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Aleph Geddis for Filson, Seattle- 01.06.16


Wow! Aleph Geddis has hand carved an incredible wooden totem for the new Filson flagship store (in the same building as their HQ) that opened in Nov 2015 in Seattle. I first discovered his work when stumbling upon his stunning chairs in Totokaelo in 2013, and then met him at Mercado Sagrado last year. Since that first 2013 encounter, Aleph Geddis has been fascinating to follow on Instagram… and over the last few months, i’ve been getting glimpses of the process of this stunning totem!

The totem towers over you at 25.25”x25.25”x18.5’. Yes… 18 feet tall! It’s made from western red Canadian cedar, and carved with traditional European tools, primarily gauges, bull nosed chisels, traditional northwest coast bent knives, and a few Japanese tools. Amongst the carvings you can find a wolf, owl, raccoon, falcon, and bobcat.

Take a peek on the next page at the making of as well as the final piece in the Filson store at 1741 First Avenue South, Seattle WA!

The Filson Seattle store looks fantastic - it’s a whopping 6,400 sq ft built to truly bring the Filson brand to life. It’s great to see their support of nearby artisans and local manufacturers as well as a look at their manufacturing process (you can peek into the factory from the store!)… can’t wait to check this out the next time i’m in Seattle! filson1.jpg

First a few official photos of it all installed… filsongeddis3.jpg


As for what i saw over the last few months that had me hooked… here’s a peek at the process from Aleph Geddis on Instagramaleph1.jpg





Amazing isn’t it? To find out more - check out TRADE STORIES: ALEPH GEDDIS, WOOD SCULPTOR on the Filson Life blog.


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I REALLY wanted this to be a behind the scenes look at Legends of the Hidden Temple after a quick glance at the image. That totem is GORGEOUS though.

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