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Holiday Feature! Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers Giveaway

speakermain.jpgJoey Roth takes us behind the scenes of his new Ceramic Speakers! 4 years in the making, these beauties started as an idea in college, only to be further developed in 2008, and now they are a reality! While i have yet to hear these myself, Gizmodo and Wired are already commending their “audiophile-worthy sound” ~ and personally i’m smitten by the combination of ceramic, wood, and cork ~ yes CORK! the way the plugs go into the cork before the ceramic is my favorite detail of all. Take a peek at the feature on the next page, including a super cute stop motion video ~ and he’s also giving away a set of these lovely speakers to one lucky reader! Giveaway details are here.

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NOTCOT Giveaway 2: Sorapot

giveaway3.jpg TO WIN: Leave a comment! ENTER BY 11/21 - WINNER: Cynthia in Texas!

Giveaway #2 (of what looks like around 30 giveaways in the calendar right now! isn't that insane! and it's all stuff i love too! I'm so exciting to be able to help share this stuff with all of you!!! ok moving on...), so as i was saying, Giveaway #2 for this holiday season is Joey Roth's Sorapot. He and i will be keeping an eye on all your comments, and he will dropship a (possibly customized/signed?) Sorapot to one lucky reader! You have until the night of 11/21 to leave a comment and we'll pick + email a winner!

The Sorapot story is definitely a design saga that is near and dear to many design/trend/gadget blogs - we've been watching, waiting, and nurturing Joey's design from the concept and prototype days ~ through production ~ through packaging design ~ through unboxings ~ and finally to brewing that first cup of tea. As you can see, its as much a work of art as it is a tea pot, and the packaging is one of my favorite parts, especially how the scroll like instructions curl off the glass body... So as a refresher, take a peek at a look back at some of my pics on the next page, and leave a comment for your chance to win one!

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Joey Roth's Garden Geta

gardengeta.jpgRan into blogfamous Sorapot designer, Joey Roth, a few times this weekend (yes, the first NOTCOT reader i ever met)... and after posting about his Garden Geta project over 3 years ago, i FINALLY got to see them in person!!!

At the Rubin Chapelle and IDSA New York Opening reception for Equilateral 08:01, they had Joey's Sorapot, Garden Geta, and Shika literally on pedastals, spotlighted for all to see, and being slightly early, but spotted walking past the window while they were setting up, Joey snuck me in early and i got some nice clean shots of the woodiest flip flops i've been dying to try on since '05. I am still in love with the fact that the pair are cut from the same slice of tree stump... and there must be some correlation to be drawn if he made kids pairs that were from younger trees... something about rings in the tree measuring your geta/shoe size? So check out more pics on the next page...

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Holiday Giveaway #14: Joey Roth

joeyplanter0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2013 is around the corner, and we’re finishing up this year with more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores and over 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

Joey Roth will always be the first NOTCOT reader i ever met in person - and that was probably around 6 years ago in NY. From our posts about his work back in 2005 to the big Sorapot launch in 2008 and such precise, beautiful products since… this year he is generously giving two winners awesome prizes! The first winner will receive a pair planters (one terracotta and one gray) - these planters are easy to water, and will pull the water as they need them (thus, great for travelers or absent minded plant owners). The second winner will receive a super bundle of his ceramic speakers and subwoofer! Joey’s iconic speakers have been updated this year by the addition of a stunning ceramic subwoofer!

THE GOODS: One winner will receive two planters, one in each color. The second winner will receive a set of ceramic speakers and subwoofer.

TO WIN: Musical green thumbs, leave a comment here sharing the song you think plants will love to grow to by 12/11 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.

See more pictures on the next page!

UPDATE: Congrats to Patrick in Costa Mesa, CA and Amanda in Toronto, ON!

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Joey Roth Self-Watering Planter

joeyplanter.jpg The latest from our friend, Joey Roth, is the Self-Watering Planter he just debuted at Dwell On Design! Naturally, as yard space increased, and gardening began and quickly turned into an obsession, leave it to designers to start problem solving with new products! In this case, this is a self-watering planter for use indoors or out which is made from naturally porous unglazed earthenware ~ much like those tea pots i’m sure you’re picturing right about now! Like many other reservoir/clay based planters ~ you simply fill the reserve, and the plant/soil will naturally pull the water out as needed, so you simply have to check and refill the center! See more pictures on the next page!

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Sorapot Unboxing

sorapotunbox.jpgOn more packages to play with upon returning to LA... Here is the Sorapot unboxing that i've waited 3 years to do (i first read about it over on Cool Hunting in 2005)! Joey Roth was actually my first NOTCOT reader i ever met, and i'm ecstatic to finally see his masterpiece in my hands (and not on a computer screen!). So amidst all this u-haul unloading, unpacking and playing 3D tetris with boxes... here's a quick unboxing of this beautiful new teapot. So industrial, yet elegant... and i even have

... I have yet to brew my first sorapot of tea - more to come on that later... But for now - check out the freshly launched official Sorapot site! On the next page see the unboxing of it out in Topanga Canyon... a few sneaks peeks for you of the factory in the making... and a refresher diagram of the making of the Sorapot and how this is a testament to the power of design blogs to help small designers get out there!

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Teacup for Sorapot

soratea.jpgJoey Roth's Sorapot has come a long way, and after years of waiting we can finally all get our hands on one in 2008! In fact, Joey Roth is officially the *first* reader from NOTCOT i ever met in person ~ we met about 2.5 years ago when i was in NY doing our NOTed photoshoot, and he's been a great friend and supporter to NOTCOT since! Well, you should be caught up on all your Sorapot news by now, and if not check out the video of it in action after the jump, but what this post is really about is the gorgeous new teacup design to match it! So why this design? Joey says "I designed this teacup to emphasize the the beauty of tea on glass while insulating your hand and tabletop from heat." I must admit my favorite part was the base... at first it looked like a mercedes logo ~ perhaps a cute idea for a future mug is a peace sign base that leaves peace sign water marks when left on paper... See more close ups of his new Teacup below!

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Garden Geta

frontiso.jpgI'm a flip flop girl. Admittedly these have less flips and flops, and more plink plunk type sounds... but i love this image. Another woody wonder by Joey Roth.

●These geta are modeled on a traditional Japanese design, and form a rough circle when viewed from above. ●The finish is sandblasted so that the wear that comes from using the geta while gardening only adds to their beauty. ●Both geta are carved from the same piece of wood.

Pretty to look at, are they not?


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side.jpgI fell in love with the simplicty of this object... and the ideas it brings to mind. "Slant Stacks" are the new visual in my head, the idea of transorming the way things naturally tend to pile on my desk, coffee tables, shelves, and in my car. I like the idea of using simple objects to recreate, or shape a space that they will occupy anyhow.

This is also just a gorgeous piece of wood, given an innovative use, which becomes more pleasing to look at as it is being used. SHIKA! Not to mention mad props to Joey Roth on not only designing but naming this object to make it unforgetable.


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Red Dot - Joey Roth

HAPPY NEW YEAR almost. And thank goodness for an end to 2005... and i welcome 2006 with open arms and a dash of skepticism. But all in all, Notcot has been one of the best things to happen this year, and here's one of those tasty best for last of the year posts...

Designer Joey Roth (remember his Garden Geta and Shika posts back in the day?) - has done it again with his Totemo, winning the a Red Dot Award in Productivity this year. The Totemo is described as Strip down to cool. The growing importance of silence in computing mirrors a large-scale shift in the way people think about the products they use. The Totemo is designed with recording studios in mind, but is a computer case equally suited for the home or office environment. The omission of LED’s, molded plastic and cooling fans firmly differentiate Totemo from the many computers of today. Its concentration is based on the concept of stripping down the computer case to its bare essentials.

Modest designer that he is, Joey Roth wrote a feature article for Notcot, but just happen to leave out a description of his own project! So take a look at the Totemo on his site, and then read more about his favorite projects and stories from the Red Dot Awards which took place in Singapore recently.

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MoMA Spring 07 Preview

NY Designer, Joey Roth, went and checked out the MoMA Spring Preview for us, and i must admit i wish i could have been there! See more below for his coverage of what exciting new products are coming... Personally, i'm already wanting the Speaker Mug...

--- Today I visited the MoMA store in SOHO to see a preview of new products they're adding for the spring. While they didn't push the springtime vibe as far as they could (patio furniture, gardening tools, and a kite or two would have been perfect), the buyers put together a collection that was quiet, airy, and playful.

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