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Laser Challenge #8: Dog Treat Seaweed Flyers- 04.24.13

seaweedfly0.jpg This post is part of the NOTlabs Laser Challenge: The ground rules are: Shawn and I are alternating days with executing and sharing a Laser Cutter involved experiment! And most importantly - we’re supposed to have fun, explore ideas, and it’s less about a fully formed product/concept at the end of the day, but more about seeing where the experiment takes us!

Here’s Laser Challenge #8! Since Bucky, the NOTpuppy, LOVES paper (receipts especially) and flying/jumping insects (moths and crickets are his favorite)… and he also destroys toys and devours treats nearly instantaneously these days… on a hunt for fun, healthy, affordable, and amusing… for today’s challenge i laser cut SEAWEED! (The everything-free dried seaweed sheets you can buy for sushi making) I figured, it’s dog friendly deliciousness, feels like paper, and cut in the right shapes it flies and flutters like his bugs! And it is AMAZING… with a flick of the wrist (and depending on the breeze) it will fly and float and flutter around in ways he can barely anticipate as he leaps and contorts in every which way to devour them. While it was nearly impossible to get a good video of them (and Bucky’s pretty fast!) the movement of these little guys mimic Maple Seeds ~ the ones that look like little propellers! And while having fun experimenting with shapes for optimal flight, Shawn and i also noticed our home states of California and Tennessee looked like they might work too… and they work awesomely! So take a peek at the laser cutting of these dog treat/toy seaweed flyers and the madness that ensues when we play with feeding them to Bucky on the next page!

p.s. If you have ideas, or want some laser cutting done, or want to play with us… feel free to use the contact form or leave a comment! And if you’re curious about the laser cutter we’re using, here’s the unboxing.







He can barely contain himself as he sits and waits for it to take flight… seaweedfly7.jpg





seaweedfly12.jpg … these have also been an awesome way to exhaust him!








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