland.

----- siena 05.12.12 10:59

Trans Siberian Railway journey!

----- Garrett 05.12.12 10:56

I’d head to Texas for a much needed first visit with my best friends family! They’re pretty special to me now.

----- Allison 05.12.12 10:45

I’m not really a travel guy, but I’d use this on my way to school >D

----- Tate 05.12.12 10:42

I’m working on my flight info to Las Vegas for a January trip as we speak.

----- Andy L. 05.12.12 10:38

I would go to the Maldives!

----- Mike 05.12.12 10:38

What an incredible set! I would give this to my boyfriend who is in dire need of travel-ware. It would get great use about twice a month when we go visit his family or mine. Oh, but the headphones - I’ll secretly keep those and use every day ;)

----- Jessie 05.12.12 10:24

Think I would head to Antarctica. Yep, you read that right. I would seriously love to go there. This black and white themed giveaway is perfect. A little contrast against all that snow.

----- Evan Huwa 05.12.12 10:22

I would fly to Sydney and offer the bundle to my dear friend Niko. Because I know that he’s the right person to have all of this (and will be thankful for the rest of his life).

----- Miyon 05.12.12 10:19

I travel through the Caribbean constantly, the duffel would be awesome for my travels and my laptop, iphone and ipad would be wearing matching outfits!

----- Gabriel 05.12.12 10:19

I’ll take it on my DC trip to go see Sigur Ros!

----- Benny Pinto 05.12.12 10:00

I’d cut my teeth on the white lines of life’s endless, lonesome highways, taking stock in the horizon and shouting at every fool who comes my way “hey, you going my way?”

----- scott 05.12.12 09:59

i will be heading to the north pole.

----- yariv goldfarb 05.12.12 09:54

Roadtrip from cold Tallinn to warm Portugal.

----- Margus 05.12.12 09:30

i have a raft of business trips scheduled for next year - Calgary, New Orleans, Pittsburgh - This set would ensure I was travelling in style.

----- tonyF 05.12.12 09:23

Right back home !!

----- Eliot 05.12.12 09:19

Wherever the music takes me…

----- Dan 05.12.12 09:18

I’ll be heading to Aspen, CO with the Incase goodies.

----- James Thomas Hamrick 05.12.12 09:10

Vancouver Island. For a month.

----- Darrel 05.12.12 09:00

I’d take my husband on the honeymoon we never had, cameras in tow.

----- Andria 05.12.12 08:56


----- Sandy 05.12.12 08:51

So Cool!

----- Rory Reiff 05.12.12 08:51

out on the highway looking for adventure and whatever comes our way.

----- NYN 05.12.12 08:45

This is awesome! I live in NYC and go around “travelling” all the time, BUT I plan to do a Eurotrip next year and this pack would be just PERFECT!

----- Melissa 05.12.12 08:44

This would be GREAT for my trip to Vietnam in the spring when I am going to visit my family and see my roots. I’ll take pictures for you NOTCOT!

----- Mike H 05.12.12 08:40

This stuff is amazing. Automatically boosts my style cred. I’d love to travel to London with this for my brother’s graduation :)

----- KT_TO 05.12.12 08:33

First time traveling overseas to Toyko and Taipei for my job, would love to have any of these with me!

----- Henry 05.12.12 08:31

Going back to see my family in Bulgaria for the holidays. This would be perfect! Or my solo trip to Moscow for undergrad research:)

----- Rossi 05.12.12 08:30

Want, WANT!! I would use this bundle set for a trip to Chicago. Awesome set to keep me connected throughout my trip!!

----- Sandy 05.12.12 08:30

In a long distance relationship so I travel a lot to see my girlfriend (Texas to Wisconsin) but the distance is about to get even longer because she is going to serve in the Peace Corps in southeast Asia. So I will be packing a some warmer clothes instead of my usual sweaters and scarf.

----- Josh K 05.12.12 08:29

I would head to school which is an adventure on a caribean island. Ths is for real. i go to medical school in grenada and could always use good solid gear. Whne i am not stuyding i travel to other neighboring islands and hike throughout this one. What better wya to documnet then with my electroncs well taken care of.

----- Maggie 05.12.12 08:27

Barcelona !!! I am already hoping to go next year!

----- Natalie Kay 05.12.12 08:24

Mount Everest!

----- Randy 05.12.12 08:19

Nowhere extra special, no crazy trips abroad or sleeping in a new room every night. I would simply head home to Minnesota and enjoy a family Christmas, with snow of course, God willing.

----- Lucas lund 05.12.12 08:17

That duffel looks like the perfect travel bag. I’d take it to Hawaii first since I already have a flight booked. And then every other place I’d ever go. I always worry about my electronics when traveling.

----- Lauren 05.12.12 08:10

To visit my family!

----- Ben 05.12.12 08:06

Reality: South Florida to see my family.
Fantasy: London.

----- Kimberly M 05.12.12 08:04

Green Mountain Range. Vermont.

----- Seth B 05.12.12 07:56

Aruba with my husband and two new twin baby girls!

----- wolfie 05.12.12 07:42

Aruba with my husband and two new twin baby girls!

----- wolfie 05.12.12 07:42

I would head to Corsica!!

----- Petru 05.12.12 07:33

Pack all my iDevices and go to New Orleans to explore the French Quarters and all its flair on my birthday 12/09, coincident?

----- Jason 05.12.12 07:26

I would head to my bustling downtown area, sit inside a nice cafe, watch all the busy-bodies walking to and fro and be comfy and cozy in my own little audio world.

----- Stacy B. 05.12.12 07:25

I would def head over to Europe for a long overdue vacation!

----- Devin Vermeulen 05.12.12 07:23

Slovenia….because why not?

----- Matt P 05.12.12 07:23

Iceland is the destination for me.

----- Jonathan 05.12.12 07:19

I would jet it over to Roatan to escape the daily grind and midwest winter, and to take part in some warm weather scuba diving!

----- Mason 05.12.12 07:18


----- Yasmina 05.12.12 07:18


----- Andie C 05.12.12 07:18

paris. definitely paris.

----- rachel m 05.12.12 07:12

We’ve been making small steps towards an Amtrak vacation to Seattle and the surrounding area. This bundle would definitely be coming along.

----- Erastos 05.12.12 07:08


----- John 05.12.12 07:04

I would travel to the icy north of Stockholm for some köttbullar!

----- Cameron 05.12.12 07:03

Super nice! I’d head south once it gets cold and wintery up here in New Jersey. Nothing like “oh, it IS slightly nicer a few hours south of here” than a quick day trip southward!

----- Chris Stave 05.12.12 07:02

Currently on a trip to New Zealand & Indonesia. Would’ve been great for that. Next trip? Australia or perhaps Africa.

----- Jacob 05.12.12 06:57

New Orleans for New Years

----- Liz B 05.12.12 06:52

I’d travel around Amsterdam, by bike!

----- William 05.12.12 06:44

This bag would be a huge help keeping my artifacts in place! from Bolivia, to Washington DC. Its a along trip especially with various stops back home! can’t wait to see my dear wife and our new born daugher!

----- Adrian 05.12.12 06:38

To follow the sun until its end. To steal the road along the bend. To fly, to bike, to walk , to sail. Post letters to loved ones through exotic mail. One never knows adventures time or place. Just me, the essentials, just incase.

----- oliver 05.12.12 06:37

I’d go to Europe, a little tour through Italy, the UK, Germany… that’d be nice

----- Marco 05.12.12 06:33

Louisville in February for the 2013 Cyclocross World Championships.

----- Spencer 05.12.12 06:18

I would pack light for a heavy trip. Just some warm clothes and my travel kit from Incase. Then, in January, I would get aboard the Transiberian, from Moscow all the way to Beijing. A seat at the window, music in my ears and the wild white Siberia in my bones. This is all I need.

----- Laura 05.12.12 06:18

I would go somewhere warm. no more snow please. How about marrakech?

----- cat huang 05.12.12 06:16


----- rosie 05.12.12 06:07

I usually end up in London, Paris, and Nashville every year.

----- Nick 05.12.12 06:04

Vietnam to surprise an old friend

----- William J 05.12.12 06:00

I’m on the bus to NYC now! If I win, my next destination is YYZ, then SFO! Awesome stuff!

----- Catt 05.12.12 05:56

I would to use this to head to San Francisco with my husband and explore the sites and enjoy the clam chowder!

----- Alda 05.12.12 05:55

NYC to visit my family or Hong Kong!

----- Tom 05.12.12 05:48

I would like to travel to Hungary

----- Alex 05.12.12 05:32

I’d book myself a flight straight to see you guys at NOTCOT HQ to say thanks! And then see if I can stay and help out for the day. Finishing with taking some of you for a meal at your favourite post work venue and carry on in to the early hours

----- Paul A 05.12.12 05:31

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” and with the bundle I will read it a thousand times more.

----- JCF 05.12.12 05:20

Heading off to Spain!

----- Dan Higgs Matzner 05.12.12 05:01

perfect long week end bag for North California regular trips

----- pascal 05.12.12 04:55

Travel Bundle would be used for:
traveling forth and back to my university
(“Sonic headphones” would make that boring trip much shorter)

visiting my parents house during holidays
(“Duffel” could handle my moms cakes and other goods (you know how they like to put home made food for starving students=]))

geaky trips to play starcraft
(“Heathered Protective Sleeve for MacBook” would be AWESOME)

not only for trips!
(“Origami Jacket for the iPad” and “Pro Slider Case for the iPhone 5” would be used day and night at home and in the trip to the MORDOR)

p.s. INCASE I find a boyfriend, I would have an awesome Christmas present =]

----- mona (not lisa) 05.12.12 04:55

Wow! It will be great for my 2013 trips : Los Angeles , Toronto and the Dominican Republic

----- Guy-Edouard CESAR 05.12.12 04:43

I’d definitely bring it to the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario the next time we camped there.

----- Brian 05.12.12 04:08

I’d head to the Maldives for a nice romantic getaway

----- Craig 05.12.12 03:45

Perfect for around the house, as I don’t want my pretty iPhone or iPad getting hurt! :P

----- Ben 05.12.12 03:44

In the words of Freddie Mercury’s Bohemian Rhapsody…”Any way the wind blows, doesn’t really matter to me, to me”

----- Ollie 05.12.12 03:36

Zurich! I’ve been planning this for more than a year now.

----- Yichao HUANG 05.12.12 03:32

A Weekend to Vegas!

----- Karim 05.12.12 03:29

I’d head to Berlin! Wait… I’m actually heading to Berlin in three weeks or so. This bundle would be swell! :)

----- Eloisa 05.12.12 02:48

I travel alot, and what would be better than nice bags for my stuff

----- Stefan 05.12.12 02:46

Alps for the winter.. then japan for the springtime. Would be IDEAL.

----- Tom G 05.12.12 02:28

I travel back and forth to London once a month and my carryon is normally a disaster. This would help immensely.

----- JP 05.12.12 02:24

I would go to mars with it

----- Talita 05.12.12 02:18


----- Cody 05.12.12 02:07

I’d love to return to Iceland and venture a bit further than Reykjavik. We took a couple of touristy trips las time we were there a couple of years ago, but I’d love to follow Tim Navis’s example and roam some of the landscapes personally and on my own schedule.

----- Adam Wood 05.12.12 02:01

Trans siberian railway - Russia to China! Boo ya!

----- Simon Jackson 05.12.12 01:51

They would be perfect for my new years eve trip to Africa, and after that I would put them in a good use for the rest of my college days in the snow covered Slovenia. Just hope they can withstand the climate change better than I do.

----- Ivan 05.12.12 01:40

Tokyo! Definitely.

----- Hoister 05.12.12 01:28

I will travel to Scandinavia to see the northern light..

----- Bas 05.12.12 01:22

I´m from Spain so i would go directly to NYC and San Francisco… or maybe a world tour ;-)
love this brand!!!!!!

----- Patricia 05.12.12 01:15

i will use these for my euro trip next year (*fingers crossed*)

----- shafina 05.12.12 01:08

These would be perfect for as tree staycation to Napa.

----- Edgar 05.12.12 00:33

This would be perfect to protect my gear as I climb Kilimanjaro.

----- Christina 05.12.12 00:09

I’d say that these goodies will fit right for a visit to Santa Claus place

----- martins 05.12.12 00:03

I’m heading for New York City, for the first time in my life.

----- Markus 04.12.12 23:44

I would gift this for my mother. It would fit her Rock-N-Roll (Journey, to be specific) lovin’ lifestyle beautifully.

----- Christy 04.12.12 23:44

I would like to use it on a possible tour with my band … Russia? Mexico? USA? I don’t know, I only know it’s nice to dream about it :)

----- Federico S. 04.12.12 23:19

Any where! I haven’t been on vacation in over 2 years!!!

----- somerset 04.12.12 23:17

This will definitely be with me when i embark on my student exchange to Denmark & the rest of Europe =D

----- Kai 04.12.12 23:12

Dragobrat|Ukraine! Better place for snowboarding in Ukraine.
W8ing for this trip.

----- Andrey 04.12.12 23:11

Anywhere! It would look stylish no matter where you go

----- Debbie 04.12.12 23:10

I would travel everywhere. Forever. At least until I get sick and tired.

----- Angus Macmillan 04.12.12 22:57

Hey, I don’t own an iPad or an iPhone. I’ll take it.

----- tudza 04.12.12 22:54

This is quite easy one. I would definately go to Madagascar. Have been dreaming to visit it for ages. But at first I would make a stop in Germany to pick up my fiancé. After almost a year of living when a great distance separate us, this would be a perfect getaway.

----- Greta 04.12.12 22:51

TULUM MEXICO! Can’t wait. This gear would totally help me not trash all my new kit - I have a real problem with that.

----- Kevy 04.12.12 22:44

I am traveling soon - January, to India - and would love to have a new set up instead of the mangy uncoordinated collection of this and that I have acquired from here and there. Here’s hoping.

----- mridula 04.12.12 22:41

Race bikes every weekend, And making the trip to france to follow the 100th tour this summer. This bag makes almost too much sense.

----- Dylan Buffington 04.12.12 22:35

First I would replace my 7 year old Nokia 6230i - this old fellow - with my first iPhone so the Pro Slider Case wouldn’t go to waste ;) And then I would be ready for visiting some friends around Europe. First Hamburg and then Athens :)

Happy December 5th!

----- Helle Belle 04.12.12 22:32

I would move to the country, and eat a lotta peaches.

Seriously though. I would load up my belongings,
walk to a bus stop, and leave where I’m at
and attempt to start a new life.

----- Noah 04.12.12 22:24

I am heading to Japan next March for the cherry blossom. These gears would look great as I trek the country that seems to have endless good design!!

----- Kitty 04.12.12 22:15

cinque terre with a camera and only what would fit in these bags. no specific plans, just get out every day and really see.

----- rich 04.12.12 22:15

Going to San Diego! The bags look big enough to fit all of my belongings but at the same time, not too bulky so perfect for light travel! All the tech accessories would be great for on-the-go post processing in coffee shops by the beach! Thank you!

----- Jean 04.12.12 22:14

Pluto! I hear that ever since it lost planet status it totes fell off of everyone’s radar…

----- Mooni 04.12.12 22:08

Definitely headed to Asia. Most likely China. As a frequent world-traveler, I know for a fact that tech-gadgets are a much bigger “must” in Asia, where sometimes the streets have no names and hotels are a b**** to book on the fly. Also it’d be silly not to take advantage of how wired Asia is compared to the rest of the world. This would protect my tech stuff great AND, as a bonus, look amazingly smart in photos.

----- drunelin 04.12.12 22:04

Home for the holidays.

----- Cameron 04.12.12 22:03

First, I would stop by SF and say thanks to Incase. Next, I would fly to NYC, followed by London, Copenhagen, and then Tokyo to do some shopping and look sharp at all the cool spots with my new bag. All the shopping and looking sharp takes it’s toll, so on the way back to the States, a few nights in Hawaii is a must. Back at my desk before two weeks are up.

----- Bart 04.12.12 22:00

I’d love to use this bundle to start a new life in New York. It’s a dream of mine to work in the publishing industry, and NY is where all the great publishing houses are located. It’s time to follow my dream and get out of the South. These items would help me on one of my greatest adventures.

----- Brittany Stevens 04.12.12 21:57

I’d go visit my sister in the UK!

----- Liz 04.12.12 21:53

Need to get back to Deutschland!

----- JFF 04.12.12 21:41

The Hunter Valley, NSW Australia for some wine drinking. Tasting. I mean tasting.

----- Tim 04.12.12 21:38

jerusalem and rome

----- ushka shakhnis 04.12.12 21:35

I’d love to go on my solo, long-overdue backpacking trip around Asia, South American and Europe. Need to get away from school and work and this would be an awesome accompaniment!

----- Jennifer 04.12.12 21:35

Would love to head for a weekend in Santa Barbara!

----- Ben 04.12.12 21:26

I have a ton of family up and down the east coast. in Boston, Philly, Baltimore, DC, Richmond, Charleston, Atlanta… I’d stop by each city and see everyone

----- Allie 04.12.12 21:23

Istanbul and the Mediterranean

----- Andrea 04.12.12 21:19

This would be perfect for my trip to New Zealand next Jan.

----- James 04.12.12 21:17

I’d hop the first plane to Reykjavik!

----- Ian S. 04.12.12 21:13

I would take all of these lovely gadget keepers with me as I study abroad next semester in London. We’ll be hoping from coffee shop to coffee shop each day for our classes and I’ll need a better way to get my stuff there than my current method (one big ol’ bag).

----- Matt G. 04.12.12 21:11

I would head to Belgrade, Serbia. I recently transformed my habits of packing, and became very organized. This set represents exactly that - organization and attention to detail. Would love to have it.

----- Dusan 04.12.12 21:03

With that travel bundle, I’d go to my girlfriend’s apartment because, with that duffel, I’d get laid!

----- Andres 04.12.12 20:58

Here’s a better question… where wouldn’t I go?

----- Colin T 04.12.12 20:55

Visit my mother and take her to visit Hawaii one last time!!

----- Mina 04.12.12 20:51


----- walker 04.12.12 20:48

To the desert

----- Nick 04.12.12 20:34


----- jason 04.12.12 20:31

I’d head back to Inari Finland, to watch the sun as it stays way above the horizon at Midnight, to eat french toast at the only hotel in the town.

----- Michael Senkow 04.12.12 20:25


----- Katy 04.12.12 20:20

In addition to coming to class and back with me daily, I’d take it on my trip to Seoul this March.

----- Carl 04.12.12 20:19

I have a week long trip to Tokyo booked for January. Would love to win and travel in style!

----- Stephen 04.12.12 20:17

im headed to see the great architecture of Sweden… someday. this would help tremendously.

----- Chris Martin 04.12.12 19:54

umm everyday, to and from work, to my girlfriends house, and the occasional pilgrimage to Goa, India.

----- Patrick murray 04.12.12 19:53

I’m heading off to Germany for a school trip in January, and this would be super helpful. I need a great way to bring all of my stuff, but still keep it safe.

----- John 04.12.12 19:46

San Diego, my fav US city to visit.

----- Rob 04.12.12 19:42

Santiago de Compostela of course

----- Will R 04.12.12 19:40

Nepal. But I’d have to get an iPad & iPhone ^_^

----- Jessica L. 04.12.12 19:33

I’d use it to head to Vancouver to visit western Canada and see my cousin’s family!

----- Natalie 04.12.12 19:32

Definitely to NYC on an intern job jaunt :]

----- Vy 04.12.12 19:28

I’m heading to Peru in March to go hiking! Would love to win this and travel?

----- Angela 04.12.12 19:24

Bangladesh. I hate the cold.

----- Shawn 04.12.12 19:23

Dallas. It’s not a glamorous locale, but I am going for a much needed unplugged vacation with family.

----- Maurice C 04.12.12 19:09

I would head to the studio to do some art.

----- Jay Byrnes 04.12.12 19:06

It would accompany me to Cambridge, MA!

----- Julie 04.12.12 18:56

These look tough enough for a trip with even MY 3 little darlings to the Grand Canyon for a week of exploring, learning and appreciating this remarkable natural wonder …and each other.

----- Beth 04.12.12 18:54

I’m planning a trip next year to Paris, Argentina, or Japan. Haven’t nailed it down yet.

----- Mark 04.12.12 18:52

I’m an incase addict and a new NOTCOT addict!!
I’ll be visiting Tokyo then off to Hong Kong in January 2013.
Honolulu > Tokyo > Hong Kong

----- Derek 04.12.12 18:51


----- Leslie 04.12.12 18:50

Already have a trip to Austria planned for Christmas. NEED THESE THINGS FOR THAT TRIP.

----- Zach 04.12.12 18:49

Japan Please! :)

----- Noni 04.12.12 18:48

To Vail!

----- Corey 04.12.12 18:46

Straight to the beach. First beach trip for my newest daughter!

----- Jay 04.12.12 18:46

Gotta get to Iceland!

----- Greg Weaver 04.12.12 18:45

I would obviously take these items everywhere, but first on the list is Amsterdam

----- Jeremy Bryant 04.12.12 18:39

Duffel truffle shuffle.

----- Forrest Brooks 04.12.12 18:38

i would go to paris to visit my sister for christmas, i havent seen her in 5 years

----- Andrew Visconti 04.12.12 18:37

I would totally go to Japan with my stuff.

----- Alexis 04.12.12 18:35

I’ve been traveling for the past 4 months through Europe. Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Vienna, etc. etc.
How nice would it have been to have this neat Incase travel bundle with me! I do photography and videography, and having my laptop safe, all my gadgets around would be so so lovely. I’d want to go to the Grand Canyon or the fjords of Norway to shoot the wonders of nature.

----- Ace W 04.12.12 18:33

I’ve been traveling all fall (3 months). China, Ghana, and now in Vietnam. If I had this, I would finally go home. Seattle!

----- Daimian 04.12.12 18:32

I would head to colombia to see my cousin that I havent seen in years!!!!

----- Shaena 04.12.12 18:31

I’ve had ZERO holidays since January 2010 so next March I am taking a couple of months off and disappearing into the sunset. I plan on going to the airport and jumping on the next flight to Europe. No plans, no bookings!

----- Jimmy 04.12.12 18:29

I’d use them on my upcoming NYC trip!

----- Marc 04.12.12 18:28

I would take this awesome set with me to San Francisco—see family, get noodles in Japan town, coffee in the Mission, and look for a job in design for when I graduate.

----- David 04.12.12 18:24

St Louis

----- dylan 04.12.12 18:20

yay apple stuff

----- rachel 04.12.12 18:13

My favorite city in the whole world… Bangkok.

----- Scott B 04.12.12 18:09

I would go to heaven. With all of these I’d be so happy that anywhere and everywhere would be heaven.

----- Eliyahu Ebrani 04.12.12 18:04

i’d take them to newfoundland with me!

----- Liem 04.12.12 18:02

Maybe south Mexico

----- EduardoS 04.12.12 18:01

Right now, I’m about to buy tickets from Kunming to Luang Prabang, Manila, Singapore, then Bangkok. This would be a great way to start my trip.

----- Matt James 04.12.12 17:59


----- Jean 04.12.12 17:58

HOME>TOKYO JAPAN >SYDNEY AUS for my 30th birthday. A much needed holiday…you could call it an early birthday present?

----- Dolly Totes 04.12.12 17:52

Iceland has been topping my list for awhile now…

----- Jen D 04.12.12 17:51

I would head down to brazil or dominica.

----- Emily 04.12.12 17:50

PORTUGAL!! Whatelse?!

----- Ricardo Torres 04.12.12 17:49

an upcoming family vacation to the beach

----- lilcg 04.12.12 17:46


----- Calvin 04.12.12 17:46


----- Janete 04.12.12 17:44

TOKYO JAPAN >>>SYDNEY AUS for my 30th birthday. A much needed holiday…you could call it an early birthday present?

----- Dolly Totes 04.12.12 17:44

I would love to have all my tech padded with this bundle, and head to Turkey. Travel studio on the go!

----- Sandhya Moraes 04.12.12 17:44

the new palo alto apple store, apparently!

----- derek 04.12.12 17:37

To Bali

----- Doni 04.12.12 17:33

I’d travel with the bundle to visit Frodo’s Shire in New Zealand. Seems like the perfect package for that sort of adventure.

----- Ellen Bautista 04.12.12 17:29

I’d use it to go to my first trip to Europe next year ! : )

----- Tania Duse 04.12.12 17:28

I would head back to DC, where I spent last new years, and remember the romance.

----- Eric 04.12.12 17:23

All my work trips would be in a much needed higher level of style!

----- Will 04.12.12 17:20


----- Sydney 04.12.12 17:09

I’d give it to my partner… before we head to Hong Kong for Chinese New year

----- Trent 04.12.12 17:05


----- Sandy 04.12.12 17:04

Montreal. They love me there.

----- Jason 04.12.12 17:03

Love to travel so will take it everywhere I go. I think Bolivia is next…

----- Valeria 04.12.12 17:02

I’d take it on a weekend in London!

----- Oliver 04.12.12 17:01

Ongeim’l Tketau, or “Jellyfish Lake” in Palau.

Gear stashed tidily aboard a private yacht charter.

----- Brandon 04.12.12 16:58

Definitely L.A. and playing on the beach

----- Katie 04.12.12 16:58

Have a booked vacation to SF mid-Jan. This would be perfect!

----- Kili 04.12.12 16:56

Very handy on our Panama cruise this March. I’ll have to upgrade to an iPhone 5 though!

----- Tim Driscoll 04.12.12 16:54

I wish I could say this set will be coming along on some dream vacation, but that would be a lie. I would mostly be toting this set to work and back. Yes, my life really is that exciting.

----- Cindy Aiton 04.12.12 16:51

OMG I LOVE their stuff! Id def take this rad gear with me on my first trip to Italy to visit my distant relatives.

Never have been there and this gear would be amazing! to carry around with me.

Pick me please!!!!

----- john Ge 04.12.12 16:51

Norway or anywhere.

----- Anne-Marie 04.12.12 16:51

I’d go to the Andaman Islands.

----- Justin 04.12.12 16:48

I’d take my life possessions in these bags when I leave for an eight month public health internship in Afghanistan this February.

----- Lauren 04.12.12 16:47

Definetely New York!

----- Pier Filippo d'Acquarone 04.12.12 16:45

morocco, where i’ve got my sights set now. this would be lovely for the long flight :)

----- eva m. 04.12.12 16:37

I’m in Japan for work so… I would go back home to L.A! Miss the family and friends…especially around this time of the year.

----- Hanon 04.12.12 16:36


----- Tarun 04.12.12 16:30

I’d want to travel to Julian, CA where I could work on my thesis amongst the apple trees and snow.

----- Paul Morgan 04.12.12 16:29

I’d go to LA, San Fran, and New York!!!

----- Quan Vu 04.12.12 16:28

I’d fly to California to go skateboard

----- Jeremy 04.12.12 16:27

this would be perfect for my new years eve trip to Dubai.

----- anton. 04.12.12 16:26

I’m heading over to a few countries in Africa to do some shooting for a documentary, and this travel bundle would be super helpful. The head phones would be awesome for recording audio, and It’s be smart to have a case for my lap top.

----- Nathanael Matanick 04.12.12 16:24

Visit Berlin again, miss it so much.

----- Barbara 04.12.12 16:23

From a campus crowded with students to urban India (for research on noise). When moving from one chaotic place to another it’s best to travel in style.

----- Laura 04.12.12 16:21

I would explore the wonders of Russia, the architecture, history, ‘cold’…

----- JACK 04.12.12 16:20


even thou this would be more perfect for someone like me :)


so i can enjoy it #EVERYSINGLEDAY, while taking photos outside or still exploring my town

----- Drazen 04.12.12 16:16

All the holidays I’m planning at the moment involve heat and beaches, but this prize has NEW YORK BABY written all over it.

----- Dan 04.12.12 16:12

To some of the most isolated areas, perhaps part of a trek along the Silk Road, through the barren lands of Mongolia, and share the style and design of Incase

----- Jack 04.12.12 16:12

Haha i would travel to wherever you can get that beautiful duffle for free. On foot :) I dnt have money for it right now as a student..but i would have really nice plans for her during the summertime when i can travel a bit on lowcost here in Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia…two things are for sure, incase bags are smth i WILL HAVE ONE DAY, and if this is not that day, dnt worry beautiful, i will own you. The second one is the fatal attraction as an esthete towards their design. They just feel so perfect.

----- Drazen 04.12.12 16:11

I was thinking about going to Myrtle Beach SC soon & this set will help me look stylish :)

----- Ed J Moore 04.12.12 16:08

If I won this cool kit. I would have to head somewhere bond ish. Like rio de janeiro or the Bahamas.

----- Tom Freeland 04.12.12 16:07


----- Jack Frost 04.12.12 16:05

to my parents’ place for xmas!

----- Allison 04.12.12 16:03

Madagascar - the place at the top of my ‘places to see before I die’ list!

----- Christina 04.12.12 16:02

Hello Tokyo, for sure.

----- Lara 04.12.12 16:00

I would go to Edinburgh, I have an album in the works and I’d like to record some of it there. It was where I got my big inspiration and I wan’t that city to somehow be involved.

----- Nathan 04.12.12 15:58

south america! asia! hawaii! everywhere!

----- alicia 04.12.12 15:58

Switzerland… Or Mars. 2020 baby!

----- Chuck 04.12.12 15:57

fucking everywhere

----- Me 04.12.12 15:55

East Africa

----- Almin 04.12.12 15:53

Next year I plan to revisit the work of Gaudi in the beautiful city of Barcelona. I’d also love to visit Berlin, Paris and I hear that there’s a Moomin theme park in Finland. If so, there.

----- Mat Moore 04.12.12 15:52

Belgium… good beer, mussels and a comic museum. Done.

----- Valerie 04.12.12 15:50

Anywhere.. maybe somewhere with snow.

----- Namtran Nguyen 04.12.12 15:48

South America. All of it.

----- Rui Baltazar 04.12.12 15:47

From the home of the All Blacks Aotearoa/New Zealand to New York City!

----- Christina 04.12.12 15:43

Anywhere on the coast of California.

----- Stan R. 04.12.12 15:43

Oh my gosh I love that duffel! I would take this bundle of goodies to New Orleans in the spring when I go for jazz fest!!

----- Michelle Warnke 04.12.12 15:43

I’d head to Seattle to see my bestest friends.

----- Ashley 04.12.12 15:38

I would totally use this to travel to some land far away, escaping from reality, I would travel to never never land becoming a kid forever.

----- Jake 04.12.12 15:38

Around the world.

Well, to be less vague, I’d head out to Vietnam, then onwards to Germany, before landing in Texas.

----- Carl 04.12.12 15:38

I’d to go to NYC with my cousins in January to visit my best friend I haven’t seen in years and check out B&H. Then back to France in the summer. I mistakenly brought too big a bag (too big to push down the isle of a train car) last time.

----- Lisa 04.12.12 15:37

I already have plenty planned for the next year that this would come in handy for. A couple trips to LA. Hawaii for my 1 year anniversary. Big Bear for a family reunion. And honestly parts of this would really come in handy for small trips like to the coffee shop.

----- Brandon 04.12.12 15:35

Beautiful duffel! I’d love to pack it up and travel to Ireland. I’ve always wanted to see those rolling green hillsides and the Giant’s Causeway in person.

----- Erin 04.12.12 15:29

Id head to Melbourne to explore the arts and technology

----- Christina 04.12.12 15:28

Berlin and I would take a train to get over there so I would have time to use all the gadgets!

----- Iva 04.12.12 15:27

I would fly to Rio, Brazil for a taste of summer, sun, girls, great food and escape.

----- Cesar Viramontes 04.12.12 15:27

On my flights to and from China for work. My backpack has about had it and my MBP needs a new mobile home.

----- Shawn 04.12.12 15:25

To Marrakesh!!

----- Neal 04.12.12 15:25

My next trip is to a conference in LA. Then I’d go somewhere to relax - Hawaii?

----- Nat G 04.12.12 15:21

New York.

----- Brad 04.12.12 15:21

I’d bring these on my upcoming London trip!

----- Susanna 04.12.12 15:20

To Hawaii for my friend’s wedding!

----- Jackie Gee 04.12.12 15:02

i would hop on a plane to the east coast to check out some of the design studios out there.

----- spencer nelson 04.12.12 15:01

Iceland, or any Scandinavian country.

----- christine 04.12.12 15:01

This is such a jet-setting package but only if the clothes you’re wearing match the part. Off to Stockholm where the color of the grey winter skies match this fabulous giveaway!

----- Ces 04.12.12 15:00

The moon. I’d fly to the moon if I were to win this fantastic prize.

----- jonathan Knight 04.12.12 14:58

so they ask,
where would i go?
perhaps my living room,
where i would stub my toe.
or maybe grab my skiis
and hit the snow
one thing is for sure,
this prize doesn’t blow

----- kevinb 04.12.12 14:54

I would travel all over the place with this! Incase makes some awesome products and I would plan trips just to use this stuff! Maybe France next summer - who knows!

----- Blake 04.12.12 14:54

This would be perfect for flying to see my family for a holiday weekend!

----- Laur 04.12.12 14:51

hmmm where WOULDN’T i go with this little bundle?
but i’ve never been to Croatia, so that is where i would go. or hawaii perhaps.

----- melissa flicker 04.12.12 14:48

I will, with my wife, head wherever we can afford. Ideally, Scandinavia. More likely, a weekend in Astoria, Oregon or Seattle.

----- Jake Dockter 04.12.12 14:48

Off to Turkey! It’s the last little bit of Asia I have yet to see!

----- Maia Jane 04.12.12 14:48

Home for christmas ;)

----- Allar 04.12.12 14:45

I would head straight to Amsterdam for a week!!

----- Michael 04.12.12 14:36

I would head to Vegas for a quick weekend getaway!

----- Eric P 04.12.12 14:36

Definitely southeast Asia. Lots of places to visit, lots of cuisine, and lots of time on trains to spend listening to music and the like.

----- Cianan 04.12.12 14:34

I’d take it and visit my boyfriend in NYC!

----- Kate 04.12.12 14:33

Nice prize pack…I would definitely take it to Las Vegas, baby! ;)

amy [at] utry [dot] it

----- Amy Tong 04.12.12 14:32

I have plans for a road trip on the Westcoast of the USA (from SF to LA via LV and parks). It will be my first time in the States and I’m really looking forward to it! This Travel Bundle would be a great addition for my road trip and I will go and thank them (the awesome people of Incase) personally when I’m in SF!

----- Joep 04.12.12 14:30

These would make fly in on Thursday and fly out on Friday a little more enjoyable!

----- Yvon Varunok 04.12.12 14:30

I’ll be heading to Germany this summer, and this bundle would certainly help all of my gear get there safely and in style.

----- Alex Blugerman 04.12.12 14:29

This bundle is amazing! Cozy accessories for all my can’t-l(ea)ve-without gadgets. I could go to the moon and back with these. Second best choice - Morocco.

----- Lexu 04.12.12 14:29

I’d go where the cash in my pocket would take me. Probably not too far but still …

----- Terri L 04.12.12 14:28

To Seattle to hang with the bestie and her darling toddler. Lots of pictures to be taken of the cutest little boy!

----- kfrances 04.12.12 14:27

Yes please for Cambodia trip in 2013!

----- Jun Kahng 04.12.12 14:27

I’m heading to London this summer and this pack would serve my needs very well for the trip

----- Daniel 04.12.12 14:27

I would head to my son’s house for a christmas suprise visit

----- Debbie 04.12.12 14:24

We are headed out camping over the holidays at Lake Livingston. Love to being checking Facebook with these items while looking out at the lake.

----- Elizabeth Crunk 04.12.12 14:20

Definitely will be heading to Toronto for work in March. The bundle would be great for all my work equipment. Hoping to head to Costa Rica later in the year too!

----- Ryan J 04.12.12 14:19

I just got back from Tanzania, this would have been helpful. Now we (wife and I) are tiring to pick between Brazil, Korea, or the North Pole.

----- Jeff Broughton 04.12.12 14:19

I’d travel to Maui Hawaii for some surfing, deep water solo climbing, cliff diving, snorkeling, and kayaking. Yeah!

----- Rob Wilkey 04.12.12 14:18

Recently i started running. So my dream is to run half-marathon in Iceland: pack running clothes and put on earphones. Go Iceland!
I will come back to the question after busy-season at work =)

----- ANNA 04.12.12 14:17

I hear the Northern Lights are pretty awesome this time of year. Wait what? You need to listen to Guster while gazing up? I need headphones and electro gear protection!

----- TIm 04.12.12 14:17

I am a U.S. law student currently in my last year of law school. In the spring, I will participate in a class/field course devoted to property law in Cuba. Cuba has recently decided to ease its property law and allow some measure of private property ownership in its country, which is unparalleled under its communist regime.

In March, my class and I will travel to Cuba to see and hear from various public officials their conception of and implementation of this plan, including how the government plans to address potential issues with sustainable development, historic preservation and tourism.

Of course, travel for Americans to and from Cuba has been virtually non-existent up until very very recently when the Obama administration reintroduced “person-to-person” cultural exchanges approved by the government. The opportunity to visit and learn from a country that both is experiencing such a dynamic cultural, legal, economic and political shift and has also previously been closed off, yet so very geographically close to, my own is, needless to say, a once and a lifetime opportunity.

I would love to have this travel gear to outfit my adventure and be sitting right along in the front row with me as I watch Cuba change right before my eyes.

----- Cassie 04.12.12 14:09

I would go city hopping throughout Scandinavia! The invade goods would be perfect to protect my gear :)

----- Ken 04.12.12 14:07

I’d pack up and head to cottage country, in the Muskokas. Just enough space for everything I need to spend a week in the wilderness, waiting for the first snow fall.

----- Jon Crowley 04.12.12 14:07

This Travel Bundle would be awesome on our trip to New Zealand in Feb.

----- Ed 04.12.12 14:03

cooking for the family is food for the soul and dinner is the glue that holds the family together

----- sandra spino 04.12.12 14:02


----- Julia 04.12.12 14:00

I would take all of these Incase goodies to Iceland to see the Northern Lights in February!

----- Alexa Fuentes 04.12.12 14:00

I’d take this on my upcoming trip to Iceland! :D

----- monica 04.12.12 13:59

I would be off to South America in April to go see Pearl Jam!

----- Andy C 04.12.12 13:56

This is easy. I would go to an island. There is a place in Hawaii that I love where there is rentable bungalows right next to a brewery and a very private beach. Sun, surfing and beer, what more could I ask for.

----- Jeremiah Andrick 04.12.12 13:55

I would love to go and lock myself away in a cabin in Aspen, Colorado for a little while.

----- vu nguyen 04.12.12 13:55

I would love to go somewhere by the sea! Mauritius and Madagascar are at the top of my list.

----- Julie 04.12.12 13:53

Japan. Definitely Japan.

----- wtimadams 04.12.12 13:53

I’d first head down to Los Angeles, but then I’d keep going south and return to Brazil, especially hitting up Rio and the Amazon. Then I’d venture over the pond and visit London. Definitely visting some of my favorite cities in the world.

----- Tyler 04.12.12 13:51

I’d head to London. Where else could I use all of this stuff, all at once, other than in a studio with my old band recording some new tracks. iPhone for videoing sketches, iPad for synths, MacBook for recording and headphones for monitoring. Oh, and something to put it in - that awesome duffel. Drooool.

----- Spencer 04.12.12 13:51

I’d head to London. Where else could I use all of this stuff, all at once, other than in a studio with my old band recording some new tracks. iPhone for videoing sketches, iPad for synths, MacBook for recording and headphones for monitoring. Oh, and something to put it in - that awesome duffel. Drooool.

----- Spencer 04.12.12 13:51

I’d hop on an airplane with my girlfriend to Iceland or Japan!

----- Robert W. 04.12.12 13:50

I would go a roadtrip in USA starting from New York then California etc

----- Dimitris Pavlidis 04.12.12 13:49

Right now, I’m thinking anywhere in the southern hemisphere.

----- Meghan 04.12.12 13:47

P A R I S .
No question.

----- Scott 04.12.12 13:45

I’m going to use it to pack my stuff and head somewhere warm with a beach.

----- Bob Schwartz 04.12.12 13:42

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