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Holiday Giveaway #20: W+K Studio Goodness- 12.12.12

wk0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2013 is around the corner, and we’re finishing up this year with more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores and over 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

Happy NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #20! This is a fun one from our friends at W+K Studio - Goodness, a creative super bundle filled with everything you need to spruce things up creatively from tea towel to tees, paper ornaments and posters, gift tags to greeting cards,… and my favorite i showed you details of here - the brilliant 2013 Letterpressed Coaster Calendar!

THE GOODS: A bundle consisting of Chop Slice Drizzle Tea Towel, One Bright Idea Poster, Stay Sharp Tee, Keep It Simple Tee, Elf Approved Gift Tags, Dala Horse Ornaments, Thank You Card, Word Search Card, Joy Card, and Letterpresed 2013 Coaster Calendar.

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing what you are hoping for in 2013 by 12/17 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.

See more pics of all the goods on the next page!

UPDATE: Congrats to Janeece in Seattle, WA!

wk7.jpg Letterpresed 2013 Coaster Calendar and see more on flickr.

wk3.jpg Stay Sharp Tee

wk4.jpg Keep It Simple Tee

wk1.jpg Chop Slice Drizzle Tea Towel

wk2.jpg One Bright Idea Poster

wk5.jpg Elf Approved Gift Tags

wk6.jpg Dala Horse Ornaments

wk8.jpg Thank You Card

wk9.jpg Word Search Card and Joy Card

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing what you are hoping for in 2013 by 12/17 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.


215 Notes

Here’s hoping for a fantastic year at a new school.

----- Alison 17.12.12 23:47

Hoping for more peace & love.

----- Andrea 17.12.12 21:52

I am hoping for a full-time job offer!

----- Calli 17.12.12 19:30

We’re looking forward to our soon-coming little one.

----- domestic diva 17.12.12 19:28

I’m hoping to buy a house

----- samantha 17.12.12 18:02

By 2013, I’m hoping to make it through my first year of college successfully. I know I’ll have to take summer school already, but hopefully I won’t need to add anymore classes than what I have already. Being able to talk to this one cute boy would be another awesome accomplishment by 2012 :)

----- Amanda 17.12.12 15:38

I hope lots of love. And bacon. Pretty much the same thing.

----- Talita Escher 17.12.12 13:11

I hope to see my grandpa celebrate his 95th birthday.

----- Kristin 17.12.12 12:04

I hope to see my grandpa celebrate his 95th birthday.

----- Kristin 17.12.12 12:04

I want to travel! Top international destination: London. Top US destination: Park City, UT

----- Scott 17.12.12 10:56

I’m hoping to become cool

----- Gabe G 17.12.12 10:33

I wanna rock! B-)

----- Agata 17.12.12 07:46

More time with family and friends! And a job that I will love. :)

----- Hoister 17.12.12 04:19

I am hoping to spend more quality time with my extended family.

----- Brenda I 16.12.12 22:58

I am hoping to get a fresh outlook of life and get a job to kick start a brand new life :)

----- nws 16.12.12 18:26

In addition to a happy healthy family and world peace and all that, I’d like to move somewhere that has a little land for gardening.

----- Lorinda 16.12.12 17:38

Looking forward to watching my new son grow!

----- TonyF 16.12.12 14:00

Hoping for a year full of happiness!

----- Chelsea Raine 16.12.12 12:44

start a business…. just gotta figure out what the biz will be…

----- loren 16.12.12 12:03

Peace, love, and understanding. Aim high, right?

----- Anna Perez-Pelaez 16.12.12 08:48

Provided world doesn’t end on 21 dec 12 lol, i’m hoping for a better job, better relationships and hopefully own these goodies:P

----- Ann Hidayat 16.12.12 05:21

I’m hoping for a year like 2012; full of friends, family and fun.

----- Rose 16.12.12 03:06

really hope to travel and meet some new people.

----- marina 16.12.12 00:13

I’m hoping to finally find a direction in life. But then, aren’t we all? :c

----- Em 15.12.12 23:52

i would genuinely like to become a better person. it seems i should be doing more for my family and my community, but i can’t wait for the opportunity to present itself any longer. i need to act.

----- rich 15.12.12 19:55

Reach more people with my art!

----- Mary Lockwood 15.12.12 19:37

I’d like some wireless speakers for my apartment.

----- Dominique 15.12.12 18:23

I hope to make what I love doing into what I get to do in 2013.

----- Greg 15.12.12 14:54

Win the lotto

----- Yoshio 15.12.12 13:18

Save more and know more about myself.

----- Marshal 15.12.12 12:39

Many more days with my love :D

----- Jonathan Y. 15.12.12 12:38

I’m hoping to find an adventure to pursue in 2013.

----- Annie 15.12.12 09:22

That it is not a post apocalyptic world.

----- Shane O'Brien 15.12.12 08:11

To be where I am right now, in my bed.

----- kjl 15.12.12 00:23

I hope to graduate from college

----- Laura 14.12.12 19:36

I hope to have better control over my outlook on life. I need to be happier this year.

----- Erin 14.12.12 18:49

Fun and happiness!

----- Liz B 14.12.12 16:52

In 2013 I’m hoping to become more fit and adopt a permanent, healthier lifestyle.

----- Pamela 14.12.12 11:55

Hmmm, A promotion, a regular fitness regimen, and remodeling the house so that we can sell it in 2014… wow, never put down into words before!

----- Benjamin 14.12.12 11:48

The guy I’ve liked for three years (and is attracted to me too) to move back to our town and become my boyfriend. :(

----- monica 14.12.12 11:39

To be build on relationships especially the one with a soon to be born child.

----- Karim 14.12.12 11:21

i want my foot to heal so i can finally start running again.

----- NICHOLAS 14.12.12 11:15

A new home.

----- Nick 14.12.12 11:10

In 2013 I’m hoping to have a successful move to another country. T

----- mridula 14.12.12 09:26

I’m hoping for a (relatively) stress free year. I finally have a good job, a great apartment, good friends. I want to just be able to enjoy and appreciate what I have.

----- Jeremy 14.12.12 08:12

Being a recent grad, I’m hoping I will come to the conclusion of where I want to go with life (hah! the answer everyone seeks!). I’ve been debating back and forth between different paths I can take in the world of design, and hopefully I will have dug deep enough to start down one. Also, I realllllly want to be able to get a dog this year. It was supposed to be my graduation goal, but I need to set down some more solid roots (or maybe not) before I can find an animal companion.

----- Charlotte Terry 14.12.12 08:02

I am hoping to finally being able to quit smoking!

----- Joanie 14.12.12 07:18

At least one chance everyday to do something I love and plenty of time with the people I love!

----- Lucas 14.12.12 06:54

More time with fam- challenge, change, and growth.

----- Alex 14.12.12 06:36

A flat tummy!

----- JB 14.12.12 06:31

I hope to finally travel abroad!

----- Ryan 14.12.12 06:23

as i just graduated, i hope my 2013 is finding what i’m gonna do for living so that i can make my parents proud! amen amen amen.

----- erick hilmansyah 14.12.12 04:16

More NOTCOT Amazement!

----- Philip Levine 14.12.12 03:24

Happiness and love.

----- B Louie 14.12.12 00:13

JOY! :)

----- Corinne 13.12.12 23:26

I hope that 2013 brings peace, success, and happiness.

----- Madoc 13.12.12 21:33

Honestly? A better year than 2012. Had some very major negative life events this year, so I really can’t wait to be done with 2012 and start with a fresh page in a new year.

----- Sharon 13.12.12 21:21

OMG, I love everything on this post! As for 2013, I’m hoping to be able to make some life changes - maybe a career change and move?

----- Ashley 13.12.12 20:52

An early job offer

----- Sarah 13.12.12 20:44

something new to explore

----- yp 13.12.12 20:09

More of the same - 2012 has been good to me.

----- jamie 13.12.12 19:05

I’m hoping the Mayans were right.

----- Nina G 13.12.12 18:15

A year full of learning - about architecture, design, love, and her. And getting a cat.

----- Jane 13.12.12 17:40

I’m hoping for a great year full of adventures and good resting time by the fire.

----- Matthieu 13.12.12 16:19

To survive the next year of my architecture studio and not kill anyone else in the process

----- Taryn 13.12.12 16:12

More Lego! (for my kids of course)

----- John MacDonald 13.12.12 16:09

more time with friends and family

----- Andrea 13.12.12 15:44

Good health and plentiful smiles for my infant son.

----- Erin 13.12.12 15:38

In 2013 I’m hoping to finish setting up my woodworking shop and run off my first set of prototypes for my furniture designs. Stressful but exciting.

----- Rob Wilkey 13.12.12 15:32

love and employment

----- Andrea 13.12.12 14:54

Hoping to be a little bit more financially stable and to start investing in larger pieces of furniture for our new apartment.

----- Tiffany 13.12.12 14:50

A better job for my wife. Her job sucks. Anyone need an amazing editor?

----- Josh Weinstein 13.12.12 14:43

To win many free drawings!

----- edgar 13.12.12 13:55

Better grades and a summer job.

----- Iris 13.12.12 13:24

in 2013 I’m hoping to shed every shred of my comfort and jump into the unknown, and I suppose I also hope I land on my feet.

----- taryn 13.12.12 13:21

love and good health for family and friends in 2013!

----- Emma 13.12.12 13:11

I am hoping to finally move out of my apartment and into my very own house. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

----- Cindy Aiton 13.12.12 13:06

A new creative job. Something I enjoy doing while getting paid for it.

----- Matt 13.12.12 13:06

Better grades…. c:

----- Genie 13.12.12 12:49

I’m hoping for less war in the world for the global population and for more sleep and a fantastic vacation for myself!

----- Meg 13.12.12 11:39

To be able to resist sugar for more than a day!

----- Rav 13.12.12 11:07

hoping for an awesome new job and an apartment

----- Robyn 13.12.12 10:49

I want a stack of records, a vw bus vinyl killer and one of those monkeys that clap with the symbols when you wind them up. party on wayne

----- michael 13.12.12 10:39

As a recently college graduate, I’m hoping to find volunteer work in my field or my dream job of working in wildlife conservation. Fingers crossed! I guess there’s also always graduate school :)

----- Allison 13.12.12 10:13

passing the bar

----- Daniela 13.12.12 09:25

In 2013 I’m hoping that I’ll have more quality time with my kids. This means slowing down and actually hearing what they are saying. My hope is to raise amazing children that will help make this world a better place.

----- Isabel 13.12.12 09:19

Start my new life, with my husband to be at my new apartment! :D

----- María 13.12.12 09:07

I’m hoping to stop procrastinating and to get things done/make things happen. Here’s to 2013 :)

----- Lillian Chan 13.12.12 07:37

I’m hoping for more time to explore and take in the moment. Less hustle and bustle. Spend some days doing “nothing” and not feel unproductive.

----- Erastos 13.12.12 07:30


----- ROSIE 13.12.12 07:27

My heartly wish is to recover for my illness and have a great party with my friends and family in order to celebrate it!!!!!

----- Patricia 13.12.12 07:07

Pretty basic, but really just health and enjoyment of life.

----- Nick 13.12.12 06:36

in 2013 I hope to have a boundless creativity!

----- Sybille 13.12.12 06:35

Hoping to finally move to New York!

----- Levi Montez 13.12.12 06:24

I hope to get a better job, Ihope to get marries but most of all I hope to be healthy and happy and I hope everyone else has the same.

----- Pat 13.12.12 06:14

I turn 30 this year, and I want to be more proactive towards making it a truly awesome year of life.

----- Kimberly M 13.12.12 06:00

To be happy with what I have.

----- Sarah 13.12.12 05:45

I’m looking for inspiration.

----- Matt James 13.12.12 05:22

I’m really hoping to travel in 2013… anywhere! :)

----- Elisabeth 13.12.12 05:17

grow our channel to do youtube fulltime

----- jacob 13.12.12 04:44

I’m hoping for more beautiful typography and less comic sans in the world.

----- Ali Slater 13.12.12 03:12

Buffets, lots of them :))

----- Noni 13.12.12 02:54

More patience, more gratitude, and more creativity. A formula for magic.

----- Lish Rebman 13.12.12 02:31

Promotion / self improvement

----- Tom 13.12.12 02:17

Truest Love.

----- Tyler 13.12.12 02:02

cleaner earth .

----- Helder Ricardo 13.12.12 01:39

For a better year !!!

----- Kai 13.12.12 00:51

Really hoping that I will be able to get a job in Cali to be close to family…

----- Christi 13.12.12 00:28

The lightbulb poster print!

----- Paige Homan 13.12.12 00:24

Surely it is time for HOVERBOARDS!

----- Dan 12.12.12 23:59

There’s another Daniel on here who seems to have the same plans and goals, so I will revise my goals. My new goal is to find this doppelganger and stop him at all costs.

----- Daniel 12.12.12 23:43

I have just quit my job to start my own 3D Arch viz business here in South Africa. Here’s hoping that 2013 is going to keep me super busy. Lets hope i don’t screw this up!

----- Justin Kemp 12.12.12 23:25

more good times

----- jason 12.12.12 23:24

talk to more strangers but not take their candy

----- Bao 12.12.12 23:11

I’m hoping to be hired on full-time at my job and to get engaged!

----- Lara 12.12.12 22:36

I’m hoping to spread the joy that’s in my heart to others. I’m hoping also for great weather.

----- Angus Macmillan 12.12.12 22:25

I wish to be able to see again my first love and good health!

----- sindy murray 12.12.12 22:25


----- lace 12.12.12 21:50


----- Alex 12.12.12 21:36

To escape retail.

----- Tom 12.12.12 21:13

Im hoping to find a job that I love.

----- Mary 12.12.12 21:12

I am hoping to finally incorporate my business and make it at least 50% of my income; if anyone needs online marketing expertise… oh wait, this is notcot, you guys are all ahead of the curve anyway.

----- Michael 12.12.12 21:11

I’m hoping to get well and finish university.

----- Terry Kuny 12.12.12 20:41

I’m hoping more people pay it forward.

----- Jasper 12.12.12 20:17

Hoping to get into grad school

----- justin 12.12.12 20:16

I am hoping my consulting business takes off!

----- Christina 12.12.12 20:02

Graduate school acceptance!

----- Ian S. 12.12.12 19:45

I hope to go skydiving!

----- Arina 12.12.12 19:37

Changing gracefully to keep honing my purpose and perspective further. I’m hoping to find peace with who I am naturally, vs the dreams I think I need to pursue or be. Once this has evened out I feel I will be ready for anything.

----- jess 12.12.12 19:32

That the online business I’m starting will take off and replace my income.

----- Farah Lozano 12.12.12 19:23

I’m hoping to get into grad school for studio art!

----- Ryan 12.12.12 19:18

i’m hoping to stop working 12hours a day, and really start to find the benefits of being a self employed freelancer. I guess at some point I need to study the art of time management! oh and listen to all the vinyl records I’ve been stock piling all year that are still in their plastic. awesome, that thought just made me very happy!

----- joel 12.12.12 19:07

I’m hoping to find a great job where my skills and creativities are appreciated.

----- Casey 12.12.12 18:42

Oh man, hoping for a lot of goodness in the upcoming year. Health and happiness are standard, but more time with true friends, my first year of marriage, getting my new small business off the ground and getting back in touch with my creative side are definitely top of mind coming in to 2013.

----- stephanie 12.12.12 18:41

I’m really hoping to make a new start. I want to get a place of my own and lose 35 pounds. I want to make some headway on my student loans and really become independent.

----- Lea 12.12.12 18:41

I’m hoping for simple, clean goodness for everyone. Less mess, more love. It’s a lot but I think it can happen.

----- Moe 12.12.12 18:31

I’m living and working in a beautiful country were racial harmony is being intensely tested of late. I hope, not just for 2013, but especially from next year onwards, and not just for Singapore but for the rest of the world, that we could all find, live and embrace a happy balance. There is so much more wonder in the world we can all focus on.

----- Ellen Bautista 12.12.12 17:58

I’m gonna be starting at a new company next year! Hope it all goes well and I’ll finally find my dream job :)

----- Juliana 12.12.12 17:43

To get accepted into a masters program for nutrition and agriculture.

----- Angela 12.12.12 17:38

I wish for a new start after my boyfriend’s chemo and a renewed sense of vitality for us both.

----- Lindsey 12.12.12 17:35

I want to be better about cleaning and staying organized.

----- Manny 12.12.12 17:23

super bullet train from NY to LA and vice versa
to be less expensive and faster than air travel.

----- Mariana Chan 12.12.12 17:04

I so admire that lightbulb print. Wishing for more love, less politics.

----- KatieB 12.12.12 16:59

I’m hoping to learn some cooking skills from my mother—she has a way with food and I have so much to learn from her!

----- Rachel 12.12.12 16:57

Hoping my new home will be excellent and moving is not too much of a pain :)

----- Megan 12.12.12 16:51

to attend some gay weddings! i can only imagine the magnificence of it all…

----- Mooni 12.12.12 16:50

Sell all the deals and cash out.

----- William 12.12.12 16:44

Bond. James Bond.
It’s selfish, I know, but I’m looking forward to settling down every couple of weeks to watch, in order, the complete James Bond 50th Anniversary DVD collection, which I’m really hoping I get for Christmas. Do you hear that, Family?!!

----- Tim Driscoll 12.12.12 16:44

I’m moving around the world, so I’m hoping for adventure!

----- Cianan 12.12.12 16:22

creative growth.

----- derek 12.12.12 16:06

The courage to follow my dreams, even when it means I’ll be weird.

----- Sarah 12.12.12 16:05

begin rotations in nyc after finishing the first 2 yrs of basic sciences in med school

----- Maggie 12.12.12 15:54

Would love to double my business and have to hire some employees!

----- Mikell Johnson 12.12.12 15:51

Some cool stuff on Mars.

----- Jason 12.12.12 15:46

I’m hoping for a smooth transition to the UK.. and I’m hoping to lose 12 pounds.

----- Namtran Nguyen 12.12.12 15:38

I hope to finally take a road trip across the States.

----- Anastasia 12.12.12 15:25

Definitely hoping to make inroads on a baking business…

----- Jen D 12.12.12 15:00

I hope to rais enough money to get my business off the ground. And to be able to eat more haha.

----- Garry Hannah 12.12.12 14:42

I hope for a new surf board amongst other things

----- Michael 12.12.12 14:34

A nice job.

----- demure 12.12.12 14:32

A new kick ass job!

----- Andrew 12.12.12 14:20

I’d like to finish the vest I started knitting last year. :)

----- tane 12.12.12 14:07

I’m hoping there is a 2013, and that we all make it past December 21!

----- Adam 12.12.12 14:06

I hope to get my home studio up and running.

----- Patrick Murray 12.12.12 14:04

I’m hoping for, and working toward, better financial levity.

----- Eric W 12.12.12 14:03

Im hoping for incredible things to happen. I’m on the edge of a lot of big things, and I’m about to graduate college. Looking forward 2013, cause we have nothing to fear from here on out, right?

----- Robin 12.12.12 14:02

I wish to be happier!

----- alanna 12.12.12 13:57

travel to japan!

----- Michelle 12.12.12 13:54

I’m hoping that all the Seattle sports teams to win big!

----- Tyler 12.12.12 13:53

I hope to finish studies and to have a great year full of awesome people:-)

----- Michal S. 12.12.12 13:48

I’m hoping for a French bulldog.

----- Maggie 12.12.12 13:39

I’m hoping for a great growing season at my farm and to have some fun with new interns!

----- Seth 12.12.12 13:28

this year I am hoping to spend more time with the people i love and be better at keeping a good balance between my life and my work.

----- kaitlyn 12.12.12 13:17

I am hoping for a healthy and happy year! If I find someone special that will be icing! :)

----- Sandy 12.12.12 13:07

to graduate

----- Iva 12.12.12 13:07

I am hoping for a new job.

----- Christina 12.12.12 13:06

Acceptance into an MFA creative writing program!

----- Katy 12.12.12 13:05

Happiness wrapped up in inspiration. A ball of fun filled with friends, new adventures + laughs. A huge love to be sent to + from my other half and open doors that lead to new possibilities.

----- Nina 12.12.12 13:04

I’m hoping to get to see my cousin before her baby is due in February.

----- Kate 12.12.12 13:03

to spend more time with friends!

----- baxter 12.12.12 12:57

2013, please let me find a nice apartment!

----- Andria 12.12.12 12:55

Comfort and family. Its been a tough 2012… im ready for a 2013 without loss, surrounded by the people that I love.

----- Jenni 12.12.12 12:53

I want to keep doing what I am doing - but more so!

----- holly 12.12.12 12:49

More of the same baby, life is good!

----- Ryan j 12.12.12 12:47

I am hoping for a raise, maybe find a new job, and lots of sunny days!

----- Michelle Warnke 12.12.12 12:45

a functioning prehensile tail.

----- Seth B 12.12.12 12:40

I’m hoping for (and working towards) happiness.

----- Robert W. 12.12.12 12:30

I would really like to pay off at least one of my out-standing student loans. And definitely want to go to a gaming convention in Indiana. Other than that, I am open to whatever comes my way.

----- jen 12.12.12 12:30

To enjoy my new twin girls..and that it gets easier.

----- wolfie 12.12.12 12:26

I’m hoping for a fulfilling job and maybe a chance to start and finish my amazing novel.

----- kim 12.12.12 12:19

Peace love and bacon.

----- Mike H 12.12.12 12:19

i hope that in the year 2013 all computers are happy and they learn to fly.

----- Tommy 12.12.12 12:17

Traveling to new places and meeting new faces.

----- Calvin 12.12.12 12:15

no debt

----- kelly 12.12.12 12:12

for 2013, I am hoping to get an amazing job doing what I love

----- Shachar 12.12.12 11:56

I keeping fingers crossed for a new puppy!

----- Antonio 12.12.12 11:55

Productivity, independence and security in all aspects of life.

----- NYN 12.12.12 11:54

An inspired idea that keeps me engaged and makes me passionate to pursue it.

----- Matt Z 12.12.12 11:52

More of a wish than hope… that Greece gets out of this freaking crisis and becomes an awesome country once again.

----- Miyon 12.12.12 11:49

as every year, having fun with friends, finding new friends, good health for my family, friends and myself, and also success in my studies!

----- daile 12.12.12 11:45

I want that, and a raise, possibly a christmas bonus.

----- Aaron 12.12.12 11:45

I hope to continue developing a budding romantic relationship.

----- Julie 12.12.12 11:39

I hope that more jobs are created, health care becomes affordable for everyone, and that we can find a better way to take care of one another. Best to all in the coming year!

----- Adrienne 12.12.12 11:35

A book deal!

----- Maurice C 12.12.12 11:33

we are hoping that we get to adopt a kiddo in the next year!

----- Rob/thief/corgimas 12.12.12 11:24

I really just want to work on more art and learn to cook.

----- David 12.12.12 11:22

I’m hoping to start my masters in 2013 and make progress on my career.

----- Daniel 12.12.12 11:18

Definitely the Retro Duo Portable NES/SNES game system. Pretty excited to dust off all my old games :)

----- Maisan 12.12.12 11:08

more art exposure & love!

----- Natalie Kay 12.12.12 11:06

I hope to finish collage!

----- Rihards 12.12.12 11:06

I would like to better myself physically and take time to spend with friends and family more.

----- Natalie 12.12.12 11:04

A book contract and a baby (and for them to come in that order).

----- Laura 12.12.12 10:47

It would be my “Cinderella” dream come true to get a job with Weiden and Kennedy in 2013. Love that firm!

----- kelsey 12.12.12 10:43

It sounds very cliche, but I’m wishing to meet the love of my life. After finishing my graduate degree, the job market was so bad, that the only thing I wanted this year was medical insurance. Now that this little wish was able to come into fruition this year, I have more hope than ever for the next!

----- Lis 12.12.12 10:28

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