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Holiday Giveaway #31: Bittersweets NY- 12.20.12

sword0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2013 is around the corner, and we’re finishing up this year with more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores and over 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #31 is from Bittersweets NY! I always get a pang of nostalgia when it come’s to Bittersweets NY. I’ve been writing about the beautiful jewelry since 2006, and Robin was one of the first folks i met as NOTCOT was growing rapidly, and she helped open my eyes to so many things back then that seem like second nature now - so, thank you, Robin! And my Silver Sword necklace (yes, it’s a silver version of the plastic cocktail swords i’m sure you’re picturing) has helped me to never forget the beginning of all things NOTCOT and amazing people i’ve met along the way! It has also been one of the most asked about pieces i’ve worn… so, for a million different reasons, i’m so excited we’re giving one away to a lucky reader!

THE GOODS: A Silver Sword necklace with chain

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing an item that holds a special value to you by midnight 12/25 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.

For your shopping pleasure, there’s also a coupon on the next page!

UPDATE: Congrats to Jon in Northfield, IL!


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261 Notes

I’ve worn three rings stacked on my middle finger of my left hand for six years. Each ring means something different to me, and worn together, they look as one even though two are gold and one is silver.

----- TY 25.12.12 23:34

My toy collection

----- Daniel Herrera Marmolejo 25.12.12 23:01

This glowing plastic coke bottle i got from the coke pavillion during the 2010 olympics.

----- Mary 25.12.12 22:28

My mom’s cameos.

----- Katy 25.12.12 18:39

A black and silver pen, my wife gave me three years ago. I use it everyday and enjoy it very much. As I travel a lot, it is sort a constant connection.

----- Christopher Schriner 25.12.12 15:37

capri sun can

----- Matt 25.12.12 14:30

The grandfather’s handmade guitar from Ghana

----- Daniel A. 25.12.12 12:10

My old granny’s fox scarf.

----- SAMM 25.12.12 12:08

My old granny’s fox scarf.

----- SAMM 25.12.12 12:07

So lovely jewelry!The sword necklace!

----- Thomas 25.12.12 08:10

My ex’s dog tags. It is the only thing I was able to keep after he passed.

----- Bryan Mobley 25.12.12 05:39

necklace containing my late fiancee’s ashes

----- Robyn 24.12.12 18:41

i have plush from christmas on 1994 that i adore. i still take with me on long trips.

----- laura 24.12.12 18:40

Probably my rubics cube which was given to me by a friend when I was a kid and she sadly passed from cancer. I hold it very dear.

----- Rossi 24.12.12 17:31

mom’s special pork rib noodles. it’s the best comfort food in the world and solves most problems.

----- cat huang 24.12.12 16:26

I lived in Puerto Rico for a month or so when I was young. I was snorkeling in the fluorescent bay when the sea gave me the most beautiful conch shell, about the length of my forearm. 13 years later and it’s still the most beautiful gift I have ever been given.

----- Rae 24.12.12 13:18

My diary i kept for 15 years since 2nd grade :)

----- Rocio 24.12.12 12:15

My grandma’s 66 impala. Still have her original registration card, umbrella, etc. in the car. :(

----- Mikell Johnson 24.12.12 10:37

Tiny Toy briefcase that had a tiny number combination lock on both sides.
used it through out middle and high school to deliver secret letters to my ‘gang’

----- Mariana Chan 24.12.12 10:35

A picture of my mom holding me after a day at preschool is one of my prized possessions.

----- Lara 24.12.12 09:03

My skeleton key necklace

----- Liz B 24.12.12 08:33

my dad’s aviator watch from flight school

----- adam 24.12.12 06:12

My bike, a hand me down from my mother.

----- Erin 24.12.12 03:22

my lucky shot-glass. it has a cheesy airbrushed image of dolphins frolicking in the moonlight on the side.

----- Alex 24.12.12 02:20

The rind my mother gave me when I turned 18. Her mother gave it to her when she turned 18.

----- Grace 24.12.12 01:16

My little sister’s penguin toy & Mickey Mouse Peek-a-boo. Both of my daughters loved them as much as her and I did growing up. I hope one day their daughter’s will too.

----- J Alexander Jusino 24.12.12 00:19

A portrait of myself by one of my favorite artists.

----- cilla 23.12.12 23:53

my girlfriend brought me an “Oreille du Temp” on her last trip to Paris.
half compass, half clock, antique beauty.
still in love..

----- Matthew Hotsko 23.12.12 21:56

My grandmother’s engagement ring. The diamond has a large flaw and it’s not monetarily worth much. But to me, its perfect & priceless!

----- Amie 23.12.12 19:10

Both my great-grandmother’s engagement ring that I wear every day & a tiny glow-in-the-dark glass pig that a friend gave me when I was sick.

----- Lauren 23.12.12 18:32

My parents bought me a Jade Buddha on a gold chain necklace for me. It was also blessed by my uncle who is a monk in Vietnam.

----- Eric 23.12.12 18:10

My violin, given to me by my teacher when I was nine that I was way too small for but fits perfectly now :)

----- Nikki Gordon 23.12.12 18:09

A wooden manta ray necklace that my grandfather handcarved for me

----- Sarah 23.12.12 17:45

Now my tin solder necklace won’t be so lonely.

----- Lee 23.12.12 17:21

The claddagh ring my mother gave me as a teenager has always been so meaningful to me. Whenever I wear it I think of her and feel really safe. It’s the one piece of jewelry I’m never without.

----- Jenn 23.12.12 15:49

My Tuba

----- Augustas 23.12.12 15:21

I have an old token from Italy from my Stepmothers father being stationed there on a necklace. No one knows what it goes to. It has grooves on it like a key so it could be for an old payphone, laundry mat, automatic diner.

But I think thats the best part about having it.

----- johng 23.12.12 15:13

My RD350

----- yoshio 23.12.12 15:06

A hand-made toy stuffed tiger that was my grandfather’s when he was a child. His name is simply “Tiger”.

----- Amy 23.12.12 14:20

a photo of my grandpa.

----- matt 23.12.12 08:51

little stuffed wolf toy that was the mascot for the 1984 sarajevo olympics, VUCKO!

----- tasa 23.12.12 00:43

a small baby towel with an embroidered monkey that i used to take to preschool!

----- marina 23.12.12 00:41

Pomegranates (in jewelry especially) hold a special meaning. To me they represent Armenia where I am from!

----- Dina 23.12.12 00:41

My earmuffs.

----- Lindsey 23.12.12 00:12

Jade heart necklace handed down from my mom.

----- Lauren 23.12.12 00:07

My daughter’s first tooth. Yea, I saved it.

----- Madoc 22.12.12 22:14

My Dad’s old Barbour jacket.

----- Manny 22.12.12 21:48

pearls my mother gave me

----- andrea 22.12.12 21:46

The quilt my grandmother made for me. It took ages and lots of love and I cherish it.

----- Moe 22.12.12 21:39

a reliquary necklace containing my mothers ashes, specially made for me by a jeweler friend to resemble an atlas beetle.

----- Kat 22.12.12 19:47

The opal necklace my husband gave me.

----- Carmen 22.12.12 19:32

My great-grandmothers ball jars, blue. I get to display my pantry in my living room!

----- Sarah 22.12.12 19:08

My cozy childhood bed, which I get to enjoy while home for Christmas!

----- Tyler 22.12.12 17:49

my butterfly necklace from my grandma is one of my most favorite things i own.

----- sarah 22.12.12 15:48

My mom made me a quilt when I was about 5. It wasn’t just “a” quilt, it got dubbed “The Wubby”. I think it was my main bed covering up until I was about 22. It’s a bit thread bare now, but looking at all the small patches made out of clothes when I was little always brings back comforting memories :)

----- Holly 22.12.12 11:11

My Savier+Habitat high tops

----- Alex Bryan 22.12.12 10:58

A old (40yrs old) Omega wristwatch that my grandfather gave me for christmas, the clock didn’t work then (1996) and it doesn’t work now, but I still use it on very special ocations.

----- Carlos Sánchez 22.12.12 09:57

My most treasured item is a wooden corked heart-shaped glass jar that contains five origami hearts from my best mate. For each passing Christmas that we spend together, I would receive another heart. I am looking forward to that one Christmas where I would have to get another jar because the first one is already filled to the top.

----- Vivian 22.12.12 09:55

My Mother’s mid-60’s LeCoultre Atmos clock. It was a wedding present given to her in 1966, and when she passed away last year it was the one thing I really wanted to remember her by.

----- Scott B 22.12.12 09:45

I have a three-sided flathead screwdriver key chain thing that was my grandfathers. Goes with me everywhere and has been extremely handy

----- TONYF 22.12.12 09:02

A father a five daughters needs things explained in form.

----- Dale 22.12.12 08:59

I have a three-sided flathead screwdriver key chain thing that was my grandfathers. Goes with me everywhere and has been extremely handy

----- TONYF 22.12.12 08:59

I have a Stand Up 2 Cancer necklace that I got in honor of my mom, who fought breast cancer and won.

----- Anne 22.12.12 07:55

Keychain from my grand dad

----- sam li 22.12.12 07:47

A treasure chest of family photos passed down throughout the generations

----- Gary 22.12.12 07:43

when i was a kid, the book i purchased with money i made sweeping is what i’m attached to most because i bought something i love with money i worked for.

----- Ann Hidayat 22.12.12 07:31

My titanium wedding ring, plain on the outside, Gaelic engravings on the inside

----- Adam Edwards 22.12.12 07:03

My mother’s ring.

----- B Louie 22.12.12 01:14

any gift that is given from the heart is always valuable. not everyone give a jewelry, cos its something u wear to remind u of the person that gave u the gift. a symbol of something special.

----- anyotosetiadi 21.12.12 23:48

A ring with blue stone that used to belong to my mother and she gave me. I always wear it.

----- Star 21.12.12 20:25

My wedding ring !

----- jonas chau 21.12.12 19:41

A polorid camera the first present my brother ever had a chance to give to me.

----- CLEA 21.12.12 18:23

My sterling silver vintage key necklace.

----- Kelly 21.12.12 18:18

My grandpa’s elephant statuettes

----- Dominique 21.12.12 17:53

I have a special love for my grandmother’s old rolling pin.

----- Michelle 21.12.12 17:29

my favorite UGG boots, given to me by my boyfriend years ago.

----- somerset 21.12.12 17:26

My trusty Fjallraven backpack, seeing me through adventures near and far, old and new.

----- Avery 21.12.12 14:47

My grandfathers pocketwatch. love it.

----- Simon 21.12.12 14:44

Sunglasses I bought on my first trip to Florida

----- Ian 21.12.12 14:23

I treasure an old charm bracelet my mother gave to me!

----- Holly 21.12.12 13:56

My Daisy BB gun my grandfather purchased for me as a gift for my first communion. He also wrapped it in Hanukkah wrapping paper. The memory perfectly portrays his sense of humor. R.I.P. Thomas Andrew Proffitt.

----- Andrew Boone 21.12.12 13:47

My grandmother’s upright Yamaha piano that she used to teach me (amongst many others). It’s older than I am

----- Randi 21.12.12 12:04

A coin made from pieces of Apollo 11, not only is it amazing that it has been of this world, but my grandfather gave it to me when i was young.

----- Andrew K 21.12.12 11:24

A photo of my father and his best friend from the late 60’s in NYC. Dad looks like a dock worker and his friend is wearing a wool cape. Quite the pair

----- P.Lee 21.12.12 11:24

I thought it was the booze in my cocktail talking…but I knew it was love. Like daggers to my heart. love.

----- Betty 21.12.12 10:48

A locket I’ve had since 5th grade

----- Julia 21.12.12 10:40

My grandma Vera’s little gold signet ring engraved VT for Vera Thomas. Recently lost at the Bacara Resort in California and they held it for me for 2 months till I figured out to call them. I’m very lucky.

----- Tess 21.12.12 10:20

my oversized coffee mug, shaped like a latte bowl and stamped with the word “coffee”, which I’ve had since the first day of college and I use to make tea almost every morning.

----- irena 21.12.12 10:12

A large piece of petrified wood that sits in the garden. It’s the only family heirloom we have on my father’s side.

----- Caiti 21.12.12 10:05

i have two: a wood carving of a WWI soldier that is meant to be my grandfather (with correct Italian regiment, etc) and a tattered photograph of my mother, her three sisters, and parents hanging on a wooden fence in 1948.

----- liza 21.12.12 10:02

my wedding ring

----- shauna s 21.12.12 09:43

My brother made a sloth stuffed animal for me - it is incredibly cute.

----- shannon 21.12.12 09:22

Any trinkets from my grandparents because I’m finding the family tree more and more interesting.

----- Aaron 21.12.12 09:21

The calm that returned to them was not even their own.

----- Forrest Brooks 21.12.12 09:12

My dad’s leather camera bag from the 70s. It’s vintage and actually extremely utilitarian even with all my new equipment crammed inside.

----- Andria 21.12.12 08:42

The Tokidoki sweater my husband gave me.

----- lauren 21.12.12 08:40

Item which I forgot to add to comment, is my dads white gold watch. He has passed so its a reminder of our affection for each other.

----- Igor 21.12.12 08:39

I started fencing 12 years ago after “fencing” against my dad with plastic cocktail swords in a Chinese food restaurant. Just a few months ago, my team won College Club Fencing National Championships. The fencing mask I wore during that competition is special to me - it’s beyond beat up, dirty, and covered in scraps and tournament stamps - but perfect.

----- Dave S 21.12.12 08:38

The purse my mom gave to me the day I got married. She has had it since she was ten years old. It is the only heirloom I own and I am so excited to give it to my daughter when she gets married!

----- Tam 21.12.12 08:34

Great season to have your own silver cocktail sword

----- Igor 21.12.12 08:25

I’d say my glasses, since they’re REALLY spiffy and I wear them every single day! Totally worth the splurge!

----- Chris Stave 21.12.12 06:49

My erlenmeyer flask

----- Laura 21.12.12 06:39

An object that holds special meaning to me is the high school ring of my mother’s first boyfriend who passed away in the military.

----- Cole 21.12.12 06:38

I have a ring given to me by my grandfather for my 18th birthday. It was a gift to him from my grandmother for their 25 wedding anniversary. It is totally unique, and not just because it has a chip in the back of the stone because my grandpa was wearing it when he cut his finger off with a lawnmower. Now that they have both passed it mean a lot to me.

----- Jake 21.12.12 06:27

My Dad’s Rolleicord

----- Roy Reid 21.12.12 06:07

I have a chunky ring from Anomaly Jewelry that I’ve worn almost every day for almost a decade. It has a lion on it. I bought it when I finally started to feel like a semi-independent, responsible adult. It’s about making things work, being a functioning part of society and being comfortable with my own identity, my own animal-ness. It is my favorite piece of adornment. It is beautiful and simple and it suits me—and I like what it represents to me. My hand feels naked without it.

----- Josephine 21.12.12 06:03

my fountain pen, passed down to me from my favorite English teacher

----- Allie 21.12.12 05:53

My brother’s watch that’s now been surrendered to me!

----- Kathlyn 21.12.12 05:38

The original copy of “Harriet the Spy” that I read as an eight-year old. The cover and a chunk of pages are now detached but the book has my name in multicolored crayon in the cover.

----- Sarah 21.12.12 05:06

The prettiest headphones I got as a gift.

----- Noni Devora 21.12.12 04:48

A tiny toy trombone.

----- Maurice C 21.12.12 03:13

A nyancat cross stitch my wife did for me that sits on my desk at work.

----- Dan Gilmore 21.12.12 03:05

I really like things that get better with time. I’ve got a pair of leather shoes my dad used to wear - resoled - and I still wear them almost every day. The patina on them is awesome!

----- Tim 21.12.12 02:12

When I was 8, I got this simple clean silver bracelet from my parents. Till this day I still wear it and never take it off.

----- Mickey T. 21.12.12 01:51

My Stitch plush toy.

----- Loh 21.12.12 01:12

my mom’s giant asian butcher knife.

----- jason 20.12.12 23:36

a charm made of whale bone in the shape of a wishbone

----- Seth 20.12.12 23:36

A Montblanc fountain pen that my dad gave me.

----- range 20.12.12 23:02

A gold ring with jade that belonged to my late uncle.

----- Casey 20.12.12 22:38

I “claimed” my dad’s eyeglasses as mine after his funeral 12 years ago. It was atop a corner table where he always placed them with his car keys and other daily knickknacks. I wondered then why the glasses weren’t placed on him because he was never without them… unless he’s asleep. And that was the answer – I could cheat myself into thinking that he’s just asleep and so I kept the glasses for safekeeping. This helped me weather the heartbreak of losing him. The eyeglasses now sit atop my bedroom side table miles away from home. I still silently say goodnight to it.

----- Ellen Bautista 20.12.12 21:36

carved dinosaurs!

----- dylan 20.12.12 21:20

the engagement ring that my wife gave me.

----- rich 20.12.12 20:56

My silver cow skull necklace.

----- William 20.12.12 20:31

All my childhood photo =D

----- Kai 20.12.12 20:19

My grandma’s charm bracelet is my most important heirloom. Hoping to pass it along if I ever have daughters.
PS I love Bittersweets NY and have been coveting that necklace for the last few years!

----- Ashley 20.12.12 20:01

That would be the railroad spike paperweight that my brother got me for my brithday. No real value except that it make me remember the fun we had when we grew up together

----- Chris Martin 20.12.12 20:00

I’ve saved a flower from every bouquet that my husband has ever given me.

----- N. Stiles 20.12.12 19:57

Notes that my boyfriend gave me when we first started dating.

----- Amanda 20.12.12 19:47

A ring my boyfriend gave me 12 years ago.

----- Ana 20.12.12 19:17

antique watch brooch. i wind it up every day, and doing so is a reminder of my own mortality, fragility, beauty. moreover, i love that it’s a piece of something outside of myself that binds me to the greater world and timelessness—something i didn’t automatically ‘inherit’ from my own family, that i still keep a connection to, with all the people that must have owned it before i.

----- tia 20.12.12 18:54

A small silver horse pendant with my birthstone in it. My dad got it for me from a Gem and Mineral show when I was a kid and I still wear it.

----- Joanie 20.12.12 18:31

cast iron dutch oven. it makes me bread.

----- Jason 20.12.12 18:25

Stuffed animal made by my grandmother

----- Iris 20.12.12 18:08

My grandfather’s sheriff badge from the 1950’s.

----- Jon 20.12.12 17:58

a small plush elephant toy that somehow survived the childhood of several rambunctious marmots

----- Anna Perez-Pelaez 20.12.12 17:42

A little white teddy bear my grandmother gave me when I was sick and in the hospital as a child.

----- Darion Ziegler 20.12.12 17:19

My Chinese harp, that I’ve been playing ever since I was in elementary school.

----- Emily 20.12.12 17:13

This wired ring made by disabled students in Hue, Vietnam.

----- Angela 20.12.12 16:57

My fiance’s heart. It is my most prized possession. I protect it by keeping it in my own heart.

----- Ethel 20.12.12 16:33

My bike is my best friend.

----- Steeven 20.12.12 15:57

My mother’s amethyst ring.

----- Rachel 20.12.12 15:30

My restored grandfather’s violin, which my daughter now plays.

----- Darin P 20.12.12 15:00

My grandfathers wedding ring.

----- Adam 20.12.12 14:57

My great grandfathers pocket watch which was passed down to me because it was the first item of value he bought after establishing himself in the USA.

----- Matt Z 20.12.12 14:49

A framed print of a monkey done by the sweetest little girl I met while volunteering at an after school art program at a shelter.

----- Jessie 20.12.12 14:49

My first camera! It’s a Canon AE1 and has seen better days. I’ve had it in my possession since 9th grade when my dad gave it to me. My mother gave it to him for Christmas the year they got engaged. It’s travelled everywhere with me since, and even though i’ve got two other AE1s that don’t require gaffer’s tape to keep light out, I still treasure the hand-me-down one.

----- Mikey 20.12.12 14:41

My first camera! It’s a Canon AE1 and has seen better days. I’ve had it in my possession since 9th grade when my dad gave it to me. My mother gave it to him for Christmas the year they got engaged. It’s travelled everywhere with me since, and even though i’ve got two other AE1s that don’t require gaffer’s tape to keep light out, I still treasure the hand-me-down one.

----- Mikey 20.12.12 14:41

A statue of Napoleon.

----- Jorge 20.12.12 14:31

My teddy bear named Sir Wellington. (I’m 28 and still have him)

----- Jasper 20.12.12 14:30

A CD my parents gave me during my 10th birthday.

----- Angelica 20.12.12 14:15

A ring my grandparents gave me for my 13th birthday that i wear everyday

----- Zara 20.12.12 14:01

My first anniversary ring!

----- Ian S. 20.12.12 13:24

Italian charm bracelet my daughter wore until she was about 8.

----- greg 20.12.12 13:01

My taylor acoustic guitar that my mom bought for me

----- chris 20.12.12 12:59

It’s very sentimental, but drawings my mom and I did together when I was a kid hold a huge place in my heart - I would scribble on the page and she would take the scribble and transform it into a recognisable thing, like a house - as a kid it was like magic to me! They’re super special to me because they bring back sweet memories and they mark the time when I first got into and was encouraged to draw :) (I’m now an illustrator and graphic designer :) )

----- Robyn 20.12.12 12:58

My Pence necklace, made from a squashed Pence in Stratford-Upon-Avon at Shakespeare’s Birthplace. It says ‘To Thine Own Self Be True’ and I love it because that trip is when I started doing just that :)

----- Natalie 20.12.12 12:51

For my birthday a few years ago, my wife gave me a Sue Wong-designed Acme pen. I love it.

----- Bruce 20.12.12 12:45

I found a coffee mug at Salvation Army with a bird in a nest on a branch and the words “Sing tho none shall hear thee”. Two years later it began a tattoo that will eventually cover my left side in a tree which houses all the things I love. One of these things is a cocktail sword.

----- Liz Klein 20.12.12 12:43

My family.

----- Jazz 20.12.12 12:42

A pocket watch made from the body of a Hercules beetle.

----- Alexander 20.12.12 12:42

A silver bracelet my Dad gave my Mum when they were first dating in the 60’s. It has a charm with a blade of wheat on it symbolizing “fertility.” An omen of things to come! HAHAHAAARGH!

----- Philippa 20.12.12 12:39

I have an old porcelain owl cookie jar that used to belong to my grand-mother. I love the quirky little thing, and was able to rescue it before it landed in the family yard sale a few years back!

----- Melissa L 20.12.12 12:39

I especially love my grandfather’s watch I inherited, it tells time like no other

----- Michael 20.12.12 12:20

I have a US soccer jersey from 1994 that is my oldest possession and actually fits me perfectly now!

----- brianrhart 20.12.12 12:17

a feeling being accompanied. that’s the thing i prize the most. knowing that you’re not alone in this.

----- erick hilmansyah 20.12.12 11:32

Box of old journals.

----- Misch 20.12.12 11:08

A gold lighter from my (recently passed away) grandmother. It doesn’t work and I don’t smoke, but I can just imagine her sitting with a martini and a cigarette in hand, asking me to give her a light.

----- Sheila 20.12.12 11:06

That would be the earrings that my grandmother gave my mother on her wedding day.

----- Lis 20.12.12 10:57

My mother’s charm bracelet.

----- Cindy Aiton 20.12.12 10:45

A necklace my grandmother gave me.

----- Renee P 20.12.12 10:40

there’s a little japanese windchime bell that my grandma brought back from one of her trips to japan (she and my grandfather loved to travel, and went all over the world). it hung in the kitchen doorway at her house, and as the herd of us grandkids ran around it would ding when we flew by.

now it hangs in my kitchen doorway and the only thing that makes it ding is when the heater kicks on, but when it does it makes me think of her smile, loving her unruly, noisy flock of offspring.

----- taryn 20.12.12 10:39

My 12 mm wide stainless steel wedding band actually stopped a knife during my ofrmer life as a bar bouncer…

----- Seth B 20.12.12 10:36

My desk, which I built with my Father.

----- Daniel 20.12.12 10:30

A small jade pendant on a red cord my mother gave to me when I was a small boy. I have treasured it for thirty years.

----- Rick 20.12.12 10:23

When my grandmother died all I wanted was her ceramic bulldog figure. I love it, what a weird & awesome thing for a grandmother to have.

----- Jenny B 20.12.12 10:17

I have a couple rings I wear al the time, one is just a sweet ring from a friend, but the ring with the single strand of elephant hair from my mother is super special and unique.

----- mridula 20.12.12 10:15

I wear my grandfathers “35 years with Henry Ford” watch every day.

----- Alex Blugerman 20.12.12 10:15

the pearl necklace my grandma gave me when i graduated from high school

----- siena 20.12.12 10:08

Sort of obvious, but my wedding band.

----- Julie 20.12.12 09:38

my wedding ring…

----- Namtran Nguyen 20.12.12 09:32

my mothers pearls

----- Matt Burke 20.12.12 09:29

My prized posession is a Canon AE-1 (entry-level film camera) my grandfather gave me. He introduced me to a passion that is so much more than a hobby. I’ve shot pictures of family and events that are worth almost as much to me as the camera itself. After I finish my BA in something not photography related, I’m setting myself up with a studio to work in portraiture.

----- Kellie Ashley 20.12.12 09:11

My Lamy Fountain Pen!

----- Tyson 20.12.12 09:04

A dead fox named Cecil

----- Mat Moore 20.12.12 09:04

My Shoes!

----- Ben Moyle 20.12.12 08:57

furst lead holder

----- brian 20.12.12 08:57

I think it would have to be a silver Tiffany’s bracelet, given to me by someone very special, who made such a difference to my life. Will always be grateful, and will always think of them with much love.

----- Stephen 20.12.12 08:53

My pug’s worn and used tags.

----- Rogelio 20.12.12 08:52

My Teddy Bear. Given to me when I was a baby (55+ yrs ago) he was almost the size of me. When I was a toddler he got a tear in his tummy so my Mum made a green corduroy vest for him. As I grew and started to read I named him Thorin, from The Hobbit. He still sits proudly up atop of a bookcase in our living room, watching over us all.

----- Tim Driscoll 20.12.12 08:51

A nude painting my grandmother did. She gave it to me for high school graduation.

----- Katie 20.12.12 08:46

This sounds ridiculous, but my dog’s water dish means a lot to me. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge three years ago, but I leave his dish in his spot in the kitchen. Poor Kirby. He was the best dog ever.

----- Holly 20.12.12 08:43

A set of 4 jade beads i’ve had for luck for over 20 years.

----- Bryan Dunn 20.12.12 08:43

the napkin (with doodles) from my wife and I’s first date. It’s a silly thing to hold on to but its been on the fridge for 4 years now.

----- will 20.12.12 08:35

The asymmetrical silver pendant necklace I got in New Orleans in my senior year of college - they said it was a good luck charm at the time.

----- Susann 20.12.12 08:35

The Kay Bojesen wooden monkey my husband and I bought during a summer spent in Copenhagen.

----- Sallyann Corn 20.12.12 08:32

I always get excited when this necklace comes up. It’s beautiful.

I received my grandpa’s turquoise and silver watch when he passed, and though it’s far too big for me, it’s comforting to wear.

----- Mikaela 20.12.12 08:24

A bracelet my Dad gave to me when I was about 10.

----- JB 20.12.12 08:18

An item that holds special value to me are some silver coins my grandfather gave to me before he passed away. Have them in a little cedar box he gave them to me in. Means a lot around this time of year. :)

----- Lucas Lund 20.12.12 08:15

Birth certificate.

----- Helder Ricardo 20.12.12 08:14

I have a collection of books that I’ve bought over the years because I love how solid they feel when you hold them. Ephemera is nice, but I love and value well made objects so much more.

----- Emma 20.12.12 08:10

When my father’s mother (my Nana) passed away, he and his siblings drew straws and went through her house picking items they wanted to keep. When they finished they offered to let me and my cousin go through the house and choose anything we wanted to keep as well. I was happily surprised that I was able to get every one of her cookbooks including handwritten cards, notes, magazine and newspaper clippings that she had collected over the years. Those are pretty special to me.

I also knew the story behind a quilt top (crazy quilt) that was given to her by someone she looked after and was able to keep it as well. It has hand embroidered rings, flowers, names and other handwork. I cherish it too.

----- Raymond Overman 20.12.12 08:07

My mom’s and dad’s “quinceaños” rings!

----- María 20.12.12 08:04

don’t get sentimental much about things, but this necklace gave me an instant memory of my grandfather. grew up in a town without much for culture/night life, and a dinner out with grandparents always meant the 1 chinese restaurant in town, which for my brother and i always meant a roy rogers while the adults had their cocktails, which always meant a plastic sword through a maraschino cherry, and which for my grandfather always meant a cheeseburger.

----- derek 20.12.12 08:01

I have a sweet ring that my husband gave me before we were married, a kind of ‘promise ring’. I really love it.

----- Elisabeth 20.12.12 07:59

a silk blanket my father used in the army.

----- Sandy 20.12.12 07:44

I have a porcelain figurine called a “March Angel” from the late 60’s my parents bought me for my birth. It’s so cheesy but sweet.

----- Pamela 20.12.12 07:39

A little silver lamb that my dad gave me when I was 4. I’ve always loved my little “lambie” and it reminds me of a more simple time when love was freely given and doubt never crept in.

----- Jenni 20.12.12 07:31

My jade necklace given to me by my grandmother. I’ve had to change the string a few times, but I’ve worn it for almost 15 years.

----- Megan 20.12.12 07:31

My mom’s 8th grade graduation ring. It’s the only piece of jewelry I wear on a daily basis so I can feel close to her since she’s thousands of miles away.

----- Hector 20.12.12 07:26

my costume jewelry from my aunts…fake, but looks fancy as all get out.

----- Jessica L. 20.12.12 07:22

…the neckless i made when i was 5 years old …
made out of shells ..

----- rosie 20.12.12 07:21

my passport

----- Magdalena 20.12.12 07:19

a tiny metal frog i keep in my pocket.

----- Sam 20.12.12 07:16

The little silver cuff my great aunt gave me when I was born.

----- Laura 20.12.12 07:06

My original 1968 Cross Century pen that my grandfather gave to me on my graduation day. He told me that he knew that I would be a great and famous designer one day, and that even though he might not live to see it, he wanted to be a part of that. I use that pen for almost all of my sketches and I’ve had to hunt down compatible refills several times already. I hope I prove him right.

----- Rob Wilkey 20.12.12 07:03

When I was in the 2nd grade, my Opa (German for Grandpa) needed an open heart transplant. I couldn’t be there with him in the hospital so I sent him a penny with an angel cut into it. He got the heart of a 32 yr old man. However, six years later he was diagnosed with cancer. He battled it, but with all the treatments, his body rejected the heart and he passed away. When they found him, they found in his pocket the penny I had given him all those years ago. It was rubbed so much that the copper coating wore off. My family gave me a matching penny at his funeral. I wear it almost everyday and it’s one of my most valuable possessions.

----- Kaitlin 20.12.12 07:01

my wedding ring

----- jacob 20.12.12 06:56

For me, it’s a little footstool that my sister bought from a second-hand store and reupholstered herself. It was the most unexpected Christmas gift I’ve ever received, and it made me tear up a little when I opened it. I love it dearly.

----- Molly S. 20.12.12 06:53

My sister’s pearls

----- wolfie 20.12.12 06:52

My first car ‘Lucy’, she’s been in 3 road traffic accidents, been stolen twice, once where she was later used as the get-away in an armed bank robbery, been rammed by police cruisers, crapped out on the side of the road a couple of times, but still sits on my drive way in one piece getting me to work every day.

----- Chris 20.12.12 06:52

After working at a skydiving place (called ‘The Skydivin’ Place’) for a year or so packing parachutes, the jumpmaster gave me a Christmas card with a parachute pull pin on a chain. Was one of the most simple and thoughtful things I’ve ever received.

----- Brian B 20.12.12 06:49

My wedding ring belonged to my grandma who had FABULOUS taste. I never even had it re-sized and it fits perfectly. It was meant to be!

----- Jessi 20.12.12 06:48

The things that mean the most to me are an old keychain that belonged to my brother who died at age 25, and a roll top desk and floor lamp that belonged to my grandfather. They make me feel close to people that I miss.

----- Nick 20.12.12 06:38

My Tintanium/White Gold wedding ring.. its nicely metaphoric to the relationship I have and maintain with my wife.

----- Patrick Wong 20.12.12 06:37

My grandfather’s camera.

----- kelsey 20.12.12 06:36

a baseball cap from my friend who died in highschool

----- Aaron 20.12.12 06:35

The 1958 Jawa motorcycle i received from my dad,

----- Arnon 20.12.12 06:33

my grandfather’s watch that he bought when he traveled abroad.

----- tane 20.12.12 06:32

I’m a bit of a hoarder by nature, it’s easy for me to ascribe special value to things, especially those that were given to me by other people. One thing is a hand-illustrated Christmas card that my girlfriend gave to me a few years ago, back when we were still only just friends. I’ll probably never get rid of that.

----- Michael 20.12.12 06:20

A little necklace from my childhood from gymborie! my mom got it for me and I still keep it close!

----- Natalie Kay 20.12.12 05:54

An antique clock that’s been in my family for four generations.

----- Kate 20.12.12 05:53

My little collection of wheat pennies - whenever I find one it reminds me of my Dad.

----- Susan 20.12.12 05:51

Mercury head dime cufflinks from my girlfriend.

----- Robert W. 20.12.12 05:47

When we were in high school, my boyfriend made me a wooden heart in shop class. He’s my husband now, and 20 years later I still love it.

----- Hanna 20.12.12 05:46

My great grandmother’s piano. I love playing it and thinking of the joy it has brought to many generations of my family.

----- Jessica S 20.12.12 05:40

my wedding ring. It’s not fancy, but it has an awesome inscription that only means something to us and our wedding date 11-11-11.

----- Jillian 20.12.12 05:37

First guitar.

----- ARHIP MF 20.12.12 05:33

My jade Guan Yin necklace given to me by my mom for protection.

----- kim 20.12.12 05:27

i suppose if I were to pick something that meant a lot to me, I would have to say my grandma’s high heels. She was a total shoe fiend.

----- danielle pagan 20.12.12 05:21

A necklace passed down to me from my grandmother

----- Rose 20.12.12 05:07

My Elsa Peretti infinity keyring. I’ve owned it for about 10 years and it makes me happy any time I open the door of my house

----- Kalin 20.12.12 04:54

My old journals, each with beautiful designs from different artists.

----- Julie 20.12.12 04:50

This old leather-cord necklace with a cheap pewter pendant hanging from it. It’s the only thing I still own that I’ve had since high school (almost ten years ago now) and it shows from all the wear-and-tear to the leather and the fact that the pendant is actually broken in half. I still love it though because it reminds me of who I was in the past and how far I’ve come to be the person I am today. It’ll be a sad day when that damn cord finally breaks…

----- Brian Kelley 20.12.12 04:44

My mom’s wedding ring. My dad passed away when I was two. When I turned 18 my mom gave me her wedding ring so I would always have a little piece of him (and her) with me. It hasn’t left my finger for 10 years now.

----- Shannon 20.12.12 04:16

My old dog tags from my life as a soldier. They travelled a lot of hard miles dangling from my neck, and they still evoke many memories (good and bad) when I pull them out of their resting place.

----- Chris V. 20.12.12 04:05

My feathers necklace. I use it since my mother and father passed away. I use it as way to remember all they gave me and to think about them as angels…

----- Cesar 20.12.12 04:03

Most of my favorite things are books. Either because they are awesome or were given to me by awesome people. One of my most favorites is the graphic novel “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” by Brian Selznick, which was given to me by my best friend (years before the movie came out).

----- Grace Odicio 20.12.12 03:35

I dated a jeweller who made me a necklace based on a dream he had about me. It feels like a protective amulet.

----- Meaghan 20.12.12 02:39

A school girl in Kumamoto, Japan gave me the most intricate bowl made from hundreds of little origami cones. It’s still sitting on my shelf, the colors have faded a bit, holding little things that find no other home. Sadly I forgot her name and school - she must be about twenty now. I hope she is training to become a surgeon. The patience! The skill! The generosity!

----- uli 20.12.12 02:10

My coin collection

----- Suzian 20.12.12 01:55

A dried flower I got from the actual Hobbiton set of Lord of the Rings in New Zealand after a one month cycling trip past all the movie set locations.

----- Victor 20.12.12 01:42

My silver necklace, given to me by dear friends.

----- Carine 20.12.12 01:28

my jade necklace. it’s a gift from my mom. in chinese culture we believe that jade protects us from evil spirits or negative energies.

----- Diane 20.12.12 01:24

My grandfather’s pen knife that I use all the time.

----- tudza 20.12.12 01:19

A collection of various rocks and gems from around the world. But really, probably the funny drawings from first grade with the awesomely bad spelling.

----- Colin Z 20.12.12 01:10

Don’t have things of special value accessory-wise, but would say my Kawai digital piano. Bought it when I was away from home for 4 months and it’s the first large purchase I made at a point where I started to do well enough in my career to afford things like this.

----- Jenny 20.12.12 01:00

my analog cameras.

----- jay panelomo 20.12.12 00:57

My mother bought a quiksilver leather wallet for me when she was vacationing in Indonesia back in 2006 and I’ve been using it since then. I was still in university when I got it. I have it with me with all my travels near and far.

----- Calvin Cortes 20.12.12 00:48

my gold ring

----- Thu 20.12.12 00:39

This fox necklace means a ton to me- my boyfriend gave it to me AND it looks exactly like my sweet dog. https://catbirdnyc.com/shop/product.php?productid=18559&cat=105&page=1

----- sarah 20.12.12 00:20

I guess I don’t really love ‘things’ all that much. So if I have to answer I’ll say my speakers, because I built them myself.

----- Daniel 20.12.12 00:20

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