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Outdoor Retailer Show Summer ‘13- 08.01.13

or0.jpg This has been the year of doing MORE new things! So yesterday, we hopped on a 7am flight to Salt Lake City for dinner… and running around the Outdoor Retailer Show as fast as possible! We were home by 11pm… and it was one of the BEST trips ever! Beyond the overwhelming amount of SUPs and accessories and fishing kayak rigs, there was so much inspiration ~ fun unexpected products to play with, beautiful booth designs, met some incredible folks, and have lots of fun stuff to share with you guys, but, as usual… so many pics, i don’t know where to start, so here’s a brain/camera dump to get a feel for what caught my eye on the next page!

p.s. See the features from our Outdoor Retailer Show adventures here!

As you can see, there was a LOT of LARGE motivational/design text throughout…







Amusing escalator warning signs… or8.jpg

The CUTEST monster ever for Nordic Innovation or9.jpg

Of course Mammut’s booth was stunning, but sadly, no pics allowed inside… or9a.jpg

Nice Orvis fish graphic… or10.jpg

Fun Bison at Mountain Khakis, though the inflatable was having some roundness issues… or11.jpg

This glowing chandelier of tents over at Mountain Hard Wear was stunning… also HUGE… hard to miss from across the show floor… or12.jpg

Intriguing woody structures… or13.jpg

North Face’s armadillo-esque enclosure… or14.jpg

Kleen Kanteen’s booth has lights made from their stainless steel pint glasses! or40.jpg

Impressive Clif Bar booth… and samples of just about everything from bars to liquids to gummies! All organized based on when you should be consuming them, this booth was definitely keeping the crowd going throughout the show… or15.jpg


The playful guys at Edelrid not only have breathtakingly designed harnesses and other rock climbing gear, but their booth was made of rock climbing rope! You can see one of them running along to make it all move… or17.jpg

Rope close up! or18.jpg

Most realistic looking dog mannequins i’ve seen… Hurtta. or19.jpg

Crumpler has the TINIEST matches… or20.jpg

Sigg is launching insulated canisters… and the first one has a cup that slips on to the bottom… or21.jpg

Thule had us lusting for so many things… includng this bike basket and bike mount set up… or22.jpg

Lots and lots of squishy silicone cups/flasks this show… the Light My Fire pack-up cups are pretty nice. or23.jpg

Gorgeous kites from Prism. or24.jpg

I’ve never seen ay rock climbing holds quite like these… So Ill Holdsor25.jpg


Gerber GDC Zip series of tools for the everyday that clip on to keychains/zipper pulls/etc are adorably functional… from hex tools to light/bottle openers, mini blades and more. or27.jpg

… they also recreated Bear Grylls’ actual workshop in the Gerber booth… down to the family photos. or28.jpg

Trigger Point Therapy ColdRoller for chilled relief for hours… or29.jpg

OFF! launched their Explore line… taking bug repellent to a whole new level of design with their refillable steel carabiner spray can case… or30.jpg

BioLite showed off their new KettlePot - which is stunning, but the design details of how the stove fits INSIDE it, with the spot perfectly protecting the stove’s copper tube made us swoon. or31.jpg

Love the My Camp Kitchen paper towel detail of simply having a block of wood on a strap to hold things in place… or32.jpg

On things to want… the Crumpler Anchor Camera Strap… feels soft, strong, light, and there are leather bits to protect it all from scratching against your camera. or33.jpg

This is basically a double bed in a trailer… with quite the tent pop up around it! Precision Travel Werx or38.jpg

On things that i will definitely have larger posts on, but wanted to give you a taste of in the OR inspiration roundup…

These knives are breathtaking and feel far better in your hand than you’d imagine. Baladeo. See the full feature here! or34.jpg

Bucky’s has a Ruffwear collar for some time now that we love… we got to see the full line up (and upcoming products!) See the full feature here. or35.jpg

EPIC Bar. These meaty energy bars are AMAZING… beyond the branding we’ve loved digitally… finally tasting them, they are yummier than you would guess. See the full feature here. or36.jpg

These kids OVERBOOTS from Butler! They feel so good… see our full feature on them here. or37.jpg

The Scrubba! Washing machine meets dry bag… also awesome packaging details… see our feature here! or39.jpg

And this tote from JAM Collective summed it up well… and yes, that’s a whoopee cushion Speedo gave us… or41.jpg

This is just the camera/brain dump… more features to come from OR!

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awesome post! my favorite of the year so far - good idea to head over to SLC for the day to capture some of this. thanks for sharing!

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