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Parabellum Ball & Claw Feet on Purses- 12.12.12

parabellum1.jpg Wow. BALL & CLAW FEET ON A PURSE! Ok, sorry, been a bit excited in a “how did i not know about this before?” way…

We’ve been hearing about the amazing world of Parabellum from Bernard at Acquire for some time now… and i must say their details and free range Bison leather feel incredible. And they are all hand crafted right here in Los Angeles! Well, catching up on things, they just took my breath away with their Handbags. Sure they are made of free range Bison, with hand turned edges, suede lining, removable handles and all the works… but what REALLY sets them apart are the Military Spec Ceramic Ball & Claw Feet in copper or black. Yes, like table legs, lamp posts, etc of days past… also, who hasn’t been terribly annoyed by the lack of protection most purses have to fight off and survive what real life throws at them… these hardcore feet sound like they can handle any floor you are forced to put it down on…

See more details of the Medicine Woman Handbag above i’m lusting after, as well as the Emmeline Tote on the next page!

p.s. If possible, i’d totally put feet on my other bags as well…







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We grew up obsessing about and refurbishing antique and vintage luxury items in the basement of our father’s antique shop on Western Avenue in Hollywood. We learned from our grandfather, who made custom men’s suits by hand in the back of his Haberdashery on West Grand Boulevard in Detroit. We have watched, with disdain, as small runs have become mass-production, as domestic artisan craftsmanship morphed into an outsourcing free-for-all, as style went from true to garish, and as quality gradually ceased to be discussed.

We remember when luxury goods grew richer and more luxurious with time and use, and when spending extra for something special meant you were buying something that would last forever. Instead of watching things go in the wrong direction, we are helping them come back to truth.

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