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Ignoble Rutledge + Sternwood Wallets- 09.04.13

ignoble0.jpg A fun package arrived from the nice LA based guys at Ignoble. We’ve been quite a fan of their Cora Classic Rucksack for a few years now ~ the elegant simplicity with such nice modern details in all black gets me every time. Now, i think i’ve fallen for their new “wallets” even more! It doesn’t even seem fair to call them wallets, they are more like smart, simple little zippered pouches made of fully lined 400D nylon and closed with heavy YKK zippers, with their lovely signature leather zipper pulls. The larger Rutledge Travel Wallet happens to be perfectly passport/iphone sized, and the smaller Sternwood Card Wallet perfectly fits american bills/cards/etc. However nothing about the pouches dictates what you use them for, and as soon as i unboxed them, i easily found endless uses for them to ease the mess in my current monstrous wallet, purses, travel set ups and more! Also, it’s hard to resist how lovely their greytoned colorways look together, offered in white, silver, charcoal, and black. If i were to pick just one, the white with black zips are definitely the most striking solo, but if going for more than one, they all look fantastic together! Take a peek at the details of them on the next page… i kid you not that they are surprising in how useful they can be!








The smaller Sternwood Card Wallet fits inside the larger Rutledge Travel Wallet for a nice set… and you can still easily fit a passport/phone too. ignoble9.jpg

The Sternwood Card Wallet is exactly the width of US bills, so if you’re trying to fit other currency in, you may have to fold it more than once… ignoble10.jpg

I found that the Sternwood Card Wallet is perfect for the chunkier things that i tend to have in my current wallet (i told you it was monstrous!) - this fits lip balm, travel perfume, compact pen, and file with room to spare, and my tiny 32GB USB can go right on the zipper! Which makes me think that with this little pouch, maybe i can pull off a more svelte wallet than my current giant wallet/clutch. ignoble11.jpg

For those times that you don’t want your keys scratching everything else (i.e. my dSLR) up in your purse, my chunky keys fit perfectly! ignoble13.jpg

And my favorite “perfect fit” is filling it with my Leatherman Wave along with the bit attachments that i have yet to figure out keeping together with the knife… until now! ignoble12.jpg

Other thoughts for the pouches, they can be great for headphones/splitters, watches, dog poo bag stash (yes, i just got back from walking Bucky), jewelry and more…

Also worth noting, the way the zip opens two sides is far nicer than i expected, with the usual zipper pouches where you only have the opening on one side, you end up poking around to find things. With the zip around the corner, you basically end up holding a nice open cone in your hand, with everything easy to access, and nothing falling out!

I feel like my purses are going to get a lot more organized all of a sudden thanks to the Rutledge Travel Wallet and Sternwood Card Wallet!

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