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Círculo de Oro 25: Publicis Mexico- 01.22.15

circulo0.jpg WOW. Congrats are in order for Publicis Mexico! Last month at the 25th Festival Círculo de Oro 2014 Advertising Awards in Acapulco - Publicis Mexico really cleaned up on awards! They received 3 Grand Prix, 18 Gold, 14 Silver and 12 Bronzes… in addition to Agency Of The YEAR!

And remember our 3D printed NESCAFÉ Alarm Cap (which awakens you to the smell of coffee!) that we (NOTlabs!) created with the Publicis Mexico Innovation Lab? It won 9 Golds and the 3 Grand Prix Awards (in Design, Innovation, and Direct)! We’ve been ridiculous giddy to see how far the caps have gone, and they were such a brilliant and hardworking team to work with. Oh - and this all comes on top of the NESCAFÉ Alarm Cap being Short Listed for the 2014 Cannes Lion in Dimensional Mailing as well!

In addition to being giddy about how well received the project has been - advertising awards come in some pretty strange forms… I must say i’m quite smitten with the Círculo de Oro awards - their truncated cuboctahedron awards to celebrate 25 years are stunning! It has 12 square faces, 8 regular hexagonal faces, 6 regular octagonal faces all with circles cut out of each face. Take a look at the details of the awards, a peek via instagram of the event, and more on the next page!


It took me a few to search around the resultados pdf - but here is everything listing our ‘Tapa Despertador Nescafé’ project! 8 oros! Soluciones de escala pequeña, Productos y servicios tradicional, Diseño de articulos promocionales, Packaging, Diseño de producto, Desarrollos tecnologicos, Mejor lanzamiento de nuevos productos/Re-lanzamiento o promocion de varios productos al por menor, and Bebidas no alcoholicas. circulo3.jpg Translated: Small-scale solutions, products and traditional services, design of promotional, Packaging, Product design, technological developments, new product launches Best / Re-launch or promotion of various products retail and non-alcoholic drinks.

The Publicis Mexico Innovation Team receiving the Grand Prix in DESIGN!!! … and then also got the Grand Prix in Innovation… and the Grand Prix in Direct! Instagram pics from publicismx and ivansantosmunoz! circulo6.jpg

Then came the final ranking of agencies… circulo2.jpg

Publicis Mexico wins agency of the year! Instagram pics from sootswiinic and ray_lopez. circulo7.jpg

Here’s what AdLatina had to say - “La pieza con mayor impacto fue la “Tapa- Reloj Despertador” de NESCAFÉ, que es el primer proyecto desarrollado por el Laboratorio de Innovación de Publicis, ideada con motivo del lanzamiento de la nueva imagen de marca de Nescafé.” circulo8.jpg “The piece with the greatest impact was the “Cap- Alarm Clock” NESCAFÉ, which is the first project developed by Publicis Innovation Lab, designed to mark the launch of the new brand of Nescafe.”

CONGRATS AGAIN, Publicis Mexico! What a year 2014 has been! We’re so so happy for you guys - and thrilled to have been a part of the fun! circulo5.jpg … and seriously - how awesome are these truncated cuboctahedron awards?

And all this in addition to the NESCAFÉ Alarm Cap being Short Listed for the 2014 Cannes Lion in Dimensional Mailing!!! circulo4.jpg

For nostalgic reasons - here’s the incredible video Publicis Mexico made for the cap!

And see the full post about the NESCAFÉ Alarm Cap! newnescafemain.jpg

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