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Holiday Giveaway #30: The Working Proof & Brevity & Sub-Studio- 12.19.12

sub0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2013 is around the corner, and we’re finishing up this year with more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores and over 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #30 is here from our close friends, super mom/dad, and entrepreneurs, Anna Corpron and Sean Auyeung. From their amazing design work (and awesome blog!) at Sub-Studio, to her jewelry line, Brevity, to their beautiful line of prints focused on art + charity, The Working Proof - i don’t know how they do it all! When she was setting up her NYIGF booth, we helped laser cut a bunch of wood frames for the display, so for this giveaway, we thought it would be fun to have a fun combo giveaway of Anna’s many talents! So here’s your chance to win the 24k Gold Aztec Necklace from Brevity and the Animal Medley, by bee things print from The Working Proof with a one of a kind laser cut decorative wood frame designed by Sub-Studio and made by our own NOTlabs!

THE GOODS: Brevity 24k gold-plated Aztec Necklace and Animal Medley, by bee things print from The Working Proof with a one of a kind laser cut decorative wood frame designed by Sub-Studio and made by our own NOTlabs!

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing what your dream job would be by midnight 12/24 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.

See more details and a coupon on the next page!

UPDATE: Congrats to Madoc in Murrieta, CA!






TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing what your dream job would be by midnight 12/24 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.


See more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores HERE!


192 Notes

Icecream shop :)

----- Sara 24.12.12 21:03

interior designer

----- Robyn 24.12.12 18:47


----- Colby 24.12.12 17:51

i’m pretty close to having my dream job (fun architect) if i can control the working hours just a bit more…

----- cat huang 24.12.12 16:23

My dream job is to be a well-off musician/band member

----- Cynthia 24.12.12 14:21

Working for NOTCOT duhhhhhhhhh

----- Rae 24.12.12 13:16


----- Rocio 24.12.12 12:11

My dream job would be to be a goalie in the NHL (hence why it’s only a dream, as the professional athletics ship sailed for me a long time ago)

----- Michael 24.12.12 10:30

To travel the world to eat and take pictures

----- Liz B 24.12.12 08:30

Holiday decorator for the rich and famous!

----- Sergio 24.12.12 08:20

computational linguist

----- adam 24.12.12 06:13

J.k. Rowling’s editor

----- Erin 24.12.12 03:28

Producer - Good Music

----- J Alexander Jusino 24.12.12 00:17

Pick Me!

----- Matt 23.12.12 19:49

Photographer for National Geographic, hands down.

----- Lauren 23.12.12 18:25

I am doing my dream job!

----- Nikki Gordon 23.12.12 18:03

My dream job has always been to get paid to travel the world working with young people to empower meaningful change in the world we live in. But for now I’m doing my part by working with youth in the justice system; an incredibly dynamic and resilient group of individuals.

----- Jenn 23.12.12 15:46

Soundscape Designer.

----- Augustas 23.12.12 15:18

Stay at home Dad.

----- yoshio 23.12.12 15:04

A firefighting cowboy astronaut

----- Dave 23.12.12 14:42

Dream job would have to be a math professor! Teaching the elegant solution!

----- Tyson 23.12.12 14:32

My dream job would be to work with Sam Bompas and Harry Parr. They have been my inspiration for many years and continue to inspire and amaze me daily.

----- Amy 23.12.12 14:30

My dream job would be to work with Sam Bompas and Harry Parr. They have been my inspiration for many years and continue to inspire and amaze me daily.

----- Amy 23.12.12 14:29

I’ve sort of got my dreamjob. I’m a songwriter…and it pays the bills!

----- Nick 23.12.12 12:03


----- kalina 23.12.12 08:41

Awesome Consultant.

----- Shane O'Brien 23.12.12 06:52

to give out money to lots of different non profits

----- cecilia 23.12.12 05:37

A job that allows you to be creative, to travel, and to help people!

----- Esther 22.12.12 23:01

goat farmer living off the grid.

----- Madoc 22.12.12 22:11

I’m not gonna lie.. I really love what I currently do hanging around creative people making cartoons, but if I ever hit the lottery and could do anything, I’d love to just get presents for those around me. All without dollar limits. I’d love getting that perfect thing someone doesn’t even know they want, but would love to receive.

----- Moe 22.12.12 21:43

I would love to be paid to hang out in coffee shops and just chat with people. I’m not sure why someone would pay me for this but if they are willing, I’ll take the job!

----- Jamie 22.12.12 21:29

Combining teaching and research but subtracting the writing that professor’s normally do.

----- Sarah 22.12.12 19:11

President of all the icecream.

----- Tyler 22.12.12 17:43

museum curator!

----- sarah 22.12.12 15:49

Being a race car pilot it’s my dream job, any tipe of race (F1, NASCAR, LE Mans, RALLY, etc…)

----- Carlos Sánchez 22.12.12 10:02

My long dreamt of profession is to become the youngest art curator for The Musée du Louvre.

----- Vivian 22.12.12 09:59

Owning a toy store/ record store would be the ultimate.

----- TonyF 22.12.12 08:56

Oh it’s cliche, but definitely a rockstar.

----- sam li 22.12.12 08:34

Oh it’s cliche, but definitely a rockstar.

----- sam li 22.12.12 08:26

designing furniture, inspiring peeps.

----- Adam Edwards 22.12.12 07:05

A Imagineer or Lego Engineer!

----- B Louie 22.12.12 01:15

My dream job is to design and build unique and interactive indoor and outdoor playscapes for both children and adults ! :).

----- Shawna 22.12.12 00:59

Beach sand quality inspector, Aruba. Or Cayman. Maybe Maui.

----- Jason Alcock 21.12.12 23:53

my dream job would be working as a ceramicist!

----- heidi 21.12.12 20:48

Having my own experimental theater that creates new worlds for children and adults.

----- Star 21.12.12 20:27

To be creative all day long and have people pay me for it!

----- Kelly 21.12.12 18:18

I would love to be a medical bioengineer.

----- Debbie 21.12.12 18:06

My secret ambition is to write and illustrate children’s books!

----- Michelle 21.12.12 17:27

Pilot. flying among the birds.

----- Simon 21.12.12 14:42

I would love to own and run an art gallery!

----- Geoff 21.12.12 11:39

I would love to own and run an art gallery!

----- Geoff 21.12.12 11:39

Large scale installation artist.

----- P.Lee 21.12.12 11:25

Professional Sleeper.

----- NYN 21.12.12 11:12

Grant Controller. Facilitate lots of money going to great people doing great things.

----- hillary 21.12.12 10:02

some sort of fine art that pays the bills

----- Aaron 21.12.12 09:19

My dreamest of all dream jobs would be if there was a job where I could cuddle with my dog all day and make money doing it!

----- Tam 21.12.12 08:35

My dream job would be to work as a researcher for Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International. I’d like to be on the ground, researching conflict and human development/rights issues in developing countries, and be able to compile this information into press kits and white papers. Spreading information about those in need, and the political/economic/social issues the most vulnerable in the world are experiencing, is a major stepping stone to global progress and ridding of human suffering and degradation.

----- Eric 21.12.12 07:30

If I could get paid to live in different countries and places, learn languages, eat strange foods, write unfinihed novels, and help friends who are in need of any kind of help at the drop of a hat, well, that would be my ideal job.

----- Blue 21.12.12 07:11

Dream job = helping people.

----- Cole 21.12.12 06:40

Television writer

----- Laura 21.12.12 06:36

designing my own fabrics

----- Roy Reid 21.12.12 06:12

Having my own printmaking studio & residency somewhere at a nice palm beach, printing and talking art and swimming all day.

----- Ea 21.12.12 06:11

I’d love to be a travel writer.

----- Allie 21.12.12 05:59

Creative Director in IDEO

----- Noni 21.12.12 04:47

working anytime anywhere in the world online and offline. any creative job will do =)

----- anyotosetiadi 20.12.12 23:51

Organic farmer/chef

----- Seth 20.12.12 23:36

Astronaut :)

----- Victor 20.12.12 23:25

art professor :)

----- melissa 20.12.12 21:20

My dream job is to be a forensic pathologist. And I’m working towards that dream. Currently pre-med in Forensic Biochemistry:)

----- Rossi 20.12.12 21:08

i’d like to travel to cities all over the world and be paid to photograph architecture.

----- rich 20.12.12 20:58

Blogger or freelance illustrator with lots of awesome clients.

----- Lara 20.12.12 20:43

Definitely a Michelin food assessor =)

----- Kai 20.12.12 20:21

Claymation animator. Duh!

----- Ashley 20.12.12 20:03

Out of many imaginary dream jobs, realistically, I would love to create my own product line that can help the people to make their “dream” products into an actual work.

----- Rachel Yun 20.12.12 19:18

Out of many imaginary dream jobs, realistically, I would love to create my own product line that can help the people to make their “dream” products into an actual work.

----- Rachel Yun 20.12.12 19:17

Working at a mid-sized law firm downtown

----- Iris 20.12.12 18:08

I would have an alpaca, chicken and cat farm + be an artist + writer.

----- Ethel 20.12.12 16:40

I would have an alpaca, chicken and cat farm + be an artist + writer.

----- Ethel 20.12.12 16:38


----- Ryan 20.12.12 16:27

Architecture and design critic

----- Steeven 20.12.12 16:00

I already have my dream job… So if I ever retire, I’d find a career in the health field.

----- Darin P 20.12.12 15:03

The question a hard one because there is a difference between things I would love to do (i.e. traveling, activities, etc) and a dream job. The honest answer is I am still trying to figure out what the dream job for me would look like.

----- Matt Z 20.12.12 14:55

I’ve wanted to work at Pixar Animation Studios since I first saw Toy Story as a kid. First for the opportunity to create Animation with the most talented people in the industry. Second for the chance to help tell beautiful stories.

----- Jessie 20.12.12 14:51

My dream job is to be a teacher (and I am!)

----- Jasper 20.12.12 14:31

A fashion editor.

----- Angelica 20.12.12 14:14

To do what I love and not worry about how much money i make or to be Anthony Bourdain

----- Zara 20.12.12 14:02

robin hood

----- nicholas 20.12.12 13:25

A globe-trekking volcanologist! :D

----- Ian S. 20.12.12 13:21

My dream job would be working as a social consultant, where I could work within society to help people learn how to better communicate with one another. This would apply to work environments, peer environments, learning environments, essentially every facet of society. It would give people coping skills and help one build their resiliency so that people could be more socially and self-aware.

----- Annie 20.12.12 12:56

I’m an illustrator and graphic designer by trade, but dream of becoming a children’s book illustrator - I LOVE books, kids, how kids think, reading and illustrating! Otherwise, I’d love to own a children’s bookstore like the one in You’ve Got Mail! *swoon*!!

----- Robyn 20.12.12 12:52

World traveler and adventurer.

----- Bruce 20.12.12 12:47

DJ/Bill Gates hybrid job

----- Jesse 20.12.12 12:36

my dream would be to retire at 35 after having won a ton of money, but other than that I have always wanted to be a character consistency editor for tv shows—I have no idea if that actually exists, but it always drives me crazy when a character on a tv show does or says something that contradicts who they are or what they previously said. I want to be the person who fixes that.

----- lilcg 20.12.12 12:35

I’d love to be a fashion designer!

----- Cathy 20.12.12 12:14

My dream job ever since highschool has been to become the Creative Director of Nike Soccer.

----- Emmanuel Carrillo 20.12.12 11:39

Would love to own a coffee shop with my wife. Simple, lovelyl.

----- Brian B 20.12.12 11:32

a travel writer would be fun, but actually i’m thinking a café conceptor would be awesome. what is it? well, i do made the term up. it’s a job that made a concept for a new café.

----- erick hilmansyah 20.12.12 11:29

Book writing, and/or publishing.

----- Katy 20.12.12 11:13

I would love to au pair with a traveling family.

----- Lis 20.12.12 10:57

Taste tester for Little Debbie.

----- Cindy Aiton 20.12.12 10:41

Awesome data visualizer.

----- Daniel 20.12.12 10:31


----- y 20.12.12 10:15

my own job - as a writer - would be a dream job if I got paid well for it. So yes, my dream job is a modesty steady income writing gig, could happen, it did for Burroughs who ended up with a patron who paidhim a certain amount each week to write.

----- mridula 20.12.12 10:13


----- siena 20.12.12 10:09


----- Diego 20.12.12 10:05

my dream job would be perfume creator!)

----- marie 20.12.12 10:01

i would love to own a cafe/bookstore.. sometimes I kinda wish i went into culinary arts instead of engineering…

----- Namtran Nguyen 20.12.12 09:32

hmmm. MP, you dont do anything, the taxpayer picks up all your bills, and you can fiddle your expenses. :)

----- Stephen 20.12.12 09:08

Freelance artist

----- Mat Moore 20.12.12 09:05

Your request for this giveaway is simple: “comment here sharing what your dream job would be.” If only typing up an answer into this comment box was that easy for me. I could tell you all these wonderful things like, my dream job would be to become a famous supermodel, or my dream job would be to own my own business, or that my dream job would be to live and work in Japan. Unfortunately, I can’t share this with you in just a few words or sentences (yes I have a REALLY long response - woops). So my answer to you, Notcot, is: I don’t know yet, but it’s fun trying to figure it out. I’ll tell you why…

When I was a kid I wanted to be on Broadway. The first musical I saw was “Big River” and I was hooked. The singing and dancing on stage was (to sound cliché) magical. Not like on TV where there where the viewer was interrupted by decibel popping commercials. I couldn’t get over the fact that the actors were right in front of me, live, telling a story. It became my goal to figure out how they did that. I was going to be a Broadway star! I took acting and singing lessons but soon discovered that I hated the auditioning process. I felt too vulnerable and quit. Lame excuse I know, but I’m a big chicken and have always struggled with shyness. That’s ok though. I then discovered something where I didn’t feel as vulnerable: art.

In high school and college I signed up for as many art classes as I could. It didn’t matter if I was smudging an image on a blank canvas or taking a piece of lumpy clay and manipulating it, I for once felt in control. I had to be a famoous artist too! I dreamt of opening my own gallery and selling my work, meeting all sorts of interesting people, and making a home in my newly bought Frank Lloyd Wright house.

While I was taking art classes, I was also taking creative writing classes. I can’t say that I’m the best writer in the world or the greatest speller (thank goodness for spell check) but that’s when I decided to be a writer, specifically of children’s books (and also illustrate them). I loved the writing process and yet again, creating something from nothing. Visualizing a story in my head and writing it down on paper allowed me to express myself in such a different way than painting did. I was going to be a famous writer!

The list doesn’t stop here. I’ve also wanted to be a nurse, a graphic designer, an animator, and a teacher. Over the years I’ve tried out these “dream jobs” and realized they weren’t my dream at all. That’s ok though. Do I still dream about being on Broadway? Yes. Do I still dream about being an artist? Yes. Do I still dream about being be writer? Yes. Will I ever figure out what my dream job is? Not sure. I’d like to figure it out, Notcot, but right now I can’t give you a straight answer. Maybe I’m a little lost, or maybe I like too many things. Didn’t someone once say that it’s not the destination but the journey?

----- Meghann 20.12.12 08:59


----- brian 20.12.12 08:58

Wakeboarding Photographer

----- Erastos 20.12.12 08:55

I have my dream job, teaching art classes at a local gallery to kids of all ages. - it is not work at all.

----- Will 20.12.12 08:52

haven’t figured it out yet! but something that involves travelling and requires good organisation skills. and also has something to do with well designed packaging..

----- daile 20.12.12 08:39

My dream job would be to do what I’m currently doing, only with more pay.

----- Eric W 20.12.12 08:26

A retired architect.

----- Sam 20.12.12 08:25

My dream is to have my own rug company.

----- JB 20.12.12 08:20

Conceptual Furniture Designer!!! :D

----- María 20.12.12 08:05

I’m not gonna lie, my dream job would be to be a supermodel… you get paid to travel and look good. Yes, please! ;)

----- Elisabeth 20.12.12 08:00

full time artist!

----- Sybille 20.12.12 07:54

I would love to own my own paper design company. Invitations, banners, etc. I’d love it!

----- Jenni 20.12.12 07:30

I wanna be a wealthy industrialist! I’d have to get laser eye surgery in just one eye so that I could have good reason to use the monocle!

----- Chris Stave 20.12.12 07:20

Working for Studio Ghibli!

----- Lelia 20.12.12 06:58

making YT vids full time

----- jacob 20.12.12 06:54

My dream job would have to be doing artsy music videos with an outrageous budget and complete creative control. Safe to say that job doesn’t exist :)

----- Jessi 20.12.12 06:50

Working for NOTCOT

----- kelsey 20.12.12 06:36

a dream job would be where I would be making pottery, and not having to worry about packaging, labeling, sending it off to places, invoicing and such, but having the income. :)

----- tane 20.12.12 06:35

Is there such a thing as professional beachcomber? That’s my dream job!

----- Susan 20.12.12 06:29

Pilot, was an always will be my dream i guess.
Some dreams are meant to stay dreams…

----- Arnon 20.12.12 06:12

Teaching Printmaking at a college!

----- Natalie Kay 20.12.12 05:56

Packaging designer - luckily, that’s the job I have!

----- Kate 20.12.12 05:54

Just being paid well to be creative for the rest of my life.

----- Robert W. 20.12.12 05:45

I’d like to be a writer. Maybe just a column or something, because as I get older I value time spent with my family much more than money.

----- Hanna 20.12.12 05:35

Bestselling author

----- Rose 20.12.12 05:08

An evolutionary geneticist.

----- Julie Vu 20.12.12 04:56

so many Dream Jobs…….like a “decorating christmanstrees service” or “training dolphins”, being a photographer for National Geographic etc etc. By my very own personal dream job would be being a writer and artist.

----- Grace Odicio 20.12.12 03:38

Enjoyable job, that gives me pleasure to do so.

----- Helder Ricardo 20.12.12 02:34

My dream job would be the one which allows me to meet people and talent acros the world.

----- Carine 20.12.12 01:23

The best “Dream Job” by far has to be a “Luxury Tester”…. Testing products such as Beds, Tv, food, cars, ect… You get the point…;)

----- Colin Z 20.12.12 01:01

author and photographer

----- Thu 20.12.12 00:38

Anything in the creative realm of the music industry, Bear Grylls’ camera man, a spelunker, an archeologist/treasure hunter or a translator/interpreter for my favorite English football team… If I had to choose just one main dream job, I would choose to be an archeologist/treasure hunter with everything else as dream side jobs.

----- Jamee 20.12.12 00:35

Dream Job: opening up a store selling design goodness!

----- Hoister 20.12.12 00:10

Creative role at BBH London - loving the black sheep.

----- Tom 20.12.12 00:00

Being a microbiologist.

----- Ellie 19.12.12 23:49

My dream job would be entertaining/playing with puppies. All day.

----- Rachel 19.12.12 23:36

Oh… scrap my previous answer. I want to be the Minister of Trees in my country, Philippines. The capital city is so bereft of trees that if I had the money, I’ll have trees planted along every street and avenue, and bring a much-needed breathe of fresh air and life to my beautiful yet wrinkled motherland.

----- Ellen Bautista 19.12.12 23:36

Definitely somewhere in outer space! I would often say to anyone who would listen that if a UFO lands in front of me, I’d come on board. Well, it’s more of a fantasy than a dream, but… beam me up, Scotty!

----- Ellen Bautista 19.12.12 23:29

dumpling chef.

----- jason 19.12.12 23:28

Novelist, math professor, something along those lines.

----- range 19.12.12 22:43

my dream job is to be an outdoor/travel TV show host :)

----- nws 19.12.12 22:28

Own a med/law business with my BFF that does boobjobs and pre-nups

----- Daniela 19.12.12 22:17

Furniture designer

----- William 19.12.12 22:16

Environmental Portrait Photographer.

----- Casey 19.12.12 22:16

owning my own company

----- Matt Burke 19.12.12 21:27

My dream job would be what I do now, teach elementary kids, but with less grading, correcting and parents and more field trips, origami and cooking involved.

----- Jason 19.12.12 21:06

Being a photographer, and I am one! Living the dream I suppose.

----- Adam 19.12.12 21:02

I would live to just get paid to go to school and earn degree, after degree after degree, for the rest of my life.

----- Tom 19.12.12 20:51

which i am now!

----- Mariana Chan 19.12.12 20:36

My dream job would be to own a farm and work on local environmental policy.

----- Angela 19.12.12 20:34

Teaching children.

----- Calvin 19.12.12 20:24

Dream Job?

----- Shawn 19.12.12 20:20

Work for the architect firm MVRDV

----- Levi Montez 19.12.12 19:54

Philanthropist. I want to give away gobs of money to deserving organizations.

----- Erin 19.12.12 19:49

Neuroscience researcher with a focus on music/food/art effects on neurofunction- this would be complementary to my current profession as a Behavior Interventionist.

----- Jasmine 19.12.12 19:30

My dream job would be a CG animator. :)

----- Noel 19.12.12 19:20

My dream job would be painting murals and illustrating children’s books.

----- Garry Hannah 19.12.12 19:17

Graphic designer who gets paid to travel the world… Does that exist? Sign me up if you know of anywhere that is looking… ;)

----- Randi 19.12.12 19:09

water slide tester

----- Nina 19.12.12 19:04

Educational tech person. I’d like to just look for cool ways to use technology in the classroom all day and then teach teachers how to use them

----- Dominique 19.12.12 18:52

My dream job would be multi-media writing and painting.

----- Calli 19.12.12 18:35

To create an eco product that would improve the quality of life and help save the earth

----- Sandy 19.12.12 18:19

inventing an eco product that would improve the quality of life and help save the earth!

----- Sandy 19.12.12 18:18

A graphic artist who specializes in logos for hockey teams and logos & crests for Scouting and Guiding groups. I love to create these and see them become real and end up on a uniform. Be it a hockey team or a Scout or Guide.

----- Tim Driscoll 19.12.12 18:13

Write and illustrate picture books – this is the dream.

----- Sarah 19.12.12 18:01

I’d want to have a business card which reads Jay Panelomo, B.S., M.S., M.A., Ph.D., Sc.D.

big fan of Sheldon Cooper here. oh yeah, i think everyone would love to be a Theoretical Physicist as their dream job.

----- jay panelomo 19.12.12 17:53

I have one of my dream jobs, which is working as a theater props master, but I’d really love to work for the Weta Workshop as a prop maker! That’d be amazing!

----- Natalie 19.12.12 17:50

Not have to deal with clients and just be paid to draw cute bunnies all day long.

----- Tiffany 19.12.12 17:19

evolutionary biologist!

----- Allison 19.12.12 17:12

Alright, admittedly I already have my dream job - managing servers from the comfort of my home… but if I could make it any better, I would be the CEO of my own company that did the same thing!

----- Michael 19.12.12 17:10

I would want to work at Valve software I think. That or as an imagineer at Disney.

----- Daniel 19.12.12 17:03

My dream job is rich philanthropist who just gives money to worthy causes all day long!

----- Sara P. 19.12.12 16:36

My dream job is to own and run a Pet photography business. Not an ordinary one though! No cheesy studio portraits, all about documentary style! I already have a name for it: Pawcumentary. :D I love photography and animals, so why not put the two together and make an amazing life out of it?

----- Sandra Bello 19.12.12 16:35

Would love to run/own an animal sanctuary for abused or unadoptables.

----- Amie 19.12.12 16:10

Wallet inspector.

----- Jason 19.12.12 15:52

Dream job? Being able to make art while not worrying about confusing clients, complicated deadlines and paperwork.

----- Elizabeth 19.12.12 15:37

My dream job would be running an herbal farm and opening an apothecary-style business and consultation service for healthy living!

----- Rachel 19.12.12 15:23

my dream job is to be an ice cream seller on the beaches of hawaii!

----- Tina 19.12.12 15:19

own/run an organic farm/animal sanctuary that educates kids + supports our own vegetarian taco truck.

----- derek 19.12.12 15:04

Renowned International 5 star resort/hotel/restaurant critic.

----- Mikell Johnson 19.12.12 15:03

Dream job: be my own boss and get paid for writing about geeky/gadgets stuff.

----- Jenny Wong 19.12.12 14:57


----- Regan 19.12.12 14:56

I would love to be doing something creative (similar to what Anna and Sean are doing).

----- Julie 19.12.12 14:54

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