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Holiday Giveaway #25: Skip Hop- 12.17.12

skiphop0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2013 is around the corner, and we’re finishing up this year with more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores and over 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #25 is here filled with goodies from Skip Hop, perfect for new parents (or parents-to-be!). This bundle is a great collection of some of their new products that have you completely covered, from a Grand Central Diaper Bag that can hold any/everything and then some, while still keeping you (and the baby) organized - the Complete Sheet 4-piece nursery set, which is basically an instant nursery minus the crib, with wall decals, sheet set, crib skirt, and nursery blanket (all in adorable themes!) - and for fun toys to get your kid going, Alphabet Zoo ABC Blocks, Tree Top Friends Bead Tree, and a Flapping Owl Pull Toy! It’s a lovely bundle to kickstart things while introducing your child subconsciously to some stunning design early on!

THE GOODS: A bundle including a Grand Central Diaper Bag (winner chooses color), Complete Sheet 4-piece nursery set (winner chooses print), Alphabet Zoo ABC Blocks, Tree Top Friends Bead Tree, and a Flapping Owl Pull Toy.

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing something unexpected you’d want your child to learn by midnight 12/22 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.

See more details on the next page!

UPDATE: Congrats to John in APO, AE.

skiphop1.jpg Grand Central Diaper Bag

skiphop2.jpg Complete Sheet 4-piece nursery set

skiphop3.jpg Alphabet Zoo ABC Blocks

skiphop4.jpg Tree Top Friends Bead Tree

skiphop5.jpg Flapping Owl Pull Toy

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing something unexpected you’d want your child to learn by midnight 12/22 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.


168 Notes

i want my 9 month old to speak multiple languages. we’re starting off small with ASL, but my goal is for him to also learn spanish, chinese, japanese, arabic, and and and.

----- sarah 22.12.12 15:54

A have a baby girl, and my husband and I are excited for her to learn computer programming. :)

----- kathryn 22.12.12 12:21

If my child could, it would definitely be the ability to talk like Morgan Freeman.

----- Vivian 22.12.12 10:13

Music is definitely something I want my child to learn. As early as possible.

----- sam li 22.12.12 08:16


----- Adam Edwards 22.12.12 07:15

to get along with their siblings.

----- Madoc 21.12.12 21:07

My wife and I are expecting our first child in March. We were both raised in circumstances that -prior to meeting each other- made us worry if we’d be fit parents. But together we’re stronger than our collective negative experiences. We will raise a child who is surrounded by joy and unconditional acceptance, who will never be afraid to be whatever her heart tells her :)

----- Tim 21.12.12 20:50

I want my 2 year old to learn to use the potty before my baby girl is born next Friday!!! Ahhhh!

----- Brooke 21.12.12 20:34


----- Yoshio 21.12.12 18:37

To learn the names of all of the plants and trees in our area.

----- Kelly 21.12.12 18:24

I want my little one to learn to knit

----- Carmen 21.12.12 17:38

I would like my child to learn how to Pull off anonymous acts of kindness.

----- Shawna 21.12.12 15:39

juggle. 3 balls.

----- Simon 21.12.12 14:37


----- Andrew Boone 21.12.12 13:53

This would go to a friend of mine, but I think they would love for their child to sleep at night time. Long stretch, I know

----- Chad 21.12.12 09:52

I have a 2 almost 3 year old and we’ve already got a fiddle for her. My dream is she is interested in karate and the fiddle.

----- Aaron 21.12.12 09:17

It would be totally awesome if my child learned how to be fluent in every single language on earth!!!! Impressive and just kinda rad.

----- Tam 21.12.12 08:39

to fold little paper boats and tell stories about them

----- Ea 21.12.12 08:32

Flamenco (cuz, let’s face it, if you don’t start learning it when you are like 3 years old, good luck to you trying to learn it later!)

----- Blue 21.12.12 07:30

learn them to see the things that aren’t obvious, to look where you wouldn’t look, to listen to what they don’t know, to smell things to taste music…

----- SUS 21.12.12 02:21

i want my kids to appreciate a few nice things, rather than consuming a lot of junk. i also want my daughter to be bold and independent, just not when it’s past her bedtime and she needs to brush her teeth.

----- rich 20.12.12 21:12

I don’t know, the kid is smart but to learn something unexpected by midnight?
Learn what will make her happy, work to reach it, and then actually be happy with whatever that is.
And Mamikon’s theorem of course.

----- Lorinda 20.12.12 18:58

To play an instrument.

----- jamie 20.12.12 18:10

I want my child to be selfless and loving.

----- Jessie 20.12.12 14:56

I would love my baby sister to learn how to solve a rubiks cube. So she can start to get into one of my favorite hobbies.

----- Emmanuel Carrillo 20.12.12 11:44

To be himself, take what he loves and run with it. Of course he’s only 6 months old but is sort of already there. :)

----- Brian B 20.12.12 11:34

I would like my kids to learn to be empathetic.

----- Katy 20.12.12 10:58

I’d love my daughter to figure out that her music practice sessions are intrinsically fun and creative and dont have to just be rote. sigh

----- mridula 20.12.12 10:06

I would love for my baby to learn how to change her own diapers lol

----- Jamie Knupp 20.12.12 06:27

That parents are only human…

----- Carol 19.12.12 23:31

I’d love my daughter to learn how to sing 19th century Portuguese whaling shanties, play accordion and carve scrimshaw in keeping with her ethnic roots. Hee hee. ;)

----- ERCILIA 19.12.12 21:41

I’d love my daughter to learn how to sing 19th-century Portuguese whaling shanties, carve scrimshaw, bellow a jolly/contagious belly laugh, and play accordion in keeping with her ethnic roots. :)

----- ERCILIA 19.12.12 21:35

to recite the deceleration of independence

----- Tali Even-Kesef 19.12.12 20:52

I’d like my son to learn to stop punching grandpa in the crotch.

----- Jon 19.12.12 19:23

I’d like to teach my kids to sing in perfect harmonyyyyy.

----- Rae 19.12.12 17:06

Wanderlust and how to read hobo signs.

----- Rabbit (@caudelac) 19.12.12 13:18

Chinese, by the time she grows up it will be very, very useful.

----- Stephen 19.12.12 12:39

to have passion

----- Kelly Rae 19.12.12 11:25

I’d love it if my boys learned how to change their own diapers :)

----- Regan 19.12.12 10:37

love from us! he’s our first baby!

----- maria 19.12.12 09:43

My son will be 5 months + 1 day on the 22nd I’d love for him to learn more about his environment, and understand the things that he sees with a little more clearly. I’d love for him to learn how to laugh with his belly. Big, out loud laughs. I think that would be a great christmas present. He has a treetop friends activity matt and plush owl that he loves so much already, it would be great to extend his toy collection.

----- Ian 19.12.12 09:33

I’d love my boys to learn problem solving skills at a young age.

----- greg 19.12.12 08:14

I don’t have any kids yet (if I win, the prizes would go to my cousin who’s expecting her second baby), but I would want my kids, or any kids to learn how to think creatively without always needing flashy toys.

----- Lindsey 19.12.12 08:06

I would like my son to learn to read Hebrew. But seeing as I have no idea how to read Hebrew, this seems unlikely. It would also be cool if he learned how to kick a ball over our house.

----- Hanna 19.12.12 08:04

how to fart, burp and sneeze all at the same time! Oh the mess..

----- Corinne 19.12.12 01:38

Break dancing or any dance they want!

----- Thu 18.12.12 23:36

I would love my child to knit by midnight :) so she could knit with me :D

----- Sara 18.12.12 21:53

To have good taste in music

----- Liz B 18.12.12 21:03

I would like my kids to learn how to figure out what they want and have the skill, tenacity, and bravery to make it happen.

----- Speck 18.12.12 20:08

throw left handed

----- Matt 18.12.12 19:36

Archery pew pew!

----- Victor 18.12.12 17:40

That failure is a useful tool

----- Sarah 18.12.12 17:32

unconditional love

----- Seth 18.12.12 16:01

I want my kid to learn the unexpected joy of winning a contest.

----- Nick 18.12.12 15:59

to sit still :)

----- brooke Thomas 18.12.12 14:59

I would love to be surprised by my sons beatboxing skills

----- Ian 18.12.12 14:52

Compassion and empathy for others.

----- Kirsten 18.12.12 14:21

I would want my child to learn patience and effectively use this gift when interacting with those around her.

----- Michelle 18.12.12 14:15

The names of all the countries in the world.

----- cilla 18.12.12 13:46


----- Alessandra White Riot 18.12.12 13:35

I want my kid to learn how to adapt in any situation. Humans may have a huge instinct for survival, but that doesn’t matter if they don’t follow it.

----- Lis 18.12.12 13:06

As many languages as they could learn.

----- Iris 18.12.12 12:55

I want my child to learn not to take the easy way— it’s unexpected because, well, it isn’t easy!

----- Jess M 18.12.12 12:53

I would like my son to learn & speak Finnish!

----- Karim 18.12.12 12:26

Mastering space and time.

----- Tommy 18.12.12 12:16

Id want my kid to learn sign language and then move on to learn multiple languages from around the world.

----- johng 18.12.12 11:42

The ability to walk her Skip Hop Flapping Own Pull Toy at 6 months!

----- Andy 18.12.12 11:11

With cold season on, I want my 6 mo old son to learn to blow his nose.

----- Erin P. 18.12.12 10:00

Mandarin or Cantonese

----- Matt Burke 18.12.12 09:50

I would want my daughter to love slingshots and the forest. Be adventurous and wild. I would love for her to take up Marine Biology and Zoology.

----- Rossi 18.12.12 09:47

I have three teenagers and I would love them to learn that mom’s nagging is actually mom caring.

----- Joyce 18.12.12 09:39

Self confidence and compassion.

----- scott 18.12.12 09:33

I want our baby who will be born next year to enjoy dirt and sticks as much as baking cookies and playing house boy or girl :)

----- Katie 18.12.12 09:21

I’d love for them to learn to be creative with sticks and make all their own toys.

----- lace 18.12.12 08:54

Korean! Both the language and the culture (mainly, the food).

----- Mia 18.12.12 08:27

I would like my children to learn how to garden. I am hopelessly black thumbed and I think it would be a blessing to my children to know how to grow their own food, to put something back into the earth and to learn patience and hard work as they grew life… besides, what kid doesn’t love playing in the dirt!?

----- Jenni 18.12.12 08:16

At 14 months, we wnat her to learn everything she can. But something unexpected would be to do THE ROBOT! She already knows how to twirl, wave hands, stomp. Last night she even played Just Dance 3 with her mother and aunt. It would be a great surprise for mommy to do the ROBOT next time we have a dance party!

----- Tyler 18.12.12 08:15

I want my child to create and design his own toys…

----- Colin Z 18.12.12 08:13

I would want my child to learn the art of calligraphy.

----- Sandy 18.12.12 08:12

I hope my 7 month old son learns some rhythm, unlike his dad - two left feet and cant keep a beat to save my life.

----- tonyF 18.12.12 08:10

Right now, I would just like my daughter to learn how to sleep through the night.

----- Geoff 18.12.12 08:04

I would love my baby girl to learn how to sing, but she’s only 5 months old… a father can dream

----- Philippe 18.12.12 07:53

My girls are half Greek and half Mexican. I’d love for them to learn our languages and culture. Problem is we aren’t very fluent ourselves.

----- Erastos 18.12.12 07:09

I want our future child to ask us questions that blow our minds.

----- Kimberly M 18.12.12 06:18

Hmmm…. I’d like her to learn how to climb a tree!

----- Deliamo 18.12.12 05:37

I would like my son to learn analog electronics.

----- Eric Brockmeyer 18.12.12 05:18

To dream big !

----- Ryan Chapman 18.12.12 04:59

I want them to learn how to love books!

----- Deniz 18.12.12 02:12

to stand on his head

----- martins 18.12.12 01:37

That sometimes the unconventional choice can lead you to a life worth living.

----- B Louie 18.12.12 01:31

eat their veggies and clean their diaper

----- nws 18.12.12 00:05

i want all the kids in the world learn no appreciate nature. it’s an investment for all the generation below.

well if that sound cheesy my alternate answer will be: i want my niece to have some mutant superpower could be awesome eh?

----- erick hilmansyah 17.12.12 23:53

Good sportsmanship

----- Levi Montez 17.12.12 23:21

That simplicity walk the line between elegance and plainness, from logic to emotion

----- Jericho Diaz 17.12.12 22:43

That simplicity walk the line between elegance and plainness, from logic to emotion

----- Jericho Diaz 17.12.12 22:43

That there are some times when it’s best to put the technology and toys away and have “quality time.”

----- Lara 17.12.12 22:26

Fresh prince of bel air theme

----- Alex 17.12.12 22:13

I would want them to learn humility

----- Stephànue w 17.12.12 21:47

change her own diaper.

----- Jonas Chau 17.12.12 21:46

I want my child to learn her parents’ languages - Cantonese and Arabic.

----- kim 17.12.12 21:32

I would like my future child to learn film photography, in this age that is transitioning into everything digital.

----- Casey 17.12.12 21:11

My wife hopes our kid can sing

----- Amir 17.12.12 21:07

Ow my daughters owl themed room would be finished with a touch of one of these. I wish she would randomly learn the word owl haha. her speech is now just coming in.

----- Garry Hannah 17.12.12 21:04

I would love my child to learn the basics of Android

----- Victor Sanchez 17.12.12 20:28

I’d love for him to learn to make even the most minimal
Acknowledgement that there is a camera taking pictures.

----- William 17.12.12 20:22


----- jason 17.12.12 20:20

I hope my baby daughter learns to idolize Popeye and eat her spinach with gusto.

----- Anne 17.12.12 20:16

One of my best friend just had a baby. I want my new “niece” to learn about The Doctor!

----- Elizabeth 17.12.12 20:16

I’d want them to learn that imperfection is perfection.

----- N. Stiles 17.12.12 20:09

To be alone.

----- Sarah 17.12.12 19:58

It would be unexpected for my child to learn this by 12/22, but I’d love for him to learn the joy of giving on a holiday that unfortunately only focuses on receiving.

----- Brian 17.12.12 19:36

just had a baby boy - and i’d wish he’ll learn to be a graphic designer and he’d be as cool as stefan sagmeister.

----- jay panelomo 17.12.12 18:54

slam dunk

----- Jason 17.12.12 18:52

self confidence and how to play a musical instrument

----- Melissa 17.12.12 18:42

My baby is coming in late March - more than anything, I want him to learn to love knowledge, travel and fun. I want him to trust enough to be loved but not so much that he gets screwed over. And, if he loves to laugh, even better.

----- Julie C 17.12.12 18:10

Baby signing

----- Angela 17.12.12 17:53

My baby is due on Christmas 2012! The most important things I would like her to learn is LOVE & LAUGHTER - my biggest wish will be for her life to be filled with these two things.

----- Van 17.12.12 17:51

I would want my nephew to learn that money is not everything in life.

----- Craig 17.12.12 17:38

I would want my child to learn that new does not always equal better.

----- Andy L 17.12.12 17:21

I want my niece to learn that with great power, comes great responsibility.

----- NYN 17.12.12 17:08

Learn basic ASL and Spanish. Spanish is useful all over the Americas, and ASL is an under-taught language.

----- Erin 17.12.12 16:59

I really hope my child learns (and loves!) to play an instrument!

----- Natalie 17.12.12 16:13

I would love my nieces to learn to be kind and to be able to make the perfect espresso for auntie!

----- Leanna 17.12.12 15:39

I want my oldest daughter to learn that she doesn’t have to watch tv to be entertained.

----- Jay 17.12.12 15:30

I want my daughter to learn to drive a manual transmission automobile…by the age of 10.

----- John 17.12.12 15:01

I want my kids to all learn to put on and tie their own shoes

----- Lindsey D. 17.12.12 14:56

I want my kid to be fluent in Spanish and Chinese. I feel like it’d be really useful once they are older..

----- Namtran Nguyen 17.12.12 14:53

I want my boys to learn that it’s OK to be different.

----- KatieB 17.12.12 14:39

I want my kid to learn how different the world is and how different it can become.

----- Noah 17.12.12 14:39

I want my daughter to learn perfection can come from the simplest things.

----- Patrick 17.12.12 14:16

to learn….why germs are good!

----- Christina 17.12.12 14:10

I want my beautiful daughter to learn that her father will support any choice she makes in her life.

----- Jason 17.12.12 14:02

I’d like my child to learn to work in the fields by springtime. These fields ain’t gonna plow themselves.

----- Mark Smolin 17.12.12 13:58

I would like my newborn son to learn how to do the rest of the family’s laundry. Or make us sandwiches. Just a thought.

----- Emily 17.12.12 13:54

I would do anything for my wife to hear “I love you Mommy” from our 20 month old autistic daughter.

----- Bradley Osterhaus 17.12.12 13:53

I’d like my Nephew to learn how to read… Just in time for his sisters birth.

----- Alan B 17.12.12 13:50

I want my cousin’s kid to learn to snow ski, she lives down in Florida, where they are deprived of that wonderful winter sport.

----- Kate 17.12.12 13:44

telepathy is indeed an acquired skill

----- Seth B 17.12.12 13:30

I would love it if my two year old was fully trained on the potty. He loves sitting and reading books on the potty - just doesn’t fully comprehend the reason why he’s doing it.

----- Rhea 17.12.12 13:29

I would love my child to deduce a world view that is both local and global. I want them to see the world through brilliantly aware eyes.

----- Cianan 17.12.12 13:29

I’d love for my child to be a natural at learning how to play any instrument.

----- Adam 17.12.12 13:25

It’s pretty hard to say that there is something “unexpected” that I would want them to learn. If they learned something and it was “unexpected” to me, then I certainly can’t know it now to comment about it here.

----- Daniel 17.12.12 13:23

I want her to learn to have lovely handwriting like her mom! It’s becoming a lost art, but it truly can be something you are judged by.

----- Manny 17.12.12 13:22

Oh! Something I would want my child to learn, answering this question by Midnight on some night, and NOT something I would want my child to learn before Midnight. In either case, I would want them to learn to make sure the handsome price knows their name before midnight. Because these days, there are only a few sizes of shoes.

----- Chris Stave 17.12.12 13:18

Learn to be musical.

----- Jessi 17.12.12 13:17

The pain of loss so they could fully appreciate what they have (also winnign is always more fun)!

----- Matt Z 17.12.12 13:16

I would love for my son (due to be born in just a few weeks!) to learn how to play the harmonica better than Bob Dylan by the time he is three!

----- Emily 17.12.12 13:14

I want my son to learn to respect women and ensure his friends do the same. Sadly it isn’t something that is expected these days.

----- Adrian 17.12.12 13:12

To have courage and stand up for those who cannot

----- Andria 17.12.12 13:11

To learn their favorite poems by heart, it’s a family tradition that I would love to pass down, and I think makes for lovely moments.

----- Kat 17.12.12 12:49

how to juggle a soccer ball

----- jack 17.12.12 12:47

that their dad had the foresight to start procuring cool stuff for them long before they were born.

----- derek 17.12.12 12:40

I’d just be happy if my kids learned to love veggies!

----- caroline k 17.12.12 12:33

I would want my child to learn how to sleep through the night…that would be unexpected right? :)

----- Lena 17.12.12 12:30

To speak 4 languages: Russian, English, Spanish, French.

----- Anastasia 17.12.12 12:28

I would love for my child to learn more and more and always be questioning things!

----- Alexis 17.12.12 12:24

They should learn Processing, then blow my mind with their sick visualization skills.

----- Daniel 17.12.12 12:21

I would love love love my son to stop climbing the refrigerator (and couches and counters and tables …) and learn to keep his adorable feet on the ground, getting dinner ready without stopping to stop him would be unexpected indeed!

----- Bianca 17.12.12 12:14

I think it would be wonderfully unexpected if my son learned to use the toilet! We’ve been working on it for months now!

----- Cristian 17.12.12 12:10

I want my beautiful baby daughter (Due on Christmas!) to learn the positive joy of creation. I want her to dream, draw, share and laugh all in the same breath.

----- Fulton 17.12.12 12:10

I want my 3 year old to learn how beatbox. :D

----- Mikell Johnson 17.12.12 12:08

Another language!

----- Julie 17.12.12 12:08

I would love my child to be able to do perfect somersaults!

----- Rali 17.12.12 12:06

I would like my almost two year old to be able to answer ‘why is the sky blue?’ Just for a laugh and it would be a nice change to the constant ‘why’ questions I’m expecting!

----- Zaneta 17.12.12 11:59

I’d want my child to learn to be bold.

----- Byron 17.12.12 11:58

This baby of mine who will be born in March will surely learn how to love reading from her mama and how to be deadly from her papa. Think of the librarian who can use samurai swords with practiced ease. No late returns for her library.

----- Cole Bernstein 17.12.12 11:56

I would like my nieces to learn computer code.

----- lauren 17.12.12 11:54

I love this furniture! There are so many things that I wish my child would learn. One thing that would be completely unexpected is if they learned to fly! That would be amazing because then they would be able to experience the world.

----- Evelyn 17.12.12 11:54

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