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Holiday Giveaway #32: Triple Aught Design- 12.20.12

tadgear0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2013 is around the corner, and we’re finishing up this year with more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores and over 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #32 is here! And this time we have more goodness from Triple Aught Design! This bundle is like a Triple Aught Design starter set that is just as ready for your hardcore adventures as urban day to day life… in fact, Shawn is currently cooking us breakfast in his cozy Flux Hoodie as i write this! This bundle includes the ridiculously flattering and comfortable Flux Hoodie with mesh lining on the torso that’s like basketball short material, making it easy to slip on and off, and temperature regulating Merino wool throughout, all covered in a sleek abraision-resistant nylon shell of awesomeness that will hold up (unlike all those hoodies in your closet that break down to get comfy)… the Merino Scarf in a match-with-anything Charcoal Heather Grey to keep you cozy… there’s the fun K9 Velcro Patch, which when you think about it, is versatile beyond sticking just to jackets/bags (i personally love mine to mark cameras in my bag wrapped in Domke protective velcro wraps)… and lastly, there’s the Fisher Space Pen 400 TAD Edition, a pen icon that is known for withstanding just about ANYTHING… with its pressurized cartridge you can write upside down and anywhere (no bursting while traveling!) and it hides in its sleek portable tiny size, but opens into a full sized pen.

THE GOODS: A bundle consisting of a Flux Hoodie, Merino Scarf, K9 Velcro Patch, and a Fisher Space Pen 400 TAD Edition.

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing why you’re an urban adventurer by midnight 12/25 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.

See more pictures of all the goodies on the next page!

UPDATE: Congrats to Rossi in Deland, FL.

tadgear2.jpg Flux Hoodie

tadgear3.jpg Flux Hoodie

tadgear4.jpg Merino Scarf

tadgear5.jpg K9 Velcro Patch

tadgear6.jpg Fisher Space Pen 400 TAD Edition

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing why you’re an urban adventurer by midnight 12/25 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.


626 Notes

Since I was a child I’ve gone adventuring on my red BMX bicycle with the family dog to explore houses in suburbia under construction, unfinished buildings, and loped across city parks to picnic in overgrown graveyards. Our trusty dog has passed on and my bicycle is a green Schwinn cruiser, but every season brings fresh delights to discover in the city I love.

----- TY 26.12.12 00:00

I love hopping off the skytrain and just wandering and exploring places that i’ve never been to before.

----- Mary 25.12.12 22:30

Because I started to play Ingress and to explore the city to hack the existing portals and to create new.

----- Daniel Herrera Marmolejo 25.12.12 22:22

Because its more fun outside.

----- Colin L 25.12.12 22:20

I’m a urban adventurer because it’s cheap fun, I live in Chicago, and it helps me learn some new things about my surroundings that I can’t fully experience without moving about.

----- Hubert 25.12.12 21:22

Because I live and love exploring Washington, DC now, but will be moving overseas next year, for even more urban adventures!

----- Jason 25.12.12 20:57

I just like it…

----- Raj 25.12.12 20:56

Because you have to get out and explore to live a full life.

----- Blaine B. 25.12.12 19:39

I find all the crevices

----- Matthew 25.12.12 19:34

I like the night life. I like to boogie.

----- Brian 25.12.12 18:41

In just a few hours you get under the skin of the city you’re visiting - so you know it like a local when just take the time to explore! In fact many of locals see their own city in a different way when seek new avenues that they never appreciated or have ever given thought to!

So whether it’s your first time, or your hundredth, an Urban Adventure will open up a whole new dimension on many of your favourite cities around the world.

----- Pat Honigmann 25.12.12 18:36

I like to explore downtown while running. Never know what you might find in the alleys and roadways.

----- Jon Pennington 25.12.12 18:35

Im not trying to be the most interesting person, but I have two dogs and I like to go hiking. It has been too cold to take them out for long periods of time but they recently got sweaters to keep them warm. I dont have anything that will keep me warm without completely burning up. These would be perfect!

----- Andrew Benitez 25.12.12 18:33

Like, Jordan above it’s Chicago where tough people deal with tough weather.

----- Mike 25.12.12 15:53

My Son-in-law loves TAD and I see him wearing it everytime he leaves the house on a new adventure downtown.

----- Janie 25.12.12 15:50

My husband trains and explores all over the city and I want him to look nice (and be warm) while he’s in the thick of his urban playground.

----- Kate 25.12.12 15:44

I am an architect, working at the university in Aachen, Germany. As a five-year-project, we are mapping the public spaces of the city – urban adventuring at its best!

----- Christopher Schriner 25.12.12 15:41

As a psychologist with a field-capable clinical team, my duties involve community treatment of people with severe and chronic mental illness. As such, I spend my days and far too many of my nights traversing the urban landscape of downtown Los Angeles. Most of my patients are so ill, both physically and psychologically, that they are unable to make it to my clinic, so I venture into the urban jungle to find them. The complex nature of mental illness results in me taking on the role of both detective and hunter within the city, tracking people who do not want to be found and who are experts at staying off the grid. I follow their trails through back ally ways to soup kitchens to below freeway overpasses, going where I must and doing what is necessary to help. I am an urban adventurer.

----- Dr. Jordan 25.12.12 14:31

It’s Chicago. Enough said!

----- Randy Kuczaj 25.12.12 12:46

I run every morning in downtown Fayetteville, AR and would love to have some TAD Gear!

----- Nick Carter 25.12.12 12:41

‘cause wild is where you are.

----- SAMM 25.12.12 12:15

Drinking wine on rooftops, taking photos in abandoned buildings, riding bikes from the top of Queens to Coney!

----- Rossi 25.12.12 12:09

Because I’d make this stuff look really good.

----- Andrew 25.12.12 09:42

Dai! Che bello maglione! What Beautiful Hoodie!

----- Thomas 25.12.12 08:14

I am the real urbaner because I always walk to work. And i like bushcrafting with tad gear

----- Nils Monatsberger 25.12.12 06:57

I work for the US gov’t in Manila, a city of 12 million souls. HAVE YOU SEEN The Bourne Legacy? it rains every day here and I alternate between a fixie and my motorcycle in what is undeniably the most congested city in the world. Unlike Jeremy Renner, I don’t have a stunt double. Please rent the movie then send me the hoodie.

----- Omar Cardentey 25.12.12 06:36

I am an urban adventurer because I grew up being taught to always explore things to there fullest. I have traveled up and down the east coast extensively and all the way out west and have always made an effort to get the gear out and explore the local sights without a guide. This has made me see some of the most amazing sights over my 28 years! Because of this, I am an urban adventurer!

----- Andrew 25.12.12 06:20

To find the ones that cannot be seen..

----- Evangelos 25.12.12 06:20

A few months back i broke my achilles during SPECOPS selections, then short after i lost my home and my girlfriend. Yesterday my car burned down to the ground… Hard life? I’m trying to turn it all around and stay positive.. I could really need the positive feeling of winning right now! :)

----- Jonas Hjorth Andersen 25.12.12 06:06

Adventurer: We think of the dark reaches of jungles, the desolate landscapes shrouded in a blanket of white, the ebb & flow of rising waves of desert sand … I Explore the Urban Jungle & Landscape … Hidden in the shadows & empty areas lies unexplored territory … History mixes with modern … The quest for that perfect cup of coffee & falafel has me jumping, climbing, running, my head on a constant swivel, taking the sights & sounds … Every step into alleys & crosswalks is an adventure … I Am the Urban Explorer … … …

----- Travis 25.12.12 05:57

Because I live by the words of William Faulkner, “One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure!” I read that quote by him in high school, and I have decided never to back down. That is why I am an Urban Adventurer!

----- Bryan Mobley 25.12.12 05:47

Nice presents ;)

----- Szymon 25.12.12 04:20

i take long walks and i’m visually curious. I notice everything - my eyes have a will of their own - my feet just takes them everywhere.

----- Alex H 25.12.12 03:23

I am THE Urban Adventurer because I know all the corners of my city. Where I can find what I need to survive longer than the others. I am out every night learning more. People come to me when they want to know. I also keep others healthy and safe from what goes Bump in the night.

----- BigKen 25.12.12 02:45

Ill be completely honest. The reason Im an Urban adventurist is because I have PTSD from being on deployments. I know I know your probably thinking “WHAT THE HELL IS HE TALKING ABOUT!?” well here it is. I did a deployment in Iraq and one in Afghanistan and to be honest no matter who you are things you see will effect you. I was infantry in the Marine Corps and this is verifiable if it needs to be but Ive been through somethings and well weither it be me exploring the city and its hidden wonders or me taking advantage of nature and its wonders there are somethings that remind me of all the world has to offer and it calms me down completely to the point I basically have a release and no longer think about things that sometimes take over my head. I know this post might…well probably wont win but I figured I would post it anyways just in case someone that reads it happens to be in the same boat as me. It might give them something to try out and help them just as much as its helped me

----- Devin Jones 25.12.12 02:40

living in the tropical Singapore requires navigation skill, flexibliity, and guts of an adventurer!!

----- Kwan Chung Howe 25.12.12 01:50

Because a man needs to be outside. I just feel better when I get out there and do man stuff.

----- Jason 25.12.12 01:09

because staying in is simply not an option.

----- André 25.12.12 00:38

…because I’m cute! I go wherever Hello Kitty would dare!

----- Cely 25.12.12 00:27

I’m an urban adventurer because it’s deep in the heart of the urban landscapes that you find the best food!

----- Trevor 25.12.12 00:25

Grew up in San Francisco… snuff said.

----- Ed C-R 25.12.12 00:09

i long for abandoned buildings and clandestine tunnels below a sleeping city…

----- mike fox 24.12.12 23:52

I have been re-located to Japan. I battle hordes of zombies in my morning commute on the train. I engage in treasure hunting for the most delicious food. My journeys take me from sweltering heat to freezing cold and everything in between. I aspire to fish in the sea of Japan and stand atop Mt. Fuji. All of these must be done with the right gear, looking good, and my lovely wife’s approval.

----- Zach Heisinger 24.12.12 23:52

I’m an urban adventurer because- I’m always ready to accept changes in my circumstances, adapt and respond; I can step back and appreciate the stories of life that unfold infront of me. That’s what having adventures is.

My favorite is when I’m out and about in the city and I spot someone who needs some help, a car that stalled, a lost visitor or anything else really and then I try to assist them.

The other day I found a lizard that was injured sitting on an electrical box. I wore a pair of disposable gloves I carry for first aid situations and placed the lizard on a branch where it would be out of reach of predators so it can recuperate. I don’t know if the guy made it but I did what I could and that’s sort of an adventure.

----- Nadav 24.12.12 23:11

Because I’d rather walk downtown than bus it. And I enjoy the sights.

----- Laura 24.12.12 22:37

A caver, backpacker, diver and cave diver, but I live in the city. I’m always looking for the next adventure even if its to a new part of town or the abandoned warehouse in the industrial parks.

----- James 24.12.12 22:37

… because it is always an adventure with me and my kids - in the city, in the woods, on the mountains.

----- Jurgen Hatzenbichler 24.12.12 22:15

PDX thuggin’

----- Bini 24.12.12 22:02

I am a urban adventurer because I live in the Bay Area, it’s an adventure everyday. Especially when I go to the city.

----- Jack Q. 24.12.12 21:31

Hmmmmmm…… Urban adventurer…..chasing kids inside & out, standing guard the street while they play, run down to the store milk & such, get any type of workout in when I can (gym, garage, sprints). I’m cold-adapting…. I have no time to put on and take off “puffy jackets” when my 3 year old breaks out the backdoor to catch up with his big brother & i don’t believe in warming and the car in the morning. I like the minimalist approach that gets the job done.

----- Doug 24.12.12 21:19

I walk to work! :P

----- Sara 24.12.12 21:04

Whether on my bike or on our feet, my 3 year old son and I love to explore our town as well as all the sights in Pittsburgh. Each visit brings on new experiences and memories and with the weather in western PA being crazy unpredictable there’s nothing like have such versatile apparel.

----- Matt sheridan 24.12.12 20:51

If I were to hitch a ride on NASA’s “vomit comet,” I would test the Space Pen upside down and write a note to the space pen company and possibly confirm that it works upside down in zero G.

----- Pauly P. 24.12.12 20:18

I just found the NOTCOT site through triple aught designs: very cool. We are a family of urban and not so urban adventurers. We live in Western Maryland on a farm but Mom commutes to DC. We love TAD Gear and own a lot of their very well designed and just plain cool gear. Thanks for the chance. It would be a great Christmas present for my son!

----- Ohbaggyeyes 24.12.12 19:48

22 years later and having lived up and down the east coast, I’ve found my way to the Bay Area by way of my chosen profession as a Coast Guardsman. My job has instilled in me an appreciation for technical wear and yours, gentleman, is top-notch. Cheers.

----- Matthew 24.12.12 19:35

What the hell is an urban adventurer? I’m just a dude that likes to be comfortable and stylish wherever I am. City, country, suburbs, who cares? Form and function are my mantra. TAD gear = awesome. Nuff said.

----- Nathan 24.12.12 19:05

It’s in my blood!

----- Aaron Drummer 24.12.12 18:52

urban adventurer is my middle name

----- Robyn 24.12.12 18:39

I travel all over the Middle East as a Contractor and TAD gear goes everywhere with me. Forever TAD, TAD forever.

----- Frazier Damon 24.12.12 18:39

I’m an urban adventurer because I can’t always get way from it during the week!

----- Ben 24.12.12 18:29

because i am a combat survivalist based at Raaf base Amberley, Brisbane and one thing about Brisbane is that its is a alot of places to discover and TAD gear it the best for urban or bash

----- Brent Irvine 24.12.12 18:19

Walking two 90lb dogs every day is an adventure in itself

----- Brian S 24.12.12 18:18

Down the street or atop Machu Picchu….Tad Gear is the right kit! Thanks NotCot
Derek Rader

----- Derek Rader 24.12.12 18:04

Because I live in Los Angeles, the city at the heart Raymond Chandler’s work, the man who wrote “The story is the man’s adventure in search of a hidden truth, and it would be no adventure if it did not happen to a man fit for adventure.” I work in Watts and the heart of Compton, in skyscrapers in Downtown, in the studios of Hollywood, the smut peddlers in the Valley and every dark corner in between. Every day I work in Los Angeles is an urban adventure for me.

----- Ben C 24.12.12 17:46

night runs and leaving the phone at home and get crazy lost

----- kelly 24.12.12 17:28

I live in Michigan - nuff!

----- Kenny Johns 24.12.12 17:21

I would love to win some TAD gear to use on my adventures in Japan and around Asia!

----- Josh 24.12.12 17:19

Urban Adventure is a state of mind. It guides you through abandonments, new construction, irrigation canals closed buildings. But it’s not the place you go, so much as the spirit that gets you out there. The want, the desire to see more, to see the things that you always see but in a different way. That spirit of discovery has wrought a world with no new oceans to explore, but a million ways to bring a sense of wonder to what many consider mundane.

----- Chris S 24.12.12 17:12

I go from downtown Dallas to the Texas hill country on the reg, TAD had always been there for me!

----- Matt 24.12.12 17:11

because I love to travel around the world and go to new places. I like to travel off the beaten path, and for that I always have my gears wrapped in TAD stuff (Litespeed) myself included (ranger hoodie). I always treat everyday as a new adventure. Especially if you live in Indonesia where traffic is crazy and unforgiving for a cyclist…
Gimme the gear already!! Hahahaha

----- Georgius Andre 24.12.12 17:05

If you call working anywhere from Fort Hancock TX. to the NM-AZ line along the border Urban, will I qualify. On call 24/7 365 I defiantly need quality gear that way I can concentrate all my efforts to keep the illegal and unwanted out.

----- Andy 24.12.12 16:45

I’ve been training all over the Northwestern US and Southwest of Canada to get ready for bigger races this summer, haven’t been tracking the miles, but most days we are doing better than 8mi days rucked up through cities.

----- Gunnar Gray 24.12.12 16:41

Because the above items would help keep me warm and stylish, while I fight my way through hoards of zombies when the outbreak starts! also the patch would represent Caddy my zombie fighting Chocolate Lab who will always be by my side!

----- DruB 24.12.12 16:40

I’m an urban adventurer because I love walking through my city trying to find something new and interesting. Also i like to support my local companies and build healthy relationship within my community.

----- Jesse 24.12.12 16:38

Because the best restaurants in my neighborhood don’t have any parking (and I just like around the city)

----- Michael 24.12.12 16:21

I am an urban adventurer because I boldly go in a manor in which no man has gone before.

----- Simon 24.12.12 16:14

I am a teacher in a high school
Of 2500 students!! It’s always a jungle!! Enough said! I win!!

----- Brian 24.12.12 16:14

I’ve urban adventured rocking TAD gear all over Europe, Africa, North America and the Middle East. Exploring industrial US to thousand year old ruins in Cairo.

----- Justin 24.12.12 16:11

Whether I’m knocking around town, or visiting my old haunts in the West Village like Strand or McSorley’s, my Triple Aught Design gear keeps my urban adventure on track, and in style.

----- Kevin 24.12.12 16:10

Because sometimes the outdoors isn’t enough!

----- Kevin D 24.12.12 15:52

I’m a urban adventurer because I am.
Happy Holidays!

----- Tammi Sutton 24.12.12 15:39

i work in the Vancouver film industry. so i spent 15 hours a day in the streets, alleys, parks, forests, quarries, industrial areas, high-rise rooftops and and everywhere in between, getting to explore all over the lower mainland. no matter the weather conditions we keep working, and my TAD gear has been up to that challenge.

----- Andrew 24.12.12 15:27

5 things to never forget when you go out of your house : light, knife, keys, fire and cash … with that you go where you want …

----- cepo 24.12.12 15:26

I’m a urban adventurer even though I live in the state capital of Missouri! Population 30,000. I teach at the local high school of more than 2500 students. We have a very diverse group of students. Everyday is a adventure…need I say more??!!

----- Brian Ash 24.12.12 15:03

I’m an urban adventurer because the city is where all the action happens!!!

----- TIM AUSTIN 24.12.12 15:01

Nothing urban about where I live, but I am always in for the adventure

----- CJ 24.12.12 14:35

I’m a LEO who try to keep an active outdoor live as far as he can, so I find a first quality gear as Triple Aught Design’s is esential.
Best wishes from the Austrian mountains where I am actively testing it! :-)))

----- Pablo Mariño 24.12.12 14:35

I like to walk. In the woods. In the city. At the beach. Why am I an urban explorer? I like to do and see things I never done or seen before. The perfect getaway for me is to leave it all behind for two or three days. Kiss the family goodbye and head out alone. Switch off the digital interaction for a while, just to see and talk to real people, but more often not talk so much at all. Just soak up a new place. Take the train to a new city, check in at a cheap hotel. And walk. Watch people. Be out all night and meet the sunrise from a new place. Eat all the different street food. Take some pictures perhaps, but it can be to much like work sometimes. Find some geocaches. Find some abandoned places for some real UE and imagine what it used to be like. Check out some weird museums and off-the-beaten-path tourist attractions. Do whatever comes to mind at whatever pace I like.

For this you need gear. Less is better, so it must be just the right items. When you find them you’ll know. Then you want to hang on to them for a long time. They become friends. So they need to be simple. Functional. Timeless. Triple Aught Design’s stuff is just that and that Flux hoodie would be a perfect match for my black TAD Litespeed backpack. Please give it to me.

----- Peter Hakestam 24.12.12 14:17

I’m hitting every major city all over the world, walking every Main Street and alleyway.

----- Arthur Kosasih 24.12.12 14:13

because i am a Bomb tech in the Us Army and its cold in Kentucky i need more jackets only have a ranger hoodie

----- Travis Slater 24.12.12 14:09

I’m an urban adventurer cause I ride my bike in Los Angeles everyday, navigating the floods of horribly unaware drivers. Quite the adventure.

----- Jeremy Bryant 24.12.12 14:03

I’m a urban adventurer because, I live in a concrete jungle, I work in a concrete jungle & I play in a concrete jungle. I’m from Singapore,

----- Derrick Tay 24.12.12 14:02

I´m an urbal adventurer, because I “survived ” 3,5 years on Wngerooge, the smalles island in the German ocean, without (nearly) an mentally/physically damage…

----- Gordon 24.12.12 13:55

It’s impossible for me not to urban explore living in the mile high city wearing TAD! I’m equally outfitted for the mountains, TAD a perfect balance of urban and outdoors and will be put to good use if I win!

----- Stephen 24.12.12 13:54

Because my work, lifestyle, and pursuits take me from patrols through neighborhoods in far away lands in the middle of the night, to city escapades with my lovely gal.

----- Jesse 24.12.12 13:54

Audaces Fortuna Iuvat

----- David Reyes 24.12.12 13:52

In okease!

----- Chris williams 24.12.12 13:49

I’m an urban adventurer because it gets cold, and sometimes we can’t find a cab to take us home quickly enough.

----- Julien 24.12.12 13:49

I spend my weekends wandering the city to find new destinations.

----- Johnson Nguon 24.12.12 13:48

…because zombies don’t kill themselves, and I need to look good and stay comfy doing it.

----- Kyle S 24.12.12 13:47

I hunt bad guys for a living in the Nation’s Capitol. I once headbutted a guys nose off( literally), and I have a really sweet handlebar mustasche that I’ve been growing for the last two years.

----- Jeff 24.12.12 13:29

I’m an urban adventurer because life is an adventure and I’m going for the ride.

----- Nick 24.12.12 13:24

…because I survived hurricane Sandy in NYC and worked weeks straight to get the electricity back on….

----- Joe P. 24.12.12 13:22

I would wear it around the property and on every airplane i could as i see the world. I would also pass it down to my son in my will. This stuff is bomb proof. It will last that long.

----- Ed Wilson 24.12.12 13:19

I’m an “urban adventurer by midnight 12/25.” Frankly, I’m an urban adventurer most of the time. But I’ll _definately_ be one by midnight 12/25.

----- Dean 24.12.12 13:18

it’s always exciting to explore new places and discover little treasures in a city you’ve lived all your life. you get stuck in your daily routine and see the same things over and over again, but once you take a road not taken, it opens up a whole new world to discovery. you come upon small shopping streets that you would swear shouldn’t be there, or try new food that puzzles your tongue. that’s why it’s called an adventure.

----- James Oh 24.12.12 13:17

Every day is an urban adventure in the damp, mossy environs of Portland, Oregon.

----- Kyle Heeter 24.12.12 13:15

I would love this kit to got with my other TAD Gear. Always keeps you warm and dry with style!

----- Laurenz 24.12.12 13:13

I work from home all week long so it is an adventure everytime I head into the city!

----- Mike Ni 24.12.12 13:08

When you have a 2 year old little girl, everything you do is an urban adventure. From climbing stairs, to sliding down handrails, looking at birds, and sharing the greatest moments that cannot be bought.

----- David Aitchison 24.12.12 13:03

I’m an urban adventurer out of necessity. Every day presents unknown situations.

----- Michael 24.12.12 13:00

Either in the mountains of CO or in the concrete jungle of NY. TAD is always there to keep you warm.

----- Josh James 24.12.12 12:59

Like everything in life there is always a new frontier to explore. In this day in age the ever expanding frontier of the concrete jungle merits exploration by all those willing to conquer it. To enjoy the many cultures and all of the hidden gems that every city has.

----- Daniel Lindsey 24.12.12 12:56

I am an urban adventurer because I instruct marines on CQB in an urban terrain.

----- GySgt Brian covey 24.12.12 12:54

Like few, I never TAD; Take a Day off. I always leave my home with at least one piece of TAD Gear. You never know what adventure you may run into next.

----- Daniel McComas 24.12.12 12:53

When going for a run or walk in the Pacific Northwest, you’ll have to dodge cars, truck, trains, dogs, etc…Why not do it fashionably?

----- Tony 24.12.12 12:43

My best urban adventure, employed at an aviation company,graveyards alone, at a certain point everything slows to a halt,the night gets still and silent almost except for the wind ,the sound of the snow and the odd coyotes and at a certain moment everything takes on a magical quality when the night creatures are asleep and the day creatures haven’t woken up yet.

----- Prinesh Singh 24.12.12 12:42

i have recently become an urban adventurer out of necessity. i have spent the past two months surviving in my post-Sandy severely damaged home within a dangerous urban setting. with no heat and poor ventilation, i was forced to relocate my wife & two sons, while i remain behind, to guard our possessions from scavengers & explore the newly devastated post-apocalypticesque urban districts while awaiting federal assistance.

----- brian 24.12.12 12:40

Once I surfaced in an unexplored neighborhood in Montreal which had no line of sight to the mountain and therefore had to orienteer by compass. As luck would have it, I happened to have one at the time.

----- Ryan J 24.12.12 12:37

I am an urban adventurer who seeks the wonderful history hidden in plain sight such as streetcar barns converted into shopping stores, other unique and interesting urban artifacts. Photographing people and places around town makes for an urban adventure of the greatest kind.

----- Erik Novoa 24.12.12 12:36

I am an urban adventurer because it teaches me to move through my city. As an EMT, you get the chance to see all parts of the city from the vehicle perspective, the rest of it comes on foot. Know your city, know your area. Have fun! Watch out for the transvestite hookers on Central…

----- Ian Wendt 24.12.12 12:36

cuz I set up a tiger pit on my neighbor’s jogging route ;)

----- BOBBY BOB BOB LEE 24.12.12 12:34

1. I do not use any umbrella even in a heavy rain. Instead, I just wear one of my hoodies. It is all I need in rain. 2. After I work overnight, I take a nap under my desk at work, covering my head with the hood. It is like camping at work! 3. I enjoy traveling city by city at breaks, usually by bus. I should be aware of any possible accident by human beings, but it is fun!

----- Joon 24.12.12 12:33

Urban Adventurer? Oh yes, but more like an Urban Ninja…wait did I just write that? You don’t even see me.

Living in Seattle you have to dodge the rain A LOT. Why not do it in RAD TAD gear?? I bust secret moves all ovah Seattle’s Urban plexities…but I don’t dodge the rain, the rain dodges ME.

This gear would just enhance my effectiveness.

Gimmie gimmie!

----- Matthew Coe 24.12.12 12:26

Going for a run, dodging pedestrians, and even the insane drivers sometimes.

----- Colin Boyd 24.12.12 12:26

I am an urban adventurer because that is where I live.

----- Carl 24.12.12 12:17

Because I am Bond. James Bond

----- Trent 24.12.12 12:13

I’m an urban adventurer because I venture through a city every weekend.

----- Teelo 24.12.12 12:09

I definitely think this would be great for those nights when I just enjoying wandering around the city or during runs early in the morning. The addition of the pen just means I can actually take notes on the things that I see.

----- Yoshi 24.12.12 12:08

…because I’m Batman… Not really, but it doesn’t hurt to dress like him.

----- Glenn 24.12.12 11:59

I’ve done a lot of walking in my day, pounding the pavement long after I got a car. While it’s not the fastest or easiest of methods it is the one that allows me to really observe what’s going on around me whether in the city, in the suburbs, or in the wild. That’s the enjoyment we all need to take more time with. Sometimes you can only see the best when you take it a little slow.

----- Lee 24.12.12 11:59

I ride my bike, run, and rock climb throughout the year. Rain, snow, or sun, I’m always up to something active. It’s a life style.

----- Daniel 24.12.12 11:56

I live in a very rural area, so when I have the opportunity to travel to a city I do my best to experience it all. The people, the food, the microcosms of culture in each different part of the city; all of it is a rush, and not something I get to experience as much as I’d like. Traveling by foot is usually my favorite, though public transportation can be great for the occasional spontaneous dance party in a train station or an eccentric couple on the bus. My favorite city to travel to is Chicago, and having a new layer of wool to wear next time sure would make it a more comfortable trip!

----- Mike L. 24.12.12 11:52

TAD gear is the best if you need the perfect combination of utility and modern styling. I’ve used their stuff everywhere from the city to the Sierras and every single thread has stood the test.

----- Will B 24.12.12 11:49

Always exploring wherever you go. Pioneering the unknown.

----- Bruno Lara 24.12.12 11:49

What can I say? I’m a University Student with an insatiable curiosity. Not only do I patrol my campus in conjunction with the local police department, but on my off days I go wherever in search of something cool or weird.

----- Arnold Lewis 24.12.12 11:48

I’ve been wearing the same TAD Ranger hoodie day in day out since my second deployment back in ‘08. It’s an awesome piece of performance clothing and I still get coompliments on it. I can’t think of a better way to semi-retire her than getting my paws on a new Flux hoodie!

----- Ben 24.12.12 11:46

I live in the city, and frequently am out and about shopping, going to concerts, the mall, Waterfire in downtown Providence, or out to eat at different restaurants. When I’m not in deadlock traffic, or in crowds of people, I’m either cycling, at the range, trekking up the side of a mountain somewhere, or wandering aimlessly in the woods. TAD makes some awesome gear to accomplish any of these activities.

----- Chris C. 24.12.12 11:44

A little concrete can’t slow down my next adventure!

----- Laurence Wayne Lee 24.12.12 11:44

London night bus, nuff said

----- Jelly 24.12.12 11:41

I am the ultimate urban adventurer. I joined the USAF a few years ago. Was stationed in the UK and traveled all over the European area when i was stationed there. Been to places like Holland, Iceland, Romania, France, and the list goes on. After that I got stationed in Las Vegas and started to adopt and outdoors man mentality to go with growing up in the city of Boston. I explored the city at a young age and know the city like the back of my hand now. I make it a personal goal of every major city i go to, that i would walk anywhere i could and explore things on foot for better memory the next time i would be around. I’ve been an avid collector of TAD Gear for a long time now( you can ask them yourself) and have ordered from them plenty of times before. I recently started building up my real outdoor exploring gear while still retaining my urban mentality. So yea i would be the perfect candidate for the gear and would make good use of everything.

Proud USAF Airman
Joshua Thai

----- Joshua Thai 24.12.12 11:40

I’m definitely an Urban Adventurer. I work in the city and I need to be up for any challenge. I have to be ready for whatever comes my way so I take what I need to make it through the day and this giveaway will help me accomplish this.

----- Norm Kiesewetter 24.12.12 11:38

Because of reasons…
It is awesome of course!

----- Fabian Claes 24.12.12 11:37

TAD is perfect for folks like me that want gear that transitions seamlessly from urban, to woods, to mountain, and beyond.

Fit, form, but most of all function.

----- joe k 24.12.12 11:36

“why you’re an urban adventurer” Because Patrick of Triple Aught Design made me one.

----- Don B. 24.12.12 11:35

Because its perfect for not so cold night walking around the city or beach. Specially here in seal beach,california.

----- Laureveson Cudal 24.12.12 11:30

Oooooohhhh, sure could keep me toasty warm here in Frosty WI!!!!!

----- Sue Kadunc 24.12.12 11:28

Best USA made outdoor gear period. These would make my winter an enjoyable one for sure.

----- Ryan Trexler 24.12.12 11:27

The Flux would make an awesome layer under my stealth hoodie while I explore on those cold days.

----- Curt Mills 24.12.12 11:27

Why I’m urban adventurer? I analyze and understand what’s going ‘round me in military and engineering aspects (however strange that sounds). I’m tryin’ to be ready for acting in critical situations. But all that is not an answer to given question though. I do a lot of combined biking (urban + cross country), often in hard conditions. Sometimes it leads to extreme things happenin’. Recently I also tend to go round town at strange hours that alone is some kind of adventure (like helping a friend to stitch him up with standard thread and needle, without help of EMS :P ). As a person that before enrolling to university used to live on suburbs of small city with lot of green areas and now living in big gray city, I try to find new adventures without need to go whoever-knows-how-many-kilometers off home. I generally would consider myself as an adventurous and extreme person. I’m currently tryin’ to switch my casual clothing from mil-spec to something what would look elegant yet be functional. Funny fact is that I was lookin’ for TAD’s official distributor in Poland in order to get some nice lookin’ gear but haven’t found one (I would also have some problems with prices of their gear but I believe in rule that quality costs).

Btw: great thanks for TAD for being here. With their help I’ve found this site which makes me think “It should be my check-daily site I see”.

----- Paweł 24.12.12 11:25

Because its a concrete jungle out there!

----- Scott K 24.12.12 11:24

Having just been RIF’ed from my job of 16+ years, I anticipate having lots of time to explore the streets, parks, nooks and crannies of unban San Francisco. “opportunity only knocks once, but karma will hunt you down” :-)

----- Gary C 24.12.12 11:23

Adventure is every where. When exploring a city or urban ruin it is fun to appreciate the hidden places that are often over looked. The urban, abandoned complex brings a whole new dynamic to the meaning of adventure. I have been in many run down buildings and can have the same excitement as climbing a peak or crawling into a cavern. Thanks for the opportunity to win some awesomeness from TAD.

----- Kevin 24.12.12 11:23

Tad gear makes the ultimate urban and outdoor adventure gear that easily transitions between the two.

----- Scot 24.12.12 11:21

TAD Gear is amazing! It is light, warm, and durable which is exactly what I need on my urban adventures.

----- Winston R. 24.12.12 11:21

I like to think that if there are two options for getting to your goal, by foot (/bike) or by car, bus etc. one should use the more challenging way by going on foot. Rather than taking the car or bus etc. You discovere lot more by wandering on foot. Getting lost time to time isn’t eather a bad thing, that’s how you can get your urban adventures. Be brave, get lost!

----- Aki 24.12.12 11:21

I’m a sheep dog living in the city, using this place to thrive-

----- John 24.12.12 11:16

i’m an urban adventurer because we hit the city to go out every week wearing only tad gear to protect us from the harsh climate in the chilly seasons. we go to the gym every night no matter the weather we actually drove to the gym in 3 feet of snow one time :) when we hit our own personal range to target practice both me and my wife and now my little sister rock our tad gear.

the style comfort and quality make our tad gear a clear choice when tackling not only every day mundane chores that everyone does in life but, even when we go out on our own personal joy ops at night in the great city of philadelphia. our interests such as shooting city nightlife traveling to find our new home in the rugged mountains of vt. which we will soon be hiking and camping shooting and 4x4 driving on every chance we get!

all of this may not seem at first glance unique but, we have become a house full of folks interested in function quality and style we are both city kids at heart but, are looking for our new home in the rugged mountains of the great northeast kingdom. i’m sure our tad gear will exceed our expectations in the harsh climate of vt. and still be good to go when we come home to see family and friends in the city.

so whether i win this sweet little pot of tad gear awesomeness or not i want to say thanks for making a great product tad! literally both me and my wife kristen absolutely adore everything we have ever bought from you guys. we are always wearing at least one piece of your gear at any given time.

----- hans addicks 24.12.12 11:16

TAD Gear keeps me warm and protected wether hiking through the woods, or out for a run on the trails, their products are top notch!

----- Mike F 24.12.12 11:16

Because that is how I roll :)

----- Sav 24.12.12 11:10

I love TAD. What an awesome Xmas present! The hoodie and scarf would be so useful when I attending my kids outdoor swim meets in the winter.

----- David 24.12.12 11:10

I love trekking all over the city of SF

----- JONES 24.12.12 11:10

I am stationed in a smaller town now, but when I was on Camp Pendleton in California, with no car to call my own, the heel-toe express was my friends and I’s primary form of transportation. Be it trips to Oceanside or long hauls down to San Diego, we were always on our feet. While I can’t complain about the life I live now, there are times where I miss wondering the cityscape…

----- Robert L 24.12.12 11:08

From teaching martial arts to wilderness survival, construction work to month long overland expeditions. My clothes get put through the ringer. One day its rock climbing the next its bow drill fires. I tech my students to defend themselves in real life situations and there’s nothing like durable clothes that move with you while you do it!

----- Brandon Husted 24.12.12 11:01

I’m an urban adventurer because I love running through the downtown areas of my city.

----- Ford Aldrich 24.12.12 10:58

I absolutely love traveling and exploring different cities around the world and around the US. The best adventures are the unplanned encounters and trips that happen in these cities.I am planning a trip to China soon and these would be great to wear while exploring Beijing, Shanghai, and Lhasa! Thanks for the chance!

----- David T 24.12.12 10:57

I like to explore the elaborate drainage tunnels in my city with friends. We think of it as urban spelunking.

----- Jon Parker 24.12.12 10:53

WOWZA Tad … my favorite company ! Give a German urban explorer a chance to win … :-) Happy XMas btw. !

----- Martin 24.12.12 10:53

I am a student at san jose state university, and am forced to traverse this concrete jungle every damn day. I must constantly be in the shadows to avoid gang members and crackheads, and this is impossible without the hoodie. When the see me they always scream “ill get you next time, I remember your face!” (After I whoop there ass when they try to rob me). So i need a nice scarf that I can simply hide my identity with!!! Once I make it to class, a pen will come in handy to write with. And the patch you may ask? That will be worn with pride everyday to let the do-gooders know im a do-gooder too.

----- Yoni W 24.12.12 10:51

I have two small boys, and they have the habit of turning everything into an urban adventure. Be it checking out the sidewalk for future chalk attacks, scoping out bugs, or finding new things to climb on and give me gray hair.

----- kristopher 24.12.12 10:50

Some of my most fond memories are from exploring urban environments, from Chicago to San Fran, to Salvador Brazil, and everywhere in between.

----- Chris 24.12.12 10:48

Because a 1997 BMW F650ST is the best way to explore the urban jungle of Hampton Roads.

----- Samuel Curet 24.12.12 10:46

being versatile enough to work or play in the city with clothing that is both stylish as it is functional.

----- Nav 24.12.12 10:46

I have to be an urban adventurer, I live in NYC and my dog is a natural explorer. We walk all over the city looking for new and unknown areas.

----- Louis Chi 24.12.12 10:45

I’m an urban adventurer because TAD Gear is in my closet! With their gear, what else could I be?!

----- John 24.12.12 10:43

…because my city is just as adventureous as the wilderness. aside from my outdoor-trips, I live there for almost 40 years…and I´m still there. =)

----- Jovan 24.12.12 10:42

Because I live in the northern most modern city in the US, Fairbanks, AK. I still ride my bike to work in the snow with -40 degrees weather and some of the largest moose in the world running around town. When I was a kid I explored the large open drainage pipes.

----- Brad 24.12.12 10:41

I am an adventurer not just urban. I’ll take to the streets or the winding suburban roads on my motorcycle, or go hiking on one of the many local trails and ski hills. The lower mainland in BC offers one of the widest varieties of activities that i know. This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes ” A woman is like a teabag, you never know how strong she is until she is in hot water” Eleanor Roosevelt.

----- Lee-Erin 24.12.12 10:40

Love being outside, whether it is in the forest or in the urban jungle.

----- Jason 24.12.12 10:40

Total honesty, Most urban adventuring I do is pulling for questionable crack at the pub.

----- Matthew chatham 24.12.12 10:37

Adventure is what you make of it, and nobody runs more exciting errands than I do. Christmas shopping at the last minute? Challenge accepted.

----- Nathan 24.12.12 10:36

Every day is an urban adventure in California, I’m always exploring the streets of LA and Orange County. I carry my TAD gear Litespeed with me everywhere…and these items would be the perfect to keep me warm while looking tadical. I would love to spend more time with my girlfriend in San Francisco, Seattle, New York City, and Washington, D.C.

----- Justin Brown 24.12.12 10:36

Because it pays to understand your environment (supplies, escape routes, observation posts, choke points), especially in the case of the pending zombie apocalypse.

----- Stephen Gonzales 24.12.12 10:34

Why? Because I can.

----- Dominic 24.12.12 10:33

I am an urban adventurer because I am a Photographer. I’m constantly looking to photograph the things most people never take the time to notice in new and creative ways to make them notice. Adventure doesn’t begin until everything has gone wrong and often when photographing outdoors in major urban areas nothing will go right.

----- Bryan Denehy 24.12.12 10:33

Avid explorer in the city streets for awesome food and art!

----- David Pham 24.12.12 10:32

I am an aspiring urban adventurer that usually takes midnight trains!

----- Zach 24.12.12 10:32

I have been working in the urban environment for 15 years and the gear you put on has got to be the best

----- Ken Lindley 24.12.12 10:32

I am a father of 4. 3 boys and a girl from ages 6 to 4 months. I live in Orange County California. I can’t of think of anything more adventurous and more urban than raising 4 kids in the heart of southern California!

----- Patrick 24.12.12 10:32

Dammit, typo in the email address… So once again, the bitter cold of the concrete canyons of Toronto, battling down sidewalks and subway stations, cycling through traffic or dashing across streets. All in the name of finding interesting corners of the city, whether it be a restaurant, bar, museum or concert, and all that without mentioning braving the dating scene.

----- Paul Horgan 24.12.12 10:31

As a police officer in the city everyday is an urban adventure!

----- Dgoforth 24.12.12 10:31

I am an urban adventurer because I have to drag around enough to be prepared to help my kids and wife at any time.

----- Jason Kenny 24.12.12 10:31

Lets be honest, Urban Adventuring is taking the trash out or grabbing the paper. No one is exploring buildings because thats called trespassing, and no one needs a sweater in jail.

----- Kevin 24.12.12 10:29

I’m a student and an explorer, both my work and play is in the sprawl of the city.

----- Patrick 24.12.12 10:27

I love exploring, whether it be urban jungles, literal jungles, or mountain peaks. One of the first things I like to do whenever I get to a new area is try to get lost. I have yet to succeed, as I have always found my way back. In my experience this is the best way to find unique points of interest that you won’t hear about from brochures or Google maps. Great way to stumble across a cozy side-street cafe/pub or a secluded waterfall. Regardless of the terrain or population,TAD Gear is always part of my wardrobe. Highly functional in the wilderness and remarkably stylish in the city. I love my TAD Gear.

----- Chuck Collier 24.12.12 10:27

An urban adventurer? Well between battling through hordes of angry commuters in the subways and braving the bitter winter cold on the packed streets of Toronto, there are the bicycle trips through traffic and exploring the cities museums, restaurants and just the various neighbourhoods looking for a great photo to take, dive bar to experience or just some splash of urban life to fill an afternoon or evening. All that, and I haven’t even mentioned the dating scene.

----- Paul Horgan 24.12.12 10:27

What a prize pack!!! That would be an awesome Christmas gift!

----- Lance P. 24.12.12 10:27

Because one must conquer both the the concrete jungle, as well as the natural one to become a well rounded individual. They are in essence the two halves of the brain so one must master the other to gain optimal control over both.

----- Boris Bjorn 24.12.12 10:26

Walk 1.5 miles to/from work every day in Texas after my morning runs. Durable and comfortable gear makes all the difference heading home after midnight against the winter winds.

----- Ryan M 24.12.12 10:26

I am an urban adventurer because I run the kids all over the place and what better way then in a warm and easy way

----- Titus Casebeer 24.12.12 10:25

I am an urban adventurer because I maintain courageous calm in the face of danger, scorn, and ridicule on a daily basis in the urban jungle, and on occasion, I must run toward gunfire rather than away from it.

----- John M. 24.12.12 10:24

I’m an urban adventurer as I live in one of the worst affected areas of last year’s London riots.

It’s an adventure. Kind of. Sorta.

----- Anil A. 24.12.12 10:24

I am an urban adventurer because I live in the country.

----- Daren Allen 24.12.12 10:23

Living and working in the DC area is always an adventure! Also, my monthly drive up the coast for AF Reserve drill never fails to be an adventure of its own…

----- Nate 24.12.12 10:23

Living in the Pacific Northwest is an everlasting adventure. Hiking, skiing, snow-shoeing, extreme cross-training, we do it all. This gear would be positively useful in the my adventures, playtime, and commutes to and from work. Make me a winner!

----- Jesse 24.12.12 10:22

Because I am bringing up 4 boys and bucking the system of non-stop sports games and practices. When my kids are 18 they will have seen all Nebraska’s state parks and a majority of the national parks. I am hoping those memories will last a lot longer then some $0.50 participation medal.

----- Chris W 24.12.12 10:20

I travel 200 days a year,Father of 2 with one on the way. Hiker, fixed gear fanatic. Could use some good gear for once

----- Mark 24.12.12 10:20

So I live in Denver, and me and my friends are pretty big into the denver punk and ska scene, so we’re always going to shows. But, when we’re not going to shows we pretty much just find ourselves exploring Denver, trying to find the best street art, or the best abondonned buildings. Throug out the coarse of our many adventures we’ve ruined many cheaper clothes, so I have bought some TAD, and that is the best stuff around, and have yet to kill it (I’ve had a stealth hoodie for about 4 years). Also when we have a weekend when no one’s working we will head out to the mountains to have some adventures of a less urban variety.

----- Carl Suby 24.12.12 10:17

I love TAD gear. Regardless of the terrain being city, forest or stream, the gear just works.

----- Mike Hajoway 24.12.12 10:15

I am a firefighter, a father and an urban adventurer. Whenever I leave my house with my kids or my crew I have to be ready for what the day will bring, And I must always be prepared.

----- Tim Trujillo 24.12.12 10:13

Everyone who lives in Oakland is an urban adventurer :~)

----- Tal H 24.12.12 10:13

I would consider myself an urban adventurer with family in Houston, Chicago, Philly and NYC. We constantly are visiting and exploring for the best food around town or a perfect place to take the next photo for our wall. This gear would also help because I’m a nuclear operator that spends the better part of my 12 hour shift exposed to the elements. In other words, I will more then get my use out of the gear. If I win, I will provide you with a picture on top of stone mountain in Georgia, that is my next planned adventure, I will finish up he adventure searching for microbreweries in Atlanta. Thanks for the opportunity for such sick gear.

----- Mitchell Lacny 24.12.12 10:13

As we reach further into the depths of our digital world we forget the places upon which our physical world is built. The lost underground is no playground, but it does offer adventure and intrigue for the intrepid soul. I like to find the secrets buried in the dark.

----- Karl S 24.12.12 10:12

Why am I an urban adventurer? That’s simple… to truly test your outdoor skills you need to be in difficult environments. The urban environment is one of the most challenging because it can be ever changing. All successful organisms, had to adapt and overcome at the critical junctures of life and the urban setting changes constantly in form, function, use, population densities, seasonal affects, etc… Urban LIfe, Adapt or die! Sua Sponte!

----- AJ Lapre 24.12.12 10:12

I train, play, and work in the urban environment

----- Joe 24.12.12 10:11

I work at a 93 acre zoo in the middle of a large urban city. This gear would be put to great use both at work, out and about in the city, and in the event of a natural or man-made disaster where I would have to make the 45 mile trek home on foot or bicycle. Also, the zoo has some great areas to take awesome photos of some high quality TAD Gear! =D

----- Michael 24.12.12 10:11

I could sum my outdoor philosophy with a quote of J. Nehru:
“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”

----- Darko 24.12.12 10:08

Because running around NY in the winter between buildings in dumbo can get chilly!

----- Gary Sheynkman 24.12.12 10:08

i only come out at midnight

----- Adrian Vincent 24.12.12 10:05

Because sometimes doing the right thing means you are up to no good

----- Jeff 24.12.12 10:04

I live in the desert, if I didn’t go on adventures it would be a dry boring place.

----- Quintin Loughlin 24.12.12 10:04

living and working in the DC everyday is an adventure.

----- Joe Courange 24.12.12 10:04

Living in a city with a population of 300,000+ means there isn’t much else to do. However, my adventures into older parts of town are almost always to look for some not so commonly known hole-in-the-wall food stalls serving up amazing local fare, which can only be found when you’re on foot.

----- Larry 24.12.12 10:04

TAD Gear is amazing! I commute by foot daily here in Toronto, every day in year with my wonderful dog, Izu (seen here - http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8188/8150803418_caeecc78f1_b.jpg). I also love to adventure in the woods by hiking!

----- Paul K 24.12.12 10:03

Me and my oldest boy enjoy walking through town often. Don’t want to be stuck indoors when we can’t get to Turkey Run.

----- Shawn c. 24.12.12 10:03

I love to use TAD gear and other good stuff when i do volunteer rescue & fireman jobs. For me it’s mayby the best thing in my life, the knowledge and practised skils mayby can save someone someday.

I do have now TAD fast pack, hardshell jacket and space pen in every day use ;)

----- Juho 24.12.12 10:03

Adventure: For some it’s a new pair of underwear, a different route to work or a new pizza topping. For other’s it’s a life threatening outdoor experience that makes life worth living. The experience usually involves loss of digits, limbs, friends or all of the above.

----- Scott 24.12.12 10:02

I enjoy the unique lifestyle of the city by night, as well as in the day time. Living in a cultures urban environment allows for me to see new things every day or night, making life more interesting.

----- Vu Minh Le 24.12.12 10:02

In the city you need the toughest gear to survive the urban jungle.

----- Connor 24.12.12 10:02

As I teacher at an urban high school I feel that there might not be a more “adventurous” job around!! Seriously, love my TAD jacket and feel that the scarf would match wonderfully. The TAD pen would come in handy for writing hall passes and detention slips.
C St Clair

----- C St Clair 24.12.12 10:02

Because making it one day to another is an adventure enough

----- Cody 24.12.12 10:02

I’m an urban adventurer because while living in a city I try to experience as much as I can. Everyday can be an adventure if you allow it to be. The gear I carry is secondary, but helpful in that pursuit, but being an adventurer is a mindset.

----- Aaron Shapirl 24.12.12 10:01

I rock the urban life - when not working long hours indoors I’m rushing to the gym for judo & bjj sessions, pounding the pavements of NYC, supporting public transportation and bombing through city traffic on my ‘06 Bonneville. And then I spend the next several months as a global traveler half-way round the world - carving the Himalayan backroads on my Enfield Bullet, visiting old monasteries, mountains & valleys, and spending time with my family. I think I’m a good candidate for this package, will put it to full use and even give you detailed feedback - please let the chosen one be me :) Thank you and Season’s Greetings!

----- sonam 24.12.12 10:01

Because lifes too short not to be.

----- Jesse 24.12.12 10:01

LA is such a huge place. You could spend a lifetime trying to get to know it and it still wouldn’t be enough time. Everything changes so fast, within months the “old spot” is a “new place.” It’s an adventure and new experience everyday just living here. Adventure is exciting because of new discoveries and the dangers of the unknown,you’ll find both in this urban jungle. The rush to find out what is out there is what drives me to explore this place everyday.

----- J Avila 24.12.12 10:01

I feed the homeless in NYC and came to know a few of these men well. They take me into their world and show me how they live in the cold. There are amazing areas in NYC that haven’t seen the light of day for years. They are true Urban adventurers.

----- Brian Heller 24.12.12 10:00

Because 3 hours of daily commute is always an adventure!

----- Scott 24.12.12 10:00

Because I enjoy the thrill!

----- Sara Sacson 24.12.12 10:00

Urban adventure is as exciting and rewarding as outdoor adventure and TAD Gear enables explorers to take on both environments. There is nothing quite like navigating human-designed terrain; sometimes it is exceptionally difficult! I am an urban adventurer for the thrill of discovering new places.

----- Isaac Licharowicz 24.12.12 10:00

I live in an amazing city that brings together the best in urban spaces and natural elements. I love exploring where I live and discovering the people that you encounter along the way!

----- Zach Brown 24.12.12 10:00

I’m still trying to find Splinter and The TMNT

----- Nick 24.12.12 10:00

Exploring the urban wilderness is one of my favorite things to do. Being prepared means knowing your surroundings, routes and local settings. TAD Gear rocks!

----- John 24.12.12 09:59

Because San Francisco is where all the good shopping is!

----- Christie 24.12.12 09:58

I love getting out in all weather even in the city and going for an “urban hike” just to check out things and areas that haven’t yet seen

----- Mikeith 24.12.12 09:58

I love getting out in all weather even in the city and going for an “urban hike” just to check out things and areas that haven’t yet seen

----- Mikeith 24.12.12 09:57

TAD makes incredible products. I would to to add this stuff to my small TAD collection!!

----- Steven LaBarre 24.12.12 09:57

It’s a jungle out there, a concrete jungle that is. My gear helps me find my way through!

Merry Christmas guys!


----- Eric C 24.12.12 09:57

There is nothing that makes me feel so alive so human so from this planet then to get out and explore what mother earth has install for us. Explore what humanity’s past and present generations have left for us to see and be apart of. It’s almost like I’m connecting somehow with what men and women have been doing since the dawn of human life on the great planet. Harvey a Merry Christmas and a happy New Years, I’ll see y’all in the great expanse that we call life. Stay safe and remember watch your sixes.

----- Chris Mitchell 24.12.12 09:55

No greater adventure than facing the most deadly infectious agents mankind has known on a daily basis. It also gets cold in the ICU.

----- Luke H 24.12.12 09:54

Living in the mean streets of Las Vegas, it is a true urban jungle. You have to be able to navigate the Strip during the day and be ae to survive the brutal conditions of the Poker rooms and Blackjack tables.
Off the Strip, you have to be able to navigate through Red Rock canyon and not get singed in the Valley of Fire.
All in all you can go from scrambled eggs in a buffet, to scrambling rocks, to scrambling your bank account all in one day.
Then the sun goes down…..

----- Jack Timar 24.12.12 09:54

Life is screaming by as I go from graduate classes, thesis research, and company travel. I am on the road as an engineer about 30% of the time, airports, trains and rental cars. My gear has become my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve learned to buy once and put Triple Aught Design gear at the top of all my wish lists. Just keep pushing though and enjoying all the hectic craziness of life!!!

----- Corey Reynolds 24.12.12 09:54

I love exploring new places

----- Chris Calimlim 24.12.12 09:54

I’m the pastor of a small church in Ceres, California. I take kids on urban adventures twice a month. I teach them valuable life skills such as: feeding homeless folks, singing at convalescent homes for the elderly, compassion, honesty, tracking, shooting, fishing, etc. this kit would be awesome for our cold weather excursions!

----- Jason Rase 24.12.12 09:53

Because I enjoy knowing what’s just around the corner!

----- Sam Hosey 24.12.12 09:53

I explore lands only thieves and villains dare to trek. From rooftops to underground, I scrub and cleanse my city. With a camera and flashlight in my hand, sidearm concealed on my hip, and justice burnt into my soul, I rid my home of chaos, and crime. I vanquish the corrupt, and the dangerous; risking everything to protect this country and those that I love. With my life I explore, protect, and patrol. For the now, and for the future, until my last breath. I am an urban adventurer, through and through.

----- Josh 24.12.12 09:52

I enjoy not knowing what may be coming next, but being prepared for anything……and i think that pen would really work well with my flight suit :D

----- Joseph 24.12.12 09:52

Love your products, love using them outdoors wherever I may be.

----- John 24.12.12 09:52

I dig wandering the citys watching all the people that live there.

----- Theran Mills 24.12.12 09:52

I just go…

----- mark endy 24.12.12 09:51

Walked across town 15 miles after an afterbar. Normally spend more time in the woods tho lol

----- Brian 24.12.12 09:50

I’m on the greatest adventure eve! My son was just born and his addition to my life has brought an entirely new level to you my life. He’s laying on my chest while I type this, snoozing away. Next week he’ll be with me on my 10k race, motivating me from his his stroller. We’re a team and Ill be teaching him all I know while I learn from him what I don’t know. Wearing TAD gear will ensure I look good while doing it.

----- John Garrett 24.12.12 09:50

I am a urban warrior who fights the good fight against corporate coruption 5 days a week! Some one has to keep the man in check and that me! With Triple Aught I would have even more of a edge to continue on plus look great doing it!

Merry Christmas and good luck all!


----- Brian 24.12.12 09:50

I am a stay at home Dad who homeschools his 10 year old twin boys! We are constantly battling the elements of an Urban Environment! Whether it be at a Museum or on a much needed hike in the wilderness! Plus when the horde of zombies attack it would be nice to be sporting T.A.D. Gear! Did I say that I was a stay at home Dad?

----- Duane S. 24.12.12 09:49

I LOVER the outdoors. Ever since I joined the military and seen Iceland, i’ve been trying to travel and see as much of the natural earth as possible. Currently I’m in Las Vegas and surprisingly there is a lot to do outside of the strip here. I’ve been building my outdoor gear for a while and TAD Gear is the staple of my clothing. I’ve been an avid follower of TAD Gear for a long time now and would make great use if i won this giveaway. Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

Proud Airman of the USAF

----- Joshua Thai 24.12.12 09:49

I’ll out-ninja anyone!

----- Josh 24.12.12 09:48

I live in LA, the OG concrete jungle. Daily I survive all kinds of things from rabid driving Prius’s to the occasional stampedes of velociraptors . I’m in it to win it.

----- Todd Hawkins 24.12.12 09:48


----- D. Hagmann 24.12.12 09:48

What makes me an Urban Adventurer is a desire to see the world around me for more than brick and mortar… When I go jogging I imagine being a secret agent, covertly mapping out my escape route for my next mission. With my kids I’m the same way, I turn anything into a playground; waiting in lines or simple point A to B, when people see me they see someone making an adventure out of anything!

----- Kevin Zuniga 24.12.12 09:48

I love exploring the city.

----- Chris Hitchcock 24.12.12 09:47

I love exploring the city.

----- Chris Hitchcock 24.12.12 09:47

We live in the Seattle area. Though we love to adventure in the Great Pacific Northwest wilderness, much of our time is spent Trekking around the city. We have two boys that are 7 and 8. The youngest has severe autism and has a difficult time in indoor places that have children’s activities. One place he does love is the Great Outdoors! We put him in his mobility stroller and brave the wind and rain walking through the city. He loves to look at all the hustle and bustle of the urban environment. We also take him to the ocean and trails to explore. Your products are always a part of my family’s adventures. Happy Holidays to all!

----- Nicole 24.12.12 09:46

Because I love to adapt and overcome…

----- Felix Schlangen 24.12.12 09:46

Because I’m always sneaking around the city, looking for deals and taking pictures of people without them ever knowing I was There.

----- Paul Greenwood 24.12.12 09:46


----- Dawn 24.12.12 09:45

Exploring the city every night!!!!

----- Jose Figueroa 24.12.12 09:44

I go into the parts of the city to explore. Sometimes you have to be boot-on-the ground to feel the pulse. In the spirit of George Mallory, you just have to go into the city “because its there.”

----- Deo Santos 24.12.12 09:43

I love urban hiking. My favorite thing to do is to find the little areas that the city and it’s people have forgotten about that have fallen by the wayside. Some are like little time capsules, well preserved. Other areas are like a post apocalyptic wasteland because of urban decay. It’s a new adventure every time I step out the door.

----- Jamie Piekkola 24.12.12 09:43

I like to walk around outside in cold weather in urban locales to think of sop’s in different zombie apocalypse scenarios, also my birthday is the 31st!

----- Josh W 24.12.12 09:43

Because whats life without an adventure?

----- James Flanagan 24.12.12 09:43

Because i use my climbing skills to reach Paris rooftop to watch the sunset. We call it toiturophillie in France.

----- Larat Kevin 24.12.12 09:43

Because nothing makes me happier than a new place to explore. Don’t need much money, don’t need a big plan, just a map, a camera, and an afternoon… or longer.

----- HP Lefler 24.12.12 09:43

Because I love exploring cities and finding those gems people overlook.

----- jon sykes 24.12.12 09:43

I am an urban adventurer because work keeps me grounded to a city, however, my calling is exploring the great outdoors.



----- Arwin Siador 24.12.12 09:42

It’s a small city where I live in but there’s always new places to discover if you try. Are you with me?

----- Jon-Erik 24.12.12 09:42

The Cult of Cthulhu has taken hold in our greatest cities… And I’m the only one that can oppose them.

----- Ken 24.12.12 09:41

Urban wanderers do not talk about urban wandering.

----- Russ 24.12.12 09:41

I have to be an Urban Adventurer because my wife loves to shop in the city and she needs me to come with her with credit cards in hand.

----- Rick Reid 24.12.12 09:41

I do it for the children. And the zombies.

----- Marty 24.12.12 09:41

Starting flight school in January and think it would be a perfect lair for my training/visiting of many airports!

----- Jacob Forsythe 24.12.12 09:41

I run in any weather, I do archery till my fingers bleed. Nothing will keep me from the elements. TAD all the way, any way.

----- Ting Siu Ip 24.12.12 09:39

I’m, always busy and on the move, prepared for anything ahead wherever I may be.

----- Shaun 24.12.12 09:39

Been following their products for awhile. Would really like to have some

----- Travis 24.12.12 09:39

When I’m at work I’m out in the city regardless of the weather- TAD gear keeps me going in all of that!

----- Matt Brenton 24.12.12 09:39

Sometimes, a quiet walk with ones own thoughts is necessary to sort out the deeper and more difficult things in life. The late night city walk, alone save for the company of the moon, and the natural aspiration of the city itself, helps clear the mind. The future is what you make of it, No Fate -

----- Eric Ventura 24.12.12 09:39

I could really use this when I walk my husky in the morning! He has a winter coat, now I need one too! :)

----- Derek 24.12.12 09:39

I was only given one body and need to take care of it

----- ken 24.12.12 09:38

Don’t let the urban environment squash your sense of adventure. There is plenty to be had right here.

----- Jon Winters 24.12.12 09:38

I love the outdoors, but living in a big city, it makes it hard to get out into the wilderness, so I enjoy the urban outdoors, here in San Jose, as well as nearby San Francisco.

----- AlexB 24.12.12 09:38

why am I an urban adventurer? Because Im a goddamned US Army Infantryman! Co H 121 LRS

----- TJ Barron 24.12.12 09:37

I commute via bike to work by bike through the streets of downtown Nashville, Tn.

----- chris white 24.12.12 09:37

I am a dynamic figure, often seen scaling walls and crushing ice. I have been known to remodel train stations on my lunch breaks, making them more efficient in the area of heat retention. I translate ethnic slurs for Cuban refugees, I write award-winning operas, I manage time efficiently. Occasionally, I tread water for three days in a row.
I woo women with my sensuous and godlike trombone playing, I can pilot bicycles up severe inclines with unflagging speed, and I cook Thirty-Minute Brownies in twenty minutes. I am an expert in stucco, a veteran in love, and an outlaw in Peru.
Using only a hoe and a large glass of water, I once single-handedly defended a small village in the Amazon Basin from a horde of ferocious army ants. I play bluegrass cello, I was scouted by the Mets. I am the subject of numerous documentaries. When I’m bored, I build large suspension bridges in my yard. I enjoy urban hang gliding. On Wednesdays, after work, I repair electrical appliances free of charge.
I am an abstract artist, a concrete analyst, and a ruthless bookie. Critics worldwide swoon over my original line of corduroy evening wear. I don’t perspire. I am a private citizen, yet I receive fan mail. I have been caller number nine and have won the weekend passes. Last summer I toured New Jersey with a traveling centrifugal-force demonstration. I bat 400. My deft floral arrangements have earned me fame in international botany circles. Children trust me.
I can hurl tennis rackets at small moving objects with deadly accuracy. I once read Paradise Lost, Moby Dick, and David Copperfield in one day and still had time to refurbish an entire dining room that evening. I know the exact location of every food item in the supermarket. I sleep once a week; when I do sleep, I sleep in a chair. While on vacation in Canada, I successfully negotiated with a group of terrorists who had seized a small bakery. The laws of physics do not apply to me.
I balance, I weave, I dodge, I frolic, and my bills are all paid. On weekends, to let off steam, I participate in full-contact origami. Years ago I discovered the meaning of life but forgot to write it down. I have made extraordinary four-course meals using only a Mouli and a toaster oven. I breed prize-winning clams. I have won bullfights in San Juan, cliff-diving competitions in Sri Lanka, and spelling bees at the Kremlin. I have played Hamlet, I have performed open-heart surgery, and I have spoken with Elvis, but sometimes I get cold and I really need this Triple Aught Design gear.

----- Steve Ferdman 24.12.12 09:35

Urban adventurer credentials; Signed up for a Goruck Challenge - when finished I’ll be signing up for a Goruck Selection and Trek. Living in Cleveland we get the “best” weather for urban adventure!

----- Andrew White 24.12.12 09:35

Being a non-car commuter in a major city? Every day’s an adventure, whether you’re going by bike, foot, bus, or what have you!

----- Jamie Fellrath 24.12.12 09:34

Married to an urban adventurer… I might be persuaded to join him, with gear like this. ;)

----- Lisa Mantchev 24.12.12 09:34

Because I love finding secret beauty in the urban sprawl.

----- Alex Osha 24.12.12 09:33

it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life, so you should be feeling good… i’m Batman

----- mihai v 24.12.12 08:54

Because there be dragons.

----- Florian 24.12.12 08:32

Because I like to wander cities at night

----- Liz B 24.12.12 08:31

Instead of stopping to smell the roses I like to stop and check out the street art.

----- Sergio 24.12.12 08:22

I pound more pavement with my own two legs than the batmobile ever could. I navigate by night and wander by day, and I am always the first one off the elevator. My utility belt includes a camera, headphones, and a bottle of champagne (because what urban adventure would be complete without a little celebration).

----- Bruce Wayne 24.12.12 08:10

…because I love getting up to enjoy the early morning before the roads fill with traffic and taking a run through my small part of the city. The hoodie and scarf are perfect for that as this year turns colder.

----- Aubrey 24.12.12 07:46

Gotta find all of those nifty, hidden places in otherwise mundane areas!

----- Greg Weaver 24.12.12 07:06

I like walking everywhere.

----- Katy 24.12.12 06:38

Because I explore the city at night always on the look out for minions of Cthulhu.

----- Noisehead 24.12.12 06:16

i wear sunglasses at night

----- adam 24.12.12 06:11

I am about to move to Toronto from Barrie. Wish me luck!

----- Mike H 24.12.12 05:49

I rode the first Des Moines Urban Assault Ride.

----- Erin 24.12.12 03:24

I moved out of the city at 18 with my wife and now are going back in this week with our 2 daughters in tow. Time for them to learn a true adventure while crossing 4 boroughs consistently. Merry Christmas everyone!

----- J Alexander Jusino 24.12.12 00:02

I love to photograph the city at night. The most interesting things come out when it seems like no one else is looking…

----- cilla 23.12.12 23:55

Because they don’t call me Steathward for nothing.
Shout outs from Vancouver, BC! :)

----- Edward W 23.12.12 23:35

I am still on the quest for the best burger in Manhattan

----- jenna 23.12.12 23:29

I am an urban adventurer because I take a different route home as often as possible

----- Scott 23.12.12 22:15

Fire Poi in Philly gets cold at night..
best practiced whilst wearing a hoodie so your hair doesn’t get singed.

----- Matthew Hotsko 23.12.12 21:44

I prefer to walk everywhere. I’ll walk for an hour instead of driving for 10 mins.

----- Conor 23.12.12 21:02

I prefer to walk everywhere. I’ll walk for an hour instead of driving for 10 mins.

----- Conor 23.12.12 21:00

I’m an urban adventurer because I drove cross country to move from Ft. Lauderdale to Seattle, and now my only method of transportation is my road bike. Have you seen the freaking hills here??! It’s a battle to navigate through a new city that has hills that want to send you speeding into cars, buses, pedestrians, cats, and the Puget Sound.

----- Thomas 23.12.12 20:15

Like a ninja, but a good force of visual partying.

----- Matt 23.12.12 20:01

I just moved to a new city and need to explorer. Could use some gear to assist with the hunt and look sharp while doing it.

----- Benny 23.12.12 19:38

I just moved to New York from Chicago. I’m never going back. The size of the city leads to endless adventures for infinite time to come. Even if I see all of Manhattan, I can’t wait to see all of Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. It’s an impossible task but one I’m up for. This clothing is perfect for that. Technical beauty is true beauty for clothing. Minimalist. Functional. Pure. This is how all clothing should be…and will be as humanity progresses forward.

----- Ken Tsuchiya 23.12.12 19:04

Because I like the challenge of still being able to get lost in a city that I’ve known for 10 years.

----- Lauren 23.12.12 18:33

I’m an urban adventurer because in a new city, I only go where the locals go.

----- Nikki Gordon 23.12.12 18:12

I’m more comfortable roaming the streets of NYC, people watching and chasing food trucks, than sitting around at a desk.

----- Eric 23.12.12 18:08

I once put a burrito in the microwave WITH THE FOIL STILL ON IT!

----- Dan 23.12.12 17:39

This is the perfect package for the gorilla urbanists. Let the transitions from dead city centers to vibrant city-scapes begin!

----- Lee 23.12.12 17:28

…because I live in Los Angeles. Two words: Concrete. Jungle.

----- George the 4th 23.12.12 17:18

because i love getting lost in the city i supposedly know so well

----- Ivan Miguez 23.12.12 15:49

The night offers more for those whom the daylight hours do not

----- Christopher Skinner 23.12.12 15:47

I’m finding my way through life with a lens in one hand and shutter button making sweet music. The merino would make for a nice warm hug on these cold winter nights looking for that one special shot that tells a story without words.

----- Bo Kristensen 23.12.12 15:41

I’m finding my way through life with a lens in one hand and shutter button making sweet music. The merino would make for a nice warm hug on these cold winter nights looking for that one special shot that tells a story without words.

----- Bo Kristensen 23.12.12 15:38

I *never* take a map ;)

----- Kristian 23.12.12 15:35

It’s cos I feel good in my city, knowing it’s corners and finding about new ones.

----- Augustas 23.12.12 15:22

Coming from Detroit its in my blood. I like enjoying a cities
“other” side. I like finding art, graffiti and other things off the beaten path.

It helps to connect with a space on a whole new level. Living in SF now, I still get to do that, and with such a rich local history you’ll never get to see all of what SF has to offer. I love it!

----- johnG 23.12.12 15:10

Because I live in Sanford, Fl.

----- Jillian 23.12.12 15:08

I dont walk much since I’m an amputee, but when I do, I make sure my smart phone is with me showing and pointing me to cool points throughout the city. Currently love using field trip for Android. Nice exploring app.

----- Victor Sanchez 23.12.12 15:08

I like to break into abandoned warehouses in my hometown of Jersey City!

----- darrell 23.12.12 15:02

I army crawl my way to work

----- Dave 23.12.12 14:55

I like walking down the streets, by myself, looking at skyscrapers and just exploring the city.

----- Andy 23.12.12 14:29

I’m an urban adventurer because I cherish all things novel, and wandering aimlessly through a gigantic city is a great way to discover new and wonderful things.

----- Carl 23.12.12 13:55

I am a street-walking, alley-exploring, hill-climbing, cafe-sitting, people-watching urban adventurer.

----- Perry H 23.12.12 10:35

Freerunning is pretty much the definition of urban adventure

----- Tarun 23.12.12 09:52

because gas costs too much :p

----- matt 23.12.12 08:53

i thrive best in the concrete jungle.

----- kalina 23.12.12 08:45

I survived the myan appoclipse, and I have to go under the knife on new year’s eve, so I can go over the fiscal cliff if I make it.next year is going to be very cold and an adventure. I could use a little warmth


----- freddy bell 23.12.12 07:11

Enjoy life.Enjoy the adventure.that simple.

----- Ivan Valencia 23.12.12 05:04

Always being up to travel through the country via trains and buses and getting lost and discovering new places while walking about!

----- Kathlyn 23.12.12 04:26

I find it to be extremely exciting to just wonder aimlessly through the city discovering new places - really makes a change in perception of town or city or wherever else you are.

----- ARHIP MF 22.12.12 23:32

One can find adventure anywhere. Just let your imagination rule.

----- Val 22.12.12 23:12

Every time I leave the house I have an adventure. It’s called life.

----- Madoc 22.12.12 22:20

Because just staying home all day with my kids would be boring for all of us. We get out and explore a little everyday.

----- Jamie 22.12.12 21:33

I’m an urban adventurer because that’s where the gears of the machine are. The heartbeat of your town. The soul of your universe. That, and the cool stuff you find. :)

----- Noah77 22.12.12 20:29

Because life is either a grand adventure or nothing.

----- Kaye 22.12.12 19:57

I love adventure!

----- Carmen 22.12.12 19:55

Because it’s always fun to compare what locals suggest you do when you visit them. Finding the memorials and museums that aren’t in the front of every guidebook and the comfort food that’s not featured on yelp is the best way to travel.

----- Sarah 22.12.12 19:07

Because I could get lost in my own neighborhood, but I moved to the big city and am braving the world all by myself! Grrr!

----- Tyler 22.12.12 17:52

some of my favorite urban exploring memories include waking up early to see ‘the bean’ in chicago before tourists trampled through the fresh snow, exploring an abandoned subway with only my headlamp to guide me, and taking an elevator as far up a new skyscraper as far as it would go to find a popup jewelry store and a man dressed as santa at the top.

----- sarah 22.12.12 15:47

I like to be prepared for anything… even if I am just getting groceries.

----- Michelle 22.12.12 15:30

This year I’ve walked my dog in some of the worst rain the North East has ever seen!

----- Dan Gilmore 22.12.12 13:07

Urban Adventurer or urban warrior?? You need to have great gear in order to fight evil. TAD gear is top notch!

----- James Wilcox 22.12.12 11:12

I live in the 4th largest city in the US, Its impossible to not be an Urban Adventurer

----- Tony F 22.12.12 10:55

i love exploring cities for secrets

----- Thu 22.12.12 10:00

I simply love living in a urban enviroment, I love being lost in my own city and specially enjoy the feeling of wonder when I discover new beautiful, fascinating and sometimes frightening places.

----- Carlos Sánchez 22.12.12 09:52

When I am out, I have an “obligation morale” to look for something new and wondrous everyday. Of course I would always have my camera and sketchbook to capture moments.

----- Vivian 22.12.12 09:47

I love photography, and don’t mind getting dirty and climbing whatever to get the perfect shot.

----- sam li 22.12.12 09:16

Perfect for walking my 2 dogs. I’m a writer and a bit of an old dog myself. That makes three.

----- Dale 22.12.12 08:52

i’m always prowling the streets for the latest eats or hidden secrets

----- Namtran Nguyen 22.12.12 08:37

I started a neighborhood group that routinely meets up every two months or so for a progressively bicycle party with multiple stops throughout our neighborhood with lots of fun and merriment and community camaraderie.

----- Stacy B. 22.12.12 08:07

A city is a labyrinth full of unexpected surprises waiting to be discovered, that’s how I see it…

----- Gary 22.12.12 07:46

Countless hours exploring the streets of NYC on my longboard

----- Adam Edwards 22.12.12 06:59

One of my favourite things to do in my city is to explore its hidden nooks and crannies - and Melbourne is especially well suited to it, with tiny cafés and art galleries tucked away down stairs, through hidden doorways or up spiralling rooftops. (Open House Melbourne is perfect for adventurers too, opening the city’s hidden institutions to public view - me and a few other urban explorers always make sure to trek out each year and adventure around… from library catacombs to behind the scenes at music bowls, we haven’t seen everything yet, but we plan to!)

----- Em 22.12.12 05:31

i walk everywhere in my city, sometimes quickly, sometimes taking my time and always on the lookout for things to capture with my camera.

----- shafina 22.12.12 04:22

I’ve taken the step to embrace an unconventional life in order to pursue my passion!

----- B Louie 22.12.12 01:12

I’m always lost but enjoying myself in Denver. Sometimes I hold my GPS like a smartphone while walking so I don’t get mugged.

----- Anders 21.12.12 23:44

Because I have a love for exploring what’s considered ugly and uninteresting in my city.

----- jeff 21.12.12 23:43

I am a street photographer. Even when i am walking by places that i am very familiar with, i love to find alternative routes through alley ways, tunnels and through buildings, to capture the things that are happening in the negative spaces of the city behind the scenes.
That makes it a new adventure every time i step outside my house.

----- CCH 21.12.12 23:22

I am a street photographer. Even when i am walking by places that i am very familiar with, i love to find alternative routes through alley ways, tunnels and through buildings, to capture the things that are happening in the negative spaces of the city behind the scenes.
That makes it a new adventure every time i step outside my house.

----- CCH 21.12.12 23:22

I am a street photographer. Even when i am going through places that i am very familiar with, i love to find alternative routes and move around alley ways, tunnels and through buildings to experience the negative space of the city and capture things that are happening behind the scenes.
That makes every time i go out a new adventure awaiting.

----- CCH 21.12.12 23:20

Mostly to discover what eatery has the best veggie burger / sweet potato fries

----- Colin Z 21.12.12 21:57

Always encountering the unexpected.

----- Sharon 21.12.12 21:42

Whether by foot,rope, bicycle,skateboard,rollerblades,surfboard,motorcycle,car, boat, train or plane i have explored my surroundings all my life wherever i found myself. it is what makes me happy.

----- ushka shakhnis 21.12.12 21:12

There isn’t any rural or countryside in my country, so the urban environment is what I am constantly exposed to, and exploration is my hobby/passion. :)

----- nws 21.12.12 21:10

I need these for dumpster diving!

----- Gregg 21.12.12 19:48

You’re an adventurer
You were out looking for meaning
While the rest of us were steaming
In an inspirating
Ah, urban pit


----- jonas chau 21.12.12 19:40

when I go to a new city I wander the streets instead of going to typical tourist traps. The common sights of common people as well as the uncommon sights of the unbeaten path make for the most interesting memories.

----- Dana Z 21.12.12 19:37

Urban exploring is my passion!

----- Jen S 21.12.12 19:36

Because it will keep me warm on my custom Triumph cafe racer as I slip through the night.

----- Kevin J 21.12.12 19:21

my explorations are actually a bit more urbane.

----- Brian 21.12.12 19:15

I love the experience of discovering something new in my town…

----- Alexei Locsin 21.12.12 19:10


----- Yoshio 21.12.12 18:34

The smell of the night air while not knowing where you are headed next. Adventure!

----- Kelly 21.12.12 18:15

I am an urban adventurer because I bike ride around my city to explore!

----- Natalie Kay 21.12.12 18:02

I’m not an urban adventurer, but I want to be!

----- John 21.12.12 17:50

Getting lost in what is essentially your own backyard is half the fun!

----- Hadi 21.12.12 16:29

Well, this would certainly go a long way to sneaking up on my kids when they’re out acting like hooligans…

----- Chad Moulder 21.12.12 16:27

I’m an urban adventurer because I sometimes drive and purposely get lost— it almost always leads me to new corners of my city I never knew existed, and I’ve met a bunch of great people in the process.

----- Rachel 21.12.12 15:45

I’m an urban adventurer in spirit - with this gear it’s more likely to become a reality. ;]

----- Guy 21.12.12 15:40

I like to have urban adventures to talk to homeless people and help brighten their nights with my friends.

----- Brian G 21.12.12 15:33

I think my exploits in downtown Seattle would fithese items just right

----- kirk shriver 21.12.12 15:29

Because I am tactical nerd and love discovering new shortcuts around town etc. Derp!

----- Mikell Johnson 21.12.12 15:21

To learn how to walk again, to take time to stop and smell the flowers… i sold both my cars. And now every path, gutter, stairs, intersection, parks & even garden is now an urban adventure!

----- Danny Do 21.12.12 15:08

I seek the nooks and crannies.

----- Avery 21.12.12 14:50

Because riding in the city is where its at.

----- Simon 21.12.12 14:33

Wherever you live, there are always places to explore!

----- Holly 21.12.12 13:55

Im from Latvia,here every day is survival

----- Rihards 21.12.12 13:53

Even after 12 years in my town, It seems like I discover something new every day here.

----- Andrew Boone 21.12.12 13:45

Cold nights in Afghanistan? Check. Cold nights in America? Check. Love TAD.

----- Nick Mario 21.12.12 13:43

I’m a new resident of Jerusalem, Israel, where you can’t not be an adventurer. It’s a city that combines thousands of years of history with the vibrant vitality of a capital city only decades long (united Jerusalem has been the capital of modern-day Israel only since 1967). I never know what awaits behind the next turn, so my eyes and ears are always peeled and I always try and take the road less traveled when at a crossroads here.

----- olga 21.12.12 13:38

in NYC, every day’s an urban adventure! :)

----- Jeff 21.12.12 13:07

I’m often working weird hours and head outside in the wee hours for some aimless exercise. It’s the same city, but toally different vibe.

----- Mike Yamada 21.12.12 13:05

Sailor in King County home to 3 urban (sailable) lakes and Puget Sound. Can’t wait for the Goosebumps race series on Lake Union in January, February, and March. If the wind dies and it’s snowing you just have a snowball fight across boats.

----- Brandon 21.12.12 12:18

Well, I have my own zombie apocalypse bag, with various tools that would be useful if an apocalypse did happen… or on the statistically more likely situation of being stuck in the wild. The bag also happens to be my EDC bag ^__^

----- demure 21.12.12 11:48

I’m an urban adventurer because exploration at every level is required for inspiration, which fuels my work as a graphic designer.

----- Steve 21.12.12 11:43

cause i just moved a couple months ago and i’m still exploring this town

----- Kye 21.12.12 11:39

Because the old man who drinks a 6 pack on my stoop every morning knows my name and I don’t bother the junkies shooting up on the stoop next door. They “just want a place to sit for a little bit”.

----- P.Lee 21.12.12 11:20

Life’s an adventure, dig it? Why not have the best gear around AKA Triple Aught Design gear.

----- Andrew K 21.12.12 11:13

I work as a photo assistant in los angeles and I’m constantly exploring new cool places for photographers and for photos. During shoots I often have to scale lighting rigs and stands to get to lights or mount lights in strange hard to reach places. I love working in the lofts downtown and on the rooftops, exploring new urban spaces!

----- mark durling 21.12.12 11:06

I’m an urban adventurer because I bike everywhere! Sometimes just to see the sites!

----- Tyson 21.12.12 10:51

We’re just tamer animals living in a concrete jungle and the adventure is out there.

----- NYN 21.12.12 10:44

because i go on late night adventures to climb trees and because i host pool parties on the roof of my house.

----- siena 21.12.12 10:30

Trailblazing through the beautiful trails in Washington and British Columbia.

----- Herman 21.12.12 10:20

Because I didn’t move across the continent just to live in a suburb exactly like the one I just left. Since moving to a city my world has become so much more vibrant, creative, and full of new things to explore. I can’t get enough.

----- irena 21.12.12 10:10

Pick me!

----- Matt 21.12.12 09:56

We live and work in Oakland.

----- KatieB 21.12.12 09:50

I’m speaking for my boyfriend - he’s definitely an urban adventurer: he likes to go running in the streets, in the dark, even when it’s really cold in the winter!

----- Liisa 21.12.12 09:29

I’m an urban adventurer because I crave to experience either unexplored or rarely untouched areas in cities. It’s truly a beautiful yet ephemeral form of adventure, which I really love.

----- Michael 21.12.12 09:29

Because there is nothing more fascinating than riding my bike at night exploring when everyone else is asleep and the rhythm of life is different than the day.

----- Aaron 21.12.12 09:20

I’m an urban adventurer with my camera in hand.

----- Steven 21.12.12 09:02

Looks like a new go-to hoody to me!

----- Forrest Brooks 21.12.12 08:59

Because I survived the NYC blackout

----- wolfie 21.12.12 08:53

Rational may be off but, I feel like an urban adventurer because wherever I go I feel I belong. Little or no fear that I am out of place. (add to previous note please)

----- Igor 21.12.12 08:43

I take the bus to go hiking and snowshoeing.

----- lauren 21.12.12 08:41

Once a month my husband and I go for a walk! We spend the entire day walking. At the end of each block we take turns dictating if we should go straight, right, or left. In a city where everyone drives, we have found so many new and wonderful things in Los Angeles by doing this! So many new bars, the Museum of Death, the Museum of Jurassic Technology…So far the longest we have walked has been 15 miles in one day, mostly because we stop to eat and drink and explore. It is such a fun tradition and I definitely think it makes me an urban adventurer!

----- Tam 21.12.12 08:32

In NYC, where everyone looks straight ahead, I look up at the gorgeous architecture, down side streets to see what’s there, into holes in the ground - anywhere but straight ahead.

----- Dave S 21.12.12 08:32

Simply because you can discover so much more about your city on foot than by car.

----- Blake 21.12.12 08:26

Way cool, People know I love black so when they are gifting me, I get black to shades of grey. Perfect addition to my wardrobe.

----- Igor 21.12.12 08:21

I’m an urban adventurer because I spend my weekends with my husband discovering fun new places in Atlanta!

----- Elisabeth 21.12.12 08:19

A midnight walk with my new puppy “Sherlock” through the streets of DC. I love the urban life!

----- Steve 21.12.12 08:07

Oh! And I almost forgot one of my favorite pastimes, buildering.

Google it.

----- Rob Wilkey 21.12.12 07:58

Well, I love hunting good hills and empty parking decks to longboard around in… hopping fences into abandoned factories for no reason other than to walk around in the eerie landscape… and making midnight runs to demolished buildings to grab some ‘guerrilla reclaimed’ lumber. ATL has a lot for the adventurous.

----- Rob Wilkey 21.12.12 07:55

I like to go down to the old health department in downtown (my city) with a bag full of makeshift dollhouse furniture. I set up little domestic scenes in broken-out glass bricks, drainpipes, window-sills, and the like, and leave them there. Sometimes I take a picture, but not always.

----- Rabbit (@caudelac) 21.12.12 07:32

Because I live in Detroit

----- JB 21.12.12 07:24

I’m an urban adventurer because you’re never far away from a trendy coffee shop.

----- Bob Schwartz 21.12.12 07:20

Growing up in DETROIT, one is pretty much raised an urban adventurer. Navigating, exploring, and utilizing (while remaining safe) a city larger than the Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn COMBINED requires some real skills. The city is loaded with gems of small, amazing restaurants, historic buildings (and ruins), as well as expansive neighborhoods of both wonderful people, as well as the oft-mentioned crime. Buying groceries or going to work on bicycle, or by the unreliable SMART Bus transit busses, is an adventure - navigating through abandoned lots and neighborhoods, pothole ridden streets, witness new developments and the changing face of the commercial district. Living in Detroit has required me to become an urban adventurer.

----- Eric 21.12.12 07:20

i’m an urban adventurer because i live in socal!

----- dan 21.12.12 07:17

Walking through some parts just outside downtown Ogden, Utah can be an adventure in itself. While I would say Ogden is dangerous (We were actually rated the #8 city in the nation to raise a family http://www.forbes.com/pictures/eddf45gihi/no-8-ogden-utah/ ), but there are a few areas I occasionally have to go through and am watching my back.

----- Tom 21.12.12 07:15

Because I live in Detroit.

----- Spencer 21.12.12 06:55

Because i’ve once climbed the scaffoldings to the top of an old church

----- JB R 21.12.12 06:52

Because we love to get lost and then find our way back. If we happen to find an awesome hidden restaurant or little shop in the process it becomes a real adventure! :)

----- Jenni 21.12.12 06:50

I’m an urban adventurer because I love walking far and long enough to make mental maps of places and then experience wonderfulness when I notice overlaps in my “I know where I am now” areas.

----- Chris Stave 21.12.12 06:50

Because I bike to and from my everythings, and will take extra time to discover new parts of the city

----- Laura 21.12.12 06:40

because riding my bike at 4 am makes me feel ALIVE

----- rosie 21.12.12 06:39

I’m an urban adventurer because I have a grappling hook, and a cape, and a cowl.

Yes, I’m Batman.

----- Cole 21.12.12 06:37

I’m an urban adventurer because there is always something new to find. Especially in a city like NYC, there are layers upon layers of history to discover. And because of the ever-evolving nature of the city, I have a tremendous drive to document remnants of the past.

----- Nick 21.12.12 06:24

Because i run through bad neighborhoods!

----- chuck 21.12.12 06:21

Midnight bicycle ride. Film camera. Quiet spot.

----- Conrad 21.12.12 06:20

Urban reflection
Illuminates adventures
My city awakes!

----- Mark Marinozzi 21.12.12 06:11

I am an urban adventurer because I have style!

----- Roy Reid 21.12.12 06:06

Because I love going on foot into spaces that weren’t made for direct, human-scale interaction—dumps, construction sites, abandoned lots, train tracks, coal towers, empty roads in the middle of the night, rooftops covered in utility equipment, back stairs, loading docks…I like to feel the machine-motion of the city at work.

----- Josephine 21.12.12 05:59

I work doing deliveries all day long and this prize would be perfect for my daily tasks. Thanks.

----- James 21.12.12 05:32

My favorite thing is to ramble through the city with no place to go. Get lost. Then find my way home again.

----- Sarah 21.12.12 05:07

I’m an urban adventurer because I love any excuse to explore a city. My absolute favorite thing to do on a saturday is some city-wide Scavenger Hunt where I get to try to chart the fastest way to get between points in a city and then explore the weirdest nooks and crannies in search of clues.

----- Jeremy 21.12.12 04:24

After having a desk job for five years, this year I moved to another country where I walk every day to go to my job and school to learn the language. It feels great. In my free time, I wander my town. I’ve been here almost 6 months and I’m still finding new places all the time. On weekends, I take the train to the major city with no special plans - every time I take that train ride, my heart races and I remember how I much I love the cities of this country.

----- Sara F 21.12.12 04:10

The concrete jungle is the closest to a jungle I can afford to go (and it poses the same kind of chalenges )

----- SUS 21.12.12 02:29

These all look like very nice items that I would actually use.

When I go into the city, I take my cane. Never know when you might have to defend yourself against ruffians.

----- tudza 21.12.12 02:28

When I was young I always thought I’d be an average Joe by day and a super hero by night. At least I succeeded at half of it…

----- Tim 21.12.12 02:09

I am an urban adventurer because living without first world amenities is too much. ;)

----- LIs 21.12.12 01:16

Travelling and wandering the city on bike and foot gives a unique view every time. There’s so much more to observe and interact with than when you’re closed in a car.

----- aubrey 21.12.12 00:59

“Adventure is not outside man; it is within. ” But only TAD Gear will keep me warm and looking fly on the outside.

I truly believe that a day without adventure (albeit small) is a day spent pissing in the wind.

Banksy said - “Leave the house before you find something worth staying in for.”

That’s why to me Adventure is integral to making your short spark of an existence as meaningful as possible. What else should you do with your time on this small blue dot? There’s so much to see, taste and feel. Why waste your only opportunity to LIVE !

----- Adam Moffatt 21.12.12 00:47

Because I hate wasting time at home and never say no to anything.

----- Tom 21.12.12 00:28

…because I go to many different cities on business travel and like to sightsee them by night.

Thanks for the chance.

----- Christian 21.12.12 00:09

for all the great and wonderful things I have seen in many of my city trips

----- martins 20.12.12 23:36

abandoned subway tunnels in nyc, through high water, rats and unknown risks, searching for underground art and architecture long forgotten.

----- Seth 20.12.12 23:34

my middle name is danger.

----- jason 20.12.12 23:33

The city is ever-growing and organic by nature, every turn, nook, and cranny is an adventure ready to be explore. This is something that i’ll never know until coming face to face with, and i want to prepared!

----- Tiw 20.12.12 23:31

When I go to a new city I like to wander and find interesting places to explore.

----- Michael W. 20.12.12 23:27

I love to wander in a city at night and take pictures of the night landscape.

----- andy n 20.12.12 23:21

As a person who lives on the outskirts of San Francisco, I tend to explore the city a lot more than most people. I live next to the beach, a place in California that is generally the most sought after area. Well, obviously in San Francisco the beach is home to mostly Russian and Chinese families with the occasional college kid and young professional.

Living in this area I appreciate the scale of San Francisco and how truly easy it is to maneuver to each of the numerous neighborhoods that have something unique and exciting to share. I spend a lot of my days riding my bike to various places, simply because my neighborhood does not have a lot to offer besides a few restaurants.

So instead of being the typical San Franciscan that sticks to a small radius of exploration, my limited amenities forces me to explore the city and realize its breadth. More importantly though it shows me that the stereotype that people continual want to reinforce, i.e. the Mission is full of hipster or the Marina is full of bros, I get to enjoy these places and the people that inhabit them.

It’s one of the few characteristics that continues to keep my drawn to San Francisco.

----- Ron 20.12.12 23:10

You don’t have to leave the city to explore new landscapes. Plenty of urban ones available. It’s fun to discover them.

----- range 20.12.12 22:58

I live in Hong Kong where it’s densely populated. You’d have to trek through tons and tons of people to get anywhere in the city.

----- Casey 20.12.12 22:39

I am a student of the city, its people, and its culture. I have lived in 6 major cities and I like to be prepared for any and all situations!

----- Chris 20.12.12 22:35


----- Matt 20.12.12 22:32

I drive around with my windows down, enjoying the 35degree heat wave.

----- Craig G 20.12.12 22:26

Simple: I am an urban adventurer because I walk San Francisco.
Everyday and in every way. It is an adventure 24/7.

----- Scott 20.12.12 22:11

I’m a street photographer but I think it’s the Cold War a I’m stuck
In Germany. Oh yeah I get weird looks.

----- Christian Hafer 20.12.12 21:49

From running to just taking a stroll in the streets, it never ceases to amaze me of all the amazing and cool little shops I can find, tucked away in the heart of the city, hidden in plain site.

----- Thomas 20.12.12 21:46

I am an urban explorer because I pack up my kid and take him on adventures as often as possible :)

----- melissa 20.12.12 21:25

cycling is my urban adventure

----- dylan 20.12.12 21:19

me and a colleague basically broke into a church in rome and explored the catacombs with his zippo lighter. there were bones in there!

----- rich 20.12.12 20:54

Everyday is an adventure in the city.

----- Nick 20.12.12 20:51

I live and work outside as much as possible, my apt is just a place to recharge batteries both metaphorically and literally :)

----- Keno Leon 20.12.12 20:31

It’s my life, knowing everything about downtown LA.

----- William 20.12.12 20:29

I live and work in Singapore! The ultimate urban jungle, in my opinion.

----- Ellen Bautista 20.12.12 20:28


----- Bella 20.12.12 20:21

Haha well in Singapore everythings urban !

----- Kai 20.12.12 20:18

I am an archtiecture student constantly stalking around all of the buildings in Boston

----- Chris Martin 20.12.12 19:57

I like to sneak around the city and take cool pictures of undiscovered fun & art with my instant camera.

----- Ashley 20.12.12 19:52

Decaf with soy milk!

----- Arnon 20.12.12 19:51

We’re in between Tacoma and Seattle which provides us with many adventures. Just driving in Seattle for us is one…ask me how many times we got lost only to discover some new place of amusement.

----- Kirsten 20.12.12 19:25

I’m a teacher, guiding kids on the greatest adventure of all. READING!

(Freeze-frame on smile, fade to “The More You Know” logo. Fade out.)

----- Chris G. 20.12.12 19:16

I’m an urban adventurer because it’s the best place to learn about people, culture, the world. I love the beauty of the outdoors but love even more what I learn about life from cities.

----- Rye 20.12.12 19:06

I’ve spent many hours prowling through NYC but have managed to miss almost every tourist trap. So many much cooler things to find!

----- Lorinda 20.12.12 19:05

Urban adventurer? Um, I live in a small southern town with three stoplights. The only urban aspect here is when someone sells coffee at the farmers’ market.

----- Cindy Aiton 20.12.12 18:53

I have loved TAD gear since forever. I am an urban explorer, just riding around on my motorcycle. This gear would be perfect.

----- jay 20.12.12 18:43

I’m a fireman in one of the busiest cities in the country!

----- Pat 20.12.12 18:32

Because I leave my house everyday.

----- Joanie 20.12.12 18:28

I now work in Kunming, China, and have no car or bike. Every walk is a constant adventure—through undiscovered alleys to the different backstreet shortcuts I take to get to work.

----- Matt James 20.12.12 18:15

Because I’m always prepared for urban adventures

----- Iris 20.12.12 18:14

I explore the coffee shops and antique stores like a pro.

----- Jon 20.12.12 18:01

my dad’s a scout master - and at an early stage, we’ve been taught survival skills + i live in Manila. enough said.

----- jay panelomo 20.12.12 17:41

These would definitely come in handy when I’m rappeling down skyscrapers, bus surfing, and my most favorite urban adventure…hipster dodging!

----- Anna Perez-Pelaez 20.12.12 17:40

I work as a canoe guide during summers in the Minnesota wilderness, but coming home doesn’t mean leaving the wilderness. The city’s a crazy place, and my survival skills are just as necessary here!
The other day, I even used my first aid skills to help a lady that passed out in the park :-)

----- Tiago M 20.12.12 17:32

I hope to redeem myself for the day we found working geiger counters and there wasn’t enough, so I didn’t get one.

----- Brian 20.12.12 17:27

Cities are amazing feats, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see some visions of time past.

----- Andy L 20.12.12 17:25

I love to explore new places

----- Tom V 20.12.12 17:20

I am because I love exploring abandoned buildings!

----- Angela 20.12.12 16:58

I am always working outside in the cold and this would be a Christmas miracle to get these!

----- Naomi 20.12.12 16:53

I’m a year round bicycle commuter for the last 4 years.

----- Ryan 20.12.12 16:25

cuz night time street kite flying is a blast

----- corgimas 20.12.12 16:03

Because I bike all the time. Even in snow, I get my way against cars in the city.

----- Steeven 20.12.12 15:56

I lurk the streets of London at night; like Jack the Ripper only friendly and with non-murderous intentions.

----- Mat Moore 20.12.12 15:44

When I had a job interview in a city I’d never been in before, I got off the bus at the station and immediately headed in the wrong direction to where I had to go for an explore. I made it to the interview with time to spare and now I know the city I’m moving to a fair bit better than I otherwise would have. I love getting more or less lost in a new city in the middle of the day. Google maps doesn’t know every last back path, but my feet are going to.

----- Matt S 20.12.12 15:41

I would tell you why I’m an urban adventurer but that information is classified.

----- tom Freeland 20.12.12 15:31

Live and work downtown and have only 160K km on my ‘98 civic

----- Almin 20.12.12 15:26

because i prefer the anonymity of the built environment to a social familiarity with people.

----- derek 20.12.12 15:22

I love Adventure Time!

----- Jen D 20.12.12 15:18

I’m an archaeologist, and one of my favorite things is wandering around industrial zones, seeing the evidence of the past shining through the modern use of places.

----- Thomas J. 20.12.12 15:16

Manila is a crazy city. There is always something going on somewhere. People would surprise you with kindness and sometimes crudeness. The adventure is looking at things differently all the time.

----- Calvin 20.12.12 15:09

I love walking around my city at night alone. The city is very different when its empty and dark.

----- Cianan 20.12.12 15:06

I like to travel and find things off the beaten path, like a group of artists that would get drunk and wander around Paris with no direction just to see where they would end up in the morning.

I’m not that unreserved, but I like to find out what kind of fun can be had when you just go out and do whatever you want minute by minute.

----- Daniel 20.12.12 15:06

The 10 minute down to our fantastic little coffee shop Bello Mundo for the best latte in a 300 mile radius and conversations with people to of equal quality.

----- Ryan 20.12.12 14:58

Because I adventure in the urban area, duh.

----- Adam 20.12.12 14:57

Seattle is an amazing place to trek, regardless of the weather. I always take the time to investigate the shops and vistas when I have business in the downtown area.

----- Darin P 20.12.12 14:55

It’s not always the usual experience when the only time I could afford to shoot the streets is after work, which means I walk a lot. It’s hard being shy when doing this, but it feels really good. More when the photos turn out good. Yes, this is me being an urban adventurer.

----- David 20.12.12 14:50

Brooklyn to Manhattan is an adventure I embark on every day! But I love the contrast between neighborhoods in this city. I don’t think it will ever get old.

----- Jessie 20.12.12 14:47

When going to new urban environments, I enjoy walking around trying to find new things off the regular path and not afraid to take off the wall suggestions from locals.

----- MGZeiser 20.12.12 14:47

I live in the city and I’m a curious cat.

----- Jason 20.12.12 14:42

Because I’m working my way through Boston’s top dining establishments.

----- Julie 20.12.12 14:38

Parkour all day, every day!

…that and I love cycling and jogging in general.

----- Jasper 20.12.12 14:29

Growing up in the rough streets of London did not stop me from joining the Territorial Army and getting hooked to the nature on expeditions to places such as Greenland.

----- Karim 20.12.12 14:22

I’m an urban adventurer because one of my main sources of entertainment is exploring various streets, areas and other areas I’ve never been to of my city on foot. I spend countless hours mining my hometown for new experiences.

----- P. Mroz 20.12.12 14:18

walking or riding my scissor charge bike, always taking asphalt as my own ground.

----- hugo 20.12.12 14:11

Because I live life the HemingWAY.

----- Bradley Osterhaus 20.12.12 14:10

Because I never pay for parking!

----- Peter D 20.12.12 14:04

to wandering around towns with my camera is the only thing to do when i visit a new city. and i love your webiste!

----- hui 20.12.12 14:01

SF exploring all the time

----- Rico 20.12.12 13:58

braving the cold to always look for new places to eat

----- Kelvin 20.12.12 13:54

I have a street map of LA and for the last ten years I have been highlighting each street I drive on until I fill out the whole thing.

----- Derek 20.12.12 13:48

Surviving a Chicago winter can require unique gear. And this years unpredictable ability has made that even more important. Help me survive! In style

----- Jeffrey 20.12.12 13:47

I burn through adidas SB shoes and aerosol tips quicker than you can say molotov markers.

----- Seth B 20.12.12 13:46

I’m an urban adventurer because it’s the closest I’ll ever be to being Indiana Jones

----- Michael 20.12.12 13:44

When I go home from a night out, I almost never take a taxi home (of course I never drive). I go home by walking through the city and take in the urbanity, peace and quiet of a my beautifuč sleeping city. It takes a while but it’s worth it!

----- Iva 20.12.12 13:40

Because I live in a city that’s big enough to contain secrets, yet small enough to traverse mostly on foot and my bike.

----- EWirick 20.12.12 13:39

Cycling in toronto since ‘99. Constantly looking for outdoor training venues for summer Capoeira since about the same time. The city is my home on many levels and has been for years…

----- Patrick Wong 20.12.12 13:37

I need to be on the move and ready to go on the streets of San Francisco this winter. You never know when that quake will hit and you need to walk around the bay! I’m going to do it in style, writing little notes with the triple aught space pen. Who is that fashionably scarfed urban adventurer? - disheveled citizens might wonder, as a pass by.

----- Jake C. 20.12.12 13:35

They say the first cities sprang up after plants were cultivated, but now it is our cities that cultivate ideas. From Bangkok to San Francisco, being an urban dweller means bumping into a thousand new ideas a minute and each city has it’s own personality; some step out to greet you and others are half understood dreams driving you to explore their depths. Live the Dream, Enjoy the City.

----- Rob N. 20.12.12 13:26

Because I have to repel random assaults from my 3- and 5-year olds.

----- John MacDonald 20.12.12 13:25

I’m an expert storm-sewer spelunker!

----- Ian S. 20.12.12 13:23

Cities are amazing places to explore. There is something to living in density that leave you with more chance meetings, more surprises, more comforts, more change, more culture and more access to everything.

----- Lish Rebman 20.12.12 13:21

Adventure begins at the front door.

----- Sven 20.12.12 13:14

Returned home from a three month trip in Europe and alas I am now very fond of busing and biking. These would most definitely assist me in keeping warm and enjoying my commutes to Olympia and Seattle.

----- Allison 20.12.12 13:12

The city can be just as wild as the woods outside it’s limits. I spend my days adventuring around Vancouver looking for things long forgotten.

----- Gregory Daynes 20.12.12 13:11

I am an urban adventurer because I explore the road less traveled

----- Walle 20.12.12 13:10

I ditched my car 5 years ago, bike and boat 15 miles a day to work :)

----- Jericho Diaz 20.12.12 13:07

I’m on the road 3 weeks a month. New cities, new places. Comfortable is what you bring with you. Adventure is more than just showing up. Seeking out the grimy and seedy, the abandoned, neglected. Urban Adventurer? I suck marrow from the bones of great cities. London, New York, Chicago, Vancouver, Nashville, Boston, Washington, Seattle, Phoenix, Berlin, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Tegucigalpa.

----- Brian D 20.12.12 13:06

Because I walk 1/3 mile to and from work? In the snow….

----- greg 20.12.12 13:00

I am an urban adventurer because I live, work, and play in the greatest city in the world - NYC

----- JP 20.12.12 12:58

we scour the city looking for places to shoot youtube videos

----- jacob 20.12.12 12:57

Because I have to hit the markets and local shops early to buy the best seasonal produce! (Yes, urban outdoor adventures can be all about food, too!)

----- Uli 20.12.12 12:54

Because I found all knew ways to get to work in lower Manhattan after superstorm Sandy.

----- John 20.12.12 12:54

I bike through winters & summers, day & night. I’m amazed that I have survived!

----- Tommy 20.12.12 12:51

I’m an urban adventurer because I always like stopping in to see new neighborhood businesses and places! It’s nice to break routine by discovering new spaces.

----- Natalie 20.12.12 12:49

Getting to work is a challenge every morning … if the train is more than 2 minutes late, I wont catch the bus. So I have to decide whether to wait for another 60 minutes or have a 30 minute footwalk … 20 minutes of it will be forest and fields full of wild animals … grumpy dogs and their owners! Thats what I call urban adventure!

----- Marcus 20.12.12 12:44

I look for things in the city to photograph that others overlook. Sometimes at night. Sometimes in places that aren’t so safe.

----- Bruce 20.12.12 12:40

Because I have a ridiculous case of ADHD which enables me to focus on everything and nothing simultaneously. This leads to genuine adventure no matter where I am because whether walking the dogs in the woods or going by foot on a midnight adventure to see what I can see!

People see me, and think ‘YARRR! An adventurer is he!’

----- James Cook 20.12.12 12:40

Because taking the L train from Brooklyn is an adventure every morning…

----- Cameron Frantz 20.12.12 12:33

umm… I adventure non-stop, urban or rural- I just full on adventure constantly, period.

----- will 20.12.12 12:33

I grew to love the city growing up in the suburbs of Chicago.

----- Sean F 20.12.12 12:32

Because in an age where everyone’s sitting inside; I want to be outdoors. TAD gear helps with that. Stay warm and carry on!

----- Robert 20.12.12 12:31

I’m a die-hard bike commuter; daylighting in the office and moonlighting as a bike delivery person. I spend my time inbetween at the coffee shop or the bar, and the moleskine is never far from hand.

----- arthur rosales 20.12.12 12:24

Urban adventuring required to play Ingress.

----- Ed 20.12.12 12:24

I’m an urban adventurer because today’s date is 12/20/12… Winter is coming. I must be prepared for the darkness that will descend upon us in the coming days. The warmth of sun will blotted out by the long fingers of night. The night is dark and full of terrors and I must be prepared to face these challenges.

The Triple Aught Design bundle pack would be well used and appreciated. By the old Gods and the new, I swear it. The Flux hoodie would shield my body from cold daggers and arrows of Winter, the scarf would allow me to warm my neck and hide my identity when traveling down unbeaten paths, the pen of Fisher would allow me to send warnings by raven to other urban adventurers, and lastly I would protect the realm while wearing the banner of the K9 with honor.

Allow me to don this armor and continue my urban adventuring for years to come. Gods be good.

----- Sonny Tran 20.12.12 12:24

Living I Minnesota between the cold and the people who forget how to drive every year in the snow it’s a adventure doig anything. The only get a way is the hikes and winter camping in the north!

----- Jim schultz 20.12.12 12:23

I competed in Urban Disc Golf in front of a huge crowd in Asheville, NC. Tossing discs down city streets, parks, and over and around buildings for cash. I won all the money! It was pretty awesome to have the cops stopping traffic so you could whiz discs past them.

----- Matt Peckham 20.12.12 12:22

Every night and day is an Urban Adventure in Chicago!

----- Matthew Messner 20.12.12 12:18

I work in new york and that’s reason enough!

----- Jessi 20.12.12 12:15

I teach Leave No Trace and Outdoor skills to Scouts Canada youth and leaders in the Metro Vancouver area. I see opportunities to use those skills in every area I go to. Downtown Vancouver, the Surrey suburbs, the North Shore mountains (a true Urban mountain range!). That’s Adventure!

----- Tim Driscoll 20.12.12 12:15

because i leave no snow mound untraversed.

----- brianrhart 20.12.12 12:15

I’m constantly going out to construction sites, climbing around on scaffolding and through half-built buildings and old buildings that have sat unused for years

----- Toni 20.12.12 12:14

I used to co-run the Chicago Urban Exploration group!

----- Daniel 20.12.12 12:14

because the quickest way to get somewhere is not the way you should take.

----- jack 20.12.12 12:10

Because I live in the burbs, but prefer to spend most of my free time in the city.

----- Robert W. 20.12.12 12:07

Living and working in Minnesota during the Winter is an adventure in itself. Snow, cold, messy long commutes and beautiful scenery. It is all worth it. The Twin Cities is the best place for an Urban Adventure. Beautiful riverfronts and downtown attractions.

----- Jason Van Tassel 20.12.12 12:05

Urban adventuring presents a lot of good photo opportunities for me.

----- Jake Jones 20.12.12 11:56

Because I live in a freaking third world country.. beat that!

----- María 20.12.12 11:49

Because I grew up in the country and love exploring.

----- Aaron 20.12.12 11:49

I’m an urban adventurer by necessity. Trapped in this waking derelict nightmare, fighting for the last scraps of canned meat and putrid water. Christmas is cruel in this decaying hellscape.

----- Jake 20.12.12 11:48

I’m an urban adventurer because i’ve done lots of traveling, from My home in Scotland to Korea to America and back home to Scotland and back to America to rais my little american Family that i created when i was there lol It doesn’t get more urban lol

----- Garry Hannah 20.12.12 11:47

I live in the Bay Area, everyday is an urban adventure.

----- Rori 20.12.12 11:47

From Cafes to clubs, museum and parks, on road or by foot I love enjoying my locality.

----- Bryan Yu 20.12.12 11:44

I’m an Urban Adventurer because one doesn’t need to stray far from home to find blood-pumping excitement. I hunt for food in the wilds of my local parks, grow vegetables in my backyard and scavenge for supplies and provisions at the local thrift stores/goodwill. I operate a portable Ham radio monitoring the local repeaters to assist when disaster strikes, and I have two cats named Hank & Russell (They’re brothers from the Northern Country) that roam my property protecting me and my family from Coyotes, Raccoons and other critters. Adventure is everywhere, especially in the city…

----- Peter Kearns 20.12.12 11:39

Love this company. Much respect for MIA (Made in America products)!

----- Sam 20.12.12 11:39

Because I make it a point to walk down the scary streets to see where they go in New York City.

----- Noah 20.12.12 11:39

Because I loved to get on my bike and explore the city at all times of the day. Nothing better than riding throw a new part of town at dusk.

----- Emmanuel Carrillo 20.12.12 11:38

Because I eat hot dogs and churros from street vendors.

----- Julie 20.12.12 11:37

because you know sometimes when i’m travel, even in my hometown, i just want to drive or walking (if travelling) without destination or purpose, just pass thru and explore. it’s a go-show with no expectations. especially when you have spare days left to spent

----- erick hilmansyah 20.12.12 11:35

i best urban adventure story takes place in tokyo. It was late in downtown tokyo, the shochu had followed liberally, and we decided to walk back to our capsule hotel. On the way, we ate street food (taco yaki), bought beer, and hot canned coffee from vending machine. We had many conversations in both broken Japanese and English with people in three piece suit, the homeless, and a girl who had on more make up then any of us had seen out side a circus. On our final leg of our journey, we come across a singular sakura tree in full blossom we lit buy lights from a park near buy. We basked (swayed) at the tree, and drank our beers. i’m not sure how, we were only 5 minutes away from our hotel, but two hours later we all climbed out of a massive open irrigation/sewage canal that we had been exploring. The next morning, we all got up at 4 am and went to the fish market. Best sushi ever.

----- nicholas 20.12.12 11:31

Why am I an Urban Adventurer? Because parkour makes it that much more fun. http://vimeo.com/1542003 (Me)

----- Brian B 20.12.12 11:31

Looks like the perfect weight for a cool night in TN.

----- Sam 20.12.12 11:31

Please win!

----- Dan Higgs Matzner 20.12.12 11:30

I recently sold my car to commute by bike… in Houston!

----- Pete 20.12.12 11:28

Nothing like wool to keep you at optimum Urb-venturing temperature…

----- Daniel C 20.12.12 11:27

I get my camera and books and go anywhere in this city to read and capture moments of the daily way of living of people.

----- Manuel García 20.12.12 11:27

I’m an urban adventurer because my boyfriend lives in the city and we love to explore!

----- Kate 20.12.12 11:26

I just moved to Sydney about 3 months ago and one of the first things you learn about living here is that you walk around EVERYWHERE by default. That said this place has so many nooks and crannies to discover that it would take years to even discover a good sampling of the gems littering this place. I like to spend a couple hours whenever I have a free day just wandering around and have found some great little holes in the wall because of it. :-)

----- Brian Kelley 20.12.12 11:26

I recently transitioned to running outside, in Portland, OR. Neither rain nor sleet nor snow nor hail shall keep me from my run!

----- monica 20.12.12 11:25

because i take the long way to get somewhere just to see what is in between

----- Gabe G 20.12.12 11:24

I think this would be perfect for my morning runs outside of my hotels. Let me win!

----- Jeremiah Andrick 20.12.12 11:20

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