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Random: DTLA + KINGS + Silver Lake- 01.22.15

dtla0.jpg Staying local in Los Angeles lately, i’ve noticed a bit of randomness surfacing on Instagram worth rounding up here! (What do you DO with all your instagrams? It really doesn’t feel like the best place to keep things you want to find again later… So pulling some favorites here helps me find them later!)

Here’s a peek into some recent east side of LA adventures (Yes, coming from the coast, DTLA is definitely east side to me!) - from wandering Downtown LA and driving around in the LA Aqueduct (that you have seen in many a movie/tv show) to going to my first NHL game with Travel Alberta (Go, Kings, Go!) and wandering around Silver Lake to peek into the brand new Mission Workshop and Shinola stores… and more!

I was beyond fascinated with the Grand Central Market’s The Oyster Gourmet Pod of sorts… so so tempting to want to ask them to show it opening and closing! It was designed by The Los Angeles Design Group. dtla1.jpg

The Broad Museum is coming… the facade is mesmerizing. dtla2.jpg

Peeking down at Austere - scandinavian design, etc. Sparse, well curated, but not sure i’d make the trek downtown just to shop it. dtla3.jpg

Luckily when Blue Bottle Coffee bought Handsome Roasters they kept the lovely etched wooden subway tiles!!! dtla4.jpg

Exploring the LA Aqueduct before they tear down the bridge you can sneak into under… as seen in more photoshoots, movies, and tv shows than you can count, this was a spot Shawn had been wanting to see since he moved out here - so with time to kill before the game, we cruised around at sunset! dtla5.jpg

Bizarrely serene and natural yet urban…

To my first NHL Game!!! Kings vs Rangers - thanks to our friends at Travel Alberta (who are super sponsors this season!!!) Can’t wait till we get to share our upcoming winter Alberta adventures with you guys! dtla6.jpg

Hyperlapsing the practice time…

Bailey the mascot even stopped by the box! His ring is no joke! dtla7.jpg

While we did lose… it wasn’t anything quite like the socre board typo that foreshadowed the outcome. Best ad execution i’ve seen in some time - the Toyota Tundra ZAMBONI!!! dtla8a.jpg

Found this skeptical fire hydrant out in Silver Lake… dtla9.jpg

A peek in the new Mission Workshop store that just opened! dtla10.jpg

I was probably most excited and tempted by the special ACRE Hauser Packs in colors that aren’t even available on the website! You can see the details of my Hauser 10L here! dtla11.jpg

Adorable cutlery at Broome General Store alongside tons of MUD Australia ceramics, which were FAR thinner than i expected! dtla12.jpg

Finally - popping into the new Shinola store as the sun starts to set gets WARM! But the lighting on everything looked glowing! The blacked out Shinola Screwdriver Set is tempting! dtla13.jpg

I warned you… totally random look at some of the DTLA + Silver Lake things that caught my eye!

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About the sceptical hydrant: in Switzerland there are some pretty strange-looking hydrants. I would like to send you a pic if you’d like to receive one. They look like made of rubber/ or like a swaying cobra.

----- Anna Katharina 24.01.15 14:00

Thank you for the shout out — come by anytime and we’ll open / close it for you.

Claus Benjamin Freyinger
Co Principal, The Los Angeles Design Group

----- Claus Benjamin Freyinger 23.01.15 13:11

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