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Stranger & Stranger Ultimate Deck- 12.22.12

stranger0.jpg Stranger & Stranger, you’ve outdone yourselves once again. Following their Holiday Spirits of the past few years, “to celebrate the year we broke out of our alcohol comfort zone and designed premium olive oils, fine foods, luxury luggage, and just plain crazy new stuff, we teamed up with the amazing Dan & Dave to create this, our Ultimate Deck.” And broke out of their alcohol they did! Previously, anyone who asked me for suggestions on alcohol packaging, i undoubtedly told them, Stranger & Stranger! Well it sounds like it has been quite the year for the incredible design group… and these cards (no surprise) are STUNNING, down to the tiniest of details! From the matte black magnetic box… to the velvety pouches… to the festive ambigram… to the seal on the deck… to the gilded edges of the deck… to the artwork adorning each card… it’s a magnificent deck of cards! And the quality is incredible, as are all Dan & Dave cards (like the awesome Fulton’s Clip Joint Playing Cards we wrote about previously)… take a peek at all the incredible details of Stranger & Stranger’s Ultimate Deck on the next page!



















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14 Notes

I received the Ultimate cards recently as a gift. I collect playing cards and these surpass my entire collection. I have Russian, medieval, and many others. These are haunting, bizarre, brilliant! Nicely done. Corinne

----- Corinne Adams 13.05.13 14:40

Does anybody know where I can buy this in the UK? Thanks

----- Rahul 08.04.13 18:23

You can get them with the box and the pouches direct from Stranger & Stranger if you email them. (use the contact thing on their website). It’s $200, comes with two gilded decks.

----- Matt 28.02.13 11:09

It doesn’t appear that Dan & Dave are selling the decks with the matte black magnetic box & silky pouches. Looks like just the decks are for sale. Maybe this was a promo only version?

----- Joshua 11.02.13 12:02

Found them. You can purchase them here!

----- Jason 27.01.13 15:09

Hi, I would also like to know where I can buy a deck from, JEAN

----- Jean 12.01.13 03:09

Is this deck-o-cards for sale anywhere?

----- Corey Robb 28.12.12 07:13

Love this deck - Where can you buy it?

----- Dennis E 26.12.12 10:44

Where can I get them?!?!?!

----- John M 24.12.12 12:42

I would very much love to own these.

----- Mat Moore 23.12.12 12:08

Shut up and take my money.

----- Bret 22.12.12 19:31

Gorgeous. I wish they were for sale, Id’ buy a bunch. Any idea where you can get them, or if you even can?

----- Mark 22.12.12 15:28

Strange maybe a fitting name for them but the amount of beautiful artistic perfection that was put into each card is astounding in its self. As well as the written pieces that flow with the air that surrounds these cards. That hold that slight creepy factor that you just can’t seem to remove yourself from. They are truly captivating.

----- Kyrie 22.12.12 07:49

What a hauntingly beautiful deck.

----- jason killing 22.12.12 05:22

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