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Made by NOTCOT: Nextbit Robin Press Kit- 02.16.16


You know you’re a designer when… watching people unbox something you MADE is even more of a thrill than unboxing incredible packaging and designs? Those following along the last decade already know that i love unboxing great products in great packaging - especially mind blowing press kits! So, NOTCOT has jumped to the other side (again) and we put all that press kit love to work for Nextbit!

Shawn and I are so excited to finally share the Nextbit Robin Press Kits we designed and built! You’ve seen the teasers and making-of post… now see the actual press kit, delivery, and a peek at some of them in the wild! Made of wood, foam, SF Fog paint, and a piece of elastic, these boxes present the stunning phone, sheep mascot vinyl toy (which we unboxed earlier), charger/cable, and sometimes cases to prominent media outlets. The beautiful design and branding of Nexbit set the bar high - just where we like it. Ready to see all the details? To the next page!

FYI: The production phones hadn’t arrived yet when we were working on the designs, but we had the 3D model! (Nextbit released the .stl to the public early on) - so for most of these photos you’ll see our black Makerbot 3D print of the phone.

The focal point of the press kit is the walnut tray which can stand alone to display the phone and sheep. With the beautiful walnut grains being so unique - no two are the same! cnextbit2.jpg

Summed up in one animated gif - here are all the layers. nextbitBOX.gif


Some of our favorite details… the delicate laser etched paint fills, subtle messages, CNC milled precision, foam and ribbons, and the bottom edge of the lid that fits ever so perfectly. cnextbit8.jpg


SPECIAL DELIVERY! We rented a minivan and took a little road trip to deliver the press kits in their spray painted shipping boxes from LA to SF. cnextbit13.jpg

… and in the Nextbit offices, we finally got to try a REAL robin and colorful sheep inside the boxes! cnextbit14.jpg

You can’t imagine how tempting it was to share these pictures earlier with you on instagram and twitter! cnextbit15.jpg


And now they are starting to pop up in the wild! Here are a few that have caught my eye so far… it’s beyond flattering to see so many people excited about not only the Nextbit Robin - but the press kit boxes as well!

So far Android Central is my favorite. Is it possible he loves these boxes as much as we loved designing/making them?

Lots of pictures at Android Authority. androidauthority.jpg

Even PCmag made an unboxing video! pcmagnextbit.jpg

There’s an unboxing video over at 9to5 Google.

A melodic video unboxing at Techno Buffalo.

And because i’m so excited - more pictures!

Unboxing through the layers… first is the walnut lid with Nextbit cloud logo. As with the trays - the walnut grain made each lid mesmerizingly unique. cnextbit3.jpg

Next is the DEFY LIMITS message where the paint is etched away to show the walnut below. Pulling the tabs to lift out that layer… cnextbit4.jpg

… present the phone and sheep and Nextbit logo! cnextbit5.jpg

As soon as you remove the phone, the stand instructs you to “Lift Me Up”… beneath the tray is a layer of customizable foam for Team Nextbit to nestle the charger, cable, and cases into. The Roland MDX-540SA came in handy for CNC milling the precise holes for the sheep’s feet and the slot for the phone. cnextbit6.jpg




Thanks, Team Nextbit - it’s so fun to help share your phone with the world!

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Congratulations. It’s beautiful. I feel like I could smell the wood through the photos!

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