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Unboxing: BioLite SiteLight Mini and XL- 04.14.17


BioLite makes the great outdoors so playful and FUNCTIONAL! What started with their first product the CampStove (that was innovative in letting you not only utilize all the twigs and material found around camp to power your stove while also let you charge your devices!) has quickly expanded to quite the product line! Also - they always have such great packaging.

On recent product trends that have been exploding - LEDs in versatile, portable, outdoor lighting have been EVERYWHERE! And it’s been a fun space to follow (remember the Luminoodles i’ve been loving?) - From buying led strips to hack into our NOTFZJ80 Land Cruiser, to working them into various client projects and experiments - they are just ridiculously easy to work with, and getting cheaper and more accessible constantly. Which naturally means that they are a great place for designers to get even more creative! When BioLite offered to send some of their new lights over, i couldn’t resist. How adorable are these SiteLight Minis? They are like adorable glowing macarons that plug right into a USB port (via a headphone jack). They also sent over the SiteLight XL which pops up like a lantern and can be daisy chained with the minis or stand on its own! And to power it all (though you can power them from any USB battery or plug too!), they also sent over the Base Lantern XL which is INSANELY bright (but can be dimmed,color changed and more with the buttons and app!) Anyhow, the whole collection is adorable, functional, and definitely on my gift list for outdoorsy folks (or even for use on patios or stringing up for a happy hour picnic under a tree!) Take a look at all the unboxing and details on the next page!

Here’s the SiteLight Mini, the SiteLight XL, and the Base Lantern XL. biolites1.jpg

You can even “press to try” the lantern in the packaging. (SO BRIGHT!) biolites2.gif


The lantern is fun - but my focus is defintely on the smaller USB lights! biolites4.jpg

… perfect stocking stuffer/surprise size! biolites5.jpg

The design of the SiteLight Mini lets you easily adjust the length between lights, and easily clip them together in a stack to store. biolites17.jpg

The SiteLight XL biolites18.jpg

Here’s the XL bundled up in its little stuff sack alongside the macaron sized minis! biolites6.jpg


Simply twist to pop the XL open! biolites8.jpg

A peek inside the XL you can see the leds in the top, and the metal arms that help hold it open. biolites9.jpg

For size comparison - the minis are adorably small (but also quite bright!) biolites10.jpg

As for the Base Lantern XL - there’s little it can’t do. It’s a beast of a battery to charge multiple devices in addition to powering the peripheral lights - and you can connect your phone to it via bluetooth to control all of the lights and options (from dimming to strobing to colors and more!!) biolites11.jpg

The whole family of lights powered up! biolites12.jpg

And in the dark with the app! biolites13.jpg

Here are a peek at the cute instructional diagrams! biolites14.jpg



To find out more - check out the BioLite pages for the SiteLight Mini, the SiteLight XL, and the Base Lantern XL!

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