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Skoop: The Mad Science of Mother Nature- 03.28.14

skoopmain.jpg Packaging isn’t everything, but gorgeous, playful, happy graphics, branding, and simple inforgaphics never hurt… and with Skoop it definitely grabbed my attention ~ enough for a post on NOTCOT.org and a few inquisitive tweets. Well one thing lead to another, and next thing i know, a box of Skoop goodies arrived on the doorstep! And as far as supplements go, compared to what you find in a look at GNC or Whole Foods, these will definitely stand out and make you look twice!

Though the graphics were the first things to grab my attention, the proposition of the Skoop A-Game “Super Simple Superfoods” are intriguing in their own right. These powdered supplements you shake up mixed with anything from water and chocolate (almond) milk or oatmeal or yogurt are being positioned as a playful path to SUPER you! It’s less about diets or meal supplements but that extra something to help boost your potential… and nothing says that like comparisons to fueling up with premium… or a cape on a human icon. For those years when it felt like i was living on airplanes and in hotel rooms, i used to always have some Macro Greens on hand to help balance things out. They were the best tasting at the time… though that wasn’t saying much. So i was skeptical and curious about how Skoop would taste! First reaction, definitely sweeter and more palatable than expected, yummy even in the chocolate milk combination. So far we’ve only tried milk, chocolate milk, and almond milk - all not bad with both variations.

Also fun, they included some of our favorite Blender Bottles in the surprise package! The design of the BlenderBall, which is a springy, spherical wire whisk has always made me smile - and they work wonderfully when shaking things up. So this week we will be taking the Skoop 5-Day-Challenge to get SUPER and it couldn’t be better timed with the endless projects and sleepless nights, i can use all the boosts i can get! Take a peek on the next page for all the unboxing and details!




Cute 5-Day Challenge booklets to share. skoop4.jpg

They are filled with the single serving portions of A-Game in both Chocofresh and Sweetgreens. skoop5.jpg

5 days to super! skoopmain2.jpg


The full sized 30-serving bags… skoop7.jpg


Peeking inside… had to fish around a bit to find the scoops… skoop9.jpg

The Skoop Blender Bottles and BlenderBall… skoop10.jpg

Getting ready to shake up my first Skoop! skoop11.gif

My first Chocofresh Skoop in chocolate milk… mmmmm. skoop13.jpg

Their website just screams happy… skoopmain1.jpg

We’ll update after we try our first 5 days of Skooping! Here’s to feeling SUPER!

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