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3D Weaver by Oluwaseyi Sosanya- 06.17.14

woven1.jpg Here’s the latest from NOTCOT’s London-based editor and resident zoologist, Justine Aw as she visits the London graduate showcases. This post is from Show RCA 2014.

The Structure of Protection by Oluwaseyi Sosanya from the Innovation Design Engineering program. The project is a beautiful loom specially designed for weaving in three dimensions. Using a single thread, the loom can create complex structures that are incredibly strong, essentially becoming a 3D printer of weaving. We love the way the project combines modern techniques with the traditional. Sosanya even visited fabric mills in the North of England to research mechanical weaving practices. See the machine and its outputs on the next page.

woven2.jpg Unlike a traditional loom, the shuttle moves in all three dimensions, allowing more movement of the weft and opening new structural possibilities.

woven3.jpg The resulting materials can be used for all sorts of purposes and can be created with different weaves.

woven4.jpg A woven foamboard sample.

woven5.jpg A woven hat!

woven6.jpg A closer look at these complex structures.

woven7.jpg The structures are strong but offer flexibility too. A rather interesting technique and resulting material.

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