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So Ill Holds- 08.24.13

soillmore0.jpg I haven’t been able to get these insanely awesome rock climbing holds out of my mind - So Ill Holds! First spotted them when we were exploring the very inspiring Outdoor Retailer Show… and every time i run into their tab that’s been open on my computer, i realize how fun and unusually designed (and still super functional) they are. Their choices in naming, geometries, and collections are noteworthy - whether you like/agree with them or not, they definitely make you think differently. Staring at the bumps(steroids) and curves (lockjaw) hanging from the walls of their booth was what first pulled us in. From afar they looked a lot like giant 3D prints… in fact they got my mind racing with all kinds of forms you could 3D print or mill that could be turned into awesome and unusual rock climbing holds, and how they can be quite the art form… Additionally, their branding is strong and playful (though the green cross does initially make me think of medical marijuana dispensaries), their medicinally themed packaging for other products is quite fun, there are LED enabled holds, and they even have recycled billboard bags! Take a peek at more details as well as a fun video with a parking attendant putting their holds to a whole other use on the next page!

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What we saw at OR… soill1.jpg



Here are some of their unique hold designs! soillmore.jpg

Here are their LED holds… the clip in one flashes to remind people to clip into the auto belay, and the finishing hold lets you slap the button when you reach the top for 30 seconds of light celebration fun! Love the detail that lets you recharge the batteries from the front of the hold, and the batteries are supposed to last for a few weeks. soillmore4.jpg




And for even MORE inspiration ~ they have a fantastic Instagram feed filled with behind the scenes pics and more… instaill.jpg

Thanks, So Ill Holds, for inspiring me to want to design and climb!

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