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Holiday Giveaway #21: Kaufmann Mercantile- 12.13.12

kaufmann0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2013 is around the corner, and we’re finishing up this year with more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores and over 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #21 comes from Kaufmann Mercantile! They “believe good design means beautiful aesthetics and well-chosen materials for products that are built for functionality and durability,” and we agree with them 100%! And as they describe, “We put a lot of thought and research into everything we sell. Our slogan, “More of What Matters,” refers to the way purchasing goods for your everyday life ought to be - an opportunity to choose from durable, fine quality luxury items made under ethical, environmentally safe circumstances.” So, as you can imagine, their store is filled with all kinds of products to better your home — from tools, to edibles, to grooming and more! For today’s giveaway, we have a fun selection of products to give your home a taste of the Kaufmann Mercantile life… with a Wine-Scented Soy Candle - beautiful use of a recycled wine bottle, EDC Kit - pry bar, screwdrivers, precision tweezers, waterproof lighter and a titanium key ring in under 2oz, 3 Cup Chemex Handblown Coffee Maker - so beautiful, AND makes coffee, Stone Ground Buttermilk & Honey Pancake Mix - mmmmm, Black Walnut Trencher Board - a stunning cutting/serving board, and a Handmade Picking Basket to hold it all, or take on a picnic, or…

THE GOODS: A bundle consisting of a Wine-Scented Soy Candle, EDC Kit, 3 Cup Chemex Handblown Coffee Maker, Stone Ground Buttermilk & Honey Pancake Mix, Black Walnut Trencher Board, and a Handmade Picking Basket.

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing what is most important to you when buying a product by 12/18 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.

See more pictures of all the goods on the next page!

UPDATE: Congrats to Lena in Berlin, Germany!

kaufmann1.jpg Wine-Scented Soy Candle

kaufmann2.jpg EDC Kit

kaufmann4.jpg Stone Ground Buttermilk & Honey Pancake Mix

kaufmann5.jpg Black Walnut Trencher Board

kaufmann6.jpg Handmade Picking Basket

kaufmann3.jpg 3 Cup Chemex Handblown Coffee Maker

These vintage graphics of the Chemex Coffee Maker were too awesome not to share… kaufmann7.jpg

… and how to use a normal coffee filter! kaufmann8.jpg

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing what is most important to you when buying a product by 12/18 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.


441 Notes

40% Looks, 40% Quality, and 20% Hype!

----- Gavin Booth 18.12.12 23:42

Just that it’s a delight and perfect in every possible sense

----- Brian 18.12.12 22:26

Quality and user-friendly!

----- Sara 18.12.12 21:43

The most important thing for me is durability and looks.

----- kim 18.12.12 21:29

The texture of the product. If it is extra smooth, then I will extra like it (unless it is a tool, which should have some good grip)

----- Cameron Shore 18.12.12 20:04

I like products with minimalistic designs :)

----- Victor 18.12.12 17:31

That it is unique …

----- shannon 18.12.12 17:12

Needs to be made well.

----- Adam Edwards 18.12.12 17:01

I prefer to have that optimum intersection of aesthetics and function.

----- Michelle 18.12.12 13:57

The EDC Kit is great!

----- Alessandra White Riot 18.12.12 13:40

Price, quality, & aesthetics- all are very important.

----- Wendy T. 18.12.12 13:37

I look for products that are worth their cost and serve a purpose.

----- Jess M 18.12.12 12:21

I always do my research and make sure that, for my money, its the best looking and best functioning of its kind.

----- Petros S 18.12.12 11:32

Most important to me is durability as well as eco friendliness. Thanks for the chance!

----- Rossi 18.12.12 09:39

When I am going to purchase a product, especially if it is something that I am going to use frequently, I look at four things: where was it made, what is the level of quality of the materials, how sustainable is the item, and what kind of support is offered down the road.

----- Alex Blugerman 18.12.12 09:35

quality of product. If it’s made well, I’m more apt to buy it.

----- lace 18.12.12 08:51

longevity, quality, utility

----- nat g 18.12.12 08:33

i lean towards things that are classic, yet quirky.

----- rachel m 18.12.12 07:58

The most important part of buying any product, it its functionality. It has to be able to perform and withstand usage. It must also be visually appealing, if it doesn’t look good as well as work great, no one is going to buy it. The product must have an aesthetic value, a style, or be presented in a series to keep the customer wanting more and waiting for the next release. -

----- Colin Z 18.12.12 07:55

I like to be able to tell how it was made by looking at it.

----- Kate Speidel 18.12.12 07:01

Odd, creative design and simple at the same time, at a reasonable price.

----- Agata 18.12.12 06:13

Quality & Design Aesthetic.

----- Nancy M 18.12.12 03:42

The one-star customer reviews.

----- diego 17.12.12 23:19

quality for sure.

----- christine 17.12.12 23:06

Function, quality, style

----- Oliver 17.12.12 19:19

It is most important that I get a lot of use out of it.

----- samantha 17.12.12 18:04

Quality is the most important to me. I’d rather spend more money than have something fall apart or break shortly after purchase. It’s so wasteful!

----- Jen 17.12.12 16:35

It is functional or beautiful and will make me smile even when no one else is around?

----- Christian S. 17.12.12 16:12

I live in a teeny tiny apartment, so it has to be both beautiful and functional, since I don’t have the space to hide everything in cabinets

----- Elizabeth 17.12.12 15:49

Functionality and design!

----- Amanda 17.12.12 15:41

Do the Johnson’s have it yet?

----- Parker 17.12.12 15:04

If I can buy it knowing I’ll never have to buy another one again.

----- maRK Britton 17.12.12 14:23

I have all the essentials for my lifestyle already…A product has to be unique in some way, whether it is quality craftsmanship or material or wit for me to buy anything new…But when I find something I love, I will happily over-pay to acquire it!

----- Sonia 17.12.12 13:48

Craftsmanship, quality of the materials, and how well it works for its intended purpose. All of which are covered when it is designed well, so looks seem to fall in place accordingly.

----- Hadi 17.12.12 13:29

Oh well, probably it’s whatever motivated me to go out and buy it.

----- Talita Escher 17.12.12 13:10

Function + Quality + Design = BUY

----- Lena 17.12.12 12:34

The colour should offset my eyes.

----- Adrian 17.12.12 12:13

Unique perfection

----- Kristin 17.12.12 12:07

Unique perfection

----- Kristin 17.12.12 12:07


----- Katy 17.12.12 11:44

the material. It should be for a life!

----- Laszlo Dobrovolszki 17.12.12 11:33

I’d like to say functional design, but my new years resolution is to buy products that are made by ethically treated labor.

----- Mooni 17.12.12 11:28

Quality is the 100% most important thing. Should be able to stand the test of time and a battering if need be. I want my dollar to the day!

----- Scott 17.12.12 10:59

Most important is a balance between build quality and performance, within a budget.

----- Gabe G 17.12.12 10:34

Thinking about the objects I connect with the most, I think what matters most is that it has a story to it. The story can be anything (its craft, origin, heritage, etc.) — but it’s the stories I think people (or just me) connect with.

----- ido 17.12.12 09:14

Is it lovely? Is it useful?

----- Amelia 17.12.12 08:14

When I can use it often (coffee), efficiently (EDC), with pride (soy candles), and with people I love (pancake mix), I’d say it is a great purchase.

----- Alexander Leonard 17.12.12 06:30

Well designed, high quality, with a touch of whimsy or cleverness that can strike an emotional or practical chord.

----- Hoister 17.12.12 04:08

I look at cost, design, and functionality. But mostly cost.

----- Michelle H 17.12.12 03:44

I ask myself three questions:
1) Do I want it?
2) Do I need it?
3) Is it a pink unicorn with glitter and diamond?

If ‘Yes’ is the answer to either one, I buy it!

----- Tim 17.12.12 03:13

Functional and durable design.

----- Alice 17.12.12 02:00

I love it and my girlfriend can worst-case-scenario-tolerate-it-(please?)!

----- Dan 17.12.12 00:04

When I consider buying a product the first thing I look at is the quality, i.e. fabric, make, etc.

----- Brenda I 16.12.12 22:48

Aesthetics and utility.

----- Kyle 16.12.12 21:04

Simple elegance….

----- Erin Jacobs 16.12.12 20:54

functional design & price

----- Tali 16.12.12 20:35

a little something special…colorful lining, creative packaging, unusual flavor…

----- Lauren 16.12.12 19:31


----- LINN 16.12.12 18:33

I purchase stuff based on functionality and value.

----- nws 16.12.12 18:28

That it is ethically made, American made when possible, and something I really do want and not just a passing fancy.

----- Lorinda 16.12.12 17:41

Quality and Product Satisfaction/

----- Kathlyn 16.12.12 17:40

will I use it and will it survive a house with two toddlers

----- laura h 16.12.12 15:36

def has to be quality. gotta love attention to detail.

----- victor sanchez 16.12.12 14:28


----- Jillian Brooks 16.12.12 14:03

I look at quality and design!

----- Tony F 16.12.12 14:01

“Will I still want this in my life ten years from now.”

----- Brian 16.12.12 12:34

Utility… will I use it?!

----- loren 16.12.12 12:04

It has to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. If it strikes both these chords then it’s also likely to be well made.

----- Anna Perez-Pelaez 16.12.12 08:45

function, looks, quality, haptic (depends on the item) and the overall experience.

----- Max Moser 16.12.12 08:34

It solves a problem.

----- Omar McFarlane 16.12.12 07:42

Of most import is that the designers and crafters have respected manufacturing processes and the history of the made-object. There should be an appreciation for the classics as well as a move toward innovation. Superfluous extras and gimmicks should be avoided. A great design doesn’t date itself. The Chemex is a perfect example. 70 years after its invention, it continues to gain popularity as more and more people appreciate not only its beauty but also its ingenuity.

The object should not need to be thrown away after a year or two. I buy only a few items of the best quality I can afford. The selection made should come only after deciding it is THE one; no other options matter. There should not be a race to have only the latest iteration.

----- Patrick 16.12.12 07:00

Design and quality. Although I’m also a sucker for packaging!

----- Rose 16.12.12 03:07

quality, of course, and beautiful design.

----- marina 16.12.12 00:16

A balance between quality, design, and price. Although I must admit to being willing to spend a little extra if I know the product will last! :)

----- Em 15.12.12 23:51

What is most important to me would be the origin and ethical background of the product, and most of all, I prefer supporting American made products :]

----- Giulia 15.12.12 21:44

Design and sensibility are the most important tenets I consider when I purchase something. Both of which the Kaufmann Mercantile contest easily fill!

----- DREW 15.12.12 21:16

it needs to work for a long time. lets spend a few more dollars and skip over the shoddy generic. instead let’s get something that will be worth it’s price tag over the long haul

----- rich 15.12.12 19:53

Quality and craftsmanship first and a deal second.

----- Manny 15.12.12 19:34

Quality and style

----- Kirsten 15.12.12 19:03

Function I want it to do what I need it to do.

----- Dominique 15.12.12 18:25

Function. That comes in execution, durability, usability, and ergonomics. They all add up, and if they add up right, the form comes naturally.

----- Greg 15.12.12 14:55

If it’s going to outlast me and be useful the whole time (and beyond)

----- Ian 15.12.12 14:16

The magical intersection of good design, whimsy, and usefulness.

----- Nathan 15.12.12 13:44

The magical intersection of good design, whimsy, and usefulness.

----- Nathan 15.12.12 13:44

Quality and ability to last over years and years.

----- Marshal 15.12.12 12:29

Consumer Ratings

----- Jonathan Y. 15.12.12 12:29

Quality and solid craftsmanship. so much stuff today is made to be broken and replaced. and that’s not cool. at all.

----- Phil Yarnall 15.12.12 10:49

Great design matters most. And honesty in materials and process. I like to see evidence that something’s been touched by humans.

----- ken 15.12.12 10:18

a well designed product with good durable quality

----- Matt Burke 15.12.12 09:59

The most important qualities are the most eco-friendly: long lasting, made locally, sustainable materials, etc.

----- Annie 15.12.12 09:19

Quality and Style

----- Tom V 15.12.12 09:16

I’m usually thinking about if it is made with fair labor standards and has high quality. Thanks for the contest!

----- Elyn 15.12.12 08:48

That, it works.

----- Shane O'Brien 15.12.12 08:13

Quality. Is it something that will last and age well rather than break down and have to be replaced soon.

----- Nic C 15.12.12 07:21

Craftsmanship and an obsessive attention to detail.

----- Scott B 15.12.12 06:54

They “believe good design means beautiful aesthetics and well-chosen materials for products that are built for functionality and durability,”

- I second that notion.

----- NYN 15.12.12 06:05

Function and form. In that order.

----- jason 15.12.12 03:35

Value (in terms of material and price) are most important to me.

----- Rachel 15.12.12 01:16

Overall awesomeness

----- Johan Skoog 15.12.12 00:39

its aesthetics, shape, colour, price and the most important, to whom I can give it as a present.

----- kjl 14.12.12 23:43

I like to make sure the gift brings me joy.

----- Sahar 14.12.12 23:31

I want to make sure that a product will last. I don’t see the purpose in buying items if you are only going to have it for a day.

----- Christi 14.12.12 23:09

If I’m going to get the most use out of it. Could be cheap, could be expensive could be a splurge but if I feel like I would use the product to it’s full potential I deemed it a good buy.

----- Tiffany 14.12.12 20:48

That it’s ethically made and will last a long time. Love Kaufmann Mercantile for just that sort of thing!

----- Lindsey 14.12.12 19:50

Looks and quality

----- Laura 14.12.12 19:38

The integrity of its maker.

----- Noelle Stiles 14.12.12 19:36

Craftsmanship and elegance.

----- Rick 14.12.12 19:23

quality & awesome

----- Karl 14.12.12 19:12

My mental checklist -

1. Do I really need it?

2. Will I still be using it 10 years from now? Will it last until then?

3. Do I have somewhere to put it?

4. Is it made locally? In Colorado? In the USA? North America at least?

5. Is it recycled or earth-friendly?

6. Can I get it used somewhere?

I am de-cluttering, so I am carefully considering every one of my non-consumable purchases.

----- Erin 14.12.12 18:46

Biggest things in my mind when i’m buying anything are simply “Is it worth it/will it last?”
I’m a firm believer in the adage that you get what you pay for. I look for things that will be useful for a long time, be it a shirt or jacket I’ll wear often and through the years, or some household item that I know I’ll be able to have forever or at least be able to give it away when I get a replacement and it’ll still be useful to the new owner. Aesthetics do come into play, but then again, i find beauty in something that’ll still be around and potentially utilized decades from now.

----- Mikey 14.12.12 18:36

I’m always looking for smart, simple design of integral products.

----- Cianan 14.12.12 18:31

Price, quality, and of course aesthetics.

----- Roma 14.12.12 18:12

Build quality over everything else and hopefully other preferences align.

----- William 14.12.12 17:28

Design and quality

----- Liz B 14.12.12 16:53

happiness at a reasonable cost

----- Shannon 14.12.12 16:44


----- brian 14.12.12 15:56

a lack of plastic

----- dylan 14.12.12 15:39

First thing that I’d want in anything that I’ll be purchasing is for it to be sturdy enough, not disposable or just supposed to last a year or so. Almost always around 98% of the time. But if it just looks so good, I’ll purchase it also :D

----- bonks 14.12.12 15:16

good design above all. this includes affordability.

----- irena 14.12.12 15:07

Researching it way too much.

----- Jason 14.12.12 14:52

When buying a product, I look at craftsmanship.

----- Steve 14.12.12 14:34

This bundle is by far the manliest of the bunch, although I don’t think those pancakes will pass on my gluten free diet.

----- Lee 14.12.12 14:07

This is vague, but really it’s all about how the purchase makes me feel. I’m trading away my hard earned dollars, so I just want to feel good about the purchase. Maybe that comes from supporting a local crafstperson, or maybe from getting a super great deal on a necessity.

----- Michael 14.12.12 13:37

It’s got to feel right, both physically and emotionally.

----- erik g 14.12.12 13:14

Quality! The next most important is story telling, how compelling was the story told about the product.

----- Josh 14.12.12 12:49

It is most important that the product somehow helps me better understand myself.

----- Michael 14.12.12 12:44

A product has to function properly to even be a consideration. However, inspiring and unique design wins out every time. So many of the things we buy will be in our homes and seen daily for a decade or more. I for one want to make sure the things I spend so much time staring at are beautiful.

----- Ian 14.12.12 12:40

Amicability :)

----- Tommy 14.12.12 12:29

I think finding something that they would never look for or find but yet use everyday is my top priority when shopping for gifts.

----- Casey Dure 14.12.12 12:20

User reviews are what I rely on the most when buying a product. I’ll read up on something quite a bit before I purchase it, and I make sure to read a large amount of use reviews to see if the product is worth it.

----- Adam 14.12.12 12:11

Need, quality, and design. If I won’t use it I don’t buy it. If it looks and feels like it’s going to break, I don’t buy it. If it looks too ugly, too complicated or unfunctional I don’t want it.

----- Viktor Axelsson 14.12.12 12:03

I really look for craftmanship, design and ease of use when buying a product.

----- Pamela 14.12.12 11:53

Design, quality, and cheap shipping.

----- monica 14.12.12 11:40

Reviews and quality. I don’t like to be the first kid on the block, I can not afford to be a BETA tester for anyone, nor does my ego need the bragging rights. I do take the time to research the tar out of everything.

----- Benjamin 14.12.12 11:39

quality and thoughtfulness of design.

----- Kye 14.12.12 11:39

Quality! I’d rather save up for something which has been beautifully made than have something which isn’t quite right.

----- isla murray 14.12.12 11:32

Quality! I’d rather save up for something which has been beautifully made than have something which isn’t quite right.

----- isla murray 14.12.12 11:32

The most important things for me are whether or not the product will be used, and will it last a long time.

----- Grace 14.12.12 11:14

Does it work? Will it work for a long time? Do I have to pay taxes on it? And does it match my dog?

----- Nick 14.12.12 11:13

Good Design, and Actually able to be used!

----- Kort 14.12.12 11:00

I like it to be something with good design, and a unique but useful item.

----- marie henry 14.12.12 10:37

Subliminal design. Think about it.

----- Moi DuPéan 14.12.12 10:33

I think the most important thing when buying something is: will I use it?

----- TJ 14.12.12 10:31

Functionality. But beauty skews my bias.

----- Cameron 14.12.12 09:59

Does it fill the need, and will it last? I hate it when things don’t last.

----- Bruce 14.12.12 09:52

Avoiding products that are priced lower than they should be because the workers were not paid fairly

----- Erica 14.12.12 09:43

I am really interested in good design and durability. I don’t want land fill material and I want the kind of design where an item works beautifully in a number of different way - so a container should be able to hold more than one kind of item. I am appalled at all the kitchen gadgets available, each one for a very specific thing.

----- mridula 14.12.12 09:33

Functionality and quality

----- Randi Lynne 14.12.12 09:08


----- Jay Nam 14.12.12 08:57

…in short, it should make my life easier. The purpose of technology and gadgets is help us live our lives better, the fact that it’s fun and/or beautiful is an added extra

----- Crowley 14.12.12 08:53

For me it depends on whether I am purchasing for myself or someone else. If it’s a gift I want it to be something enjoyable and New, like unheard of awesome, a thing they didn’t even know they wanted. If I am purchasing for myself I spend more time looking at the construction and materials to know that it is well put together.

----- jen 14.12.12 08:49

American made!

----- Rocky 14.12.12 08:44

It depends on the product. In many cases, cheapest is fine. But if it’s an expensive item, I want my money’s worth. I’ll pay extra for the product I will enjoy using more, longer.

----- Thomas 14.12.12 08:24

well thought out goods

----- Maggie 14.12.12 08:16

Is it quality and will it last? I used to be guilty of always going for the best deal, even if it meant I would need to buy a replacement very soon after. I’ve finally begun looking in the long term and realizing it can be worth spending more for real quality.

----- Jeremy 14.12.12 08:11

quality and durability.

----- Carolyn 14.12.12 07:58

I think Mercantile’s motto to offer customers goods that are durable but also hold a high aesthetic quality hits the nail on the head. I can’t justify buying something that I won’t use because I don’t like looking at it, or won’t use because I love how it looks but it will break it if I use it. With that said, I think there can be a little bit of compromise, but ideally a product that is built to last and look good doing it will encourage the next generation to continue to buy that product, or yourself to buy one for everyone you know. There is something to be said for good design, which I believe is a harmony between durability, aesthetics, and function.

----- Charlotte Terry 14.12.12 07:57

I’ve been trying to shop directly from artists/artisans/crafters who run their own businesses, buying fewer but more unique items. Things with personality & character.

----- Michael B 14.12.12 07:55

Aesthetic design quality is key. Its what initially attracts me to an item. At that point its the feel of the object - the weight, texture, and durability which speak to the overall quality. Then if everything checks out, its down to the green.

----- T. Bacon 14.12.12 07:54

When I’m going to buy myself or a friend a present, and i’m going to spend a fair bit of money, my focus is on how much the object makes my everyday life better. I like products that make me appreciate being awake, moving around, and encourage me to use the tools around me.

----- JordnE 14.12.12 07:49

The most important thing for me when buying a new product is that when using it or simply by seeing it … it has to be something that I absolutely love and enjoy

----- Gretel 14.12.12 07:37

How it feels in the hand. i.e. Nice weight, texture, curves.

----- Katie T 14.12.12 07:19

I want it to be something that I need, that is well made and affordable.

----- Joanie 14.12.12 07:16

thoughtful, thorough design, functionality, and quality construction are the most important aspects to me.

----- Matt H 14.12.12 07:14

Being a designer, I’d have to say a pay close attention to the form and function of a product, as well as ‘craftsmanship’, so to speak, how well put together it is (but I guess this last thing is more from being picky rather than a designer :)

----- Marco 14.12.12 06:51

I’m usually interested in quality and durability which means I tend to gravitate towards weight and heft in the hand… Of course, so many expensive items feel flimsy these days! Even if a product is light, it can feel sturdy and reassuring with the right materials and design.

----- Lucas 14.12.12 06:50

Two things that I always take into account when buying a product is its aesthetics and function. Both have to be simple - then it is a very good product!

----- Azmir Hamzah 14.12.12 06:48

Function, Form, Quality

----- YuenMe 14.12.12 06:44

Enjoyment is most important to me. Followed by need, design, quality, and longevity.

----- Ryan 14.12.12 06:15

To me, the most important thing when buying a product is quality (good design doesn’t hurt either) and I’d rather pay a bit more to support independent businesses whenever possible.

----- stephanie 14.12.12 06:10


----- Bean 14.12.12 05:43

Well-made, useful, meaningful.

----- Kelley Elliott 14.12.12 05:22

I like products that are unique and are artfully made, with quality materials.

----- Christopher Brown 14.12.12 04:47

simply it’s usefulness. that’s the first thing that pops my mind

----- erick hilmansyah 14.12.12 04:14


----- Jon 14.12.12 03:40

Most important, is the look and feel and the quality of the product. The design can be creative, but it must remain sturdy and longlasting. I prefer handmade artisanal products! I really hope to win I love Kaufmann Mercantile!!

----- Jos 14.12.12 02:29

My Value Calculation: V=N + ((Q+O+D)(W))/3C
Need 1 - Sort of need, 2 - Needed (like sunscreen), 0 - Wanted. Can be decimal values.
Quality out of 10
Organizational score out of 10 (basically how good is the company producing it)
Design out of 10
What I would pay for it and not for a moment feel like I overpaid
Actual cost of item
V > 4 - Buy it, that is if I have the money.

----- Cody 14.12.12 01:29

Most of my product purchases are out of necessity, and what I look for there is quality and longevity. I rarely splurge, but when I do, quality still plays a big role. A girl’s got to have some standards!

----- Lis 14.12.12 01:22

It´s all about quality, complexity of product.

----- Michal S. 14.12.12 00:35

Quality. And can I afford it?

----- B Louie 14.12.12 00:12

I would say price to value(use, longevity) ratio.

----- Daniel 13.12.12 23:51

Matching the uniqueness of the person to the gift.

----- Jimmy 13.12.12 23:33

Design for sure; in product, packaging and down to the details of user manuals. This tells me the designer has thought through thoroughly of how his product is to be received, opened, used and enjoyed! When such level of thought is put into the detail of the aesthetic design, you can know for sure (most times!) the designer wants the product to be enjoyed fully - not just visually. You can be sure that the product is of high quality :)

----- Corinne 13.12.12 23:25

The most important thing is that I really LIKE it :) All the rest (price, quality, design) it has no importance if I don’t like a product …

----- Federico Salvador 13.12.12 23:25

if i wont get bored with it after a year.

----- yariv goldfarb 13.12.12 22:54

Design and quality

----- JM 13.12.12 22:44

style and durability

----- Garrettg5 13.12.12 22:28

how much happiness I’ll get from it :)

----- Allie 13.12.12 22:06

The product has to marry together quality craftsmanship with beauty and functionality.

----- Ryan Jenkins 13.12.12 21:59

i love things made out of wood

----- jennifer 13.12.12 21:54

A product must be functional and simple to use. Style it nice, too.

----- Madoc 13.12.12 21:38

There isn’t one most important thing for me. It really depends on the product. Sometimes it’s design, sometimes price, sometimes quality, sometimes that it’s local. It’s usually a mix of these, and more.

----- Sharon 13.12.12 21:27

craftsmenship, functionality, form.

----- KauKau 13.12.12 21:16

Great design is at the top of my list. Great design that’s affordable makes my heart twitter.

----- Heidi Hess 13.12.12 21:06

Design and Craftsmanship always deliver a superior product!

----- Andrew 13.12.12 21:06


----- misterchou.com 13.12.12 21:05

I guess it’ s provenience, which means quality.
In Italy, each town, city, region is specialised in producing something…you immediately notice the difference!

----- Federica 13.12.12 20:55

I’m always concerned about how unique the item is. If you’re going to spend money, it might as well be on something special!

----- Ashley 13.12.12 20:51

Will it bring me joy? Will it function for the foreseeable future?

----- Sarah 13.12.12 20:43

It’s a triangle of necessity, gorgeousness and price. There’s a sweet spot that hits all three.

----- Sarah 13.12.12 20:40

function > fitness (quality/durability/reviews) = form (aesthetics, per me) > fashion (aesthetics, per everyone else). i suppose all of that is tempered with what’s feasible (i.e. cost)…

thanks for the giveaways!

----- greg 13.12.12 20:37

This year, I am trying to buy local.

----- Yenn 13.12.12 20:17


----- Ryan 13.12.12 20:14

simplicity, durability, thoughtful and appealing design

----- yp 13.12.12 20:13

return policy & free shipping!

----- eliot 13.12.12 19:50

All about the quality and life of the product.

----- Carl 13.12.12 19:50

Doing your brand/price research!

----- Mikell Johnson 13.12.12 19:46

I’m kinda embarrassed to say, mostly how sleek and gorgeous it looks :)

----- Jin 13.12.12 19:30

price, aesthetic, quality

----- David 13.12.12 19:12

price, aesthetic, quality

----- David 13.12.12 19:12

Design: it should do what it’s supposed to do and look good doing it.

----- Jamie 13.12.12 19:10


----- V 13.12.12 19:02

I like quality - I hate items that break right away.

----- Carmen 13.12.12 18:52

Above all: quality and longevity. As I’ve gotten older I’ve definitely gotten into more of a mindset of buying better stuff once rather than poor-quality stuff frequently.

----- Ben 13.12.12 18:49

If it’s something I found at the flea market, antique shop, etc., I look for a story behind each item so I know that I’m buying something truly unique.

----- Nina G 13.12.12 18:18

I look for quality in a product after my initial attraction or need.

----- Gina F 13.12.12 18:17

For me, the most important thing when buying something these days is whether or not it’s actually worth buying.

----- Derek 13.12.12 17:57


----- matt 13.12.12 17:53

Quality and if it is what it claims to be as advertised

----- Juliana 13.12.12 17:47

I look for quality first and foremost. Second would be where/how it was made, followed by price.

----- Andy L 13.12.12 17:43

I don’t buy junk, but price is always a determining factor. If the object is something I will use often for a hobby, the desired quality will help me to save up to buy the version that best suits my needs… i.e. bike parts.
I bought a knife from these guys that was cheap and also the best knife I’ve ever used - much better than the other knives in this house.

----- Anders 13.12.12 17:42

That it meets a need I have

----- Julia 13.12.12 17:28

is it the best at its purpose
was it made well and ethically
can i find it on sale

----- kelly 13.12.12 17:26

Do I really need this product? Do I have any space in my cupboard for it?

----- tudza 13.12.12 17:24


----- Jericho Diaz 13.12.12 17:07

Craftsmanship and design

----- Kat 13.12.12 16:57

Whether it’s made out of quality material.

----- Julie 13.12.12 16:55

most important to me is the return policy…how do you know if you like a product until you use it? Plus, really good customer service!!!

----- tommy pez 13.12.12 16:55

two most important things when buying a product for me.. will i use it? is it durable?

----- Namtran Nguyen 13.12.12 16:32

Product reviews.

----- Bradley Osterhaus 13.12.12 16:30

Craftsmanship. Not much is hand crafted anymore and it makes such a difference in not just the quality but the feel of a product, knowing someone who cares made it and is getting a fair wage for it.

----- Taryn 13.12.12 16:14

Style, value, and fit for me.

----- Farah Lozano 13.12.12 16:14

Design and materials are the two things I really pay attention when buying new stuff.

----- Matthieu 13.12.12 16:12

That does what it is advertised to do, well.

----- John MacDonald 13.12.12 15:57

Most important is the product’s quality (also in relation to price). I just discovered Kaufmann Mercantile this season and bought a bunch of Christmas gifts from them! I’m very pleased with their products and the quality and design.

----- Jen D 13.12.12 15:48

durability; price; cherishability

----- Andrea 13.12.12 15:48

For me a product must be responsibly sources and manufactured. I dont mean lets just buy natural products, rather I mean, even electronics can be made responsibly.

----- Calin 13.12.12 15:43

Bang for my buck.

----- Erin 13.12.12 15:40

Durability with style a close second.

----- Mat Moore 13.12.12 15:37

It is most important to me (in order of appearance) that it looks good, works well, and is in it for the long haul!

----- Sarah 13.12.12 15:34

When I’m looking to buy a product, what I pay the most attention to is the cleverness of the design. I don’t mean that in a gimmick-y way, either. I look for products that show how much thought someone put into finding the best solution - usually through a very clever use of materials or features in its production and assembly. Of course, quality and price are factored in as well, but usually these follow naturally to a cleverly designed product.

----- Rob Wilkey 13.12.12 15:31

Most important to me: that it is affordable, durable, and when I can swing it - has pleasing aesthetic design!

----- Natalie 13.12.12 15:21

What is most important when I’m buying a product? Whether I can afford it. Since I am a student, I have no money for anything, especially not for nice design. Which is a shame, since I love design and study it! That’s irony.

----- Ms_Bob_Wat 13.12.12 15:05

That it lasts!

----- Mike 13.12.12 14:58

price in proportion to function, quality, design, size etc.

----- Andrea 13.12.12 14:54

Won’t break at first glance

----- Lindsey k 13.12.12 14:50

I rank durability and functionality as my highest criteria when making a purchase. Can it do what I want it to and will it last?

----- Josh Weinstein 13.12.12 14:42


----- Justin 13.12.12 14:34

I tend to choose things that are beautiful, responsible, or delicious. If I’m lucky, all three! (Yes, I’m thinking of those hand-crafted gourmet sea salt caramels…)

----- KatieB 13.12.12 14:23

For me I look for quality and reputation of a company!

----- charlie Price 13.12.12 14:22

Most important? how well it fits what I need, I guess!

----- jay 13.12.12 14:21

These items look like they would be great additions to my holiday festivities. Always looking for unique items.

----- Brian K 13.12.12 14:19

If I like it, I buy it!

----- Yoshio 13.12.12 14:14

First and foremost, I make sure that the gift is going to be quality and functional for the giftee.

I want to make sure they’ll use it, and be able to enjoy it for years to come.

----- John G 13.12.12 14:12

I want it to be unique to everything else I own. If it isn’t special, it’s hard to justify the purchase.

----- Jenna 13.12.12 13:58

The beauty and function of the thing.

----- Daimian 13.12.12 13:51

When it comes to buying a product, I consider necessity first. Followed by desire. Desire tends to trump necessity. But at least I still consider it!

----- Rae 13.12.12 13:50

Price and enjoyment ratio.

----- edgar 13.12.12 13:49

A product that doesn’t try to be anything other than it is, made with care and guaranteed to be long lasting.

----- Andrea 13.12.12 13:48

That whoever I’m buying it for is going to love it.

----- Adam S 13.12.12 13:47

A sense of voice and personality.

----- Laura 13.12.12 13:47

Reliability and a good design

----- Iris 13.12.12 13:25

Most important thing to me lately is seeing reviews. I find I trust the buyers that purchase popular items most reviewed highly. Saves me a lot of time, effort, and money in shopping!

----- Jenny 13.12.12 13:20

Quality is first on my list!

----- Cindy Aiton 13.12.12 13:04

Most important thing to consider when choosing a gift is really knowing the person that will receive the gift

----- Michael 13.12.12 13:04

Whenever I shop, I look for things that complement and suit what I already have, whether it is furniture or a new sweater. And I always look for classic silhouettes, made by artisans and masters of their craft, always trying to buy the highest quality my budget will allow. It does mean that so many of my shopping excursions are window-shopping affairs while I edit the selections in my mind and figure out what I *really* need to add.

----- tasa 13.12.12 13:01

Quality for sure, followed by clean design.

----- Stacy 13.12.12 12:57

Quality is at the forefront of any purchase I make; limited storage space/minimal lifestyle + only purchasing what you really need = life of bliss.

----- Michael 13.12.12 12:45

For me it is if I can afford it! I’m moving house this month and would love some lovely new products from Kaufman Mercantile, but have no pennies to buy good quality products! :-(

----- Jane Carvell 13.12.12 12:45

Colour, shape and material it’s made of. Is it pleasing to look at and keep in a hand? If so than it’s something for me:)

----- Agnieszka 13.12.12 12:38

Quality, useablility and PHOTOGENICITY!

----- Phil Nguyen 13.12.12 12:38

When sexy deisgn melds with impeccable function, I am hooked.

----- Seth B 13.12.12 12:31

I’m guilty of splurging money on great packaging design. It’s awful. I know. But I can’t help it… :(

----- Elynn 13.12.12 12:25

Quality and, I won’t lie, price. I’m scrutinizing!

----- Heather 13.12.12 12:24

When selecting a product, functionality is paramount

----- Matt Z 13.12.12 12:24

Quality is most important for me. I’d rather pay a little more for something well designed that will last a lifetime (or longer). I will actually buy a used quality item (if I can’t afford a new one) than buy a cheaper, less durable item.
An example is the uncle Bill’s tweezers in the above EDC. I have two of those, best tweezers on the market. Great for ticks, splinters, thorns and slivers of metal.

----- Michael W. 13.12.12 12:22

The product must work well and last for a long time. I want to be able to give it to my kids.

----- Jon 13.12.12 12:21

Design and quality, in this order.

----- Peter 13.12.12 12:14

quality and beauty

----- uli 13.12.12 12:14

Maximum level of awesomeness.

----- Matt P. 13.12.12 12:08

most important thing to me is high function design, which includes in my mind beauty and sustainability!

----- Devin Vermeulen 13.12.12 12:08

It is important to me that a product will age well, a quality similar to but distinct from durability.

----- Michael 13.12.12 11:57

Quality and craftsmanship.

----- Michael P 13.12.12 11:55

I want to make sure that it will improve my life in some way. whether that is a use or just making me happy

----- Chris Martin 13.12.12 11:49

Design, product quality and manufacturers’ ethics (i.e. labor conditions) are important to me.

----- Dee Wallace 13.12.12 11:46

The most important thing is how useful it will be. Design and durability are great - but first I want to make sure that I will actually use it!

----- Deliamo 13.12.12 11:45

Quality and design. Equally.

----- Heidi 13.12.12 11:45

Whats most important to me is functional durability, it has to work, and last.

----- LPH 13.12.12 11:41

Quality - it has to last

----- Almin 13.12.12 11:39

Having a long term use for it.

----- Daniel 13.12.12 11:33

Craftsmanship, usefulness, uniqueness, character, color, texture! PS - loving the giveaways this year!

----- Brandy 13.12.12 11:32

The object must excel at and withstand the tasks to which it will be put. Not to discount aesthetics, but a pretty product that falls apart or can’t quite get the job done is not a product worth purchasing.

----- Rogelio 13.12.12 11:24

Remarkable functionality

----- Misch 13.12.12 11:21

Quality/ design, very quickly followed by labor conditions for those who make it.

----- Holly B 13.12.12 11:04

A product must be good at what it was designed to do, then if possible it must be beautiful. Functionality is not always enough.

----- Sam 13.12.12 10:59

Most important that it’s made in the USA. Or designed and made in the same country!

----- Joe Kent 13.12.12 10:56

LOCAL manufacturing whenever possible, not overly designed, practical, useful, timeless.

----- jasmine 13.12.12 10:54

It does its job well

----- Mary 13.12.12 10:53

most important thing to me is the exact product I am looking for at the best price. I won’t settle for something close just because it’s cheaper.

----- Aaron 13.12.12 10:53


----- Robyn 13.12.12 10:51

Value, either utilitarian value or aesthetic value or both.

----- Randy 13.12.12 10:46

quality, design. also, the product should preferrably be environmentally friendly as well

----- daile 13.12.12 10:45

I look for products that are built to last.

----- John 13.12.12 10:44


----- Matt S. 13.12.12 10:44

Product quality is important.

----- shauna s 13.12.12 10:44

Most important is quality - but I like to buy local when I can.

----- Christina 13.12.12 10:43

the love that goes into it, the best products are made with passion and love.

----- Lauren Cidney 13.12.12 10:42

price and design

----- michael 13.12.12 10:40

Whether it’s made to last (and preferably even able to be repaired or have parts replaced). So many “permanent” products in our economy are really semi-disposable (i.e. they break after a year or two, then go in a landfill).

----- David 13.12.12 10:39

What’s most important to me is that the product is organic or fair trade.

----- Chelsea W 13.12.12 10:37

I love the personal touch that something being handmade or crafted has.

----- Aaron S 13.12.12 10:36

Good design. So rare those days. A product that combines ergonomics, utility and a proper emotional response to its look.

----- Steeven 13.12.12 10:34

quality, intention, abstract, durability

----- Austin 13.12.12 10:30

Craftsmanship and buying local whenever possible.

----- Dana Freeman 13.12.12 10:27

quality, design, and feel

----- Calvin 13.12.12 10:26

A sophisticated fusion of form and function that excites the mind and indulges the senses.

----- michaeL 13.12.12 10:24

Balance between beauty and functionality.

----- Lia 13.12.12 10:24

quality and affordability

----- Janete 13.12.12 10:24

More and more (as I get older) I am buying less “stuff” and more beautiful, handcrafted, unique or local items. When I see or use something that I have purchased and still think “I love this!” I know I made a great but.

----- Leanna 13.12.12 10:22

I want to have your baby!!!!

----- Brian Miller 13.12.12 10:22

Whether I’ll actually use it or throw it in the corner of the room and forget about it.

----- Khoa Tran 13.12.12 10:18

What’s important to me when buying is product? A few things come to mind I guess; I want to make sure that it’s a staple piece in whatever way I’m displaying/using, and that it’s fair-trade and sustainable of course!

----- Allison 13.12.12 10:12

How often am I going to be using it : )

----- Keno Leon 13.12.12 10:11

quality, quality, quality.

----- gray 13.12.12 10:10

Must be local, (eco)friendly, sustainable design, and organic (if it’s food).

----- Miyon 13.12.12 10:03


----- John 13.12.12 10:03

Functionality paired with good design and quality.

----- Susanna 13.12.12 09:57

Quality and Design rule my world

----- ushka shakhnis 13.12.12 09:50

Functionality. Whatever the item maybe, it should be well designed to do what it is meant to do.

----- Eric 13.12.12 09:47

Quality. To me the encompasses durability, craftsmanship, and repairability.

----- holly 13.12.12 09:45

A product so amazingly designed that its function, aesthetic and quality can not be improved upon.

----- Brandi 13.12.12 09:43

Whether it’s for myself or for someone else, the product should be a welcome enhancement to our lives.

----- Miles 13.12.12 09:41


----- Stacy B. 13.12.12 09:40

Though I am an industrial designer, I am a poor one. Durability, price, and necessity drive most purchases. Not too sexy, eh?

----- Jff 13.12.12 09:40

Most important for me is that it will last. After that, the heavier the better if it stays at home and the lighter the better if it accompanies me on travels.

----- Ryan J 13.12.12 09:38

I want something that is iconic.

----- Sydney 13.12.12 09:36

The most important thing for a product is to be the exact right product for my need at that time.

----- noah 13.12.12 09:34

Reviews. I’m always reading reviews to make sure the product is of quality and what I need.

----- Lara 13.12.12 09:27

that it works beyond the warranty

----- Dasha 13.12.12 09:27

price and utility

----- Daniela 13.12.12 09:26

The most important thing I think about when buying something is if I will actually use it. I have a horrible habit of buying things and letting them collect dust somewhere. Trying to break that!

----- Kate 13.12.12 09:20

the feeling that it is going to be used in a pleasant way:

that i will loose colors after 1000 days of wearing it
that it will break after 10 years of touching it
that im going to lose it, but would like to get the same one again

----- mona (not lisa) 13.12.12 09:16

My criteria is how functional it is and if it fits into the rest of my aesthetic.

----- vu 13.12.12 09:15

My criteria is how functional it is and if it fits into the rest of my aesthetic.

----- vu 13.12.12 09:15

That has good combination between Price/Usability/Package Design!

----- María 13.12.12 09:09

The products we use and buy are often treated as either a throwaway manufactured good, or an overly worshipped icon (think Apple or fancy designer products). The most important thing for me when buying a product, is that I’d prefer a product be necessary (can be used frequently/ many application), functional and beautiful, and something that gains sentimental value for me over time with use.

----- Eric S 13.12.12 09:03


----- lauren 13.12.12 08:57

The most important thing I look for is usefulness! Being cute doesn’t hurt though.

----- Michelle Warnke 13.12.12 08:55

The most important thing to me is how a product feels in my hand, I can always tell how much I like an object just by feeling it and holding it

----- Andrew Visconti 13.12.12 08:52


----- siena 13.12.12 08:49

Where it’s made.

----- Spencer 13.12.12 08:47

Simplicity, longevity, sustainability. I don’t mind paying a premium for a product that has been lovingly crafted. And if it’s made locally, so much the better!

----- Tim Driscoll 13.12.12 08:46

Design. Sidenote I ordered and EDC keychan for my brother-in-law for christmas and I would really like one of my own.

----- Brandon 13.12.12 08:39

We live in a culture in which products are meant to either be disposable or digital. I find it incredibly important to have something that will last me generations. Your beautiful products do just that. They are aesthetic, functional, and built to last. Thank you for still believing in that!

----- Ryan 13.12.12 08:38

For me, the most important quality is usefulness in my life.

----- Paul Morgan 13.12.12 08:31

I look for the perfect blend of form & function: something that will serve the purpose, while also looking nice enough to sit out in the open.

----- Tanya 13.12.12 08:30

It really depends on what I’m buying, but I think the most important things are quality, utility, and design.

----- Julie 13.12.12 08:27

I like to make sure what I am getting is quality. It just breaks my heart when something doesn’t turn out as well as it should.

Ps- I know Chemex are quality!

----- Emma 13.12.12 08:23

Quality is the most important to me.

----- sandy 13.12.12 08:21


----- neil k 13.12.12 08:18

Functionality. If it doesn’t work correctly, why bother?

----- Tyler 13.12.12 08:14

I look for grace in functionality. I don’t want things that are over-designed to a fare-thee-well just for the sake of design, but I do want that juicy aesthetic satisfaction that comes when an object’s (or garment’s) design sensibility perfectly matches its use. Really good jeans are this way, and so is my Fallkniven pocket knife, and yet, on the much froofier side, so are my vintage bright red plates with hearts on them—because food looks good on them, and they’re of good quality, and the old-fashioned hearts are a charming face for an empty plate when you’re done.

----- Josephine 13.12.12 08:12

When buying a product, I first consider how well made it is. I’ll typically pay more for something of good quality. I also try to buy American whenever possible and I always shop from a local business if I can.

----- Liz 13.12.12 08:09

The most important thing to me when buying a product is that it will last and work the way it was supposed to.

----- Chad 13.12.12 08:08

Aesthetic as well as functionality is important when choosing a product.

----- Casey 13.12.12 08:06

I look for products that have aesthetics, seems like a reasonable quality and have an idea.

----- Andreas 13.12.12 08:06

Niceness. I’m totally shooting for something, even something small, that someone loves but wouldn’t have gotten for themself.

----- Chris Stave 13.12.12 08:04

I need to know that a product will work the way I expect it to and it will last a while.

----- Lisa 13.12.12 08:02


----- wolfie 13.12.12 08:02

I always want items that will stand the test of time, and produce stories. They don’t have to be GREAT stories—just an opportunity to share with someone else.

----- Matthew 13.12.12 07:54

As a designer myself I like to have things in my house that reflect a sense of clean aesthetics and innovation.

----- Norma Ortiz 13.12.12 07:53

Quality and like-ability. If it doesn’t make me imagine it in my house, it isn’t worth it!

----- Natalie 13.12.12 07:52

Simple: does it make me happy?

----- Beth 13.12.12 07:40

It has to shout out to me, It needs graphics that pull me in or els i’ll just walk past.

----- Garry Hannah 13.12.12 07:39

Things that get better the more that you use them.

----- James 13.12.12 07:36

Good design…durable, beautiful, functional

----- Ben M 13.12.12 07:33

Usefulness and timelessness.

----- kelsey 13.12.12 07:31

Quality, quality, quality.

----- Ed 13.12.12 07:29

Design and quality… I prefer it to be playing to the eyes and also made of good quality to last

----- Sonya Z 13.12.12 07:28

Value and durability!

----- Ian S. 13.12.12 07:27

Quality, quality, quality!

----- Zac 13.12.12 07:26

The thing I look for is authenticity. When something is crafted, there are imperfections and character that come across in the production and I love to see how mine is so unique.

----- Erastos 13.12.12 07:24

I want to make sure it’s going to be something that lasts!

----- Meg S 13.12.12 07:11

The design and functionality… al have to have a sense and a beauty inside!


----- Patricia 13.12.12 07:08

I always appreciate products created with respect for the materials used, and for the user for whom they are intended.

----- Ellen S. Bautista 13.12.12 07:05

quality & price

----- jack 13.12.12 07:05

Something that possesses both form and function

----- Kai 13.12.12 07:02

That definitely depends on a lot of things, but I love finding things that have functional and aesthetically pleasing designs that have some unique aspect to them that make them stand out.

----- Pete 13.12.12 07:01

The important thing is about everyday use and it’s something dependable to have

----- AL 13.12.12 07:01

To be practical and of good quality - then I won’t feel bad about spending a lot of money.

----- Ralitsa 13.12.12 06:58

Certainly I’d want it look good, but in the long run quality trumps all.

----- Polina 13.12.12 06:53

If the product is locally crafted and if the employees are treated well. also if it is an environmentally sound product.

----- Seth 13.12.12 06:51

Longevity. If I can use it for a long time and have it withstand the test of time, that’s definitely a keeper.

----- Jasper 13.12.12 06:47

Quality. I want something that will last. Not something I will need to replace in a year.

----- Jenni 13.12.12 06:42

Extreme quality

----- Julia 13.12.12 06:42

craftmanship and uniqueness are both important. i prefer to buy things that are ethical and hopefully the profit trickles down to the right people.

----- melanie 13.12.12 06:41

As William Morris said: “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

----- Thomas 13.12.12 06:41

It just has to work really well.

----- Nick 13.12.12 06:38


----- Maurice C 13.12.12 06:37

I love that the product is up to my expectation or even better!

----- Sybille 13.12.12 06:32

clear design intent.

----- derek 13.12.12 06:31

Well made, Useful and Timeless.

----- P. Lee 13.12.12 06:31

When buying a product, for myself or someone else, I look for quality, uniqueness, functionality, and something that fits the personality. I want myself or another to have something one of kind that they’ll use on a daily basis that will make them smile.

----- Kaitlin 13.12.12 06:31

Weight of the object is the most important thing to measure quality and design for me

----- Javier 13.12.12 06:30

The most important thing in buying my gifts is quality, originality and origin.

----- Anna Lemons 13.12.12 06:30

When buying a product I look for fine craftsmanship!

----- Tyson 13.12.12 06:27

Aesthetics and quality these have both!

----- Levi Montez 13.12.12 06:26

1. Quality of materials 2. Aesthetics

----- Kelly Rae 13.12.12 06:25

Assuming that the function of said product is of decent quality, I really value visual appeal. I may be edging into adulthood, but I still love things that are patterned or brightly colored, products that are unexpectedly shaped like animals, or ones with bold/sleek modern designs. I like to surround myself with things that make me smile when I look at them.

----- Megan 13.12.12 06:25

It has to be built to last. Cheers for the giveaway!

----- Peter D 13.12.12 06:24

Most important to me is necessity— quickly followed by durability. Nothing worse than investing in something that falls apart after one use.

----- Mikaela 13.12.12 06:24

The return policy!

----- Barrett 13.12.12 06:23

I always look for quality, durability, smart design and products made locally when possible!

----- Amanda 13.12.12 06:18

must be reliable and quality.

----- Corey 13.12.12 06:17

The most important thing is that it does the job I want it to do, and does it well.

----- Eric W 13.12.12 06:17

Most important is that it’s something I will get enjoyment out of. Whether that be actual use, or passive decoration that makes me enjoy my environment more.

----- Brian B 13.12.12 06:13

Quality of product, its design and of course, the price.

----- Magdalena 13.12.12 06:13

Among many things, the most important part of buying a product is whether or not it has personality. Does said product appeal to my tastes and does it stand out from other potential high volume products.

----- Paul 13.12.12 06:11

Research, these days if you put some time into it, you can find better versions or higher quality items, compared to what you first find.

----- demure 13.12.12 06:07

I always try to buy things that will be used, and at the same time thigns that are well made so they will last for years. Things that will be enjoyed and remind the person of me each timethey use them

----- Pat 13.12.12 06:05

Quality is definitely up there, in terms of what makes or breaks a purchase for me.

----- Kate 13.12.12 06:04

Beautiful design.

----- Maggie 13.12.12 06:00

Quality, and reasonable pricing!

----- Kimberly M 13.12.12 05:59

The look of the product, and the way it was build .

----- Helder Ricardo 13.12.12 05:58


----- jay panelomo 13.12.12 05:55

how unique it is! i like finding things that I can’t make myself & that stands out among other similar products (if any exist)!

----- Natalie Kay 13.12.12 05:54

That i don’t have to worry about finding a better one later. Buy the best one out there, keep it for ever. Like the EDC Kit or the Trencher Board, I would use these for the rest of my live.

----- Flex 13.12.12 05:53

I want it to be something that i can use for years—and maybe pass on to friends when I move on.

----- Matt James 13.12.12 05:46

ME :>

----- Andie C 13.12.12 05:34

whether my wife would shout at me or not

----- jonas chau 13.12.12 05:27

I like to get a gift that I know they will use.

----- Elisabeth 13.12.12 05:16

Durability and visual appeal. It’s always best when form and function come together so elegantly like most (if not all) of the items in this bundle!

----- Chris 13.12.12 05:14

Where quality meets a reasonable price point.

----- Robert W. 13.12.12 05:12


----- jacob 13.12.12 04:45

For me it’s if the product has been created ethically or locally. I only buy fair trade.

----- Mike H 13.12.12 03:29

Quality out lives quantity. I like products you know perform a job correctly and have been made with love.

----- kim 13.12.12 02:27

Surprise and delight with a lasting, always functional design. (I hate it when your old computer slows down)

----- Tom 13.12.12 02:20

The most important thing to me when buying a product is the quality.

amy [at] utry [dot] it

----- Amy Tong 13.12.12 02:08

What is most important to me in buying a product:
That I am happy with my choice of product and that the product is happy with me!

----- Tyler 13.12.12 02:06

The most important thing is that something is of extreme quality, and that I can afford it without using credit card of some kind, which requires savings

----- bojan 13.12.12 01:04

Durable design.

----- Angela 13.12.12 01:04

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