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NOTGIFTGUIDE 2017- 11.09.17


NOTCOT Collection Of Stuff For People!!! Things we love, things we want, and things we’ve either bought or nearly bought for friends. There’s a little random awesomeness for everyone on our lists here…

Gift guides often get so formal with the categories and over-simplification of your recipient’s interests… or they push things people want you to buy so hard. This is more just a list of awesome stuff we like that you COULD give someone - or buy for yourself. The only criteria? We like it.

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Also… for EVEN MORE random ideas - i’m slowly adding stuff we have/love to this NOTCOT AMAZON SHOP ( Where yes, we make pennies on the dollar off things you buy, but we’re sharing because we’re addicted to the instant gratification of Prime and really use it, not for your pennies. Though every penny helps my Prime addiction?)

porsche1.jpg We’ve been car shopping lately, and both the hunt for a SUV/passenger car and a project car have resulted in Shawn and I circling around Porsche again… keep hearing so many good things about the Porsche Macan GTS! And it’s hard not to keep shopping vintage 911 in hopes of finding the perfect project car. And for the kids out there - the Porsche Wooden Racing Truck with three race cars is too cute.

shelves.jpg Anne Linde Ledges - the perfect bedside, kitchen, bathroom, etc. shelves that are both functional and minimal. They hold and hide all kinds of things, and are magnetic too! Made of powder coated steel.

geode.jpg Nervous System’s new Geode Puzzles with their new Maze Puzzle Cut Style take jigsaw puzzles to whole new levels! From the mesmerizing patterns to the insanely difficult new piece creation algorithm.

mission.jpg Mission Workshop has always made stunning bags to survive life. I’ve loved my Hauser Hydration Pack for years now and it’s held up amazingly. Their latest temptation that is available for pre-order is The Rhake Backpack, which has so many pockets to keep you organized, it’s going to take some getting used to where all your stuff is. BUT once you have a system down, it seems like another bag that could take care of you for years to come. Love that you can upgrade any of the Rhakes to cobra clips too!

iphonex.jpg The Apple iPhone X - honestly, what can i say? You either want it, or don’t. We’ve got at least 3 ordered here at NOTCOT so far… so you know what side we’re falling on. (And i’m kind of really excited and loving it so far!!!)

farmacylush.jpg Farmacy first caught my attention with their great packaging (lovely graphics, so much detail from the wooden lids to the magnetic spatula) but trying their products hooked me. The Honey Drop Moisturizer and Honey Potion Mask are new favorites, and in the Honey Harvest Gift Set, it’s a nice, easy, presentable gift for anyone.

On the crazier, experiential bathroom side of things… LUSH Jelly Bombs - bath bombs that fizz and foam and turn your bath into gelatinous jelly (which leaves your skin super soft!) Read more about how it works.

uniqlo.jpg Uniqlo has great basic tshirts, but even more fun are their limited edition collaborations, like the current Uniqlo x MoMA SPRZ Eames Collection and the Uniqlo x Disney Star Wars Artist collection (which features NOTCOT favorites: James Jarvis, Kevin Lyons, and Geoff McFetridge)

illuminatomy.jpg Carnovsky makes magic happen with colored glasses and tri-layered imagery. There has been wallpaper, stickers, packaging and more, but the most exciting and accessible (and educational) format is definitely picture books. Their first book Illuminature takes you into the layers of natural scenes, where the red lens shows you creatures of the day, blue shows you creatures of the night, and green shows you the plant life. For more details here’s the NOTCOT feature.

This year, they’ve launched their second book, Illuminatomy that gives you a deep dive into the human body! Red shows you the skeleton, green the muscles, and blue the organs! It’s trippy, it’s beautiful, and you find new details with every glance. I’ve been tempted to get them for every kid i know!

leatherman.jpg My Leatherman Wave has been by my side since i was 16 (so, nearly 20 years now) and i’ve used it for everything from doing my nails to building computers to renovating houses and pruning trees… it’s indispensable. And while i’ve never needed to replace it, i caved and got a black one too a few years ago, but the stainless steel is still my favorite (the black can scrape off a bit).

On newer Leatherman goodies - this year the Leatherman Tread gets thinner! The airplane friendly, wearable multi tool slims down with the LT model that is far more wearable for those of us with thinner wrists.

blowmeup.jpg LED + Inflatable = Ingo Maurer Blow Me Up Light. It’s amusingly simple, yet so functional and versatile.

silkweatshirt.jpg The Reset Silk Sweatshirt - it’s that perfect blend of casual basics, dressed up. They just added a grey option to the original black.

shaperfestool.jpg The Shaper Origin - “The world’s first handheld cnc machine” is supposed to be shipping… we’re anxiously awaiting ours! On other tools we’re lusting after… the new Festool Cordless Sanders are looking pretty tempting too…

miircampcups.jpg OMG these MiiR Insulated Camp Cups - they keep hot things hot and cold things cold, and neither burn you, nor sweat with condensation… but most importantly, they feel great in your hands, and look so clean and minimal. They are nice and thin (compared to most other insulated cups) making them great to drink from even without the travel lid. I’ve been a bit obsessed with them since first reviewing them on NOTCOT in March. (And yes, i’m still dreaming up getting custom ones made. They look great screen printed!)

dyson.jpg While my natural instinct would be to say that hair dryers and vacuums are the worst gifts… i can’t express how much joy (?!?!?!?!) both my Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer and Dyson Handheld Vacuums have brought me. Both hair drying and vacuuming are arduous tasks, but somehow their devices have magically made them faster, easier, and lighter jobs while still looking beautifully designed. I have been through three handhelds since my early apartments, upgrading as their battery life and sucking power increased (always worth it!) with the older ones shuffling into living in the garage, etc.

This year, there is a new Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer colorway in Black/Purple with a Black Case.

barkshop.jpg A little something for the dogs of your people… BarkShop - the store from the folks behind BarkBox seems to be having a lot of fun with ridiculously amusing toys for dogs and their people. From fish tacos and dumplings to creatures of the deep, cactus, hugging hedgehogs and more (from the absurdly luxurious doggie rosé and champagne to avocado toast, selfie sticks, donald and hillary and so much more…) Also - you can find a lot of their toys at Target now.

fishtanks.jpg It has been a big year for Cannabis, and with the growing legality and larger markets opening up, this also means higher quality products and new innovations in design and packaging. These two are definitely our favorites this year that span all of those criteria.

hmbldt first grabbed our attention with their packaging, branding, and custom vape pen (see the NOTCOT unboxing), but they’ve kept our attention with their quality and unique approach to the space. Their focus on the user experience and the medicinal nature of their product has made it the perfect entry point for those looking to explore cannabis vaping. They have even introduced a new smaller 50 dose pen!

On the other end of the spectrum, the Absolute Xtracts x Jeremy Fish Fish Tanks Limited Edition is as delicious as it is beautiful. Of course i’m biased with my love of Jeremy Fish’s artwork, but how fun are the design details? (See them all in the NOTCOT unboxing) It is also the first release of their new high-potency CLEAR cannabis oil, and this Tangie really packs a punch.

DOsomething.jpg Eliza Frye DO SOMETHING Bundle - Pink screen printed t-shirt bundled with two 18”x24” and two 12”x18” digital prints plus stickers. Give it all as one gift, or break it up into many. It’s the perfect reminder for us all as 2017 comes to a close.

rokuultra.jpg The Roku Ultra - the latest upgrade to the top of the line Roku is a tempting upgrade. It will output HD, 4K and HDR… and has both USB and microSD slots that make it easy to watch files when not streaming. Like the previous model, you can also plug headphones into the remote for private listening (AKA when someone is asleep next to you?) We’ve used ours more than i ever imagined the last few years - popping it in our bag whenever we head to a vacation rental, as well as for watching files via USB and streaming netflix, amazon, etc.

colettecal.jpg While 2017 also marks the end of Colette… you can still enjoy the some of Colette’s favorite artists everyday of 2018 with the Colette 2018 Calendar including Jean Jullien, Jeremyville, James Jarvis, Jean André, Tiffany Cooper, Vahram Muratyan, Darcel, Soledad, Geneviève Gauckler, Ceizer, Kevin Lyons, Amit.

biosphere.jpg Tiny plant worlds for your desktop… Botanica Sanctuary and Biodome setups are stunning! The tiny sanctuaries can keep a little moss going with perfect little droplets dripping right back down to hydrate them. Though based in Australia, they are available stateside this holiday season at Terrain!

kindles.jpg I’ve fallen back in love with the Kindle since i discovered how many ebooks i can borrow online through my public library (LAPL has so many amazing digital resources! Check out this NOTCOT feature on all the design magazines i found.) I’ve saved a fortune on cookbooks and bestsellers and quick reads by using LAPL and Overdrive and their app, Libby. My new habit when i run into books i’m curious about is to search/hold them on Overdrive first - and hopefully end up reading them on my Kindle.

Currently my favorite is the Kindle Paperwhite… but the new Kindle Oasis is pretty tempting - it’s WATERPROOF! So super bath, pool, beach friendly!

ursamajor.jpg Ursa Major always has great holiday gift sets - and their Golden Hour Recovery Cream is one of my winter favorites! This year’s temptations are the The Natural Skin Care Junkie Treatment Set and the cheeky The Exercise Freak Workout Essentials.

slippillow.jpg How did i never give in to the ridiculousness of a silk pillowcase before? You sleep cooler, and silly as it sounds, my hair and skin do feel better! Unlike cotton, silk doesn’t suck the moisture out of… you and your hair. (Downside, definitely better if you hand wash these weekly and hang dry them! But worth it!) The Slip Silk Pillowcase - seems to be the most luxurious, common, and consistent in quality - with a hefty 22 Mommes. I initially dipped my toe i the silk pillowcase world with cheaper, lower quality options from Amazon which were ok, but not NEARLY as good… you have to be careful to make sure it’s really pure silk (not that poly combo), and the thicker and higher quality, the better.

marble.jpg On lust worthy, impractically gorgeous, kitchen/art objects from Editions MIlano - Can’t get the Miss Marble jars and the stunning Victoria Tea Set out of my mind!

elemental.jpg On a different twist on action figures - I Am Elemental just launched Series 2: Wisdom Warriors as a follow up to their initial Series 1: Courage. Powerful female characters… to help teach kids to build their character. (Also a fun graphic desk toy for the right giftee!) They feel very Batman the Animated Series meets Wonder Woman…

lodgemini1.jpg Lodge 2017 Holiday Skillet - an adorable 3.5” cast iron skillet just right for single serving corn bread, brownies, and egg or more… or hang it on the tree?

rumpl.jpg Some people like their blankets plush and others love that sleeping bag nylon feel… now for those who like BOTH, there’s the Rumpl Sherpa Puffy Blanket. Machine washable and just as ready for adventuring outdoors or cuddling up on the couch, this latest addition has great little details (my favorite is the secret pocket and built in straps!) I was initially skeptical of how soft the 100% Polyester Sherpa fleece would feel, but they sent over a sample, and it is SO SO soft, my new problem will be keeping Bucky from taking it over.

cannabisadvent.jpg There are Advent Calendars and Holiday Countdown Sets for everything… including cannabis of course. Here’s one from Coast2Coast Medicinals in Vancouver, the ADVENTure Calendar from Dockside Cannabis in Washington (also shown is their cute 2016 design) and the Herbal Dispatch Advent Calendar (also Vancouver based).

loadout0000.jpg The YETI Loadout Bucket complete with caddy and lid are kind of amazing combined. Perfect for the person with everything, or the person who needs nothing, or the person who… well, it should work for just about anyone, it’s SO useful and well designed! See my full obsessive unboxing/rant about it.

amazongifts.jpg And for EVEN MORE random ideas - i’m slowly adding stuff we have/love to this NOTCOT AMAZON SHOP ( Where yes, we make pennies on the dollar off things you buy, but we’re sharing because we’re addicted to the instant gratification of Prime and really use it, not for your pennies. Though every penny helps my Prime addiction?)

notcot.jpg … and on tried and loved products… we’re still using our reflective leather NOTCOT keychains and bag tags, and they are holding up amazingly! If you’re interested, i’m making more this holiday season! (And feel free to email us if you’re curious in the custom tags and if we’re in town, we might be able to make some between projects!)

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