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Laser Etching Highland Park Cask Wood- 04.04.14

woodhp0.jpg I’ve been learning a lot from Shawn and have come a long way since we first got our Laser Cutter! My latest little project is for last night’s Highland Park Hero’s Chest Dinner (inspiration overload!) ~ etching table and bar signage into real spanish sherry oak cask wood that was used to create the delicious Highland Park Whiskey we tasted during the evening! And the added bonus was that with each cut and etch, you could smell the complex aromas absorbed into the wood over the years… The challenge was to laser etch the aged (and very curved!) wood, but keep the final outcome looking just as aged… Take a peek on the next page!

woodhp2.jpg The charred and soaked interior of the wood has incredible texture..

woodhp3.jpg Measure twice, cut once?

woodhp4.jpg The laser in action!

woodhp5.jpg The laser is finished ~ a little extra burnt, but obviously laser etched…

woodhp6.jpg Details!

woodhp7.jpg After a little sanding to clean up the laser giveaways without over sanding to the pristine oak wood within…

hpdinner3.jpg The finished piece at the bar for Highland Park cocktails…

hpdinner0.jpg … and on the Highland Park Hero’s Chest Dinner table!

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I just wanted to say that I love this project! We’ve yet to use our laser cutter on wood and this is a wonderful project - the detail came out beautifully

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