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Hardcore Hardware Australia TWI01- 12.16.12

twi0.jpg On fun birthday presents, i got a HHA TWI01… HHA stands for Hardcore Hardware Australia and TWI stands for TACTICAL WRITING INSTRUMENT! Yup, this is more than an awesome matte black pen that takes Parker and Fisher Space Pen cartridges… it can be used to break glass in cases of emergency, etc. The entire shaft of the pen is constructed from 6000 series, non-reflective; black anodized aluminum, and a dome shaped crown constructed from high-grade stainless steel. There are also O-rings keeping the pen completely waterproof! See more pictures of it on the next page…

p.s. Between this and my Triple Aught Design Titanium Rescue Ring i should have no excuse getting stuck behind glass…





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i want to marry this pen

----- Ivan Miguez 17.12.12 11:29

back in black!

----- Andie C 17.12.12 04:39

Blimey, it’s like the ultimate pen.

----- Mat Moore 17.12.12 00:58

Nice… But, probably illegal where you live. Get yourself a stainless steel Sharpie. Very sleek looking. Makes an excellent kubotan. And, won’t get you arrested.

----- Smitty 16.12.12 19:47

Nice! Wish the Canadian reseller wasn’t sold out.

----- Lincoln 16.12.12 18:10

Very cool, love the all black look.

----- Chris Meisenzahl 16.12.12 17:09

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