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Kelly Denato #drinkanddraw- 01.25.15

denato1.jpg One of my favorite things on Instagram has become Kelly Denato’s @NoPunchBacks #drinkanddraw. While her paintings are stunning (see two of my favorites on the next page!) - the playful post of a blank page and a glass of wine, etc. asking for ideas - is just so fun! It turns into beautiful interpretations of the randomest suggestions from all over the world in real time adding a fun layer to interactions and inspiration coming through my feed.

Above? Her interpretation of my random suggestion of an “Anglerfish luring in hummingbirds” ~ which turned into awesome hummingbird seahorses! See a few more on the next page - and be sure to follow Kelly @NoPunchBacks on Instagram to catch the next one!


Here’s an earlier one i threw out there - where she made “a black lab (like bucky!) with little robots buddies hanging out on him”! denato2.jpg

Another earlier one of an amazing dodo!!! denato3.jpg

Here’s “Kitty riding a sloth astronaut” as requested via her facebook! denato4.jpg

From Bunny Cutlet Presents 7 Artists Group Show at The Cotton Candy Machine - here are Kelly Denato’s…

We Sit in the Mud and Reach for the Stars - the mushrooms!!! denato5.jpg

and… Hey. You. Get Off of My Cloud. denato6.jpg

Thanks, Kelly Denato, for all the inspiration!


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