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Holiday Giveaway #24: Dead Zebra- 12.16.12

android0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2013 is around the corner, and we’re finishing up this year with more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores and over 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

Happy NOTCOT Holiday GIveaway #24!!! The latest comes from our friend, Andrew Bell of Dead Zebra goodness - this year the special Holiday Android is Frankie Frost as designed by Scott Tolleson, these are limited edition collectibles, and 10 of our lucky winners will get one! In addition one super winner will get 2 of these Frosts as well as a signed Do Not Eat book and a ‘You should come with me’ print.

THE GOODS: 10 winners will receive a Holiday Android - Frankie Frost and one Super Winner will receive 2 Holiday Androids, a signed Do Not Eat book, and a ‘You should come with me’ print. (That’s right - there will be 11 winners!!!)

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing your favorite thing about winter by midnight 12/21 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.

See more pics of the goodies (and a coupon!) on the next page.

UPDATE: Congrats to Brenda in Oakland, CA, Kirsten in Puyallup, WA, Gretchen in Chicago, IL, Joyce in Ottawa, ON, Frank in Las Vegas, NV, Geoff in Strongsville, OH, Daniel in Coahuila, Mexico, Thu in Fayetteville, AR, Robyn in Cape Town, South Africa, Carol in Columbia, SC. And Super Winner, Paul in Proivdence, RI!


android2.jpg Holiday Android is Frankie Frost

android3.jpg Do Not Eat book

android4.jpg ‘You should come with me’ print

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing your favorite thing about winter by midnight 12/21 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.


See more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores HERE!


210 Notes

Having a good reason to stay home and enjoy the calmness.

----- Star 21.12.12 20:41

Enjoying a hot beverage while watching the first snow storm, relishing the fact that I work from home.

----- Sharon 21.12.12 19:24


----- Yoshio 21.12.12 18:38

Snuggling up under tons of blankets and watching old movies!

----- Kelly 21.12.12 18:25

walks though fresh fallen snow, sledging, snowboarding and returning to a roaring fire and a hot chocolate with baileys :)

----- Rob 21.12.12 17:47

Blowing snow and Christmas lights. Simple as that.

----- Simon 21.12.12 14:35

Bonfires on the beach. Brings all closer together to keep warm even in Florida.

----- Andrew Boone 21.12.12 13:54

Bringing out the big comforters

----- Bennie Hookfin 21.12.12 12:11

My favorite thing about winter is that coffee tastes better and that scarves and layers are in play.

----- Aaron 21.12.12 09:14

in san diego there really isn’t a winter. i miss my childhood in new england, waking up to a new whit world, no school, and tunneling into huge snow drifts.

----- rich 20.12.12 21:15

Snow. Snowballs, snow forts, snow days, xc skiing on snow …yup definitely snow.

----- Jamie 20.12.12 18:02

christmas time

----- Zara 20.12.12 13:59

Christmas gifts/tree/decorations :)

----- ioana 20.12.12 13:34

Drinking hot chocolate and watching my favourite movies, snuggled up in bed! (with my cat snuggled up right by me :) )

----- Robyn 20.12.12 12:36

Spending quality time with a loved one under a blanket with some hot chocolate.

----- Emmanuel Carrillo 20.12.12 11:45

the possibility of snow is my favourite thing about winter. It charges each day with hope and expectation.

----- mridula 20.12.12 10:04

Winter Solstice—seeing the season change and celebrating as people have for millennia. Even if this year there are a lot of crazy people buying into the end of the Mayan calendar/end of the world hoopla/hype/hoax!

----- Meg 20.12.12 09:35

That you can smell the crisp in the air! No, really, you can!!!

----- Carol 19.12.12 23:26

Having all the family together and Mexican Christmas food it’s great!

----- Daniel Herrera Marmolejo 19.12.12 22:20

My favorite thing about winter is that it’s scarf season! I love wearing scarves.

----- Ria 19.12.12 14:30

That you can see your breath when you’re bundled up and know that people are more compassionate bc we’re all cold.

----- Jenny Wong 19.12.12 12:53

central heating, a cosy sofa, hot chocolate, the cat on my lap while watching a Bond movie.

----- Stephen 19.12.12 12:32

Pick me please!

----- Peter Teoh 19.12.12 11:49

Ugly sweater parties. And Snow!

----- Jenn 19.12.12 10:58

Let it snow!

----- Regan 19.12.12 10:46


hot chocolate
hot apple cider
hot simmered red wine with cinnamon and fruits

forever without sweating.

----- Mariana Chan 19.12.12 10:39

the crackle of the fireplace and my lady next to me.

----- S. Meyer 19.12.12 08:45

The cold air outside after being in a stuffy, heated building.

----- greg 19.12.12 08:14

Saturday afternoon movies in front of the fire snuggled up on the couch with someone special.

----- Susan 19.12.12 08:09

christmas parties

----- Diego 19.12.12 07:23

My favorite thing about winter is watching my dog in the snow. She likes to take bites of snow when walking. After every bite she then does a little sprint cause she’s so excited then she starts the cycle over again.

----- Paul 19.12.12 05:44

to lie in bet when outside harsh wind goes crazy!

----- mona (not lisa) 19.12.12 03:44

Ice skating!

----- Thu 18.12.12 23:36


----- Jeff 18.12.12 23:04

I love all the Christmas scents like spiced pumpkin and pine.

----- Brenda I 18.12.12 23:03

Oh my definitely scarves

----- Brian 18.12.12 22:31

Favourite thing about winter is hot chocolate, a comfy blanket, and a good book :) indoors! and building a snowman after :D

----- Sara 18.12.12 21:47

What I love about winter is the cold, cold wheatear I love it because it brings me memories of good times of my childhood winter is equal to family time and presents! That is just awesome!

----- Samuel Sánchez 18.12.12 21:45

My favorite thing about a Cali winter is getting to snuggle in my scarves and gloves without having to shovel any snow. :)

----- Moe 18.12.12 21:32


----- Matt 18.12.12 19:37

I enjoy getting snowed in up at school so a bunch of us are stuck on campus. It’s really fun to me

----- Victor 18.12.12 17:39

I’d have to say its the way traditional white lights light the snow. Just makes me feel like a kid every time I see it!

----- Dave P. 18.12.12 17:28

I love winter for the fact of the Android collectibles. But more importantly its cold so you get to cuddle with the wife more often!

----- Mychal Hix 18.12.12 16:31

Being able to wear sweat pants at all times during the day

----- David 18.12.12 15:24

The favorite thing I like about winter is having snowball fights with my nephew and niece.

----- Frank 18.12.12 15:01

The crunchy sound of the snow when walking home to get a hot chocolate.

----- Carine 18.12.12 14:41

Love the snow!!

----- Todd Van Laningham 18.12.12 14:14

My favorite part of winter is snow and the android collectible that comes out!

----- Zac Nichols 18.12.12 14:10

Winter provides an excuse for me to light a fire and read all day under a pile of warm blankets.

----- Michelle 18.12.12 14:10

Soft sweaters and boots. :)

----- Kirsten 18.12.12 13:59


----- Alessandra White Riot 18.12.12 13:36

What I love about winter: I stop feeling guilty for staying inside. Summer makes me feel guilty, winter makes me feel entitled.

----- Donna 18.12.12 13:34

my favorite thing about winter is watching my daughter build 1 ear’d snow bunnies with milk bottle caps as for eyes & nose, i’d post a picture if i could :)

----- Kevin Whelan 18.12.12 13:32

best thing about winter is a week off of work.

----- Thomas 18.12.12 13:21

My favorite thing about winter is the holidays and spending time with family and friends. Then knowing that spring is not to far away.

----- Jeremia 18.12.12 13:17

F.F.F. - Food, Fireplace & Friends.

----- Derrick Peng 18.12.12 13:16

My favorite thing about winter is the Christmas Android Mini Collectible!

----- Christopher Wiseman 18.12.12 13:14

Favorite thing about winter… being able to stay indoors cuddled up with the wife and enjoying some beverages to warm the ol’ belly up!

----- lnimmer 18.12.12 13:13

White fudge covered Oreos and hot chocolate.

----- Adam 18.12.12 13:11

My favorite thing is going back to Michigan to visit family and enjoy the snow! Sledding, skiing and hanging out by the fire with the family is perfect!

----- johng 18.12.12 11:45

going up to the mountains snowboarding while enjoying the spectacular view!

----- Mary 18.12.12 11:39

My favorite thing about winter is waking up when it’s snowed and everything is silent. It’s like looking out into an alien world.

----- Natalie 18.12.12 11:20

Santarchy! A huge flash mob of people dressed in Santa suits, running around giving out candy and singing!

----- Jasper 18.12.12 10:36

I love skating on the Rideau canal in my home town of Ottawa. This is the only time and place that you can get the delicious pastry that we call “Beavertails”. Amazing.

----- Joanie 18.12.12 09:55

Favourite thing about Winter would probably be going home for the holidays. It’s actually really nice because I barely see my family once a year. Thanks for the chance!

----- Rossi 18.12.12 09:44

I love how quiet the world is while its snowing, and how often all that you can hear is the crunch of people walking.

----- Alex Blugerman 18.12.12 09:38

Bundling up and watching movies. It’s hard to justify when the weather is nicer.

----- Greg 18.12.12 09:29

My favorite thing about winter is that everything is peppermint flavored!

----- Gretchen 18.12.12 08:40

I love the calm mornings where it seems nothing is outside, no creatures are stirring and all is still. It makes it so peaceful.

----- Tyler 18.12.12 08:09


----- Geoff 18.12.12 07:50

I love the smell of night in the winter…. Especially with rain.

----- Jenny 18.12.12 01:27

My favorite thing about winter is snowboarding

----- Derek 18.12.12 01:24

Ice skating outside as it is just starting to snow, surrounded by trees and houses covered in lights.

----- Alison 18.12.12 00:04

my favorite thing in winter is that it such a luxury for me because my country doesnt have winter. haha. so that i have to travel to enjoy it.

----- erick hilmansyah 17.12.12 23:54


----- Levi Montez 17.12.12 23:20

Growing up in Florida, winter always meant the possibility of colder weather. After having about 9 months of hot weather, sweater weather sounds really nice, trust me.

----- Lara 17.12.12 22:24

Christmas lights, winter clothing, and pretend chain smoking when it ever gets that cold!

----- Amanda 17.12.12 22:01

Hot chocolate by the fireplace!

----- Casey 17.12.12 21:07

I love making fires in the fireplace

----- Amir 17.12.12 21:05

Snow coming letting me build snow men and snow dogs :)

----- Garry Hannah 17.12.12 21:02

Ice skating, skiing, sledding, and building snowpeople.

Then warming up with hot chocolate.

----- Sarah 17.12.12 19:55

the best part about winter has to be, hands down the snow.

----- matt 17.12.12 17:59

Everything is covered in vanilla ice ice baby.

----- NYN 17.12.12 16:46

My favorite thing is the holiday music, not really. My favorite thing is the New Year’s celebrations.

----- David 17.12.12 16:13

Cuddling by the fire with that special someone, with a big mug of hot cocoa!

----- Elizabeth 17.12.12 15:30

German Christmas Markets

----- John 17.12.12 15:05

hot chocolate! and bundling up under the covers!

----- Namtran Nguyen 17.12.12 14:51

Watching the snow come down

----- Susanna 17.12.12 14:43

comfy, cozy sweaters!

----- Christina 17.12.12 14:08

The crunch of the snow from your boots while walking in the dark.

----- Jason 17.12.12 14:06

I like seeing my breath when I’m outside. And the anticipation of calling the school-closed hotline and hoping the university I work at is closed, day off!

----- Chris Stave 17.12.12 14:04

Gets cold enough to actually wear coats. And snow

----- Matt Z 17.12.12 13:12

Aussie Rules Football!!!

----- Adrian 17.12.12 13:11

I looove the beach in the winter. Oh Wait, did I mention I’m Brazilian?

----- Talita Escher 17.12.12 13:08

hot apple cidar, cutting down a xmas tree, and watching Christmas Vacation.

----- Craig Stevenson 17.12.12 12:48


----- Mati 17.12.12 12:27

hot chocolate and santa!

----- ashley 17.12.12 12:26

The way my eyes constantly water whenever I’m outside. Everyone thinks I’m crying so they are nicer. The downside is I keep having to explain nothing is wrong and I can’t help it.

----- P. Lee 17.12.12 12:24

Watching my dog go absolutely insane in the snow; bunny-hopping through, rolling in, and eating as much as possible as quickly as possible. Playing until exhaustion.

----- Kristin 17.12.12 12:13

Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows.

----- KatieB 17.12.12 11:53

My favorite thing about winter is the snow. The way the beautiful bright white covers the ground like a blanket is amazing. Plus, when its chilly outside, you can stay inside to cuddle up with a nice cup of hot coco and a husband :)

----- Evelyn 17.12.12 11:47

The overcast days.

----- Katy 17.12.12 11:46

Hockey out on the lake…especially when you get lucky and get a good solid freeze with no snow and the lake is like glass….amazing

----- Maisan 17.12.12 11:32

hands down, spiked hot chocolate on a freezing cold night

----- Mooni 17.12.12 11:22

Cuddling by the fireplace whilst drinking hot toddies!

----- Andrew 17.12.12 11:14

My favorite thing about Winter is Spring is just around the corner.

----- Steve 17.12.12 11:06

I love winter for a few reasons, but one of the best? The short and cold days give me more of an excuse to hole up inside and work on my art. I usually am the most productive in winter and that is when I plan for the coming year’s exhibitions!

----- Rachel 17.12.12 11:02

my fav. thing about winter is snow.

----- shauna s 17.12.12 10:44

favorite thing about winter? highs in the 80s, lows in the 60s.

Florida winters, gotta love em.

----- Gabe G 17.12.12 10:36

Being cozy enjoying a hot chocolate and a good movie with my wife.

----- scott 17.12.12 10:20

My mom’s tamales!!! If you come to Costa Rica, I’ll invite you to have some! Yum!

----- María 17.12.12 10:13

boardgames by the fire

----- flanfan3000 17.12.12 09:39

Since I’m from SoCal, my favorite thing is seeing frost on the roofs on those days that it actually gets cold…

----- Ryan C. 17.12.12 09:29

My favorite thing about Winter? How much it makes me appreciate Summer!

----- Kyle 17.12.12 09:21


----- Daniela 17.12.12 09:16

Hot soups and great chilies!

----- ShaunwinSC 17.12.12 08:42

Having the smell of pine all through the house!

----- Rob Tait 17.12.12 08:37

Warm blankets and those I love close by.

----- Eric W 17.12.12 08:37

The fireplace/blanket/hot chocolate combo!

----- Swan 17.12.12 08:33

My yearly trip to a cabin in Boone with friends to go snowboarding/hiking/cooking amazing food. No better time of the year.

----- Rob Wilkey 17.12.12 08:10

as vague and weird as it may seem
I like the IDEA OF WINTER with all its fancy white snow
because im from a tropical country and im sure theres a lot of hassle
that comes with winter but its really just the idea that makes us
tropical people die of envy. ;) and the chance to wear cool winter clothes


----- JC Soriano 17.12.12 08:02

My favorite thing about winter is the festive atmosphere. You just feel extra positive energy from everyone.

----- Sandy 17.12.12 08:01

Hot soups and great chilies!

----- ShaunwinSC 17.12.12 07:51

Snowboard all day long, then back for an hot chocolate in front of the fireplace with a good book in my hand.

----- Oiproks 17.12.12 07:51

Winter waves at the wedge.

----- Nick 17.12.12 07:45

My favorite thing about winter is to celebrate the birth of our Lord and savior saviour Jesus Christ.

----- matt 17.12.12 07:38

The smell of roasted chestnuts.

----- Ralitsa 17.12.12 07:36

Of course the best part of winter is snow and hot chocolate with marshmallows.

----- Bob Schwartz 17.12.12 07:36

I’m always surprised by the infinite variety and beauty of the snowflakes
* *
* * * *
* * * * *

----- Agata 17.12.12 07:33

Sliding through the snow on my board, listening to the wind blow through the woods and watching the foxes and dear scurry through the forest.

----- B.McGuigan 17.12.12 06:53

Seeing my breath fog out in front of me and feeling the crunch of snow beneath my boots :)

----- Jenni 17.12.12 06:37

My favorite part of winter is how quiet things can be, especially during a snow.

----- Nick 17.12.12 06:31

My favorite thing about winter? Absolutely nothing. I’m counting the days until summer!

----- Cindy Aiton 17.12.12 06:30

Being able to read at leisure while bundled up and not having any reason to stop me from reading.

----- Kathlyn 17.12.12 06:20

My favourite thing about winter is the snow!

----- Marieke 17.12.12 06:15

The clothing and the way it gets quiet when it snows.

----- Robert W. 17.12.12 05:16

Stomping and crunching ice with pockets of air beneath the surface.

----- Sarah 17.12.12 04:50

Favorite thing about winter? Why that would be egg nog and giving gifts.

----- Brucet45410 17.12.12 04:37

The cool crisp air, the fact that we can wear sweaters and scarves, the anticipation of spring

----- Hoister 17.12.12 04:12

Vin brulé!

----- Eloisa 17.12.12 02:28

My favorite part of Winter is the delicate sound of snow falling.

----- Shawna 17.12.12 01:29

Sitting by the open fire with a hot drink watching cartoons.

----- Mat Moore 17.12.12 00:55

I love winter because i DONT LIKE HOT WEATHER!

----- F@ndr0id 17.12.12 00:12

I love cozying up in front of a warm fireplace.

----- Christina 16.12.12 23:57


----- jason 16.12.12 23:39

The warmth of winter!

----- Tyler 16.12.12 23:22

Snow, because it beats rain. Also I look forward to snowboarding every year.

----- Eric 16.12.12 23:05

I loves now! Especially since I am from Florida and we get none. :(

----- Angela 16.12.12 22:07


----- Jonas Chau 16.12.12 22:02

I love the silence after freshly fallen snow. Everyone usually keeps inside, and all of the sounds are muffled.

----- range 16.12.12 21:50

My favorite winter thing is playing in the snow.

----- James 16.12.12 21:49

Nighttime snowing, all clean, white, and reflecting the street and moon light.

----- Erin 16.12.12 21:47

The Wisdom of Snow.

----- Tom 16.12.12 21:43

cute mittens (I have way too many) and hot chocolate :)

----- Melissa F 16.12.12 21:10

Everybody looks cuter in the winter. In the summer everyone’s just sweaty and gnarly mostly.

----- Tiffany 16.12.12 20:26

This is going to sound so trivial, but I love winter fashion! Living in Asia means we have to travel elsewhere to experience it, snow and all. This means bringing along wonderful winter clothes and accessories, and taking as many snapshots as we could because who knows when we’ll be able to dress up the part again.

----- Ellen Bautista 16.12.12 19:36

Snow of course and also the winter clothes and accessories…

----- Juliana 16.12.12 19:34

It’s easily then heavy food I get to eat from time
To time. The braises!

----- William 16.12.12 19:23


----- Mercurydime70@yahoo.com 16.12.12 18:37

I have never experience winter as my country doesn’t have 4 seasons.
But from what I watch on TV, I guess the best thing about winter is the snow.

----- nws 16.12.12 18:32

Cool Crisp Air and Full Moons

----- Linn 16.12.12 18:31

the happiness on kid’s faces.

----- jay panelomo 16.12.12 18:07

My favorite thing about winter is being able to wear jackets outdoors…

----- Andy L 16.12.12 18:01

Eggnog and brandy!

----- Adam 16.12.12 17:41

sitting by the fireplace

----- jacob 16.12.12 17:40

sitting by the fireplace

----- jacob 16.12.12 17:40

Getting out the snowshoes and tent and hitting the backcountry. Nothing like spending a couple of frosty nights under the incredible winter night skies. Just dress warm though!

----- Tim Driscoll 16.12.12 17:08

Playing with my kids’ new Lego

----- John MacDonald 16.12.12 16:19

The few days when it is snowing and not raining.

----- Iris 16.12.12 16:10

Freezing your nuts off on an early morning winter surf session, in 3-4ft glassy clean waves :).

----- Paul Bird 16.12.12 15:56

My favorite part about winter is snow.. which is also sometimes my least favorite part of winter… but its a great equalizer… has the ability to make all silent…

----- Patrick Wong 16.12.12 15:49

The food!!! :D

----- Ian S. 16.12.12 15:40

the way shoes feel right after taking off ski boots

----- Kelvin 16.12.12 15:20


----- cch 16.12.12 15:11

hot chocolate and soup!

----- Mike 16.12.12 15:09

Cozying up in front of a warm fire.

----- Christina 16.12.12 14:52

roasted chestnuts!

----- Blue 16.12.12 14:38

I love the temperatures in the 60s and 70s in town, but the great view we have out the back windows of the snow covered Catalina Maountains.

----- Scott B 16.12.12 14:35

Winter accessories! Hats and scarves and gloves, oh my!

----- Melissa 16.12.12 14:28

Best thing about winter is having fun in my audi in the snow.

----- victor sanchez 16.12.12 14:24

Camped out by a blazing fireplace, watching the snow pile up outside, hot drink in hand.

----- RobW 16.12.12 14:16

Winter oh winter how I like you so much.

----- Dmitriy 16.12.12 14:08


----- Jillian Brooks 16.12.12 14:05

Winter brings far flung friends and family together

----- TonyF 16.12.12 13:56

Definitely winter storms. Nothing better than standing in the middle of a whirling snowstorm while drinking a hot coffee.

----- Ryan J 16.12.12 13:55

My favorite thing about winter is driving on horrible roads. Always the chance you won’t make it home. Knowing in your gut that you are an idiot and should stop driving but refusing. It’s my roller-coaster ride. Cause when I do make it home safe and sound with only three or four life/death experiences on the way I have concurred another winter challenge. Love every minute of it.

----- Elizabeth 16.12.12 13:52

i love the Ghost of X-mas past…seeing long lost friends and catching up with people you love !!!

----- noel drumbor 16.12.12 13:52

Snowshoeing in the middle of the night when persons are asleep and beasts are on adventures…this is pristine.

I adore the hexagonal geometry of frozen fluid and the fact that the moon can illuminate entire regions.

Candles flames, incense, wood-burning stoves, icicles, hot-toddies, bourbon, slow-cooker stews…

I could go on and on, as they say…

----- seth b 16.12.12 13:36

Getting to wear scarves.

----- Jake 16.12.12 13:34

best thing is snow…..and short legged corgimas making trails in the snow!

----- rob 16.12.12 13:26

My favorite thing about winter is that even in the dead of night, a nice bed of snow on the ground lights everything up.

----- Josh 16.12.12 13:26

Each year we discover at news TV show that snow exists in France :)

----- JulienDev 16.12.12 13:19

Winter is cold it is fun to get warm with hot cocoa, blankets, friends and family

----- Eug 16.12.12 13:19

watching the fire channel, anticipating “the hand”.
Fun fact, if you first see the hand right when you turn on the fire channel for the first time of the year, it’s good luck for the new year!

----- tyler 16.12.12 13:16

Finally being able to wear jackets and other layered clothes in Phoenix.

----- Phillip Anderson 16.12.12 13:15

Snow, of course!

----- Diana 16.12.12 13:08

The sound of snow crunching underfoot on a quiet evening walk.

----- Ed 16.12.12 13:03

snow obvi

----- dylan 16.12.12 12:58

Best part is snow sports with the kids!

----- Mikell Johnson 16.12.12 12:48

My favorite thing about Winter is getting to wear sweaters, and not having to wear shorts. Dowm with summer! Winter forever!

----- Peter 16.12.12 12:39

Super easy - snow!

----- Brian 16.12.12 12:39

I love winter in Vancouver for the rain that cleanses away the dust of the year that has passes, making way for a fresh start with the spring blossoms that will soon arrive.

----- Gaylene 16.12.12 12:29

Spending a lazy Sunday inside reading without any nagging sense that there’s something better to do.

----- derek 16.12.12 12:21

be in front of the fireplace watching the snow through the window…

----- Helder Ricardo 16.12.12 12:10

My favorite thing about winter is walking around downtown Olympia and seeing the streets covered in really thoughtful decorations and how festive and happy everyone is - doing that with hot chocolate is always a plus.

----- Allison 16.12.12 12:02

My favorite thing about winter is walking around downtown Olympia and seeing the streets covered in really thoughtful decorations and how festive and happy everyone is - doing that with hot chocolate is always a plus.

----- Allison 16.12.12 12:02

The feeling of scratching your head after wearing a sweaty wool beanie out in the cold all day

----- loren 16.12.12 11:58

I love windy days because I get to wear my hand-knitted scarves.

----- Dominique 16.12.12 11:56

I love fires in the fireplace, though it’s 73 degrees here today…

----- Jeff 16.12.12 11:49

My favorite thing about winter is how Tampa gets down to a brisk high 50’s low 60’s and there’s no snow.

----- Micah 16.12.12 11:45

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