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Endless Species by Kathryn Fleming- 06.17.14

endless0.jpg Here’s the latest from NOTCOT’s London-based editor and resident zoologist, Justine Aw as she visits the London graduate showcases. This post is from Show RCA 2014.

Another of my highlights from the Design Interactions program was Endless Forms/Endless Species: Explorations in an Evolutionary Development Park by Kathryn Fleming. I loved her combination of imaginary creatures alongside taxidermy and beautifully illustrated field guides. The almost Seussical creations are the charming inhabitants of a fantastical Regent’s Park. We’d love to find wild High Wire Herbivores, Ground Working Insectivores and Retro Reflective Carnivores! See it all up close on the next page.

endless1.jpg A map of Regent’s Park’s habitats for these creatures.

endless2.jpg A High Wire Herbivore.

endless3.jpg A Ground Working Insectivore.

endless4.jpg A closer look at the map of Regent’s Park.

endless5.jpg Love these field-guide style illustrations, showing off distinguishing features such as the combination of horns, antlers, ossicones and pronghorns on this High Wire Herbivore.

endless6.jpg Without the field guide, how would we know that the Beaked Porcupine lays eggs and is an accomplished weaver?

endless7.jpg The reflective properties of the Retro Reflective Carnivores explained.

endless8.jpg Now if only they were real…

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