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Holiday Giveaway #16: Blik- 12.08.12

blik0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2013 is around the corner, and we’re finishing up this year with more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores and over 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

For NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #16 - 5 winners will get their pick of the fun Blik x Carnovsky wall stickers that are quite a trip. Each sticker comes with three colored glasses - red, blue, and green - and when you look at the stickers through them, these animal mandalas come to life, each color exposing a different group of creatures. You’ve seen ours on the ceiling around a pendant light… it’s such a fun splash of color to the room! Duo Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla out of Milan are behind Carnovsky!

THE GOODS: Each our five winners can choose Carnovsky sticker of their choice.

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing where you’d put a Blik x Carnovsky sticker by 12/13 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.

See more details and a coupon on the next page!

UPDATE: Congrats to Cody in Hastings, MN, William in Los Angeles, CA, Kyra in Hawthorne, CA, Shane in Des Moines, IA, and Andrea in Palatine, IL!







Here are the four sticker options!

asticker1.jpg Rosone n.1 Flowers and Reptiles

asticker2.jpg Rosone n.2 Reptilian

asticker3.jpg Rosone n.3 Insecta

asticker4.jpg Rosone n.4 Insects and Mammals

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing where you’d put a Blik x Carnovsky sticker by 12/13 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.


See more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores HERE!


207 Notes

I’d cut one up, put the pieces on the back of all of my gadgets. It would give me an excuse to carry around some very nerdy 3D glasses!

----- John 14.12.12 16:04

across from the toilet to keep me company

----- brian 14.12.12 15:51

I would put think on the ceiling in my kids room

----- Brandy Demler 14.12.12 15:06

I live in an eight by four nook, three feet high. Black glass mirrored tiles up top, black bamboo flooring, black wool shag rug, high-gloss black paint walls. I would put this on the wall parallel from my nook to convince everyone I wasn’t so dark and crazy. Little would they know.

----- Moi DuPéan 14.12.12 10:19

I would hang onto it until I’m in a slightly bigger place, then it would go in the entry way.

----- Daniel 13.12.12 23:54

On the ceiling, above my dining room table :)

----- Nancy M 13.12.12 23:20

In my living room that is perpetually decorated for Halloween!

----- Lauren 13.12.12 21:45

In in the foyer!

----- yp 13.12.12 19:56

cubicle wall

----- eliot 13.12.12 19:54

It would be perfect in my office/kids playroom. (I know it’s a crazy idea but it works for us.)

----- Jamie 13.12.12 18:56

My kid’s room

----- John MacDonald 13.12.12 16:10

Because I have nothing else worth putting on my wall

----- Taryn 13.12.12 16:07

Because I have nothing else worth putting on my wall

----- Taryn 13.12.12 16:07

I love the idea of the sticker on the ceiling with the lamp as posted here. So cool!

----- MATT 13.12.12 13:30

I have a wide blank closet door that spans a whole side of my bedroom, this would be the perfect design to make use of that space and let it be the focal point.

----- Laura G. 13.12.12 12:54

i have a very large picture window in my 14th floor studio apartment in the heart of downtown SEATTLE (2 blocks from the pike street market,it’s low income housing so i am blessed to have such a beautiful location!). I would put it on said window, so i’d be sharing with all who can view my view. i just came upon BLIK and super love it!! xxlou

----- louise boncher 13.12.12 10:26

In my classroom

----- Pat 13.12.12 06:07

I’d put it in my living room. I’ve got some blank walls that need some decorating.

----- range 13.12.12 05:38

Right above my fireplace—it’s the only wall space that isn’t already covered floor to ceiling in 4x6 photos. I wonder if this would be viewable by simply tuning my RGB room lighting to the three different colors.

----- Chris 13.12.12 05:17

I will put it in my living room!

----- sindy murray 12.12.12 22:36

I’m between apartments, and really want to find my place already. This sticker will be my first piece of furniture in my new place, and I’m sure it will make it feel like home.

----- Star 12.12.12 22:28

I would put in my bedroom above my headboard.

----- Terry Kuny 12.12.12 20:38

On the ceiling of my drabby little dorm room

----- Arina 12.12.12 19:42

On my bedroom ceiling.

----- jess 12.12.12 19:25

I actually have polarized screens for my windows, so I would place the art on the opposite wall so passers-by can experience the illusion!

----- Tyler 12.12.12 16:29

I’d put it on the front of my dj table and set up a light show to bring out each image when their vibes mesh with the tracks. Mmmmm….

----- Eliza 12.12.12 15:40

In my office.

----- Katy 12.12.12 13:02

I work at a Public Library in Illinois and would love to have some of these for our new children’s area that will be under renovation soon. It would be so much fun to see the kids put on the glasses and be surpried by what they see! (we may have to keep a supply of the glasses around)

----- Andrea Lublink 12.12.12 12:42

On the wall on my living room!!

----- Shachar 12.12.12 11:51

I would put this on the main wall of the small salon I just opened, it would be a great conversation piece while people wait for their waxing! Wish me luck for my new, tiny, first business!

----- Joanie 12.12.12 08:59

I would put it in my living room but more importantly build a RGB LED housing with a programmed arduino board to slowly fade between colors.

----- Scott 12.12.12 07:30

In my office next to the other prints my wont wont allow in the house!

----- Levi Montez 12.12.12 06:31

I would put it in my office. I stare off in la la land at times, I may as well gaze at something awesome while doing so.

----- Melinda G 12.12.12 05:24

bathroom obviously

----- James M 12.12.12 04:23

My roommates & I would love to have this on the wall of our (currently bare) kitchen.

----- Claire 12.12.12 00:31

I would wrap it over a portion of my large white display table and onto the adjacent wall while placing a small lamp, with colored gels, in the middle of the print. It would look amazing with my shell and mineral collection already on the table.

----- Hayes 12.12.12 00:01

On my bedroom ceiling

----- Dominique 11.12.12 21:52

In my new house in Portland!!

----- Michelle K 11.12.12 19:18

dorm room!

----- Jon 11.12.12 19:02

Bedroom ceiling for those freaky nights.

----- Nina G 11.12.12 18:41

…Either the ceiling above the bed to promote lucid dreaming or right above my work desk (coz looking at a screen all day can drive you crazy, you know.)

----- Vera 11.12.12 17:35

I’d definitely put one above my toilet in the bathroom for daily enjoyment!

----- Lauren 11.12.12 16:42

bedroom ceiling

----- MIMI 11.12.12 16:30

In the living room in our new flat which is currently lacking nice wall decorations!

----- Victoria Birrell 11.12.12 15:46

Hate to be a copy cat, but at the center of the ceiling light is brilliant.

----- Leila 11.12.12 15:20

LOVE it! Would go great in our new basement!

----- mschuepbach 11.12.12 14:17

The walls of my dorm room!

----- ellen 11.12.12 13:33

I’d put it on the ceiling above a toilet

----- Gabe G 11.12.12 13:03

Bedroom ceiling.

----- JACLYN 11.12.12 11:57

on the back of my office room. so when somebody come to meet me i offer them to choose the glassed they wanna put on today. i wouldnt be surprised if somebody enter my office without nothing to talk to just to see this artwork!

----- erick hilmansyah 11.12.12 11:10

On the ceiling over my bathtub for bubble bath nights!L

----- Lorinda 11.12.12 09:24

I would probably put this on my ceiling in the living room…and I might borrow your idea of placing it behind a light. So fantastic!

----- Allison 11.12.12 09:03

I will stitch it around my clavicle.

----- Meagan 11.12.12 08:03

Hummm… I think I’d put mine on my office wall. It may help inspire creativity!

----- Elizabeth Langston 11.12.12 07:32

This would be awesome in my bathroom… and give our guests something to do in there!!

----- Jennifer Fultz 11.12.12 07:02

This reminds me of my Magic Eye posters from my childhood. I would put this in my home office. It would be perfect to space out looking at.

----- Jessie 11.12.12 06:29

in My Lab, science need art as chemistry needs biology

----- Coral 11.12.12 00:46

in the bathroom!

----- Thu 10.12.12 23:15

It would be really fun to have this sticker on the wall in my living room and leave the three glasses on the coffee table. Then when people come over they will be curious and look through the glasses and probably be surprised by what they see.

----- Christi 10.12.12 22:32

I would put it on the ceiling above my bed where my eyes spend most of their time plotting, ideating, dreaming and wondering!

----- Moksha Carambiah 10.12.12 21:52

bedroom ceiling

----- Robyn 10.12.12 21:45

We are looking for a new alternative to a headboard for our bed. This would be gorgeous.

----- Speck 10.12.12 21:37

I’d put it on the wall of my office in my soon-to-be new apartment after I graduate from college on Friday!!

----- Nicole 10.12.12 20:09

On my Fridge.

----- Yoshio 10.12.12 19:43

probably in my room in my apartment facing opposite my desk

----- David 10.12.12 19:20

Perfect! It will go perfect with the paintings we did this weekend of Boone vs. Bear!!! Boone has polka dots on his pants, and Bear is wearing a pointy red hat (like in the book “I want my hat back”) and has a saint halo with glitter. We’re in the process of rhinestoning the paintings this evening.

----- Blue 10.12.12 18:20

I’ve been trying to make/find something for a wall just inside my front door but haven’t been able to pull the trigger. It’s a great place for a striking display, and I’d love to put one of these there!

----- Nathan 10.12.12 18:13

The reason we’re so dangerous is because we’re totally harmless.
Cheech Marin
definitely would go up in the entrance as a nice conversation starter.

----- tony 10.12.12 17:29

the mirror behind my bed.

----- Kaitlyn 10.12.12 17:23

I have recently purchased my first house. I would love to have that on my wall.

----- Nicholas 10.12.12 16:12

My new dorm room when I go to college next year!

----- Emily 10.12.12 15:39

I have a blank wall in my office just waiting for this

----- Andria 10.12.12 14:55

This would look lovely in the foyer of our new Victorian house in Oakland.

----- Toni 10.12.12 13:44

I have a nice big, blank space in my office this would look perfect in.

----- Adam 10.12.12 13:26

I’d probably put it on my little ‘69 Beetle - BUG-CEPTION!!

----- Kyra 10.12.12 12:43

Perfect for my round dining room table.

----- Neecole 10.12.12 12:29

This would go in my kids’ room- along with a bucket full of fabulous glasses I would by at the American Visionary Art Museum. There would be lots of kids running around in glittery rose colored glasses…groovy!

----- Danielle Nekimken 10.12.12 10:54

Love the idea of a headboard for me bed.

----- Lisa 10.12.12 10:49

I would put it on the hood of my car. Trippin’ while tripping.

----- Ben 10.12.12 10:22

Front accent wall directly inside the front door. Needed to paint it and this would be better then paint or a painting. Definite conversation starter

----- Matt Z 10.12.12 09:59

In my studio~

----- cilla 10.12.12 09:50

going up in my bare new apartment! Probably above the bed headboard

----- Devin Vermeulen 10.12.12 09:46

pretty cool, but does it look 3D?

----- Suzie 10.12.12 09:27

on the ceiling sounds like a fun idea. dear son will probably want it in his room.

----- tane 10.12.12 09:23

The large 15 ft high wall section above the Turntable in my newly purchased first apartment.

----- Jake 10.12.12 09:02

I love the idea of putting it on the ceiling above a chandelier.. as soon as we get rid of our popcorn ceiling, i’m putting it there!

----- Namtran Nguyen 10.12.12 08:57

In my bathroom so I could see it in the mirror and check it out!

----- Simi 10.12.12 08:48

That would look great in my bathroom. The previous owners painted the bathroom LIME GREEN and this would compliment it well!

----- Mike H 10.12.12 08:34

I’ve always been a fan of Carnovsky’s beautiful work. I’d put it on the wall of my studio to spike creativity and remind myself that when it comes to color, more is always better.

----- Allison May 10.12.12 08:21

If this was on my wall, I’ll probably just stare at it all day long.

----- Yuta 10.12.12 08:15

Behind my bed, instead of a headboard.

----- Kate 10.12.12 08:09

On my kitchen ceiling!

----- Meg S 10.12.12 07:57

This would definitely be going on the ceiling!

----- Erastos 10.12.12 07:52

I would put that sticker onto my office wall for my fishermen to stare at confused!!!

----- Rob/thief/corgimas 10.12.12 07:21

On the ceiling of my entryway with an awesome chandelier coming out of the middle of it!

----- hayley 10.12.12 07:18

I would put it on the wall above my desk for the times I need a distraction.

----- Dee Wallace 10.12.12 07:12

I would put the mandala on the belly of a humpback whale named Clementine. She’d be the toast of the town.

----- Alexander 10.12.12 07:07

I would put it on the room where i work! a great inspiration!

----- Patricia 10.12.12 06:35

On the ceiling of my office/studio in the next place I live.

----- Robert W. 10.12.12 06:33

On the wall behind my dining room table…and encourage friends and family to wear glasses when I have em over for a meal

----- Maisan 10.12.12 06:31

On wall of my soon to be born babies room.

----- Karim 10.12.12 06:27

On my refrigerator. Where I put all my favorite things.

----- Shane O'Brien 10.12.12 05:31

I’d put it in our guest bedroom along with the glasses so that our guests would get a little surprise fun when they come to visit.

----- Kimberly M 10.12.12 05:24

groovy! in my main entry way.. for all to see

----- Andie C 10.12.12 04:48

in da kitchen

----- martamask 10.12.12 03:39

On the back of my white egg chair, so i can turn it round for a different look!

----- Sam Foster 10.12.12 03:31

In my studio - it’d look amazing!

----- Chris K 10.12.12 03:04

I would definitely put it on the center of my room’s biggest wall so that it could mesmerize me and my friends all the time! Love the colored glasses and hiding creatures and shapes, there’s so much to see!

----- Johanna 10.12.12 01:05

the ceiling of my bedroom to scare the spiders away!

----- Vesna Koselj 10.12.12 00:47

Perfect for the guest bedroom! Something new for guests to stare at.

----- Edgar 10.12.12 00:13

On the ceiling

----- Nico 10.12.12 00:12

In my math classroom.

----- cody 10.12.12 00:11

on my car

----- dylan 10.12.12 00:09

I can see it on the ceiling above a spiral staircase, with a light hanging down the middle.

----- Lara 09.12.12 23:17

I would love this, because I am obsessed with design, optics, oolors, and giant things that go up on walls that encapsulate all of these ideas. Honestly, you wouldn’t be able to find a more appreciative person in the entire world :D

----- Robin 09.12.12 22:58

Home office or bedroom, depending on design.

----- William 09.12.12 22:03

Ceiling! Love how it looks there.

----- Valeria 09.12.12 22:03

Home office or bedroom, depending on design.

----- William 09.12.12 22:02

On the wall of my studio.

----- Casey 09.12.12 21:44

On the bathroom ceiling! I’ll add a colored spotlight so I can sit in there and cycle through different colored filters.

----- Kathie 09.12.12 21:25

my granny’s porch.

----- jay panelomo 09.12.12 20:59

In my living room

----- Liz B 09.12.12 20:48

Reading room’s only non-window wall

----- Will r 09.12.12 20:37

In the parlour.

----- Ryan J 09.12.12 20:06

I would put in in my office! would make a nice ice breaker!

----- Tristan 09.12.12 19:32

i would put it right in my entryway wall above my 55 gallon fish tank so it would be the first thing you see when you come in.

----- melda 09.12.12 18:59

On my wall, and another on the Canada line skytrain in Van

----- Casey Dure 09.12.12 18:52

Oh! above the two-story fireplace in our living room - so fun !!

----- Christina 09.12.12 18:51

I would put my Blik x Carnovsky in my (R)emarkably (G)arish (B)edroom…

----- Niall Mountaine 09.12.12 18:51

This would liven up the walls of my grey cubical at work!

----- Cristina 09.12.12 18:50

would be excessive if i want to line a hall with these? and make it mandatory for guests to wear the glasses as go through it

----- steven 09.12.12 18:45

I would put it on the wall of my AP Literature classroom and use the glasses as a metaphor for different critical lenses, like Feminist vs. Marxist vs. Formalist.

----- Erin 09.12.12 18:02

On the tall vaulted wall of my bedroom.

----- Anders 09.12.12 17:34

I was going to put it on my girlfriend’s lower tummy.
Or on the screen of our now defunct T.V.

----- Brandon Hayward 09.12.12 17:13

I’d put it on the ceiling of my bedroom for a kick before snoozing!

----- Yoo Jin 09.12.12 17:10

On the blank wall in my boyfriend’s living room (with his approval of course :)

----- Sarah 09.12.12 17:05

Ceiling is the way to go!

----- Rali 09.12.12 16:56

Above my bed - it would make it into an even more magical space!

----- Laura 09.12.12 16:51

I would place this on the wall in front of my drums we all know how crazy drummers are and this would be an awesome contrast to my pitch black drum kit on a white wall.

----- Matt Went 09.12.12 16:28

I would talk to my school or local restaurtants to see if they woudl let it hang on their walls, so that the students of this small caribean (grenada) island could have something to look at enjoy (artwise)

----- Maggie 09.12.12 16:22

I would have to put this right in my living room! That way everyone who came over with my roommates would be able to see one of these bad boys!

----- Calin 09.12.12 15:46

On my living room wall; It’s the best conversation piece ever!

----- Ian S. 09.12.12 15:32

On the second mirror in my bedroom

----- Daniela 09.12.12 14:47

I would mount it on a (square) canvas, so that it may move around my apartment, preferably around the cocktail area…

----- coco 09.12.12 14:09

Ceiling in my room.

----- Peter Lum 09.12.12 14:08

In the living room of my new apartment

----- Laura 09.12.12 13:37

On the ceiling above my bed.

----- Eric 09.12.12 12:59

On the wall beside my stolen city signs.

----- Steeven 09.12.12 12:49

I like the one that’s on the cealing, so I think I woul put it there in my bedroom.

----- Iva 09.12.12 12:43

I’m moving back to the West Bank in Palestine after Christmas - I’d put it on the Israeli/West Bank separation barrier!

----- Alice Rose 09.12.12 12:29

my sisters apartment wall

----- jason 09.12.12 12:03

I’d give it to my sister for her dorm/apartment. She is a college student on a tight budget and needs some wall decor in her new place. She could put it on the ceiling in her living room.

----- Erin 09.12.12 11:56

Definitely in the dining room, too many white walls in there

----- Iris 09.12.12 11:49

I think it would go on the sliding glass door out to the deck where everyone could see it during those summer evening BBQ parties.

----- Tim Driscoll 09.12.12 11:47

I would put the sticker on the mirrored wall next to my bed. It would be perfect because I can’t put anything else on the mirrors.

----- Somil Mehta 09.12.12 11:46

I’d put it in my office to inspire and motivate throughout the day, but also to make my coworkers jealous!

----- Mati 09.12.12 11:42

This is gorgeous! I’d put it up right over my couch.

----- Maurice C 09.12.12 11:25

My fridge!

----- wolfie 09.12.12 11:14

Most definitely on the high ceiling corner where the three points meet. Add some optical depth!

----- JORREL 09.12.12 11:00

The unfortunately bare walls of my bedroom.

----- Meghan 09.12.12 09:12

The bathroom. Then I would have plenty of time to contemplate it.

----- Nick 09.12.12 09:07

Love the idea of putting it around a light, as you’ve done…
But the bathroom would be entertaining as well. Everyone needs something to do/stare at in there— and hey, no ‘flagging’ would occur! (coughseinfeldcough)

----- Mikaela 09.12.12 08:50

This definitely needs to be somewhere where guests can see it. I would put it above the fireplace in our living room.

----- Kelly Rae 09.12.12 08:34

i would put this in my future studio space. :)

----- Melissa flicker 09.12.12 08:27

Outside my office at the university (where I teach a class on language and perception).

----- Laura 09.12.12 08:17

On the ceiling above my bed so I can enjoy the kaleidoscope of colors and hidden imageries before I sleep…

----- Gary 09.12.12 08:09

This would be perfect in my studio!

----- katie 09.12.12 08:08

On the wall of my prison cell.

----- Thomas 09.12.12 07:51

i would put this in my future studio space. :)

----- Melissa flicker 09.12.12 07:48

I think I’d put it across from the guest bed in my apartment. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that?

----- Jeremy 09.12.12 07:34

I would put it on the wall of my basement media cave - would go perfect with the origami osb ceiling! Happy Holidays!

----- matt schuepbach 09.12.12 07:29

On my bedroom ceiling. It would be awesome to wake up to something like that each morning.

----- Megan 09.12.12 07:19

I would put it maybe on the sloped ceiling above my bed :)

----- Liisa 09.12.12 07:08

I’m interested about the effects it will produce if I stick it on a wide glass panel/window.

----- NYN 09.12.12 06:57

I will put the sticker on the ceiling of my office. I am an Attorney-at-Law, when clients will held their head up for thinking, they will be surprised!

----- Smita 09.12.12 06:28

I’d put it up right above my monitor.

----- Daniel 09.12.12 06:23

I would put the sticker on my ceiling - so every time my eyes wander around for inspiration they’ll find some above me.

----- Helen 09.12.12 06:19

I will put it on top of my bed to have a kick for an intresting dreams…

----- oussama Mezher 09.12.12 06:08

Defiantly on the ceiling above my bed, so i wake up to awesome!!

----- jon 09.12.12 05:52

I’d put that sticker in my living room.

----- Angela 09.12.12 05:21

On the ceiling of my hallway.

----- Helder Ricardo 09.12.12 05:17

Definitely on the bedroom ceiling.

----- Sarah 09.12.12 05:09

hey! coooool!

----- evita 09.12.12 04:49

i’d put it up on the wall in my oh-so-drab dorm room

----- day 09.12.12 04:35

i have a huge blank space on my bedroom wall right above my bed that would be perfect

----- Chris Martin 09.12.12 04:21

I would stick it to the wall of my studio so I can see it when I’m working.

----- Mat Moore 09.12.12 04:20

I would put the wallsticker in my son’s room, to be a daily inspiration of creativity

----- Amanda Bruun 09.12.12 03:31

in my dinning room on the ceiling at the light fixture location

----- pierrette wiseman 09.12.12 03:17

Living room in Kunming, China. Right now, we have four blank walls and a terrible light fixture—this would add some much needed color in the room.

----- Matt James 09.12.12 02:11

On my tv.

----- Nick 09.12.12 02:06

i’llput it up on my front door so everybody that walks by can enjoy it:D

----- Bernd 09.12.12 02:00

I would definitely put it in a space where a lot of other people could enjoy it as well :). it’s a very inspiring piece. I shouldn’t be the only one to enjoy it. I guess it would look great on a round white kitchentable or the coffeetable in the livingroom! :)

----- Lynn Josephy 09.12.12 01:57

I’d put it on the ceiling in my living room since I end up lying there looking up, making up shapes a lot.

----- amanda 09.12.12 01:38

I would put it near my kitchen door. It would radiate nicely around the edges.

----- Vincent 09.12.12 01:37

I’d definitely donate it to where I work as replacement for the sorry clutter we have on our busiest wall! It’s bursting with food delivery flyers, personal leave notices, HR announcements on “proper” housekeeping, random candid work stuff and everything else in between.

----- Ellen S. Bautista 09.12.12 01:27

I would put it above my fireplace in my room to inspire creativity everyday when I wake up. By far the best art I could put up in my room

----- Simon Ellison 09.12.12 00:54

I would put mine on the 70’s wood paneled wall above my bed, i don’t have a headboard and that wall could use a splash of color.

----- Alison 09.12.12 00:40

why they would go on the wall of the new condo to help brighten the space up… actually its in dire need of some lovely decoration like that…

----- Patrick Wong 09.12.12 00:06

On the wall across from the dinner table. And then i would give my mother in law the creepy bug glasses and my girlfriend the pretty flower glasses :)

----- Roald 08.12.12 23:57

ceiling is definitely the way to go, and not to be un-original about it, but I’d do what you did and put it around a light fixture. I just think looking at that straight ahead on a wall might be dizzying. On the celing you’d look at it as and when you wanted to. Lovely giveaway. Happy Holidays.

----- mridula 08.12.12 23:56

I wonder if it can be on a floor..instead of a carpet.

----- Eitan Ben Tovim 08.12.12 23:45

I would put it on my bedroom ceiling

----- Shaena Cooper 08.12.12 23:35

Maybe in the bathroom…with a basket of glasses for those in need of entertainment.

----- Dana 08.12.12 23:28

On the ceiling of my kids room. It’ll inspire a dream (or nightmare) every evening as they look up going to sleep.

----- Sung Chang 08.12.12 23:17

I would definitely put it up on the wall of my first apartment. The future, and currently unknown first apartment that I will start living in next year (as soon as I find it).

----- Christine 08.12.12 23:13

i will put the sticker on the wall in-front of my entrance for everyone to see.

----- yariv goldfarb 08.12.12 23:10

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