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Holiday Giveaway #18: Wejetset- 12.10.12

wejetset0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2013 is around the corner, and we’re finishing up this year with more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores and over 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #18: wejetset! I must say, from the beginning, wejetset has always been amazing with outfitting NOTCOTters with everything they need for an adventure. This year you have the chance to win all you need from rolling luggage to backpack to toothbrush, plug adapters, headphones, notebooks and more! So the real question is… where would you go?

THE GOODS: A bundle consisting of Hideo tarp luggage, Qwstion washed grey backpack, Aiaiai track headphones, Field Notes notebooks (pack of 3), Ohso travel toothbrush, flat pack universal travel plug, and Baggu packing aid.

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing where you would take off to with this bundle by 12/15 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.

Check out close ups of the bundle as well as a coupon to help with your holiday shopping on the next page!

UPDATE: Congrats to Omar in Brooklyn, NY!

wejetset1.jpg Hideo tarp luggage

wejetset2.jpg Qwstion washed grey backpack

wejetset3.jpg Aiaiai track headphones

wejetset4.jpg Baggu packing aid

wejetset5.jpg flat pack universal travel plug

wejetset6.jpg Ohso travel toothbrush

wejetset7.jpg Field Notes notebooks

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing where you would take off to with this bundle by 12/15 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.


See more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores HERE!


636 Notes

Starting a year long assisgnment in Switzerland in January! Will take the pack and all the hardware along wherever my Schengen visa takes me!! Pick me!! :)

----- JoJao 15.12.12 23:56

cinque terre

----- rich 15.12.12 20:01

I’m heading to Seattle next so definitely there.

----- Kirsten 15.12.12 18:46


----- DREW 15.12.12 18:20

Hong Kong!

----- Angie 15.12.12 16:23

I would fill the bags with gifts for my nieces and nephews, pack up my two beautiful kids, and travel to Toronto so that my family’s little ones will FINALLY be able to meet each other. Then maybe detour to Paris so the kids could meet their grandparents … and learn a little French too!! Of course I would have to fill the bags with some Parisianne goodies before coming back home to Vancouver… I can pack Brie and baguettes in my luggage, right? Joyeux Noël tout le monde oxo

----- Alexandra T 15.12.12 16:07

Spain. Finally.

----- Greg 15.12.12 14:51

Back to seattle. Can never be too waterproof up there.

----- Ian 15.12.12 14:20

I am going! Last day of February i’m travelling to Buenos Aires, for 3 weeks of research (doing my MA in History). The bag, I need it. Really. I have to take Laptop, Ipad (to keep in touch with my husband and the two gorgeous boys im leaving behind), camera (to fotocopy 1,000,000 documents) and yes, I will need to brush my teeth as well.

----- Hadar 15.12.12 14:00

I’d hit Japan ,for sure! From North to Southern Islands, oh boy that’d be fantastic.

----- Chris 15.12.12 11:23


----- Matt Burke 15.12.12 10:05

My wife and I are planning a trip to Ireland. This would come in handy.

----- Tom V 15.12.12 09:20

Country tour!

----- Alex 15.12.12 04:50

To the shadowy woods.

----- kjl 14.12.12 23:45

I’m headed off to Germany in January for an architecture school trip. These things would come in handy!

----- John 14.12.12 16:05

kentucky to track down some yum yum bourbon

----- brian 14.12.12 15:54

New York! 2 reasons, As I have never been there before. And I would like to retrace the steps of my friend who lived there before she died. This bag would be a good friend to take along.

----- Bonks 14.12.12 14:59

i’d head off to university, and make my parents proud. but i’d love to be well equipped for the snowy next semester though.. -greg

----- greg 14.12.12 14:18

Inspiration lies on the road to be traveled.

----- Lee 14.12.12 14:00

Got to get back to Paris! Maybe for fashion week next Printemps/d’Éte.

----- erik g 14.12.12 13:22

With gear like this I would love to spend Christmas on Orcas Island, WA in the Puget Sound. Stay in a waterfront cabin and enjoy all the beauty the Northwest has to offer.

----- Ian 14.12.12 12:31

Hawaii in January for my 1st wedding anniversary and husband’s birthday!

----- Pamela 14.12.12 11:57

Rome, baby!

----- monica 14.12.12 11:38

I’ll be going to NYC!

----- sam li 14.12.12 11:23

Diving in Bonaire in January!

----- Kristen 14.12.12 10:53

Dream destination: Australia

----- TJ 14.12.12 10:35

I would travel uptown to my ex’s apartment, and give it to him. Because I’m pretty sure he still doesn’t have any personal hygiene products, his pockets burst at the seems because he puts so much in them, he always plays horrible euro-dance music so he needs those headphones, and yeah he’s been in the country for years but doesn’t use half of his stuff because he has no converters. He’s a mess, he needs this to get somewhere in life.

----- Moi DuPéan 14.12.12 10:29

The Galapagos

----- Kaye 14.12.12 09:28

My brother’s moving to Estonia so I will start there before meandering south. I’m looking toward Turkish tea, tuk tuks in India and Full Moon parties in Thailand. Not too shabby 2013!

----- Kim 14.12.12 08:22

i’d take it to japan!

----- Anna-Lena 14.12.12 07:51


----- William 14.12.12 07:18


----- Ryan 14.12.12 06:19

directly to Stockholm. Definitely!

----- Andreas 14.12.12 06:11

To some far away, remote island, so nobody can take them from me, they’r mine, all mine

----- bojan 14.12.12 04:44

I would start traveling in germany, hitting my fathers home country romania and from there on southwards to africa.

----- junk_f 14.12.12 02:37


----- Nic 14.12.12 02:37

New Orleans!

----- B Louie 14.12.12 00:15

Abisko National Park in Sweden, to see the stunning Northern Lights!

----- Nancy M 13.12.12 23:29

Ah I might plan anther trip to east coast becos of these travel goodies. That travel plug will do all the tricks for the European trip as well.

----- Jason Lin 13.12.12 22:08

To high in the Rockies. I’m not telling were. It’s a secret.

----- Madoc 13.12.12 21:30


----- rosy 13.12.12 20:15

lower east side

----- eliot 13.12.12 19:53

I’d bring it on a beer tour of Europe. So many good beers, so little time.

----- Jamie 13.12.12 19:01


----- Danielle 13.12.12 18:54

I would go all around Korea, where I’m staying now, and then to China and back to the states in spring and summer.

----- Kenzie 13.12.12 17:22

I am currently in Korea as an exchange student, so I would take this all around Korea, then over to Japan, then to China in the spring, then back to the states in June.

----- Kenzie 13.12.12 17:20

Around the World!! Starting in New Zealand! Stopping off in Peru and Iceland at some point! Everywhere and anywhere!

----- Holly 13.12.12 17:10

Before I leave this continent again, I’ll have a long winding travel throughout it.

----- hill 13.12.12 16:39

I’ld love to visit Japan. From Tokyo to Kyoto.

----- Matthieu 13.12.12 16:24

Easy, Buenos Aires.

----- Aitor 13.12.12 16:11

Going between my two home bases, Vegas and Vancouver I always forget something, this will help me keep it all together!

----- Taryn 13.12.12 16:10

Dubai and then on to Melbourne, please.

----- John MacDonald 13.12.12 15:56

hiking/camping in NH and VT!

----- YP 13.12.12 15:23

Iceland! And jump on a mountain of squishy moss!

----- Tiffany 13.12.12 14:47

Japan. Always wanted to see Tokyo.

----- Josh Weinstein 13.12.12 14:45

Easy. Backpacking through Europe.

----- Francis 13.12.12 14:30

I’m going to work in eastern europe and I’d love to go to korea or go back to vietnam!

----- Suki Negusse 13.12.12 13:21

Backpacking through SE Asia next year, would really love the gear!

----- Phil Nguyen 13.12.12 12:36

Going on a four month backpacking trip to SE Asia next year! So would definitely be bring all of these along for those long train/mini bus rides, and hiking off the grid days!

----- Elynn 13.12.12 12:30

I would use it taking my first family vacation, ever!

----- Law Helie 13.12.12 11:45

My very first business trip to Vegas!

----- HC 13.12.12 11:37

I would take it to a beach somewhere in Mexico or Hawaii!

----- Sarah 13.12.12 11:08

I’ll head off JAPAN!!!

----- Alan B 13.12.12 10:55

I’m traveling to Kerala, India in February to do cultural and professional exchange through Rotary International. This set would be perfect for the month long adventure!

----- Matt 13.12.12 09:46


----- Daniela 13.12.12 09:23

This would be perfect for a return trip to Formentera, Spain…this time with both of our kids.

----- Isabel 13.12.12 09:22

Road trip! To northern Italy

----- Sarah Gayle 13.12.12 08:56

I’ve been dying to go to Iceland, from partying in Reikjavik to exploring the glaciers and hot water springs, to petting all the ponies!

----- Tanya 13.12.12 08:56

I would go to Brighton to visit my little sister!

----- Liz 13.12.12 08:14

I’d have to say Thailand or Bora Bora .. since it’s a long flight from Europe, I’ll need something to kill the time.

----- Cosmin Simon 13.12.12 08:00

My first choice would be Seattle but Maine is a close second. Either way I want to take the train

----- Erastos 13.12.12 07:36

If i won i would go to…. NYC!!!!!

----- Patricia 13.12.12 07:04

I would love to return to Ireland or to one day travel Mongolia by motorcycle

----- Pat 13.12.12 06:09

My dad recently passed away and my mom would make good use of these on a trip to Colorado some time next year.

----- Chris 13.12.12 05:13


----- Jim 13.12.12 02:58

Pontypridd, South Wales with the woman of my dreams, plenty of bits and bobs to keep us amused in the snow and welshliness.

----- Brian Woowar 13.12.12 02:01

This package looks so refreshing, I think I’d have to go somewhere bright and tropical!
It may be domestic, but I’m ashamed to say I’ve still never been to Hawaii!

----- Tyler 13.12.12 01:58

so pretty

----- jennifer 13.12.12 01:12

Al-Sorat Farm south of Cairo. Talking Heads on the earphones as we ride out for Giza on horseback: backpack with snacks including a cold vinho verde and icepack snuggled up in that notebook compartment. Hideo tarp can take a splash from the Nile, and I’d keep some silky things inside the Baggu to make a pillow to recline upon as some lovely young man fans me and feeds me a date. Field Notes to document everything that happens afterward, for something scandalous to read on the train….

----- Christine 13.12.12 00:50

All the way to Ice Hotel, Sweden!

----- Tim 13.12.12 00:03

Later guys! I’m off to New York!

----- Dan 12.12.12 23:58

To South Africa. To make wine. Headphones a cellar sanity necessity. Notebooks for writing down winemakers’ secrets and bringing them home to Canada. Toothbrush for preserving what precious enamel I have left. Backpacks for daytrips, to escape the cellars and see the South African sunlight. Luggage for bringing gifts from and for home.

Or, a ride on the Trans-Siberian railway, Moscow to Vladivostok.

Either way : : adventure.

----- Madeline 12.12.12 23:27

Up north to places Iv’e never been before :)

----- Star 12.12.12 22:33

I’d take this bundle on my graduation trip to visit my sister in Ecuador.

----- Brianna 12.12.12 22:33

I’m planning on going to China!!

----- sindy murray 12.12.12 22:31

Machu Pichu

----- Alex 12.12.12 21:41

Going back to Europe, traveling east Asia, visiting family in South America, or even just a humble camping trip in one of these little towns here outside of New Orleans… these would see a lot of use. I’d be set for anywhere and everywhere!

----- sylvia 12.12.12 21:27

I’m not sure where I’ll go. Maybe this will give me the motivation to just drive to the airport and just pick a place that I’ve never been.

----- justin 12.12.12 20:16

I would take this to the Sunshine Coast of Australia on my quest to trace my families roots!

----- Will 12.12.12 20:07

A roadtrip around Australia

----- Arina 12.12.12 19:38

I would take this bundle to the Louisiana swamps and document my time with the alligators - kind of like Gorillas in the Mist, but with a higher element of danger…

----- Joel 12.12.12 18:19

Backpack trip across South East Asia!

----- Gabe C. 12.12.12 17:41

southeast asia back packing trip and see the wonders of the world
will look good in my once in a life time trip photos

----- Mariana Chan 12.12.12 17:37

I would by the cheapest last minute flight to where ever, with the Hideo tarp luggage and Qwstion washed grey backpack I could pack for whatever adventure lies ahead. With the flat pack universal travel plug, it doesn’t matter, Europe or Asia, or anywhere, I would be fine to charge my phone while I listen to travel guides on my new Aiaiai track headphones. I can keep my Ohso travel toothbrush and acessories in my Baggu packing aid. All the while writing about my adventures in my Field Notes notebooks.

----- Jeffrey 12.12.12 17:18

i totally wish this giveaway was sponsored by Dr. Scholl’s, because then my answer would be “around the world, so that i can FINALLY say that i’d be gellin’ like magellan”

----- Mooni 12.12.12 16:35

i totally wish this giveaway was sponsored by Dr. Scholl’s, because then my answer would be “around the world, so that i can FINALLY say that i’d be gellin’ like magellan”

----- Mooni 12.12.12 16:35

I’d take this luggage set rock climbing at Mt Arapiles in Victoria, AU!!! Cause the finest climbing spot calls for the finest gear ;)

----- Elizabeth 12.12.12 16:04

Honeymoon to thailand

----- Nadiya 12.12.12 16:02

Australia & New Zealand :-)

----- Christina 12.12.12 15:36

I’d probably go to Hawaii, its been too long. I do have NYC and Colorado already lined up tho :)

----- Greg 12.12.12 15:07

Singapore - because I miss Grandma. Hong Kong - to see friends. China - to learn Mandarin so my Chinese half stop calling me angmoh. Korea - because I find Korean easier than Chinese so I’m going to learn that instead!

And I’d take pictures and you’d be all like - “who keeps sending me these pictures of backpacks in lame locations?” And I’d be all like - “Look at these pebbles!”.
I could wedge an SLR and some lenses in that backpack right? :)

----- Mia 12.12.12 14:30

I would take it to Finland. I have always wanted to show up in style to the coolest place on earth.

----- Matthew Eide 12.12.12 14:06

I’m really wishing for a trip to Spain!

----- tane 12.12.12 14:05


----- Michelle 12.12.12 14:02

I’d take it on a normal trip to Florida to visit family and check out the disney theme parks

----- jen 12.12.12 12:25


----- kelly 12.12.12 12:14

Kuala Lumpur, Egypt (when its calmed down a bit), and Russia are all on my travel list for the coming year. In the more immediate future it would probably be my companion for frequent cross country flights between NY (home) and LA (work)

----- Molly 12.12.12 12:12

I would be straight off to south america to meet my brother that’s traveling there!

----- Shachar 12.12.12 11:54

London and Ireland both on my bucket list

----- Aaron 12.12.12 11:47

I hope to get to Costa Rica soon!

----- Jolene 12.12.12 11:31

This package would be my gear fix as I head to the rugged mountains of Laos to work with the Hmong people and record their language and stories for future generations in an effort to preserve the richness of the dialect. Thanks for considering!

----- Corey Dyckman 12.12.12 11:24

If they arrived by the holidays I would take them to Costa Rica and thru the Panama Canal with me (and my 94 year old Grandmother). Cause that is where we are headed!

----- Dana Freeman 12.12.12 11:00

To the Never Never Land

----- Joonas A 12.12.12 10:47

Middle Earth! (aka New Zealand)

----- Erin P. 12.12.12 09:57

I would love to take this pack with me and travel Europe, specifically Spain and Italy.

----- Luana 12.12.12 09:55

i’m not sure where it’s going to be yet - but it will be my honeymoon!

----- gray 12.12.12 08:54

I would take my wife to Sweden (from the US) to visit her family.

----- Joe Stoltz 12.12.12 08:54

Backpacking South America is next on my list of adventures. Although I’ll always have a soft spot South East Asia!

----- Shinead 12.12.12 08:54

Not sure where yet, but it would be my honeymoon next year!!!

----- gray 12.12.12 08:53

To every corner of the world - i want to see everything possible!

----- Laura 12.12.12 08:35

I would take it everywhere, you never know when you have to catch a quick nap or stay late for work.

----- Katie T 12.12.12 08:29

I travel often for work, so all over the US! For pleasure we are thinking about going to Germany for Oktoberfest next year.

----- Steph 12.12.12 07:31

I would take this gear straight to Sweden and run around to as many uninhabited places and local coffee shops as possible, then I’d head home to get married this summer and take my now fiance to Ireland to fulfill her dream.

----- Will 12.12.12 07:20

This would be perfect as my wife and I are taking our dream vacation on the 25th of this month, so it would be good timing too. We have been saving for a long time and will be traveling to Australia for a week then head to New Zealand for another week and finally one week in Fiji!!! This backpack combo would be great as we will be doing a lot of moving around and will only be taking whats necessary.

----- Omar 12.12.12 06:56

France! to see my mother (long overdue)

----- Levi Montez 12.12.12 06:28

To Turkey!

----- Liz B 12.12.12 05:50

I’ve always wanted to go to Japan, so I would take all this and hop on a plane to Tokyo and stay in a capsule hotel. :D

----- Jane 12.12.12 05:18

I would love to go back to the UK, it has been too long.

----- Lillian 12.12.12 04:55

Some place sunny and warm - Belize or Hawaii or somewhere with glorious weather.

----- Sarah 12.12.12 04:24

back to bali

----- martamask 12.12.12 03:33

It would definitely be Ireland. I’ve been wanting to go to visit cousins and explore my Irish heritage. Especially the south of the island, even though my Wee-ma shipped out of Dublin to America. The only question would be do I just bring the wife, or do my four young daughters come along for a trip of their lifetime… who am I kidding, it’d be the whole family!

----- Ron Redmond 12.12.12 03:30


----- Ivan Miguez 12.12.12 02:50

After i’m done packing ill take off to Thailand to forget about the heavy snow.

----- Dan 12.12.12 02:23

I would love to bring my girls up to the hill country to see all the changes in the leaves and the beautiful waterfalls and sceneries.

----- Tiffany 12.12.12 01:45

From top to bottom through all the Japanese Isles!

----- Jonas Chau 12.12.12 00:56

Sun and surf in Chile.

----- Johnny C 11.12.12 23:40

Brazil!!! I’m going for the first time this spring.

----- Tony 11.12.12 23:35

I have the pleasure of transporting 9 incredibly geeky students from my school to Johannesburg in March for the ISSEA Mathematics Competition. They call me the supreme dorkus, maybe this stuff could change their minds a little. (note: I actually enjoy being the supreme dorkus.)

----- Cody 11.12.12 23:25

I agree with Anna and Tyler. As soon as I saw those field notes (and pack) the Amazon came to mind. Honestly though, right now anywhere warmer would be great!

----- Lis 11.12.12 23:22


----- Jon 11.12.12 23:15

Straight to Iceland!

----- tasa 11.12.12 22:59


----- HN 11.12.12 22:56

I would take this gear to the Ice Hotel.

----- Christina 11.12.12 22:47

Hey, I just moved back from living in Europe for 3 years. I would go back to Tuscany, Castelnuovo Berardenga, camp out in a “borgo” which is right above the cloud line- called “montebenichi’. I would use the notebooks to write down the recipes I would learn from the old Italian women of the village. I would move from Borgo to Borgo, staying in what once were castles, now just rooms for rent. I moved back to the US to help my father in his fine dining restaurant, but he just fired me last week, because we got in an argument in front of the staff. Talk about bundling- business and family. This bundle seems a lot friendlier.

----- Kelly 11.12.12 22:32

honeymoon to hawaii!

----- Yen 11.12.12 22:00

I’d be Machu Picchu bound!

----- Dee Wallace 11.12.12 22:00

I’d take this on a cross country trip

----- Dominique 11.12.12 21:55

New York!

----- darren 11.12.12 21:55

Somewhere warm!

----- Ray 11.12.12 21:26

I would first travel to Tel Aviv to visit a friend and see this amazing city. Then off to Jordan to see Ammen and finish off with the ancient city of Petra.

----- John 11.12.12 21:03

new guinea!

----- jason 11.12.12 20:58

African safari with my cousin and best friend (they just got engaged)!

----- Moe 11.12.12 20:49

belize. conch on the beach. grilled.

----- Sahar 11.12.12 20:45

I think this would be perfect for an Iceland visit.

----- Alexei Locsin 11.12.12 20:11

I will take the bundle off to Japan for my honeymoon (yay!)!

----- Jing 11.12.12 19:57

Because (obviously) the Battlestar Galactica crew landed on Earth and are in turn our ancestors, I would like to take this on my journey back to Caprica.

----- Shane O'Brien 11.12.12 19:50

I would love to visit Italy.

----- Ani 11.12.12 19:44

out of the cold

----- Jericho Diaz 11.12.12 19:37

I’d take off for a month-long dj tour as a break from teaching college students - hitting New York, Philly, Boston, Montreal, Halifax, Chicago, Detroit, and then back home to Brooklyn..

----- Larisa 11.12.12 19:33

the best is yet to come

----- victor yamaguchi 11.12.12 19:28

Go backpacking through SE Asia with these supplies!

----- Jeff 11.12.12 19:13

I would go to Russia.

----- Jon 11.12.12 18:59

I would take off to LA!

----- Amanda 11.12.12 18:51


----- Nina G 11.12.12 18:47

I would jet off to South Korea to introduce my young daughter to an integral part of her heritage.

----- Lynn 11.12.12 18:35

After reading the latest Nation Geographic, I would love to take this gear to Sequoias National Park to see those amazing trees.

----- Bradley Osterhaus 11.12.12 18:35

As an anthropology major, I’d use this for my travels when I travel to Ghana. The field notes notebook will be great to use for data!

----- Nina G 11.12.12 18:34

I’d take to the trains of Japan from the island north to south with companion in tow. So many sights to see!

----- Anthony 11.12.12 18:27

Where wouldn’t I travel? To college to studying abroad back to Europe and beyond… I’ll be testing out my Japanese in 日本 and my french in Vietnam, Tunisia, and Morocco. To infinity and beyond!

----- Erin Marie 11.12.12 18:26

I would take off to LA to see a bunch of old friends. After that, I’d take off to Niagara Falls!

----- Lindsey 11.12.12 18:15

I would take these fabulous gifts with me to my girlfriends Christmas Party …I would be the Envy and Belle of the Ball.

----- Summer Bonner 11.12.12 17:58

I would like to take off to Bali next year… should everything go according to plan :)

----- Juliana 11.12.12 17:54

I would take these with me to London!

----- Calin 11.12.12 17:33

I’ll probably head off to the countryside in South Korea. Just to listen to music and write.

----- Kathlyn 11.12.12 17:18

Traveling has always been one of my passions - 52 countries and counting - yet I’ve never had a specific destination in mind. I’m off to Afghanistan for the first time this summer for a public health internship and I’d love to tote all my gear in something this stylish!

----- Lauren 11.12.12 16:47

Home to Hawaii!

----- shannon 11.12.12 16:33

Heading off to see the Aurora Borealis in Iceland, of course!

----- Victoria Birrell 11.12.12 15:42

I’m going to London in the summer, I need all of these things!

----- Leila 11.12.12 15:21

going to sri lanka!

----- laura 11.12.12 14:51

I’d take this perfect pack to Yellowknife NWT in august and just sit up on pilots point happily

----- Casey Dure 11.12.12 14:46

With this gear a round the world trip is in order!

----- Christina 11.12.12 14:36

To Vegas with a friend. ;)

----- Farah Lozano 11.12.12 14:23


----- Almin 11.12.12 14:20

This couldn’t be more perfect! I just returned from a trip to Ireland and France and I really could have done with some backpacker light gear. If I win this I would book my adventure to South America and see how far I could get before the money runs out. Seriously guys, this would be amazing.

----- Jenn 11.12.12 14:12

Machu Picchu :)

----- kevinb 11.12.12 14:06

I’d stuff it all with my most important items, and head off to Asia to reconnect with the most important people in my life!

----- ellen 11.12.12 13:32


----- carly 11.12.12 13:25

I’d go to Israel, yes really

----- Gabe G 11.12.12 13:05

Without a doubt I would go to JAPAN! It’s on top of my travel list, I love the contrast between the hitech and the spiritual.

----- Jane Carvell 11.12.12 13:03

I would take it all to the Bermuda triangle and listen to alt J songs all day long on the earphones ∆

----- Jennifer 11.12.12 12:59

I need this for my Italy trips!

----- Noel 11.12.12 12:58

I would take it to my very first solo trip, crossing the south america from east to west (crossing Brazil, Argentina and Chile). Where I will meet another ocean for the first time :)

----- Bruna 11.12.12 12:56

I’d love to go visit my friend in Prague!

----- Jeremy 11.12.12 12:52

I’d go to Barcelona!

----- alanna 11.12.12 12:29


----- garet 11.12.12 12:26

Still would like to go down and visit my watch collecting buddies in NYC!

----- Michael W. 11.12.12 12:18

my photography backpacking trip across europe including a visit to chernobyl which i’ve wanted to do for 5 years!

----- Dean Smith 11.12.12 12:05


----- JACLYN 11.12.12 11:58

I want to get my Eurorail pass and just go anywhere I want in Europe, with just the basics and a smartphone for emergencies to just disappear from my regular life for a few months or more…starting with Italy again!

----- Suz B 11.12.12 11:45

I would like to travel to Bhutan and study the culture there, especially the architecture and the regional Buddhism that has developed in such a remote place.

----- Stephen 11.12.12 11:43

Californ-i-a!!!!!!!! :D Spring Break 2013 whooooo!

----- Ashley Postiff 11.12.12 11:41

I’d take a trip visiting family and stuffing my face in SF, Taiwan, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

----- Kye 11.12.12 11:32


----- christine 11.12.12 11:17

I’d love to go to south Italy.

----- Agnieszka 11.12.12 11:14

any where! japan? china? italy? france? we’re 3 years behind on vacationing so any where would be wonderful.

----- somerset 11.12.12 11:13


----- jenna 11.12.12 11:06

I’ve always wanted to travel through the Northwest Territories of Canada, and over to Greenland. Also New Zealand, as when I was a kid my father’s friend came to stay with us and since then I have really wanted to backpack along the Island.

----- Charlotte Terry 11.12.12 10:48

would be lovely to go to Lantern Festival at Taiwan this 24th February with all this, sketching all the scenery, listening to my travel theme with that headphone (definitely popping to my mind is Riviera Life by Caro Emerald), and proudly grinning from ear to ear since i have an healthy smile with that travel toothbrush kit.

----- erick hilmansyah 11.12.12 10:46

I would love to go to Paris!

----- Jen 11.12.12 10:32

This would be great when traveling to China and Korea at the first of the year. My current pack is about to give out and the Qwstion pack looks great. The headphones for the 14 hour flight would also be AWESOME!

----- Shawn Parry 11.12.12 10:30

Would be PERFECT for my upcoming honeymoon in Thailand!!!

----- Ryan 11.12.12 10:26

Oh oh, I would take this pack to Istanbul to visit my close friend who moved there over a year ago (and I have not visited her yet!).

----- Steph 11.12.12 10:26

I’m traveling to England, Scotland, and France in May and this would be the perfect thing to take with me!

----- Emily Gould 11.12.12 10:26

To Bergen aan Zee little coast city in the Netherlands

----- Barry 11.12.12 10:25

I would use this prize and go to the Gran Sabana in Venezuela and spend a week there! Exploring the tepuys and capturing all the wildlife in that amazing setting

----- Rostyn 11.12.12 10:22


----- Nat G 11.12.12 10:20

I’ll be headed off to camp out in the Aussie bush!

----- Jo Ng 11.12.12 10:14

It will be amazing to take those to my trip to Chile! Cant wait

----- Samuel Valdez 11.12.12 10:13

id take a solo trip on a disney cruise to relive my youth.

----- monica sok 11.12.12 10:05

Easy answer? Everywhere. As non-revenue travelers my husband and I can (and do) throw darts at a map to pic a vacation destination. This pack could take us back to the slums in Bucaramanga, Hill Country in Texas, or the Peninsula in Hong Kong…. Or it could just take us on a road trip to Tennessee and Michigan for the holidays!

----- KMcQ 11.12.12 09:53


----- Marie 11.12.12 09:52

The Galapagos!

----- Mia 11.12.12 09:42

Oregon in winter, no question.

----- Joanna 11.12.12 09:33

I would love to backpack throughout most of Europe. However I have no plans for doing that. Returning to Maine for more awesome hiking would be good too though!

----- Lorinda 11.12.12 09:27

I will take this with me to the Netherlands! It will be nice and cool to bring it around Amsterdam!
Thanks! I hope i can win it for my Christmas! LOL

----- S.C 11.12.12 09:21

I would definitely take this with me on a trip to do wildlife conservation volunteer work in Costa Rica. It’s something I’ve already planned and this would be such an extra bonus.

----- Allison 11.12.12 09:07

I NEEEEEED THIS NOTCOT PACK! I am a student at the New School in NYC, and was one of the three people in my program that were selected to participate in the Democracy and Diversity Institute in Johannesburg, South Africa. I’m leaving on 12/27/12, and (aside from a few small scholarships) I’m basically spending ALL of my money to participate (seriously). I’m in dire need of luggage, a backpack, headphones, notebooks (I plan to interview people working in Social Good), and that travel toothbrush is awesome! Help a struggling college student working toward doing good in the world!

----- Akilah S. 11.12.12 08:54

This would be great for when I visit my brother in Scotland in April…

----- Daniel C 11.12.12 08:53

I’m heading to NYC in a few months and this would be perfect.

----- lace 11.12.12 08:51

I would take this set up on my way to Yosemite!

----- Christian 11.12.12 08:51

It’s always been a longing of mine to visit/vacation to Thailand. I think this bundle would help inch me that much closer :)

----- Stacy B. 11.12.12 08:48

I would take off to Tangiers, sip some mint tea, take photos of tiles, attempt to write epic Arabic poetry, surf a little down the coast, and try to relive the inspiration of the beat artists of yesteryear.

----- Adrian 11.12.12 08:45

Again, no question… straight to Paris…
with all of this cool stuff.

----- Scott 11.12.12 08:44

I’d go spend a couple of weeks biking through France or Ireland.

----- Tom 11.12.12 08:43

I’d take off to california.

----- shauna s 11.12.12 08:41

Give me Costa Rica or give me death….No, wait, scratch that. Just give me Costa Rica.

----- Kevin 11.12.12 08:39

I would head on a 3 day trip to yellowstone.

----- Matt H 11.12.12 08:32

Always pining to be back in Berlin.

----- John 11.12.12 08:20

I’m going on a photo trip to Iceland in March! How I’d love to bring this along to replace my old worn out things!!

----- Emma G, 11.12.12 08:20

Definitely Portland, I always wanted to visit there.

----- Sydney 11.12.12 08:15

I would use the bundle for an excellent ski trip to Chile.

----- Andrea 11.12.12 08:12

Headed down to Peru, gonna bike the whole way back up.

----- Meagan 11.12.12 08:07

I would head back to the Amazon and hang out with all my Brazilian friends!

----- Tyler 11.12.12 08:00

Milford Sound & Stewart Island, in New Zealand.

----- Caiti 11.12.12 07:57

Veracruz Mexico rafting trip

----- William 11.12.12 07:52


----- sheynk 11.12.12 07:49

I’ll take it fjord hopping in Norway!

----- Aaron 11.12.12 07:46

This is such a sick gift package! I’d take it to China to visit my husband’s family.

----- rachel 11.12.12 07:37

I’m studying abroad in Madrid this semester and would take it there as well as to all the surrounding areas I travel! I’ve never been out of the country before and could really use all of the above equipment. It’s always been a dream shared by my older sister and me to go back-packing in Yellowstone, so when I return, I’d also take it there!

----- Grace Piontek 11.12.12 07:35


----- Geoff 11.12.12 07:33

I’ve been aching to go to Reykjavik for a combo hiking / Blue Lagoon exploration trip… what a treat.
Thanks for a chance to win!

----- Tara K 11.12.12 07:17

I would pack up for a day trip and visit the turtle conservatory at Praia do Forte Beach in the state of Bahia, Brazil. I could also turn the Hideo Tarpaulin Luggage into a makeshift turtle pool.

----- SLF 11.12.12 07:14


----- wolfie 11.12.12 07:11

Regardless if I win or not, I want to travel to Tibet. To lose my sense of self and gain clarity. :)

----- Jasper 11.12.12 07:10

cross-country road trip with my bff! Memphis bbq, Grand Canyon, Painted Desert, Las Vegas, Yosemite, Reno…here we come! With the most awesome travel pack ever.

----- Shannon 11.12.12 06:59

I would take it and go on an adventure in the redwoods.

----- Katie 11.12.12 06:51

wanna take it to NYC!

----- Daneman 11.12.12 06:44

I think the first place this pack would see is New Zealand!

----- Rachel 11.12.12 06:43

The Norwegian National Tourist Routes. I little nature and a little architecture.

----- P. Lee 11.12.12 06:39

Home for the holidays.

----- Spencer 11.12.12 06:37

I would head from NY to Seattle to see my many cousins and all of their little ones.

----- Jessie 11.12.12 06:28

I would LOVE to go to Greece! my husbands grandmother is from Jerusaleum and he is the one member of his family that hasnt gotten to visit the area and learn about where he came from. I’d love for us both to go and do a lot of exploring!

----- Jenni 11.12.12 06:23

If I won the package I’d love to head to São Paulo, Brasil and DJ with some friends down there.

----- BRUCE C 11.12.12 06:13

Perfect for my trip to NZ early next year.

----- James 11.12.12 06:10

Into the wild, of course.

----- Lelia 11.12.12 06:08

I would pack a bag and take off for the St. Martin’s Lane Hotel in London. I’d spend my time exploring the South Bank and browsing pop-up book sales along the river.

----- Athena Dixon 11.12.12 05:53


----- ROSIE 11.12.12 05:51

With this bundle, I’ll take off on a solo trip to visit at least one country from 6 of the 7 continents in the world! (As I’m only 20 and it’s a bit too scary to go to Antarctica alone) So, I’d go to 1) New York, USA, in South America. 2) Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, in South America. 3) Paris, France, in Europe. 4) Marrakesh, Morocco in Africa. 5) Bali, Indonesia, in Asia. 6) Queenstown, New Zealand, in Oceania. Oh by the way, the Qwstion washed grey backpack looks uber chic and cool so even if I’m not on a trip overseas, I’d most probably end up using it everyday for college!

----- Natalie 11.12.12 05:42

I’d absolutely love, love, love to make my way through Patagonia and stop in Ushuaia before making my way to Antarctica! :)

----- Kristan 11.12.12 05:37

backpacking through Scotland in June 2013 and would love to have travel gear that works whether I’m hiking through the highlands or trying to grab a pint in edinburgh.

----- jany 11.12.12 05:32

I’m currently living abroad in Scotland, so I’d love to take this set of gear with me on my many planned European excursions! First, to the French and Swiss alps!

----- Abi 11.12.12 05:31

I would want to head to sapporo and have a beer.

----- Kelly Rae 11.12.12 05:17

I would travel around Korea (where I am now), and then to China, where I’m headed in April, and then South America, hopefully.

----- Kenzie 11.12.12 05:15

I would hitchhike my way around Australia!

----- Sarah 11.12.12 05:13

I would put everything in the Hideo tarp luggage and take it all for a stroll in the forests of Brazil!

----- Bia Russo 11.12.12 05:10

I’ve always wanted to see the Borneo rainforest! Help me pack my bags Notcot

----- Patrick 11.12.12 05:07

First thing - I would take this all on the winter trip to Niagara Falls I’m planning! Then off to Washington DC to visit my sister and who knows where after that. Awesome stuff.

----- Natalie 11.12.12 05:00

Love to go to see the Northern Lights

----- John Norman 11.12.12 04:57

Galapogos Islands..to see the turtles

----- Andie C 11.12.12 04:44

I would really love a trip to Machu Picchu.

----- Kylene 11.12.12 04:41

heading to Europe, and I could definitely use everything here!

----- Tara 11.12.12 04:40

With this gear I’d be perfectly geared up for my middle east backpacking trip I’ve been planning for years! I’lll be ready for those probably harsh conditions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Alexandria, Cairo, Israel, Istanbul, and so many more places!

----- Nicole Fleskes 11.12.12 04:26


----- jack 11.12.12 04:07

I would take this with me on my trip to the UK & Europe I’m going on in a few months. I’ll be staying for 12 months and would love to take these goodies with me on my awesome adventure!

----- Victoria 11.12.12 04:01

To the hot springs of Japan.

----- Uli 11.12.12 04:01

Perfect excuse to head to St. Lucia.

----- Susan 11.12.12 03:53

I’d take a trip home to see my family in Ireland, and then straight back to south America where I’m currently having the best year of my life.

----- Brian 11.12.12 03:29

north korea

----- Steve 11.12.12 02:51

the day after this arrives I’m off to thailand!

----- Seth 11.12.12 02:51

Lapland for christmas

----- Tom 11.12.12 02:37

I would take this awesome gear on a snowboarding trip to Chamonix France at the foot of Mount Blanc with my oldest buddy who I have been getting in trouble with for nearly thirty years now. This would be the perfect set to make him jealous with.

----- Daniel Ford 11.12.12 02:37

My current bag died a tragic death when I was travelling the west coast of Australia, so I’m in desperate need of something to cart around all of the random things I have a habit of collecting. Next on the list is New Zealand and Asia & then back to England to make a plan for another epic adventure!

----- Steph Pilgrim 11.12.12 02:32

My current dream destination is Morocco. I would climb the Atlas mountains and browse the souq at Marrakesh, and soak up the sun.

----- Olga 11.12.12 02:10


----- Grace 11.12.12 02:01

Perfect for fast, international commuting. Warsaw - Köln sounds just right.

----- Przemek 11.12.12 01:56

I’ll leave on a jetplane, fly away to start off 2013 with a trip around Asia, living in style with durable luggage and super sound.

----- Joakim 11.12.12 01:51

I’ll leave on a jetplane, fly away to start off 2013 with a trip around Asia, living in style with durable luggage and super sound.

----- Joakim 11.12.12 01:50

I would go to Preikestolen, my next trip!

----- Sybille 11.12.12 01:50

North pole .

----- Helder Ricardo 11.12.12 01:36

I’d take off to anywhere but the desk I’m currently writing my thesis at

----- Victor 11.12.12 01:16

Just go up to Whistler and enjoy the snow

----- Iris 11.12.12 01:11

I would straight away take off to Costa Rica. Pack that bag and board and get searching for waves.

----- frankenstallion 11.12.12 01:06

eurotrip next summer! yay!

----- daile 11.12.12 01:04

I have the biggest crush on this guy who’s already travelled Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan and is currently at the base of the Annapurna preparing to conquer it. Would love to win this all and (maybe only in my dreams) join him there and encourage him to succeed.

----- Thyssen 11.12.12 01:03

With my bundle, I would start off with a trip to Manhattan. Then I would catch a flight to Munich to visit a friend of mine. From there i’d head to Manchester to visit another friend.

----- james 11.12.12 00:57

Istanbul! I would head of to Istanbul with it. I mean, I’m heading there in february for a couple of month anyway. But you know it’s always good to travel with proper equipment to an amazing and crazy city like Istanbul!

----- Deniz 11.12.12 00:53

Istanbul! I would head of to Istanbul with it. I mean, I’m heading there in february for a couple of month anyway. But you know it’s always good to travel with proper equipment to an amazing and crazy city like Istanbul!

----- Deniz 11.12.12 00:53

I’d leave out of the front door and just see where the road would take me.

----- Roald 11.12.12 00:21

Cappadocia. There are so many stunning places in Turkey, but I think this particular one takes the cake.

----- Joanna 11.12.12 00:12

I would put this all to good use taking my camera and telescope equipment to northern Sweden for astrophotography, and if chance prevails, to see the Northern Lights!

----- Elizabeth 11.12.12 00:10

I’d would go back to Kenya, and continue doing mission trips for the less fortune children, and this wejetset would greatly help me as I travel.

----- Judy 10.12.12 23:44

Leaving for India in Jan 2013 for couple months. Would take this lot with me. Thanks for the chance.

----- mridula 10.12.12 23:30

i will go to japan.

----- yariv goldfarb 10.12.12 23:23

All the way to Scotland where it’ll stay with me as I live and work in an ecovillage!

----- Marty 10.12.12 23:21

I would go to Tokyo, Japan. Lost in translation all the way!!

----- Jos 10.12.12 23:18

I think that looking at the products gives the best clue where i would take this pack. In North Musandum, Oman there are a series of large mountains that meet the sea. Many villagers have set up small towns, which have now become established communities, only accessible by boat!! I would take a canoe and travel from one to the other around the Khor Najd area, exploring inaccessible villages, rock caves and making my way along the coast to Ras Al Khaimah and Dubai!

----- Alan 10.12.12 23:16

Another trip to Istanbul perhaps :)

----- Valeria 10.12.12 23:16

I’m leaving for New York city for my first time togheter with my wife.

----- Markus 10.12.12 23:16

china! to visit my friends.

----- Thu 10.12.12 23:16

I would take a nice long trip to go visit my Grandparents up in Kimberly, BC. (Canada!!) I would have to take two planes, and then a nice long drive! Yikes!

----- Natasha 10.12.12 23:15

off to australia!

----- jacob 10.12.12 23:11

I’m taking off for Copenhagen, Denmark for 7 month in the new year!

----- Stephanie 10.12.12 23:09

Alaska, via Canada!

----- ARHIP MF 10.12.12 23:07

Patagonia, for sure.

----- Anders 10.12.12 23:01

Back packing/hunting trip in wild and wonderful West Virginia.

----- Christi 10.12.12 22:37

I’d love to take a trip across the East coast!

----- Ben 10.12.12 22:29

I would head to Maine!

----- Liz 10.12.12 22:15

I’m going to London this summer, so this would be awesome.

----- Daniel 10.12.12 22:13

I’d be off to Myvatn, Iceland in a shot in February for the annual horse show on the frozen lake. It’s windy, cold and wet (my Wetjetset luggage would cope beautifully) but the company, both human and equine, would be amazing and I cannot imagine a better place to enjoy hot chocolate “adjusted” with Cointreau or warm up in a natural hotpot afterwards to restore circulation to fingers and tingling toes!

----- Ali Kurke 10.12.12 22:05

I would definitely go to The Hague to see Nederlands Dans Theater; Jiří Kylián is my hero :D

----- Jade 10.12.12 22:03

I’d backpack across South Korea in autumn. Visit Jeju Island and hike the mountain trails! The notebooks would be perfect for keeping track of the things I see and do.

----- Sok Huang 10.12.12 21:48


----- Robyn 10.12.12 21:48

After grad school, I plan to travel through Cambodia, Myanmar and I want to backpack around Ladakh, India! As a field experimentalist in the natural sciences, those field notebooks are too enticing to pass up!

(sorry for double posting, used the wrong email address earlier)

----- Vanessa 10.12.12 21:42

After grad school, I plan to travel through Cambodia, Myanmar and I want to backpack around Ladakh, India! As a field experimentalist in the natural sciences, those field notebooks are too enticing to pass up!

----- Vanessa 10.12.12 21:40

will take this bundle with me to AZ to see Taliesin West

----- melissa 10.12.12 21:29

On weekend trips around Northern California I’d go,
Get out of SF and leave work early, you knowww,
Grab my adventure kit and my beau,
These prizes would look good on him—he’s fashionable, ever so!

----- Laura K 10.12.12 21:25

I would follow the f1 races for a year!

----- matt 10.12.12 21:24

Barcelona, I miss that beach.

----- Eric 10.12.12 21:23

I would take it with my backpacking through Europe on my spring break while studying abroad.

----- Elizabeth 10.12.12 21:23

proudly travel around the city

----- Temo 10.12.12 21:17

I would fly to Munich to Visit my wife.

----- Owen Hooker 10.12.12 21:17

I would take off for Hawaii looking good.

----- joi 10.12.12 20:56

Back ome to my homeland Scotland and spend time with my family going on camping trips.

----- Garry Hannah 10.12.12 20:54

I’ve been dying to explore The Netherlands, where my grandparents grew up.

----- Jacquelyn 10.12.12 20:47

“take me to portland”, screamed the awesome package from wejetset.

----- Ryan 10.12.12 20:44

We live in Oregon. I’d take my husband, who is a woodworker, on a trip to see the Alvar Aalto library and collection at the Mount Angel Abby in St. Benedict, OR and the Frank Lloyd Wright house (Usonian) seven miles away.

----- Noelle Stiles 10.12.12 20:44

I’d take it to Mongolia.

----- Casey 10.12.12 20:43

Being one for the realistic, I would definitely take it back to Montreal to visit family and friends and enjoy time together… I’ve already done it recently and kind of felt it wasn’t enough time…

----- Patrick Wong 10.12.12 20:42

Im leaving for a semester abroad at the University of Salzburg, in Austria, this February. After that I am staying to travel on my own throughout Europe for another month. This giveaway would be awesome to take with me!

----- Davis Gerber 10.12.12 20:42

I’ve been trying to convince a friend of mine with a sailboat in FL, to take a trip to the Dry Tortugas!

----- Heyimmike 10.12.12 20:41

this is amazing! i would hop on a plane to iceland - one of my fream destination :)

----- shafina 10.12.12 20:39

Ugh, there are so many places I’d want to travel with these.

But if I had to choose just one place to travel to, it would probably be around Southeast Asia - specifically Phuket, Thailand, for a month of relaxation and rejuvenation.

----- Alex 10.12.12 20:38

I’d travel to wherever my yak took me. His fur smells of marzipan.

----- Alexander 10.12.12 20:36

I’d love to take it to Germany to visit my relatives.

----- Lara 10.12.12 20:32

I would travel with that stuff to the Mentawai Islands.

----- Ryan 10.12.12 20:31

I would take this loot and go exploring in New Zealand(trip planned for January - cannot wait!)

----- Maddy Maine 10.12.12 20:21

I’ve been waiting all my life for an adventure in Japan!

----- Ashley 10.12.12 20:20

this would be a great getaway gift, as my wife and i get ready to trek to Scandinavia and recreate the Viking trip across the Atlantic—on to Greenland, Iceland, and west to the New World. Norsemen we are not, but it’s always been a dream of ours. Help make it happen?

----- greg 10.12.12 20:18

I would so totally go to Sweden to pimp these sweet designs yo!

----- Daimian 10.12.12 20:10

I would take it with me to Germany this summer!

----- Laura 10.12.12 20:10

I would take it with me on my trip to Mexico celebrating my graduation from college of on a long cycling trip this summer!

----- Nicole 10.12.12 20:02

The Amalfi Coast.

----- Brent 10.12.12 19:42

After an intense spring semester, I’ll break away from reality; and appreciate some time on the olive groves in Greece, on the Island of Corfu. Then off to Oslo, Norway to visit my brother, (foreign exchange student we hosted in primary school.) We would go west and see some of his countries fjords, and I know I will be appalled by the sight. Just thinking about it gives me butterflies!

----- Brook Morris 10.12.12 19:40

Los Angeles

----- Calvin 10.12.12 19:38

I would give this set to my mister so he could take off and visit his mother for Christmas.

----- Cindy Aiton 10.12.12 19:36

Las Vegas!!!

----- Yoshio 10.12.12 19:36

This would be great for me to take to my trip around Indonesia. Especially to those remote islands I’m planning to go to.

----- Laras 10.12.12 19:35

Being from Asia, it has always been on my bucket list to backpack all around Europe. I plan to strike at least 5 things off my bucket list in 2013, and a trip to Europe could be one of them!

----- Stephanie 10.12.12 19:22

I would go hiking and white water rafting in the Swiss countryside!

----- Marshal 10.12.12 19:21

well okay, fine. osaka, japan it is.

----- taryn 10.12.12 19:21

Once I get into college, I’m going to take this bag to England, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Washington State, Iran, Canada, New York, Florida, and Virginia

----- Anthony Mai 10.12.12 19:21

I would go to Los Angeles to visit my friend

----- David 10.12.12 19:18


----- Barrett 10.12.12 19:15


----- Joe 10.12.12 19:04

Travel to Fontainebleau to hang with the Bleausards and learn the secrets of the forest! Escalade à Fontainebleau!!

----- Campbell 10.12.12 18:51

I’d fly up to Vancouver and hop on Rail Canada, journeying across the entire length of the country to Halifax, stopping in big and small towns on the way and using the backpack for day trips.

----- Phillip Anderson 10.12.12 18:49

I’d head straight for Canada, I’d love to travel along the “the Canadian” from Vancouver to Toronto.

----- Beck 10.12.12 18:46

I would take this with me to Bali for my friend’s wedding!

----- kim 10.12.12 18:44

It’s perfect for Köln, I would assume since I’ve never been.

----- Luis B. 10.12.12 18:38

The bundle would be perfect for my trip to Kyoto, Japan! The newness and sleekness of everything in this great bundle would be a perfect contrast to Kyoto’s historic and classic beauty. Also, it’s the perfect size to fit in all my stuff for easy traveling!

----- Twinkle 10.12.12 18:36

Asia - Most specifically Thailand, Vietnam & Cambodia.

----- Rosanna 10.12.12 18:34

Banff. Alberta, Canada. Super dreamy snowy goodness.

----- seth b 10.12.12 18:31

Most of the time when I travel, I would do multiple activities. I tend to hike, dive, visit the museums/art centers and etc. From the urban areas to the jungle and sometimes, the ocean. I bet that the wejetset is set for every terrain that i’ll be heading to. I bet the wejeset will be the best bundle EVER to head for Australia! the Field Notes would be an awesome addition for me to sketch the monuments and awesome views that i’ll be setting my eyes on! while the Hideo tarp luggage, will be a massive help to replace my backpack that tends to get wet whenever i head for a hiking near the rivers/dive trip.since it’s water resistant! SO, AUSTRALIA it is!

----- Norhalina 10.12.12 18:27

i would visit Moscow and then i would take the Trans-Siberian Railway all the way down to Pyongyang or Vladivostok. Saving up for the journey of my dreams.

----- Tosio 10.12.12 18:26

I would immediately leave for New Zealand!

----- Caleb 10.12.12 18:24

As a student anthropologist, I would fill those field notes cover to cover with observations from Maldives!

----- Casey 10.12.12 18:10

I’d probably go to Oregon and Washington during the spring.

----- Andy L 10.12.12 18:08

I’d fly to Sweden with these:)

----- Faith 10.12.12 18:02

Backpacking in Bali, Indonesia

----- Noni 10.12.12 17:56

I’d go to Canada and Hawaii and just go and write about everything I’d see. This pack would be awesome for that! Just imagine all the little drawings I could make.

----- Shakiyla Jamison 10.12.12 17:53

Sapporo, Japan. It’s time to enjoy snow.

----- Sunghee Jo 10.12.12 17:53

I heading to Peru in march and would love to have this hiking.

----- Angela 10.12.12 17:50

Probably Hokkaido, Japan first!

----- Arnon 10.12.12 17:50

There’s flooding and devastation in my country; and then there’s Christmas. I’m torn between flying home to celebrate the season with my family and traveling further south of Manila to lend a helping hand.

----- Ellen Bautista 10.12.12 17:46

My cousin’s wedding in Franschheok!

----- Adam S 10.12.12 17:45

Ireland and Scotland!

----- Meghan 10.12.12 17:35


----- alagwc 10.12.12 17:33

I’ll definitely use the Qwistion backpack and the rest of the portable items for the Camino de Santiago path through Spain. Had a couple of friends do it and I figure it’ll be just as fun to do something similar.

----- STEPHEN 10.12.12 17:32

Japan, Italy, or Ireland! :)

----- Sharon 10.12.12 17:32

I would take it to Nepal!

----- Tristan 10.12.12 17:27

I’d go around the Philippines! I’d start from the north like Laoag, Vigan, San Fernando, La Union, then make my way slowly to the south to Camarines Sur, and go to the other big islands like Bohol, Boracay and end it all in Surigao for an awesome surfing adventure. It would be the ultimate adventure via land, sea and air!

----- Patricia 10.12.12 17:23

On a Caribbean cruise!

----- Leslie 10.12.12 17:22

Krakow, Budapest, and Prague!

----- Kaitlyn 10.12.12 17:19

I have dreamed of traveling the world as far back as I can remember. It is still my ultimate goal in life to walk across as many continents, countries, and cultures as possible. I don’t have a specific destination figured out for this travel pack but it would only enable me to begin my dream sooner. I am moving to a different state in a matter of a few months, and I am so excited to move out of my home-state because it feels like it’s the first step on my journey. I think that I might use the travel pack to move to that state a month ahead of my family and get situated. I imagine traveling the world with the barest of necessities I need to record my experiences and to survive. The fact that this comes with field journals, a means to carry a laptop, a universal plug adapter, and the toothbrush kit essentially secures even luxuries that I haven’t even considered. The universal plug would be a great use in a variety of situations as I go to across seas. The fact that the travel bag is water resistant makes my heart flutter because I am a klutz and spill things, also it would protect my belongings such as family photographs wedged between clothes. The hideo also rolls and has a handle, which would reduce the strain of carrying baggage. Rolling bags are just generally advantageous in a variety of situations. So I can’t say where I’m going to take it, because if this travel pack really suits my traveling needs, then it just might go EVERYWHERE until inevitably destroyed.

Thank you for considering my contribution.

----- T.Lee 10.12.12 17:15

I would definitely take this on a full tour of Japan!

----- Jimmy 10.12.12 17:15

I would like to take a trip up the coast from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

----- Derek 10.12.12 17:09

I’m going to Pakistan and Dubai this month so I would definitely use it then !

----- Misha 10.12.12 17:06

I have taken this year off from college and I am leaving after the New Year to explore Europe alone. My father passed away last November, and I am taking this journey in dedication to him. He worked hard to become a history teacher, but never got the chance to see many of the places that he taught about. At nineteen, I am nervous, but so excited to see the UK, the Netherlands, and France, to explore the locations that hold so many stories that my father loved. This pack would be a great addition to my very first solo travel experience. Thank you!

----- Sarah B. 10.12.12 17:06

I would finally be prepared to wander wherever I pleased with this set. India, Thailand, Morocco…I’d go wherever the next beautiful dream led me.

----- Rae 10.12.12 17:00

We’d go to Harbert, Michigan, and stay at the beach all weekend long.

----- Brian 10.12.12 16:58

Would use all these goodies for my graduation trip to South Asia! (Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, ect)

----- Lily 10.12.12 16:50

This time of year…definitely Fiji!

----- Rali 10.12.12 16:45

With a kit like this why would I have to choose just one spot? My mind roams over the rolling hills of Ireland, into the deepest seas in Australia (The Great Barrier Reef that is), and moves into the labyrinth of trees that is the Amazon. I’ve never been to Brasil, I think I would start there. But I could never forget sweet and passionate Italy or powerful and frigid Russia or even the soothing call of a Caribbean island; something where I can do good by the ocean, Haiti or Cuba or the Dominican Republic. I would love to trip over my own feet learning the Flamenco in Portugal or swim myself silly trying to surf in Hawaii. I won’t choose just one spot to explore when South Africa and Egypt, Greece and Spain, Japan and Mongolia, Chile and Peru, Canada and Mexico and the whole rest of the world awaits me and my cool travel pack!

----- Anna Digman 10.12.12 16:41

Vancouver Island to visit one my favourite cities, Victoria!

----- Tyson 10.12.12 16:39

I would go to B.C. and ride trails all day. This stuff would be super handy!

----- Tyler 10.12.12 16:35

I’d come back home to the USA.

----- sean marc lee 10.12.12 16:33

I’d cover the Pacific coast highway in Central America by ‘local’ bus then take the Atlantic route back on the water somehow…

----- Ian 10.12.12 16:33

This pack would be a perfect companion for my first trip to Seoul!

----- Shaelan 10.12.12 16:32

I would go to Budapest, Hungary where I’m planning to study abroad next semester and then I would travel throughout Europe (i.e. Austria, Amsterdam, Paris, etc.) to visit my friends who are also studying abroad!

----- Sophie 10.12.12 16:31

Never been to Tokyo, seems like a good first step.

----- Jeff 10.12.12 16:26

I am an artist with wanderlust, so naturally I want to go everywhere. I’m currently planning trips to Colorado and California this summer- my twin lives in Cali and my best friend goes to school in CO. Next fall brings opportunities to go to France, Italy, Spain, the works!

----- Maeve 10.12.12 16:10

Spain, Portual and Morocco are at the top of my list!

----- Leanna 10.12.12 15:59

I’d go to Florida

----- Andy 10.12.12 15:57

Well, if I owned this travel pack, I’d take it wherever I should wander. The first place I’d go, given the opportunity, is throughout Europe. I’d go backpacking throughout the continent and take this lovely stuff with me. Document everything in Field Notes journals—they’re just my style.

----- Kelly 10.12.12 15:38

I’d take this bundle to Japan and see Tokyo

----- Matt Z 10.12.12 15:38

Formentera Spain. Just the right size for a towel, sunglasses and a TON of sunscreen.

----- ken 10.12.12 15:34

Sweden. Denmark. Everywhere else.

----- Emily 10.12.12 15:31

To Iceland to see the Imagine Peace Tower

----- Betty 10.12.12 15:30

Perfect for my upcoming trip to BVI. Tortola ahoy!

----- Misch 10.12.12 15:21


----- Mark 10.12.12 15:20

Appalachian Trail, here I come!

----- Bruce Schneider 10.12.12 15:20

Portugal, down ol’ South America way.

----- Jason 10.12.12 15:20

I would study abroad in Ghana.

And then I’d use it when I am (hopefully) a part of the Peace Corps or Doctors Without Borders.

----- Teresa-Mae Paz 10.12.12 15:19

I have friends living in Germany and Czech Republic that I’d like to go visit.

----- Charles 10.12.12 15:18

I`m off to Tokyo for xmas so this would be lovely. If not, my mother would love all this on her trip to Amsterdam in January. :)

----- Ayla 10.12.12 15:18

I’d take it to Scotland with me: that bag looks much better able to handle the weather. My friends said they came back with overweight luggage not just from the souvenirs but mostly from their damp clothes!

----- Terri 10.12.12 15:14

I would take these items with me to travel through Europe.

----- David 10.12.12 15:12

Are you kidding me?? MARS!!! Hellllooooo Curiosity!!!

----- Greg Weaver 10.12.12 15:12

Definitely Krabi

----- Sydney 10.12.12 15:12

These items are amazing! Possibly back to Peru, or straight to Iceland…

----- Jen D 10.12.12 15:11


----- Jean 10.12.12 15:11

South Africa

----- Karim 10.12.12 15:10

Straight to Singapore with this prize bag! Monsoon season is a commin’ and the best way to be prepared is with the waterproof gear and the maneuverability of a backpack. To the hawker stands!

----- Trevor 10.12.12 15:02

I would go to Italy with this stuff. More personally Rome.

----- Tina 10.12.12 14:56

Christmas in Bremen, New Year in Paris, Exams in Thessaloniki!!!!

----- Ioanna 10.12.12 14:56

Camino de Santiago

----- Andrea 10.12.12 14:55


----- Laura 10.12.12 14:54

I’d take it all with me as I camp along California’s Highway 1/PCH from start to finish

----- Lizzy 10.12.12 14:51

Palawan, Philippines

----- Ryan C 10.12.12 14:51

I would love to go to Eastern Europe. Or Italy. Probably Italy.

----- Rhiannon M. Kirkland 10.12.12 14:47

please!!!i’m italian but i had to move to deft to study, i think this luggage will help me in the move!!!

----- Gaia grossi 10.12.12 14:45


----- Ryan 10.12.12 14:44

I’m looking at heading off somewhere early next year with my roommates…we’re thinking Amsterdam!

----- Jed 10.12.12 14:37

I am traveling to Tromsø, Norway for New Years this year. I would use the items in this year’s wejetset holiday bundle in the following ways:

- Hideo tarp luggage: to ensure that my snowsuit, mittens and winter hats stay warm and dry
- Qwestion washed grey backpack: to carry my GoPro camera, Nikon d90 camera and tripod with me on my dogsledding and snowmobiling adventures
-Aiaiai track headphones: to listen to my favorite local band, Röyksopp, on repeat during my trip
- Field Notes notebooks: to catalogue my unforgettable trip in these classic notebooks
-Ohso travel toothbrush: to brush my teeth in style when I stay in a lavvu, a traditional Sami herdsmen’s tent
- Flat pack universal travel plug: to make sure my electronics are charged at all times so I can take as many pictures as possible of the Northern Lights
-Baggu packing aid: to separate my dirty laundry and make sure the contents of my bag stay as organized as possible

This is the first of many international destinations that these wejetset goodies would see, help me put them to good use!

----- Emma 10.12.12 14:36

I would take all of this to Luang Prabang, Manila, Singapore, and back to Kunming! A South East Asia adventure made better by stylish luggage.

----- Matt James 10.12.12 14:35

I’d head to the airport and get the first possible flight. We’ll see where it takes me.

----- Alex 10.12.12 14:32

I’d go to Stockholm!

----- Oliver 10.12.12 14:32

I am going to Hawaii this holiday, so that sounds perfect!

----- Eric 10.12.12 14:30

I’d be off to Brazil in a heartbeat.

----- edgar 10.12.12 14:28

I’m heading on a rafting trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, this spring, and I’m missing all of these important essentials!

----- Mark LC 10.12.12 14:27


----- Jessi 10.12.12 14:22

I’m going to see my boyfriend (across the country-Canada) for the first time in 13 months and this would be the best thing to travel with! :D

----- Justii 10.12.12 14:21

I would go immediately for a bed-and-breakfast tour of Italy. That sounds perfect right about now.

----- Grace Kendall 10.12.12 14:21

great to carry home for holiday :D Malaysia :P

----- Jia ying 10.12.12 14:20

I’d fly to Europe with my wife. It’s a dream we have to go visit over there.

----- Marco 10.12.12 14:16

southern france!

----- Natalie Kay 10.12.12 14:16

My wife and I could make great use of this awesome travel gear on our trip to Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland this upcoming Spring. Field notes would be chalked full of whale and glacier sightings, Qwstion grey backpack could be stuffed full of food from the markets while we bike back to base camp and the Aiaiai headphones would be perfect for our silent rave at the historic Green Gables.

----- Tucker 10.12.12 14:14

I’d take all of this on my study abroad trip to Rome next semester!

----- Sydney 10.12.12 14:14

Oh goodness, the lot of this is perfect for a roadtrip! With this stuff, I’d be taking a road trip with some great friends, maybe even stop to camp and watch the stars. We’d travel from the Flagstaff forests to wild Las Vegas and down to a Californian beach.

----- Margarita C 10.12.12 14:13


----- Julie 10.12.12 14:12

I would love to take a trip to England and see the very sites where great authors have lived or was inspired!

----- Erica Calo 10.12.12 14:11

I would take this abroad to Sweden where I am applying to study at Lund University on international exchange for a semester. I will be studying Geography and Anthropology and this would help so much because being a university student money is tight and loans have to be paid back.

I just want to make the most of my trip and I think this would be a great addition!

----- Tahlia Smalczewski 10.12.12 14:11

I would definitely put this gear to good use around the Ring of Keery.

----- Ciaran Spillane 10.12.12 14:10

Cambodia, exploring how the vegetation lives in harmony with the architectural masterpieces

----- Federica 10.12.12 14:09

I would travel to upstate new york to visit my uncle so he could take me outdoor rock climbing for the first time in my life. We are close and have a good relationship but I hardly ever get to see him. I love to rock climb in my local gym but I want to go outdoors and he’s a seasoned pro. Just thinking about such a trip makes me want to cry.

----- Samantha gabrielle 10.12.12 14:09

I would start my trip at the very bottom of Argentina, then work my way up through Patagonia and Chile, zig zag between those two countries, then move on to Peru to see Macchu Picchu, and Bolivia so see the famous salt flats!

----- Arielle Danieli 10.12.12 14:06

I’d love to go traveling in Europe!

----- Selina Wong 10.12.12 14:06

Id take this great stuff back home to visit my family! Cant travel without sweet gear!

----- john 10.12.12 14:04

I’m currently living in Warsaw so it would have to be a stop over in the UK to see the family before Christmas in the Galapogos. Following in Darwin’s footsteps. I obviously won’t formulate anything as impressive as Evolution but maybe, just maybe i can work out what to do next…

----- TonyG 10.12.12 14:00

In this order: Athens (Greece), Seoul, Tokyo, Sydney, San Francisco, New York, Montréal, Saõ Paolo, Argentina.
I also have another list, but that would be for the summer…

----- Miyon 10.12.12 13:58

I’d go visit all the people I know from the web but haven’t gotten a chance to meet IRL

----- Michael 10.12.12 13:57

I would venture off to Jordan to see Petra with this lovely set!

----- Wes Slocum 10.12.12 13:53

Everywhere I could before the world ends on Dec 21 hahaha!

----- Josh 10.12.12 13:52

Would love to use this on my future trip to Japan, so my best friend and I can explore the whole country in one trip!

----- Theresa 10.12.12 13:50

Death Valley

----- Nick 10.12.12 13:47

The Galapagos Islands. No question.

----- KatieB 10.12.12 13:44

All of this gear would be perfect for my study abroad trip to Italy this January!

----- Vineece 10.12.12 13:40

To NYC/DC/ East Coast Grad school road trip tour! This West Coaster needs to spend some time on the other side.

----- Toni 10.12.12 13:39

To NYC/DC/ East Coast Grad school road trip tour! This West Coaster needs to spend some time on the other side.

----- Toni 10.12.12 13:38

Iceland for Hanukah and Florida for Christmas!

----- Heather 10.12.12 13:37

I’d head on a roadtrip with my sister — America’s a big country to explore!

----- Cameron 10.12.12 13:36


----- lauren 10.12.12 13:36

Antarctica, Patagonia, the Falkland Islands!

----- Andrea 10.12.12 13:35

I would not be as afraid of losing my roommate in Washington, DC, a super expensive town where most people live above their means. With this kit, I could couch-surf for a long time until I finished my graduate degree in the most expensive college in the country that doesn’t provide housing to grad students.

----- Nzinga Hutchinson 10.12.12 13:35

New Zealand! Never been south of the equator before :D

----- Megan L. 10.12.12 13:35

I would jet set to Bora Bora

----- James 10.12.12 13:34

african safari!!!

----- Namtran Nguyen 10.12.12 13:33

I’d take the whole kit down to Honduras to my buddy’s brewery, celebrate a little, and then hop the pond over to Bosnia & Herzegovina to see *more* friends!

----- Zak 10.12.12 13:32

the caribbean…
on a cruise ship!

----- Ken R 10.12.12 13:30

Again, I’d love to go to Patagonia!

----- Adam 10.12.12 13:30

Melbourne, Australia

----- Megan 10.12.12 13:29

I would love to jet off to Vietnam.

----- Chase Turner 10.12.12 13:28

I would thoroughly enjoy using this lovely equipment to go backpacking through vermont! I really need to escape my day job.

----- April 10.12.12 13:26

im going to OFFF in barcelona this year! -and that right there would be perfect!

----- Tau Bjørn Rosenberg 10.12.12 13:26

First, Iceland to see their geothermal technologies, and to study their architecture. Then, Scotland to visit my ancestor’s island, and then on to Norway to study even more architecture!

----- Travis 10.12.12 13:25

Finca Bellavista in Costa Rica. Treehouse hotel!

----- Josh 10.12.12 13:25

Portugal comes to mind…

----- Naoya 10.12.12 13:25

I’d head to the mountains to do a little snowboarding with my wife

----- Sid Law 10.12.12 13:22

Belgium for marathon brewery tours

----- Mikell Johnson 10.12.12 13:22

Iceland for New Years!

----- Matthew Messner 10.12.12 13:19

berlin baby!

----- Ian 10.12.12 13:16

With the solar explosions at their top, and the darkness prevailing in the north hemisphere, I will head straight up there, to take a look at the magic of the northern lights and to visit the beautiful -full of design- scandinavian countries.

----- Ale 10.12.12 13:15

Maaaan, where would I go? Everywhere. But probably Yosemite first :)

----- David K 10.12.12 13:13

I would take it on a trip to visit all of my friends from the study abroad experience that I had this summer. This summer, I went to Korea to study abroad and I enjoyed my time there a LOT and made many friends there, as well. I miss many of my friends that I made there, but they live all over the world. They live in Europe, Australia, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Canada… I’d take it on a trip to visit them all as I miss them all so dearly.

----- Sayoko 10.12.12 13:12

Far and wide in the Solomon Islands.. As the wet season approaches it would become a very dear friend, keeping my belongings dry as I cross the deep sea, hoping from island to island, as I hike through the rainforest of Guadalcanal and on my daily commute on foot and bus from Kola ridge to my work at No. 9 (hospital).

----- mary 10.12.12 13:11

Berlin, Germany!

----- Deliamo 10.12.12 13:11

A good friend just moved to Qatar, sounds exotic!

----- Ryan J 10.12.12 13:11

Waterproofing & field notes? Time to head to the lesser unexplored parts of S.America - Guyana & Sruiname. Fly into Caracas, busses down the 10 to the border and then it’s boats, 4x4s and hiking in the middle of nowhere, bliss.

----- Alex 10.12.12 13:09

I’d like to travel the world with my girlfriend, and getting this would help me be able to do that. It’d mean a lot to both of us, for us to get to be able to do that. We both grew up pretty poor and getting to do something for us for once would be great.

We’ve talked about how much we’d like to go to Europe, the Near East and the Far East. South America and Australia to a lesser extent as well. Go places we’ve never been before, talk to people we’ve never met before, grow as people.

I think we’d probably go to Denmark first. I went there when I was a child with my mother, and her family originally came from there.

----- Gideon Oberlin 10.12.12 13:05

I’d take this pack to go to Thailand to visit family, then visit Vietnam and Cambodia. And after that, perhaps visit India; Rajastan, perhaps.

----- William B 10.12.12 13:03

I would take it to trip through Europe which i plan doing on my Honda Super Cub 50.

----- Silver 10.12.12 13:03

I’d take the chance to finally visit Philly. Have to take someone up on an offer.

----- Johannes Kleske 10.12.12 13:02

New Zealand. I have never been out of the states and am longing to go to New Zealand.

----- Kat 10.12.12 13:00


----- gretchen 10.12.12 12:58

I’d skip right over to the Caribbean to escape the winter after the holidays!

----- Devin Vermeulen 10.12.12 12:57

If I wont this awesome travel pack, it would inspire me to take head on the trans continental migration I have been dreaming of and plan for next year. I would be ready to trek across the country in style and prepared for anything.

----- Jennifer Cooke 10.12.12 12:53

This awesome collection of travel accoutrements would join me in backpacking the Scottish highlands!

----- Tony 10.12.12 12:53

Istanbul (not Constantinople)

----- Matthew 10.12.12 12:52

Biarritz, surf trip..

----- Gloria 10.12.12 12:52

Just mounted an Autohome tent to the roof of my car.
Have always wanted to do the drive from Patagonia to the North Pole.
Nows the time.

----- Vicky 10.12.12 12:48

I would take it do Stockholm for a design tour. I’ll need the fieldnotes for all the inspired sketching.

----- Roma 10.12.12 12:47

I’d like to go to Croatia!

----- Andrea 10.12.12 12:46

Hokkaido. Antropological research and relax in the onsen. Plus lot of train riding.

----- Marianna 10.12.12 12:46

I would take it on my upcoming trips to China and Thailand. :)

----- Rach 10.12.12 12:45


----- Sarah 10.12.12 12:44

st louis - power adapter. then spain

----- dylan 10.12.12 12:44

A friend is heading off next summer to hike up Mt Kilimanjaro and I’m really aching to join him. This would suit me nicely!

----- Tim Driscoll 10.12.12 12:44

i would probably head to a few places in eastern Europe(romania) where a few of my favorite photographers live so i could take their classes! Or I would head to New Zealand, aka Middle Earth!

----- Juan Antonio 10.12.12 12:43

The other day I watched a video on a man who spent 23 years traveling around the world with the same truck. That is the kind of traveling I’d like to do. Just go everywhere! I just need to start with a kick in the right direction.

----- Elizabeth 10.12.12 12:43

Its not about the destination,but rather about the journey :D

----- Rowan 10.12.12 12:42

back home, to hawaii!

----- melissa 10.12.12 12:41

backpacking around the US!

----- jenny 10.12.12 12:40

I would take it with me to New Zealand in January - I’m off to see penguins, botanical gardens, Middle Earth, sheep, sheep and more sheep!

----- Kyra 10.12.12 12:39

I would take off to go visit a little city in Northern Thailand called Chiang Mai. It was also where I grew up.

----- Somil Mehta 10.12.12 12:39

Vienna, Austria followed by Nanjing, China. I figure the two together back-to-back would make for an adventurous vacation.

----- Michael 10.12.12 12:36

j’adore! i’d take this incredible package to cumberland island in georgia. the tarp luggage would be perfect for the boat ride there and camping on the beach, while the backpack and baggu would be ideal for short daytime adventures. i’d record all my wild horse sightings in the field notes.

----- Tessa 10.12.12 12:35

Galapagos island then to Quito, Ecuador.

----- Daniel 10.12.12 12:28

Totally Tokyo~!

----- cilla 10.12.12 12:28

Turning 4O, an time hit the road in style. Puerto Rico or Lisbon? Where ever the tide rolls in.

----- Jenna 10.12.12 12:27


----- Sandy 10.12.12 12:27

Sri Lanka.

----- Justin 10.12.12 12:24

New York and/or Monterrey, likely quite a few trips to PDX.

----- Rogelio 10.12.12 12:23

I’m booked to spend the summer doing research on language use in India. These bags would provide an excellent morale boost for the project.

----- Laura 10.12.12 12:22

There are 2 places that I would love to travel to soon, Hawaii and Australia, so I would take this stuff there!

----- Andy C 10.12.12 12:20

I’d run to Italy on study abroad to study architecture. This pack is too perfect!

----- Carolyn 10.12.12 12:19

I’d like to take this to San Fransisco, California for Christmas.

----- Andy 10.12.12 12:19

This looks like the perfect kit for my honeymoon in Bora Bora!

----- Audrey 10.12.12 12:16

Oh man! I’d take that bundle all the way to London for my study abroad trip! And then I’d take it to Vienna so I could visit my friend Esther. Then to Santo Domingo to visit my friend Maria!

----- Cindy 10.12.12 12:15

Playa del Carmen

----- Maurice C 10.12.12 12:14

I would head out into the wilderness or forests of Northern California and make some field recordings of the nature. Looks like if I camped I’d have a toothbrush for the morning, too! Bonus!

----- Spencer 10.12.12 12:12

Ideally, Thailand, for great food and learning how to surf. Realistically, Kauai so I can sleep on my cousin’s couch and still learn how to surf for a lot less cash.

----- Erin 10.12.12 12:12

Everywhere, but first I’d start with Toronto…

----- Josh 10.12.12 12:11

I would take it with me to HongKong.

----- Mary 10.12.12 12:09

Ubud is definitely next on my list, and this set would be perfect!

----- hayley 10.12.12 12:09

As it will coincide with some possible trips ahead, I would say I’d take off to Shanghai, and Singapore. But I do not see why this bundle should limit its usage to certain geographical locations, if it’s possible, I’d take it on whichever city, whichever continent I fly off to, basically every trip I’ll be on, I want to bring it on all journeys, no matter how big or small. Not only does the products in the bundle seem so practical but they look amazing as well, so much so I just want to use it whenever the occasion rises where I need a backpack or a headphone - just an excuse to lug my awesome gear in some awesome bags.

----- Audrey Lim 10.12.12 12:08

Italy also

----- Julia 10.12.12 12:07

I still would like to go to Iceland, hope will go with one of these übercool things.

----- Laszlo Dobrovolszki 10.12.12 12:04

I would take this to Georgia to teach English next September. It would be perfect for traveling during my month long break.

----- Kate 10.12.12 12:03

First stop: London. From there? Who knows!

----- Kimberly M 10.12.12 12:02

Back to college!

----- Will 10.12.12 12:01

I would loveee to go to Ireland(:

----- Gabi 10.12.12 12:00

I would take it to Hong Kong, exploring not just the concreet city, also the beautiful mountains and nature on other little islands. :D

----- Cho 10.12.12 11:59

Anywhere but here, across the Universe, to infinity and beyond!

----- NYN 10.12.12 11:58


----- María 10.12.12 11:54

I would take it all to Bariloche, South Argentina.

----- Joel 10.12.12 11:53

I’ve always wanted to travel to Iceland, and this seems like the perfect set up to check it out with. The music, the hot springs, the growing tech culture, and the general not-quite-futureness of everything I see from that part of the world is just so compelling to me.

----- Jon Crowley 10.12.12 11:51

I’d take off to Park City, Utah for some boarding and hanging with friends. Cabin in some very scenic mountains… what more can you ask for?

----- Rob Wilkey 10.12.12 11:46

I want to take my wife to Scotland and then off to Ireland (tracing back the family!)

----- Rob/thief/corgimas 10.12.12 11:44


----- Katy 10.12.12 11:42

In early 2013 I will be traveling to the Isiolo district of north eastern Kenya to help build latrines for school children. This is the first of several trips scheduled for the next year- our goal is to improve access to sanitation and hygiene to 100,000 kids next year. This WeJetSet package would be like a new best friend- keeping supplies for these kids, as well as my documentary gear, safe and dry. Sign me up!

----- John K 10.12.12 11:40

With that package I would start traveling and never stop. Starting with Philadelphia, LA, SF, New York, London, Istanbul, Lissabon, Helsinki…

----- Markus 10.12.12 11:39

Beautiful Poland!

----- dan 10.12.12 11:38

Amazing give-away!I would take it with me on my euro trip I’m planning for this summer:)

----- geri 10.12.12 11:37

I would head to Thailand. Amazing people, food, scenery, and culture. Once I was there I would definitely take a cooking class - could keep my newfound recipes in the Field Notes! And, who doesn’t like a BAGGU? I mean, come on!

----- stephanie 10.12.12 11:37


----- Eliza 10.12.12 11:37

Where couldn’t I go with this?! I’m headed on a school trip to West Texas in May and then June I’ll be doing my first European trip since I was 6. I think this would be PERFECT to roam around with as I explore Greece and Turkey!

----- Charity 10.12.12 11:36

I am gonna win one of these one day!!!

----- jay 10.12.12 11:36

I’d head down to Patagonia.

----- Garrettg5 10.12.12 11:36

oh that’s easy … i would head back to Bogota, Colombia and continue to try every arepa i can get my hands on!

----- rebecca f. 10.12.12 11:35


----- Janete 10.12.12 11:34

I’d take off to Stockholm!

----- Cameron 10.12.12 11:34

would likely use it as a day bag.

----- demure 10.12.12 11:32

I would go to Morroco!!

----- Sara P. 10.12.12 11:31

Since I was little I’ve been dying to go to Cuba. I have a tattoo dedicated to the country. I know I could go rogue, but I hope it is legal for Americans soon.

----- kelsey 10.12.12 11:31

Canada! More specifically: Yukon, Nunavut, NWT!

----- Natasha t 10.12.12 11:31

I would probably head over to Korea!

----- Vincent 10.12.12 11:30

I would totally go exploring near seattle with this stuff. the forest like spots up there would be perfect!!

----- Janna 10.12.12 11:29

I’ll tell ya where we’ll go. Someplace warm. A place where the beer flows like wine. Where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I’m talkin’ bout a little place called… As-pen.

----- Micah 10.12.12 11:29

I’ve got a visit to San Francisco coming up. I haven’t been back in almost ten years, and I’m really looking forward to it—some great theater and choral performances, the DeYoung museum, reconnecting with my west coast family members… This setup would be perfect for the trip: stylish, rain-proof, and relaxed. Just right for the Bay.

----- Josephine 10.12.12 11:29

London - - - - ✈ Singapore

----- Ryab Chapman 10.12.12 11:28

I would add a couple of shirts and my camera and head out to NYC on New Years!

----- Frieda V 10.12.12 11:27

Mt. Fuji.

----- Robert W. 10.12.12 11:24

I would love to go visit my parents ancestral homeland of China and then backpack Southeast Asia!

----- Jeffrey Hou 10.12.12 11:21

I’d take off to Nova Scotia!

----- Daniel 10.12.12 11:21

I will be off to Europe exploring the amazing histories and nature before global warming destroys them all!

----- Wen 10.12.12 11:20

I would love to win this bundle! I love your guy’s stuff!

----- Jeffrey Hou 10.12.12 11:20

I would love to go somewhere with a beach! St. Mauritius, Tahiti….

----- Julie 10.12.12 11:17


----- Kate 10.12.12 11:14


----- YuenMe 10.12.12 11:13

Please enter me for the drawing!

----- anna lemons 10.12.12 11:12

I would definitely go to Florence. It’s my favorite city in the world.

----- Thomas 10.12.12 11:12

Back to Iceland

----- Jarred Eberhardt 10.12.12 11:11

Gold Coast on a photo tour to kick off my new website, jet swell. I heart traveling.

----- mark britton 10.12.12 11:11

With 2012 coming to a close, we are planning our spring surf trip and debating about a driveable distance (Baja) with the dog or hoping a plane to a more remote, new (to us) surf adventure (Indo, Bali). Both are super appealing, both will involve some work and both will ensure sunshine and warmer water. The bundle for this week would be rad to have on either trip! Happy Holidays to you all!

----- WHITNEY 10.12.12 11:10

Mongolia, for sure. I’d go hunting with golden eagles.

----- Matthew 10.12.12 11:10

I would love to explore Norway, Finland and Sweden in the summer. They seem so friendly, and I would love to experience 20 hour days.

----- Matt Peckham 10.12.12 11:10

my backyard!

----- jack 10.12.12 11:10

Straight to Kostarika. It has been on my wishlist for years and I haven’t been outside Europe yet.

----- Iva 10.12.12 11:08

Oh hell yeah, this would be awesome. I am flying back to the UK to be with my family this Christmas. I have an OLD suitcase. I love love these wejetset goodies

----- isla murray 10.12.12 11:07

I’d go camping…in Iceland!

----- Ian S. 10.12.12 11:05

moonrise kingdom.

----- derek 10.12.12 11:03

Germany! And I’m not from Germany, so it’s not like I’d just be sitting around with it.

----- Marko 10.12.12 11:01

I would pack a pair of comfy jeans and my favorite sweater, plus a little black dress - just in case - and head to Seattle, where I would haunt the waterfront piers, filling notebooks with sketches of passersby and ferries and the beautiful, beautiful sound.

----- Laura 10.12.12 11:01

To New Zealand with my wife & son, and we leave in only a couple months!

----- Ed 10.12.12 11:00

Travel the world!

----- Patrick Williams 10.12.12 10:57

OH MAN! I’d hop on a non-stop flight to Amsterdam, then hop on a train to Norway, then a ferry to Sweden.

----- natewho 10.12.12 10:57

I’d wander off to New Penzance Island because these goodies look like they’d be perfect for exploring a Wes Anderson movie.

----- Neil 10.12.12 10:56

I’d pack this handsome set and jet off to Argentina for a loooong weekend.

----- Ian Sohn 10.12.12 10:55

Hello Kyoto! Here I come!

----- Jason Michael 10.12.12 10:54

If I could get it in time, I would take the set with me for my current plans: Atlanta for an engagement party, New Mexico for a rocket launch, and Los Angeles for Christmas. It would be great to have a convenient travel kit!

----- Brandy 10.12.12 10:53

Oooh this looks perfect for my backpacking trip across Europe! I’ll take one of everything please :)

----- Sarah 10.12.12 10:52

USVI. Cheers for the giveaway!

----- Peter D 10.12.12 10:50

I would use this bundle right away to help me get to Orlando to run my very first ever marathon, the Disney Marathon!

----- Chris 10.12.12 10:48

I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland, England, scotland and the like. The history and sights are so amazing.

----- Ben 10.12.12 10:47

I would take it all to Hawaii!

----- Lisa 10.12.12 10:47


----- Debbie 10.12.12 10:46

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