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Holiday Giveaway #17: A+R- 12.09.12

ar0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2013 is around the corner, and we’re finishing up this year with more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores and over 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #17 comes from our old friends at A+R (if you’re in or passing through LA, you have to go check out their new store on La Brea! It’s huge!) For this year’s giveaway, they are giving one lucky winner, a new Vers 1Q wooden bluetooth cube of a speaker. This fun little speaker has a great origin story… have you seen its kickstarter? To continue their line of wooden speakers, Vers turned to kickstarter, and when looking for $10,000 in backing, they ended up with nearly $200,000! And one of the fun bonses, is that with the kickstarted, project, you can see peeks behind the scenes of the production process!

THE GOODS: A Vers 1Q Bluetooth Sound System

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing your favorite crowdfunded project (i.e. kickstarter, indiegogo, etc) by 12/14 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.

See more pics and a coupon on the next page!

UPDATE: Congrats to Christi in Tulsa, OK!








TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing your favorite crowdfunded project (i.e. kickstarter, indiegogo, etc) by 12/14 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.


See more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores HERE!


372 Notes

I have only taken part in one Kickstarter project thus far… The Pen Project by Ian Schon. I would like to take part in more Kickstarter projects in the future because crowd funded projects provide many forward-thinking and talented designers the opportunity to bring their smart, useful, and sometimes just plain cool ideas to life. My experience was excellent; I received a handmade product constructed of quality materials with meticulous attention paid to detail fit and finish, and a sense of pride in knowing that I played a small role in bringing someone’s dream to life.

----- Jake 14.12.12 16:35

The Digispark, by Digistump! It’s a great new product, and already has spawned many copycats. Plus, I won the logo contest and they’re sending me free stuff!

----- John 14.12.12 16:01

revolights on kickstarter

----- brian 14.12.12 15:53

The Tesla Museum

----- Alice 14.12.12 14:05

Nothing can be wetter than the integration of analog simplicity and digital complexity.

----- Lee 14.12.12 13:58

Tho Ostrich Pillow which unfortunately didn’t meet funding was such a fun and practical idea about creating a micro-environment for napping anywhere.

----- Andy Stoltz 14.12.12 12:58

I have funded several pens on Kickstarter including the beautiful Pen Type-A which I learned about on Notcot.

----- Ian 14.12.12 12:33

Larsen toy lab!

----- Mia 14.12.12 10:47

I’ve backed several projects on Kickstarter

----- TJ 14.12.12 10:34

Amy Cakes Danky Dank’s thesis.
This girl will control our minds in the future. If not already… she’s exceded her goal.

----- Moi DuPéan 14.12.12 10:23

Gotta be kickstarter, flint and tinder specifically. High quality, US Made essentials.

----- Jay Nam 14.12.12 09:00

my favorite is ending soon on kickstarter! iguaneye shoes for barefoot freedom and ease. great design - can’t wait for my pair

----- G 14.12.12 08:58

The personal (and allegedly cheapest) 3D printer, which is on Kickstarter

----- B Louie 14.12.12 00:16

I’m a bookbinder, so this project really appealed to me: http://boundforanything.com/

----- Sharon 13.12.12 21:12

kickstarter, quirky, and threadless — there are so many!

----- yp 13.12.12 20:01

CW&T’s Pen Type-A

----- Jamie 13.12.12 19:00


Great Art Mission. For-profit company based on community support. awesome.

----- hillary 13.12.12 17:03

I would go with kickstarter to help my girlfriend launch her fashion line.

----- Alan B 13.12.12 10:56


- This is definitely one of my favorite kickstarter funded projects that I’ve come across.

----- Allison 13.12.12 10:17

Kickstarter for sure. Will be making a video for the site to help with a short budget film my buddy and i are shooting.

----- Corey 13.12.12 06:19

A friends zombie graphic novel set near his home, he was successful and Nowadays went to print.

----- Pat 13.12.12 06:08

Pebble was pretty cool.

----- range 13.12.12 05:39

Kickstarter’s //Boosted Boards// - The World’s Lightest Electric Vehicle! Makes a Segway seem ridiculous.

----- Tim 12.12.12 23:55

Hi, I really dont know any projects that have been funded - at least dont know them enough to remember. I’ve heard about some -films etc and then forgotten them. I’m just going to be honest and say as this is the only one comes to mind that my favourite is this one - A+R Vers IQ

----- mridula 12.12.12 22:38

StickNFind- Bluetooth Powered ultra small Location Stickers

----- sindy murray 12.12.12 22:35

HONY (Humans of New York) hurricane Sandy fundraiser

----- Star 12.12.12 22:31

----- The Slapster 12.12.12 22:13

Kickstarter is amazing

----- Arina 12.12.12 19:41

Hands down my favorite kickstarter (aside from this one, of course)
is the Porthole infusion vessel used by the Aviary molecular mixology bar in Chicago:

I’m so glad the public finally has access to these awesome projects!

----- Tyler 12.12.12 16:37

We totally love our joules that we got a s apart of their kickstarter campaign

----- Nadiya 12.12.12 16:03

Cuddle Mattress. Nuff said.


----- Elizabeth 12.12.12 15:48

World class musicians from the Cleveland Orchestra playing in a corner bar called the Happy Dog. This kickstarter project is to help pay for the recording, record pressing, etc. I love this bar and I love the Cleveland Orchestra, so for me it’s a win win1


----- Jeffrey 12.12.12 14:59

My favorite Kickstarter was the one for the self-cleaning aquariums, really want to buy myself some fish, just so I can make use of one.

----- jen 12.12.12 12:32

pebble watch creates all sorts of want

----- kelly 12.12.12 12:15

Light Table, the interactive IDE:


----- Juan Baruque 12.12.12 11:56

My favorite singer created his first album through kickstarter

----- Shachar 12.12.12 11:52

I think the crownfunding trend is pretty awesome. A local employee owned bakery is using it right now to try to make ends meet and keep making the traditional breads of our area.

----- Jolene 12.12.12 11:33

These things are pretty cute. They also have a great Kickstarter story… nice.

----- PaulJH 12.12.12 10:15

Baseballism on kickstarter

----- Matt 12.12.12 09:02

BESTIE a little start up sausage shop in Vancouver http://www.indiegogo.com/bestie

the world can always use more sausage!

----- Shinead 12.12.12 08:59

Do they sound as great as they look?

----- chris 12.12.12 08:53

I have to say the Hidden Radio is my favorite thus far. The physicality of the interface was, in my opinion, brilliant and was one of those ideas that just made sense, as in “of course! I wish I would’ve thought of that…”

----- Will 12.12.12 07:23

The ouya! cant want to get mine!

----- Levi Montez 12.12.12 06:29

Well… I may be biased because I know the people involved with this project. But seriously, you guys should check this out: http://www.indiegogo.com/refineryproject

----- Lis 11.12.12 23:46


----- JD 11.12.12 23:20

I am in love with the Home Aquaponics Kit from Kickstarter!

----- Christina 11.12.12 23:02

so many cool things on Kickstarter

----- Dominique 11.12.12 21:53

My current favorite campaign is The Art of Glitch: http://tinyurl.com/b9zsofk Glitch was a wonderfully witty and creative web-based game that sadly closed this month after being open since 2009. This campaign is to help create a high quality hardcover book so that players are able to preserve their memories and time spent in the beautiful world of Glitch forever.

----- Noel 11.12.12 21:18

Printerbot 3D on kickstarter is great!

----- Jeremy Bryant 11.12.12 20:30

Tembo Trunks from kickstarter were pretty awesome!

----- ALEXEI LOCSIN 11.12.12 20:14

the best is yet to come

----- victor yamaguchi 11.12.12 19:28

Ministry of Supply on Kickstarter!

----- jeff 11.12.12 19:14

Hop in the Saddle! Beer and bikes. oh yea!

----- Jon 11.12.12 19:01

http://fightworldsuck.org/ Nerdfighters uniteeeeeeee :)

----- Fionn Corbett 11.12.12 17:37

Eatyourkimchi’s studio on Indiegogo!

----- Kathlyn 11.12.12 17:14

I personally like the Beer Bug kickstarter project. It was a project filling such a need in the homebrew community and something these guys probably couldn’t have done without the support of their fellow brewers.

----- Ben 11.12.12 17:14

Wabi Nabe Cast Iron Pot, for sure.

----- Lauren 11.12.12 16:44


----- Almin 11.12.12 14:21


----- Brian K 11.12.12 14:01

Lunatik Watch Bands.

----- Lee 11.12.12 13:46

My favorite crowd-funded project is the Murcielagos FC soccer team in Mexico, both crowd-funded and managed.

----- Gabe G 11.12.12 13:04

Marblar.com is a great site to participate in crow science discoveries

----- Tellman 11.12.12 12:56

A local nonprofit news organization had a kickstarter to help them work on 3D models of new major highway being built in town, to help us better understand the possible impacts it may have. I was happy to help!

----- Jeremy 11.12.12 12:47

FORM 1! on Kickstarter!

----- Garet 11.12.12 12:31

“Day Maker” the Charging iPhone Alarm Toaster.

----- JACLYN 11.12.12 11:54

My favorite is Amanda Palmers kickstarter!

----- Jen 11.12.12 10:31

Despite the recent lawsuits, I still love the Formlabs 3D printer on kickstarter.

----- Ryan 11.12.12 10:28

My favorite crowdfunded project is the Pebble watch! I love hi-tech gear!


----- Jason Encabo 11.12.12 09:51

My favorite is Faceless Neil a short stop motion animated film about a boy without a face! Please check it out if you love stop motion and dark stories and help this project get funded : ]

----- Greg 11.12.12 09:36

My favorite Kickstarter? Flint and Tinder. Wearing a pair right now. Thanks, Notcot!

----- Kyle 11.12.12 09:24

Dennis McKenna’s “Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss”. Just got it in the mail yesterday in fact.

----- Nat G 11.12.12 09:18

UNHLY Supply Sampling Initiative, good things to come.

----- kit hendrickson 11.12.12 09:07

I’m waiting for my Galileo- an iOS-controlled, robotic motion platform for iPhones and iPod Touches!

----- Ryan 11.12.12 09:07

The Brinery raw naturally fermented sauerkraut. It’s delicious. They just completed a successful kickstarter campaign.

----- lace 11.12.12 08:53

My favorite crowdfunded project is A Wicked Ride, a documentary about the grass roots BMX Freestyle scene in New England during the 80’s. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1508139267/a-wicked-ride

----- Paul 11.12.12 08:41

My favorite kickstarter project so far is Cards Against Humanity. It is so preposterous, that it’s genius. we (a group of 18 designers) play it everytime we travel together which is at least once a month.

----- Matt H 11.12.12 08:31

Jelly desktop aquariums

----- Meagan 11.12.12 08:09

Love my Elevation Dock I got from Kickstarter

----- Geoff 11.12.12 07:43

Lunatik ipod nano watch strap!

----- Randy 11.12.12 07:28

I’m a photographer who likes to dabble in videography, and one of my favorite kickstarters has to be the “AirTracks” inflatable portable camera dolly system! It was featured on NOTCOT not to long ago actually… The concept is perfect for field work and even based on their prototypes, it get’s surprisingly solid results!

----- Lucas 11.12.12 07:24


----- wolfie 11.12.12 07:12

I love the t-shirt shops like Threadless who produce favorite t-shirt designs submitted by artists. I think its a great venue for artists not only to get published on a t-shirt, but also to grow a fun base!

----- Jenni 11.12.12 06:20

I love kickstarter. I have backed a few projects, my favorite of which was last year’s beehive project where you can “rent” a hive on your property to see how you like having bees. Gave me time to learn enough to feel confident to own one!

----- Natalie 11.12.12 05:02

My favorite so far has been the CreatureBox book Kickstarter. I’m hoping they ship them to us by Christmas.

----- Patrick 11.12.12 04:56

TiktokLunatic! at Kick Starter?!!

----- yushi uehara 11.12.12 03:31

Got the Hand stylus from Kickstarter

----- Roger 11.12.12 03:16

Too Cool, I want one for everyone on my gift list!

----- Pam Korpi 10.12.12 23:53

loving 3d printers

----- Thu 10.12.12 23:16

The soon to be aquaponics garden by Back to the Roots.

----- Christi 10.12.12 22:35

OH pick me !!!

----- Martin 10.12.12 21:37

kickstarter - the porthole

----- Sharon 10.12.12 21:13

Our future “Just Wulf & Primecut” Kickstarter we are currently in the process of finishing up.

----- Jorian 10.12.12 20:38

As soon as I saw the velocipede, I knew I had to have one!

----- Michael 10.12.12 20:33

Ooh those speakers are neat! My favorite Kickstarter that I participated in was for the Diesel Sweeties web comic e-book.

----- Ashley 10.12.12 20:22

back to the roots’ aquaponic fish tank garden! on kickstarter i think.

----- eva m. 10.12.12 19:43


----- Yoshio 10.12.12 19:42

Goldie Blox looks super cool for girls.

----- Kay 10.12.12 19:33

probably kickstarter

----- David 10.12.12 19:21

The Pebble Watch on Kickstarter.

----- Barrett 10.12.12 19:13

+ pool

----- Joe 10.12.12 19:12

The ‘Trigger Happy Camera Remote’ is an amazingly cool, but easy to use way of “driving” your DSLR. Plug it in, fire it and shoot!!

----- Campbell 10.12.12 19:01

My favorite has been the sequel to that queer, cult classic “Girls Will Be Girls”: “Girls Will Be Girls 2012!”


----- Paul Morgan 10.12.12 18:54

La Casa Azul opened this summer after raising money via indie go go. First ever bookstore in East Harlem! What a great thing to see new indie bookstore opening in Manhattan when so many had to close in the recent years.

----- Blue 10.12.12 18:23


----- Adam 10.12.12 17:57

Ouya, the new game console that has almost 10x the amount of it’s kickstart money:


----- STEPHEN 10.12.12 17:42

My favorite was a kickstarted project for “Rise and Shit: The Jay DeMerit Story” to raise money to pay the licensing fees for all the soccer clips used in the movie.

----- Meghan 10.12.12 17:38

Some classmates from the college started a theatre company in Chicago and they made a kickstarter to fund a production using a script my friend wrote. It felt great to give money to a cause that was so personal.

----- Kaitlyn 10.12.12 17:22

The “Easier Said Than Done” movie about rally racing on Kickstarter!

----- Derek 10.12.12 17:11

How could one choose?! Kickstarter! Indiegogo! PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE! YEAHHHH!!!!!

----- Rae 10.12.12 17:02

I love kickstarter!

----- Tyler 10.12.12 16:33

To Be Or Not To Be: That Is The Adventure by Ryan North (a choose your own Hamlet adventure for grownups) on Kickstarter!

----- Leanna 10.12.12 16:07

There was a kickstarted to redesign the Settlers of Catan board! Super cool!

----- Emily 10.12.12 15:40

Dave Punk’s book “Robot Envy” is my favorite Kickstarter project. Great art and humor.


----- Bruce Schneider 10.12.12 15:23

The Two Guys from Andromeda’s new game!!

----- Greg Weaver 10.12.12 15:14

I love the bike attachment that makes it sound like a horse is clop clopping

----- Andria 10.12.12 14:56

Flint and Tinder made in the US men’s underwear via Kickstarter

----- Ryan 10.12.12 14:46

The Corter Leather bottle opener/key chain was pretty awesome.

----- Mark LC 10.12.12 14:29

This year I paid towards the funding of an animation project called The Tinies of Raglan Shire, that will (hopefully) bring characters developed in the virtual world of Second Life to a wider audience through an animation project and ultimately first-world social charity.

----- James 10.12.12 14:29

These are some cool looking speakers. I also like the TikTok + LunaTik - Kickstarter

----- Marco 10.12.12 14:28

My current favorite is the Soma water filter. I haven’t received it yet, but the prototypes look beautiful. More importantly, they’re truly green. Will be proud to have it on the dinner table (the old Brita versions are not allowed out of the kitchen..)

----- andy 10.12.12 14:08

Would have to say kickstarter: UNMonday’s Airplay speaker concept. This was actually a very close second.

----- Chad 10.12.12 14:06

I think it would have to be GoldieBlox. The kickstarter project was cool, and the T-shirt thank-you gift was inspiring.

----- KatieB 10.12.12 13:47

I recently saw a kickstarted for a toy that encourages girls to become engeniers. STEM toys FTW!

----- Toni 10.12.12 13:40

Indiegogo, love being able to support science through crowdfunding!

----- Andrea 10.12.12 13:36

I love kickstarter!

----- Sid Law 10.12.12 13:30

The Digital Bolex - Kickstarter.

----- Adam 10.12.12 13:29

Urban Hydro Project - Kickstarter. Gotta get them fresh veggies in the city.

----- Deliamo 10.12.12 13:10

My girlfriend and I helped fund the Designed for RX Made: Upcycled Product Launch. Great local (Chicago) companies using reclaimed wood and metal, repurposing them into beautiful products for the home.

----- Chris 10.12.12 13:01

My cousin is making a Stampunk Alphabet Book. I think it’s an awesome project!

----- Rach 10.12.12 12:51


----- Michael 10.12.12 12:40

The Form 1 stereolithography printer looks rad for small scale prototyping.

----- Rogelio 10.12.12 12:31

oh yeah - kickstarter crucial detail porthole is my favorite thus far …

----- rebecca f. 10.12.12 11:46

a documentary film for rahsaan roland kirk on kickstarter. the guy plays three saxophones AT THE SAME TIME!

----- Joanne 10.12.12 11:45

the temple Juno at burning man:


----- Heng An Wang 10.12.12 11:41

The Saint Harridan project is truly wonderful—it addresses a combined social and aesthetic need (men’s-style suits for female bodies) in a beautiful, inclusive way. I wish I had the money to sign on at one of the high levels, but I’m happy to support them, anyway!

----- Josephine 10.12.12 11:33

Twine : Listen to your world, talk to the Internet
by Supermechanical

----- NYN 10.12.12 11:31

definitely the bandit guns rubber band shotgun from kickstarter

----- jake 10.12.12 11:31

I love the kickstarter site!


----- Kevin Maines 10.12.12 11:29

kickstarter - scanbox!

----- lauren 10.12.12 11:25

Love it! I also really like the “In The Make” kickstarter.
These giveaways are ruling.

----- isla murray 10.12.12 11:13

Love it! I also really like the “In The Make” kickstarter.
These giveaways are ruling.

----- isla murray 10.12.12 11:13

Kickstarter- TikTok x LunaTik It’s genius, duh.

----- mark britton 10.12.12 11:06

Kickstarter. The PID-Controlled Espresso Machine by Gleb Polyakov and Igor Zamlinsky.

----- Rob C. 10.12.12 10:44

Cameesa was a great idea for crowd funded t-shirt designs back in the day. They just didn’t get enough initial umph! to get them really rolling.

----- Ben 10.12.12 10:43

I really loved the Goldie Blocks project on Kickstarter… little engineer kits for girls. Very cool.

----- Maggie 10.12.12 10:42

One day on earth! The fact that it was funded by crowd sourcing is so appropriate.

----- Jessi 10.12.12 10:26

----- Drew Shafer 10.12.12 10:12

A British project GODUS on Kickstarter right now. Looks like such an entertaining game

----- Matt Z 10.12.12 10:08

Lunatik iphone case!

----- Mikell Johnson 10.12.12 09:59

To Be Or Not To Be: That Is The Adventure by Ryan North!!
it’s fully funded, but there’s still 10 days left on the kickstarter, if anyone wants to be a part of it~

----- cilla 10.12.12 09:52

Love the Little LED Edison Bulb fixture that I think was featured on here as well!

----- Devin Vermeulen 10.12.12 09:46


----- Kirsten 10.12.12 09:45

the Mechanical Flip Book kit

----- melissa 10.12.12 09:40

Rogue Chocolatier’s Kickstarter project to fund a new way of making wonderful chocolate bars!

----- Meg 10.12.12 09:38

I’m excited to get my SmartThings when it ships soon. That or “This Wild Idea” was pretty awesome too.

----- Mike Peck 10.12.12 09:17

These are neat! I recently backed the Morbid Anatomy Anthology and am so excited about it!!

----- Michelle Warnke 10.12.12 09:09

----- Mason 10.12.12 09:08

I love the Desktop Jellyfish. And vers Speakers.

----- Kevin 10.12.12 09:07

I’m little biased because i contributed to this, but i will have to with the porthole by crucial detail (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/692213374/the-porthole) I’m very excited to get mine whenever they get them all manufactured!

----- Namtran Nguyen 10.12.12 08:56

The Jot stylus is my favorite kickstarted piece so far. I use it every day where as some of the other things I picked up from fundings seem like cool concepts that I never really get much real usage out of once the newness polish wears off.

I would say my second fave is the Render K, but the cap doesn’t screw on to the back, so I tend to let it sit in my pen cup. :/

----- Bo Kristensen 10.12.12 08:51

Kickstarter is really cool, but the one I use most in my life and the most important, I think, is wikipedia.
Wikipedia is crowdsourced knowledge at its best!

----- Ace W 10.12.12 08:51

project hexapod!!!

----- siena 10.12.12 08:45

Been looking forward to the results of the SmartThings kickstarter project.

----- Darrel 10.12.12 08:44

Pen-type A!

----- Kye 10.12.12 08:39

The Amplifiear on Kickstarter was pretty awesome

----- Eric 10.12.12 08:39

I really hope the Loading computer games cafe in Falmouth tries to get funding again.
Its such an ace cafe and it would be great if he could bring it to london.

----- Will 10.12.12 08:37

Urban Air on kickstarter, it’s brilliant use of billboards for a good cause, create more foliage in urban areas!

----- Tyler 10.12.12 08:33

The Designing Obama book. Love everything about it!

----- Mike H 10.12.12 08:33

I really liked the Caravan Pacific Lamp: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/caravan-pacific/the-new-century-modern-lamp

I wish I had known about it earlier and snagged a lamp.

----- Julie 10.12.12 08:30

My signed, special-cover version of the ‘Dagan’ graphic novel by artist Mark Rudolph.

----- Stacy B. 10.12.12 08:24


Loved the rubberband gatling gun!

----- sheynk 10.12.12 08:19

The Idle Thumbs KickStarter of course.

----- Daniel 10.12.12 08:19

Village wolves - a twist on the classic mafia game.

----- Kate 10.12.12 08:12

One of my favorites was Ocoai on Kickstarter. They are such good guys and I’m thrilled they were able to reach their goal.

----- Cindy Aiton 10.12.12 08:11

Pen Type-A, all the way!

----- Tom 10.12.12 07:59

I’m been looking for an excuse for a new micro aquarium and kickstarter has answered my prayers.

----- Matt G. 10.12.12 07:52

Projecteo: The tiny Instagram projector. What a blast

----- Erastos Leiloglou 10.12.12 07:51

My favorite crowdfunded project: Tin Sin and Kinship. I absolutely love tintype so I can’t help myself http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1979994439/tin-sin-and-kinship-0

----- Kelly Rae 10.12.12 07:35


Nesl is a very cool little thing

----- sam li 10.12.12 07:29

Haven’t funded any kickstarters yet, but several have caught my eye, recently the ipaper iphone case.

----- Matt Peckham 10.12.12 07:14

I like Brickstarter. I’m a young architect and understand how hard it is to start a DIY project. I’m therefore thankful for initiatives like this.

----- Pei 10.12.12 07:00

San Serif On Red -

It’s such an iconic poster and yet I think people don’t really know where it came from.

----- AJ 10.12.12 06:58

Printrbot 3D printer on Kickstarter

----- Caiti 10.12.12 06:57

Kickstarter on The Farm

----- John 10.12.12 06:43

Definitely the LIFX. Can’t wait to string a couple of these together and hack together my own light shows.

----- Chris 10.12.12 06:37

Toss up between Pebble on kickstarter and Pintofeed on indiegogo

----- Maisan 10.12.12 06:35

I like the revoligths bike lighting system.

----- mimil 10.12.12 06:34

Love kickstarter!!

----- Patricia 10.12.12 06:33

DETROIT NEEDS ROBOCOP. Seriously, I hope that statue gets built.

Close second is the Vers 1Q. My friend backed them and got 2. They look and sound waaaaaaay better than I expected, which is groundbreaking for a kickstarter project.

----- Rob Wilkey 10.12.12 06:32

1Q was a great project! Beautiful product and a great backer experience. Thanks Vers!

----- Daniel C 10.12.12 06:30

Desktop Jelly fish was a pretty cool Kickstarter

----- Karim 10.12.12 06:30

The Auris for sure, especially with the move to the iPhone 5.

----- Jake Jones 10.12.12 06:29


----- Gabriel 10.12.12 06:28

Revolights was my favorite kickstarter project! If only I could afford the setup, it’s the best bike lighting system I’ve ever seen!


----- Morgan 10.12.12 06:16

chicken caesar on kickstarter - a board game thats so much fun!

----- Natalie Kay 10.12.12 06:09

Klingon has been an adventure

----- Ian 10.12.12 05:43

Bar Refaeli’s Sex Tape Kickstarter.

----- Shane O'Brien 10.12.12 05:28

kickstarter > luna tik.
Gotta love my “smart” watch. :)

This would be a close second, but I’ld have to see it in person… ;)

----- shaun c 10.12.12 05:26

The CityFabric Kickstarter was great!

----- Lindsey 10.12.12 05:21

The CityFabric Kickstarter was great!

----- Lindsey 10.12.12 05:21

for ME, santa baby!

----- Andie C 10.12.12 04:41

abg kickstarter

----- day 10.12.12 04:14

Revolights! It may already be successful, but this is a great idea and if they can refine and market better with more money then thats got to be a good thing….


----- Brad 10.12.12 03:21

It is, and will ALWAYS be, the Robocop statue for Detroit!

----- Chris K 10.12.12 03:07

Love it! just made a similar, non-functioning sculptural version for a work project - my hand chiseling needs a bit of work I think!

----- gavin 10.12.12 02:06

Kickstarter is cool! Otherwise there wouldn’t be stuff like that. These speakers are awesome!

----- Maret 10.12.12 02:03

Crowd funded life size Millenium Falcon anyone?

----- Paul 10.12.12 01:56

The ostrich pillow for sure, who doesn’t love a good sleep


----- Andy Mason 10.12.12 01:28

I trying to make a T-shirt brand with ecological thoughts behind it. The animal skulls is the first project of the brand.


----- Quinten 10.12.12 01:20

SparkFun National Tour

----- Justin 10.12.12 01:01

LIFX - Kickstarter

----- John Norman 10.12.12 01:00

I like this project because it’s from my country and because it’s beer :)

----- Iva 10.12.12 00:49

would be great with my iPad mini
good luck all

----- Myname 10.12.12 00:48

For me, the best kickstarter project was definitely makey makey. It inspired, it was easy to use, and it was delivered to the masses!

----- Matt James 10.12.12 00:25

I had some buddies in college always say “yo, let’s get this weekend kick started” and then ask me to chip in 10 bucks for a dime baggie of the good stuff. It was definitely a good investment. Now, whenever someone mentions a kickstarter project to me, I ask them: “is it going to get me high?” and then chuckle to myself.

----- Cody 10.12.12 00:22

My favorite crowd-funded project was bringing a local theater back to life! The Parkway!

----- Yenn 10.12.12 00:14

Been mentioned above but it just so happens it’s also our #1 fav!

“Max100: The Book Project”


Keep up the great work guys

----- Nico 10.12.12 00:11

the play I wrote!

----- dylan 10.12.12 00:10

Urbanized documentary on kickstarter

----- Edgar 10.12.12 00:06

ZOOKA - Wireless Speaker for iPad.
great design that solves a problem.


----- yariv goldfarb 10.12.12 00:05


----- CLAY 09.12.12 23:42

It wasn’t on kickstarter or anything, but an independent filmmaker was raising money to help pay for the documentary she was doing about the pressures on students in South Korea. I can’t wait to see how her film turns out.

----- Lara 09.12.12 23:21

One that I funded was the production of “The Brick People,” a short documentary about the Mexican workers of the Simon Brickyard. They made the bricks that built Los Angeles.

----- vu 09.12.12 23:11

Impress Coffee Press/Mug from Kickstarter!

----- Kristen 09.12.12 23:06

The OG, one of the first Kickstarter projects ever, that I was lucky enough to be a part of:

----- Josh Van Praag 09.12.12 22:30

Stone speakers

----- William 09.12.12 22:04

Project Eternity by Obsidian Entertainment on Kickstarter.

----- Kristian Reynolds 09.12.12 22:02

so much to choose from out on kickstarter, but i’ve gotta say that i’m a huge fan of the small device UI trend out there, so the pebble smartwatch!

----- Trina 09.12.12 21:58

Ouya game console

----- john 09.12.12 21:49

Max100: The Book Project featuring 100 illustrations of the Sneaker.

----- Casey 09.12.12 21:42

definitely pebble watch by kickstarter.

----- jay panelomo 09.12.12 20:58

Pen Type-C project by CW&T.

Started last September, got something like 300x the interest. Had ALOT of issues producing the pens in China (broken contracts, etc.) Finally got them out and they are great.

----- aldo 09.12.12 20:50

Last thing I funded on Kickstarter was a drinking horn.

----- tudza 09.12.12 20:49

Air tattoo

----- Liz B 09.12.12 20:47

The kickstarter to buy kickstarter was great.

----- garrettg5 09.12.12 20:40

The sport utility robe,

----- Will r 09.12.12 20:35

For me it was Pen Type-A. It’s unfortunate what happened to them, but good to see things going back their way.

----- Andy L 09.12.12 20:32

Sparse Bicycle Lights

----- Matt 09.12.12 20:26

SparkFun National Tour on Kickstarter

----- Nick 09.12.12 20:24

revolight! wish i had a set for my bike.

----- anton. 09.12.12 20:21

Ow i really love the Jamboo headphones. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jamboo/jamboo-headphones-stand-out-jam-out-0

Stand out jam out haha Awesome.

----- Garry Hannah 09.12.12 20:17

My favorite crowdsourced project has to be Obama getting Re-Elected!!!!!

----- Cameron 09.12.12 20:15

The Backcountry Boiler is a great product for the backpacker.

----- Ryan J 09.12.12 20:05

I really liked amanda palmer’s kickstarter… so inspiring!

----- Heidi 09.12.12 20:00

“Tesla Museum” and “Bear love Good Cancer Bad” both by the force of nature we know as The Oatmeal :)

----- Keno Leon 09.12.12 19:46

1:Face Watch!

----- Marc D 09.12.12 19:40

I really loved the flip-book-kit that was funded on kickstarter.

----- Alison 09.12.12 19:37

the Controlled Espresso Machine!

----- Tristan 09.12.12 19:31

Revolights are amazing.

----- Arnon 09.12.12 19:24

Pen Type-A is the star of kickstarter in my eyes. A shame the drama that followed with Torr pens. I’m surprised they’re still being sold.

----- Chris 09.12.12 19:12

Buzz and Growl designer workspace in Cincinnati.

----- Nick 09.12.12 19:00

kickstarter (because worf from star trek wanted to film a romantic comedy http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/akaworf/through-the-fire-life-after-star-trek)

----- melda 09.12.12 18:55

Double Fine Adventure! (Or probably the Kickstarter I have yet to launch myself ;)

----- Worth Dayley 09.12.12 18:52

----- dave 09.12.12 18:45

Desktop jellyfish tank! So awesome.

----- Angela 09.12.12 18:45

My favorite must be the Pebble watch!


----- Gustaf Engstrom 09.12.12 18:43

Kickstarter is the only one I’ve heard of

----- Carmen 09.12.12 18:35

My Favourite Kickstarter project was the Desktop Jelly fish tank, awesome!

----- Craig 09.12.12 18:34

These speakers are AMAZING! One of my favorite kick starter projects is REVOLIGHTS!

----- Alex 09.12.12 18:30

Loved the Shadowboxers from ATL

----- Stephanie 09.12.12 18:30

I’m excited for that nocturn espresso maker on kickstarter.

----- Jason 09.12.12 18:24

I love wine so it was hard to pass up the STACT modular wine wall on Kickstarter. such a nice design!

----- Jimmy 09.12.12 18:22

There are many bike light projects, one of which is a set of rope lights that are totally awesome. Loving the creativity!

----- Cianan 09.12.12 18:17

BEST USER GENERATED PROJECT EVER and artist of this generation, Johnathan Harris:
wefeelfine.org and ‘I want you to want me’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZUaXDm4qik)
- both feel like same thing bc they use people’s most intimate feelings through internets open source publishing platform and creates beautiful data visualizations for us to connect with complete strangers intimately.

----- hatti lim 09.12.12 18:16

BEST USER GENERATED PROJECT EVER and artist of this generation:
wefeelfine.org and ‘I want you to want me’
- both feel like same thing bc they use people’s most intimate feelings through internets open source publishing platform and creates beautiful data visualizations for us to connect with complete strangers intimately.

----- hatti lim 09.12.12 18:14

Tesla Musem - My favorite, recent crowd-funded project. The man was hundreds of years ahead of his time and rightly deserves a museum. http://www.indiegogo.com/teslamuseum

----- Blake 09.12.12 18:13

My favourite crowdfunded project is Jason Scott’s three movies he’s working on concurrently: Arcade, 6502, and Tape. I can’t wait to see them.

----- Brian 09.12.12 18:09

Erin McKeown’s new album

----- Sarah 09.12.12 18:04

The CASH Music Platform on Kickstarter.

----- dan 09.12.12 17:46

TRON bike wheel lights.

----- Anders 09.12.12 17:36

The formlab 3d printer blew my mind. And these speakers are awesome !

----- Mikael 09.12.12 17:19

Ti Gr bike lock went to production an is AWESOME!

----- Peter 09.12.12 17:18

Video Game High School by FreddieW

----- Jacob 09.12.12 17:10

It has got to be CineSkates!

----- Jin 09.12.12 17:09

Amanda Palmer gave the best Kickstarter updates.

----- Sarah 09.12.12 17:09

My favorite Kickstarter so far is 99% Invisible. Amazing podcast that revels in how objects around us that we rarely think about (roadway design, building acoustics) have massive impacts on our daily lives and thoughts.

----- Phillip Anderson 09.12.12 17:05

PID-Controlled Espresso Machine by Gleb Polyakov and Igor Zamlinsky: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zpmespresso/pid-controlled-espresso-machine?ref=category

----- Jörg 09.12.12 17:03

The Pebble E-Ink watch project was cool….

----- Michael W. 09.12.12 16:59

I funded a kickstarter project called goldie BLOX. Such a great idea http://www.goldieblox.com/

----- Shaena 09.12.12 16:48

misfit shine!!

----- jason 09.12.12 16:36

This is the project I like now: Project Engage. http://www.indiegogo.com/urbantech/x/239202

----- Maurice C 09.12.12 16:25

My friend raised almost $4k to send his (slightly demented) comedy show to Edinburgh!: http://www.pozible.com/index.php/archive/index/5796/description/0/0

----- Dan 09.12.12 16:22

That Architect/Photographer who wants to go to the antipode without using any Car/Plane, to document the different lifestyles through his journey, and to promote freedom of movement. And he still needs help for that project.

----- Aspen 09.12.12 16:09

By far… the kickstarter campaign from Blur Studio to fund the Feature film for The Goon


----- Patrick Wong 09.12.12 16:01


----- evita 09.12.12 15:49

Who wouldn’t want to turn their phone into a little controller?


----- Calin 09.12.12 15:43

Desktop Jellyfish tank!

----- Borys Chylinski 09.12.12 15:38

My husband loves his iPad but the speakers are notoriously under powered. He’d love these speakers to improve sound quality and I’d love the way they’d look on our kitchen counter or our shared workspace.

----- Adrianne 09.12.12 15:38

Tesla Museum Idiegogo!

----- Ian S. 09.12.12 15:35

Alpine Hammock via Kickstarter.
A real nail biter as it didn’t reach it’s goal until the very last minute! They made it, though. As a backpacker and Scouter I was very please to see it succeed.

----- Tim Driscoll 09.12.12 15:32

----- jeff 09.12.12 15:31

I so want these. Holy awesome woodness!

----- Rob 09.12.12 15:29

My favorite crown-funded project is the United States Government. Sometimes it seems like they’re still the in the troubleshooting phase, but hopefully in the coming century they do more good than harm.

----- Marc W 09.12.12 15:25

Great project, really hope it gets funded so I’ll get a new “eye catcher” for my desk! :)

----- Philipp 09.12.12 15:16

The pen/ruler on kickstarter

----- Mark 09.12.12 15:15

Lockitron launched their own crowdfunded project. It is a semi-affordable keyless entry system that fits over your existing deadbolt. Check it out https://lockitron.com/preorder

----- Jeremy 09.12.12 15:07

bogusbrewing.com/ recently enjoyed kickstarter success and will apply the CSA model to beer. csb (community supported beer) will give you a local share and taste of what’s brewing!

this is one of the great projects i have backed. i think kickstarter is awesome!

----- matthew harrison smith 09.12.12 15:02

My good friends over at Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps (yes, the bottles with all the crazy tiny writing all over it) have an Indiegogo fundraiser to help fight malaria in Eastern Ghana (http://www.indiegogo.com/drbronners) - an area they are helping out quite a bit by harvesting organic palm oil sustainably, while empowering the community by doing it in a Fair Trade manner (i.e. paying the workers fairly). They have 12 more days to go, and have already reached their goal. Additional funds will go towards other charity work in that area and beyond. Thanks!

----- Marty 09.12.12 14:58

Pebble Smart Watch on Kickstarter

----- Daniela 09.12.12 14:57

CineSkates and CineMoco! These are so awesome.

----- Aidan 09.12.12 14:52

“LOVE LETTERS TO THE END” a fan-generated interactive web drama based in letters mailed to the producers. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1147732096/love-letters-to-the-end

----- Eric S 09.12.12 14:51

CineSkates Camera Sliders

----- bojan 09.12.12 14:49

kickstarter, pebble

----- demure 09.12.12 14:48

Have Been Born is definitely a unique kickstarter …

----- Helder Ricardo 09.12.12 14:35

The Doublefine adventure game is my favorite kickstarter project for sure. They have the best videos showing progress as well.

----- Daniel 09.12.12 14:35

Totally in love with Ian Schon’s Pen Project on kickstarter. The idea of a pen to carry with me for the rest of my life is totally comforting.

----- Danny 09.12.12 14:25

PID controlled espresso machine; crown funded from kickstarter and set to revolutionize the home espresso machine

----- neil k 09.12.12 14:13

I really liked the Pebble smart watch, very glad that it revived full funding.

----- Alex Blugerman 09.12.12 14:10

I don’t have a favorite project but a favorite category of projects- I love small museums that use crowdsourcing to fund projects they wouldn’t normally be able to undertake.

----- Nik 09.12.12 13:57

I have funded a bunch of projects on Kickstarter…..only one on idiegogo though..

----- corgimas 09.12.12 13:46

I saw a project on IndiGoGo once for a non-profit bar called Cause. Inspired me to look into creating my own someday. Great Idea to drink and give back.

----- Daimian 09.12.12 13:45

Stompy! It’s a gigantic rideable, spider-like robot that’s bigger than a car! Take that, traffic!

----- Illa Switch 09.12.12 13:37

The 1 second every day app — the creator’s first year of video was riveting!

----- Cameron 09.12.12 13:36

This one is my current favorite because of fashion + math: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2000042508/loope-the-one-piece-bag?ref=discover_rec

----- kim 09.12.12 13:29

The projecteo- the world’s tiniest, most adorable slide projector!

----- Sallyann Corn 09.12.12 13:24

One of my many favourites are ” Hi-Tec-C pens” for both their minimalism and practicality.

----- Mark 09.12.12 13:19

The revolutionary war.

----- derek 09.12.12 13:19

My favorite funded cause was the cause for these pens on kickstarter that doubled as a stylus! Genius!

----- Lucas lund 09.12.12 13:04


----- J.medina 09.12.12 12:58


Not quite revolutionary, but a great idea, and neat to have. There was another one I can’t find now that was about bicycle tires that light up at night.

----- Eric 09.12.12 12:58

This was my favorite kickstarter -

can’t wait to play it!

----- Danielle 09.12.12 12:54

I have a big crush on the Revolights project!

----- Steeven 09.12.12 12:51

I haven’t used Kickstarter too much…but I had to help with “I Am Divine”- a documentary about Baltimore’s finest! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/iamdivine/i-am-divine-wants-money

----- jared 09.12.12 12:49

I did like the Kickstarter marshmallow one, can’t remember their name but what a fantastically simple idea. the other was the recycled vinyl records laser cut into dinasour and insect kits, again simple but also great recycling.

----- Tom Wykes 09.12.12 12:48

Projecteo by far is the most anticipated.

----- ARHIP MF 09.12.12 12:43

I am really excited about the animated movie goon coming out, and its kickstarter funding is going to make it happen

----- Chris Martin 09.12.12 12:40


----- Oliver 09.12.12 12:38

This is probably my favourite http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hop/elevation-dock-the-best-dock-for-iphone?ref=most-funded
Simple, elegant solution to a seemingly inherent problem with this type of product.

----- Rob Benden 09.12.12 12:34

The Urban Punk Bicycle Playing Cards on Kickstarter are pretty cool

----- Iris 09.12.12 12:34

I was really excited for the LIFX light bulb!

----- Seth 09.12.12 12:30

Memoto Lifelogging Camera

----- Patrick Murray 09.12.12 12:26


This is my favorite! It’s the first I have ever contributed to. Home Aquaponics Kit.

----- Megan 09.12.12 12:10

PID-Controlled Espresso Machine on Kickstarter.

----- Ed 09.12.12 12:08

I love … [and would love to have :) ] … this speaker!
Another fun kickstarter project, which I backed, is MaKey MaKey.

----- Nancy M 09.12.12 12:06

i loved the kickstarter documentary on saving the state parks in california. really well done video and a great cause too.

----- tommy pez 09.12.12 11:58

Capture Camera Clip System from Peak Design

----- Erin 09.12.12 11:53

One of my favorite crowdfunded projects has to be the TPB AFK movie.
It’s a documentary about the history of The Pirate Bay.
I’m eagerly awaiting the release!

----- Mati 09.12.12 11:49

Actually this was on of my favorites! I also really like sleekspeak, but it never got funded :( I guess I’m all about those portable azul toofed speakers.

----- Ryan 09.12.12 11:24

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