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Holiday Giveaway #34: Toy Boarders- 12.24.12

toyboard00.jpg Happy Holidays! 2013 is around the corner, and we’re finishing up this year with more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores and over 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #34 is from Toy Boarders! Here’s a fun last minute stocking stuffer (or new year’s surprise! perfect to fit in crackers)… like the plastic little green soldiers of the past… only SKATEBOARDERS! And this fun series two even has a girl… and camera man… and more!

THE GOODS: 5 winners will receive a pack of Toy Boarders Series 2

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing your new year’s resolution by midnight 12/29 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.

See more pictures of all the goodies on the next page!

UPDATE: Congrats to Rosie in Santa Monica, CA, Clare in Lafayette, CO, Ryan in Vancouver, BC, Angela in New Columbia, PA, Gary in Cornelius, NC.









TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing your new year’s resolution by midnight 12/29 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.


73 Notes

My wife and I have just a little more weight to lose. We’ve done pretty well this past year and will finish up this year if we just stick to it.

----- Daniel 29.12.12 15:48

Love these! My resolution (besides making resolutions and actually sticking to them) is to be more active and to finally take a surfing trip to California!

----- Amber 29.12.12 11:08

More fun

----- Wolfie 29.12.12 10:24

Win more things

----- Richard 29.12.12 07:44

…to win holiday giveaway #34… oh, and world peace.

----- Frank 28.12.12 09:23

To lead a healthier lifestyle

----- Gary 27.12.12 22:19

Skate more often

----- Amir 27.12.12 20:24

play more music (instruments, not recordings)

----- Jamie 27.12.12 19:36

To get out of the office more… hike, sports, etc

----- Mikell Johnson 27.12.12 10:02

To stop growing up.

----- Mark 27.12.12 09:46

enjoy more 50% off

----- Remus 27.12.12 08:46

love peace harmony

----- julien past 27.12.12 07:35

To Lead a Happy Life

----- Paula 27.12.12 05:38

To work more on my artwork and finish the custom boards that I started.

----- Mat Moore 27.12.12 05:36

To tame the wolf within and practicing singing more in front of people (bass player learning to sing)~

----- Erica 27.12.12 02:54

Learn to skate board! So I can use our new neighborhood park

----- Clare 26.12.12 21:01

To always have a silly joke on hand. Why are pirates so loud?….because the ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

----- Josh 26.12.12 16:02

Go to Mexico

----- Diego 26.12.12 15:06

My resolution is to see my family more!

----- Tyler 26.12.12 14:36

To begin saving money for the future.

----- Bennie Hookfin 26.12.12 14:03

Sort of coincidental, but I just recently lost my car (it died after 10 good years together) and my new years resolution is to live in 2013 without the use of my own vehicle - I’ll be busing, biking, and actually skateboarding (taking lessons with my brother when we can find a sunny day).

----- Allison 26.12.12 11:54

start my own business and start living my dream

----- Julio gonzalez 26.12.12 10:21

Stop making pointless new year’s resolutions that I never keep anyway.

----- Anna Perez-Pelaez 26.12.12 09:14

To finally confess to the guy Im dating that I am crazy about him!

----- Amie 26.12.12 08:34

hope to travel more :)

----- nws 26.12.12 07:46

lose weight. be happy. write more. smoke less.

----- vera 26.12.12 03:56

to traveel and do some volunteer jobs :)

----- jailen merced 26.12.12 00:11

let the chuck norris in me grow

----- Luis 25.12.12 22:59

Drink more. Work more. Live more. Sleep less.

----- rich 25.12.12 22:56

For every new item in my closet another item must’ve purged! Clutter free for 2013!

----- Sandy 25.12.12 20:54

For every new item in my closet another item must’ve purged! Clutter free for 2013!

----- Sandy 25.12.12 20:54

To get in shape.


This time I mean it.

Not lying this time.

It will happen.


At least, that’s the plan.

----- Darrel 25.12.12 20:29

think about the environment.

----- jay panelomo 25.12.12 19:51

make more cash

----- Matt 25.12.12 14:29

Be more inspired. thanks for giving us the chance to win!

----- Daniel P 25.12.12 14:27

For 2013, I want to resolve my intimidation of capturing people in photos. This of course has nothing to do with the Toy Boarders, but winning stuff would be great too.

----- Van 25.12.12 12:08

Finally buy and work on that steel drum I’ve been wanting!

----- Rossi 25.12.12 12:06

Keep playing at work !

----- SAMM 25.12.12 11:59

This 2013, I vow to spend within my means and to spend savings on experiences rather than things.

----- Ellen Bautista 25.12.12 10:52

Learn to board

----- jonas chau 25.12.12 09:30

Finish up the last two pieces for our new line of furniture so we can do the ICFF in May.

----- Scott B 25.12.12 07:18

My NYR is to be more creative outside of work (work on my own illustrations or craft projects) and learn German.

----- Lara 25.12.12 07:04

To be happy, creative, travel more and generally get things in order.

----- Robert Weiss 25.12.12 06:56

….. PROCRASTINATION …. will not exist in my vocabulary any more … :)

----- rosie 25.12.12 06:50

Stop making resolutions I can’t complete.

----- Loh 25.12.12 05:42

Resolution: Acquire new Toys!

----- Pat 25.12.12 04:52

My resolution is to make a toy boarders video, that gets more clicks than the gangnam style!

----- Andres 25.12.12 00:35

My new year’s resolution is to say what I mean and mean what I say.

----- Casey 25.12.12 00:18

My resolution is to leave my crappy job of 14 years and do something I love.

----- Patrick 24.12.12 23:30


----- dylan 24.12.12 22:16

Learn to ollie.

----- Nick 24.12.12 22:02

Work harder in school!

----- Iris 24.12.12 21:51

keep living the dream

----- jason 24.12.12 21:00

To stay hydrated

----- nicholas 24.12.12 20:50

Smile more often.

----- Noel 24.12.12 20:32

My new year resolution is to write to the Disney company and tell them to replace the plastic green Army men with Toy Boarders in Toy Story 4!

----- Pauly P. 24.12.12 20:02

be happier, enjoy how wonderful life is - keep creating the best me I can be.

----- Judi 24.12.12 19:47

My plan is to introduce the new series 2 skaters to my series 1 skaters and hope to make a stop motion video.
The poses are fantastic. Exchange your Guns for Boards. Happy New Year !!!

----- Rodean 24.12.12 19:15

if i have to eat any kind of meat
i have to shoot skin gut cook it myself

----- Mariana Chan 24.12.12 18:39

take over the world

----- Robyn 24.12.12 18:38

draw more, write more eat healthier and spend more time with my little family :)

----- Garry Hannah 24.12.12 18:37

Complete all projects.

----- ARHIP MF 24.12.12 17:46

My new year’s resolution is to read less and cook more.

----- Manu 24.12.12 16:17

I want to be more real next year. No more virtual boringness, but real fun in a real world!

----- Kolja 24.12.12 15:39

To empower more people to be more creative!

----- artur 24.12.12 15:11

Play more.

----- Adam 24.12.12 14:43

I would like to be more awesome in the new year.
it wont take alot of work.. because im not really all that awesome…
little skateboarders would definitely help!

----- cliff 24.12.12 13:36

Be happy.

----- NYN 24.12.12 13:00

To skate more!

----- Seth 24.12.12 12:44

To help motivate me to run, I will run 30 minutes for every movie I watch (can be up to 8 sometimes).

----- Moe 24.12.12 12:43

My resolution is to be nicer.

----- Chris Nelson 24.12.12 12:37

My near years resolution is to join a jazz band and play the piano. I have talked about it enough times o actually start doing it.

----- Angela 24.12.12 12:34

Drink more champagne next year.

----- Ryan J 24.12.12 12:34

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