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Heart Throb @MK

Heart Throb opening was last night at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery. And it was packed... with scenesters, hipsters, art lovers, and some of the most breathtaking works i've seen in a while. (note: i might be biased, having loved the work of miss van for some time now... also junko mizuno.) It was incredible how highly priced all pieces were, but even more impressive was how quickly they were selling out. For all of my pictures during the show, view them in the gallery. .. also view the scans of the Miss Van limited edition postcards there.


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Miss Van Princesas

Went by the Miss Van/Junko Mizuno opening last night... and was floored. But before i show you all the gallery pics, here are scans of the limited edition Princesas postcard set (500 copies)... the paintings were drop dead gorgeous... literally could have spent all night standing and staring at them. Incredible thing is really how far she's come from the street art in the 90's, to practically instantly sold out $30,000 paintings.

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Miss Van: Wild At Heart

missvan0.jpg It’s been a few years since i’ve been to a Miss Van show ~ you can see pictures from some of her 2006-2007 shows in the NOTCOT archives… tonight, i popped by Miss Van’s solo show“Wild At Heart” at Copro Gallery. A playful series of work filled with masks and her signature ladies with a focus on the eyes… The press release says Choosing to focus on details while isolating different body parts, such as eyes and mouth, Miss Van adds, “The masks allow me to show more feelings, other sides of a same character, hiding the face, partly or totally and embracing the animal strength, personality and attitude. I am illustrating the chemistry between the feminine delicacy and the bestial instinct, natural and raw and we all have this duality inside.” This show is sponsored by fashion brand, Citizens of Humanity, which is branching into the arts. Show visitors received Citizens of Humanity t-shirt collaboration with Miss Van (only in girls sizes!) with a print of one of the eyes from the show on them, and she will also be featured in the premiere issue of a new collectible print publication by Citizens of Humanity launching this August.

Take a peek at the show and the t-shirt on the next page!

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Miss Dondola by Angela Missoni

dondola0.jpg Progetto Barrique: A new life for wood project from SanPatrignano - “The project is about new starts - both for the wood reclaimed from 230 litre casks and for the young people at SanPatrignano who, thanks to the initiative, have been able to also learn a trade which is dying out. In addition, they have been able to challenge themselves, putting themselves putting themselves to the test with 30 of the world’s best known designers and architects who conceived the design pieces.”

Of the projects, i’m currently smitten with Angela Missoni’s Miss Dondola. A beautiful mix of colorful padding and playful string connecting the wood staves of the casks to form what looks like a fun swinging chair. See the details and making of on the next page!

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Miss Bibi Does Colette

Eyecandy warning - the images of Miss Bibi's miniatures, which are some of the most stunning jewelry pieces to have graced the pages of NOTCOT this year, can be seen in all their glorious context below!

Brigitte Giraudi is "Miss Bibi ", a young artist from Monte Carlo, with a fascinating background in 3D Illustration and Stop Frame Animation... and a specialty in miniature installations. So is it any surprise to go from edgy luxe miniatures to jewelry? " Her first collection 'INTRIG' takes its inspiration from a famous detective game. Each piece of jewelery is an emblem to a luxurious but dark world, taking shape into miniature chandeliers, knives, tools, high heal shoes etc... So, thereupon, were born her killer earings, her sexy murder rings and her famous dangerous necklaces. They will please anyone with a sense of dark sarcastic humor and a Monte-Carlo's luxurious fondness."

And her latest adventure since we posted about the collection back in Feb 06, is an exhibition at Parisian Colette, as well as an updated website with more imagery to pull you into the dark mini world of "cleudo" and 'intrig'...

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Miss Van Hedgehog

Fornarina and Miss Van team up often (there are even fashion pieces featuring her art now), and i remember loving her birds on the walls of the Milan store in 2004. This time i'm loving her hedgehogs (and i've recently been doing a lot of research on hedgehogs for a logo project, so it was somewhat exciting to see her take on the creatures) - So this is crop of a quick pic of the Stockholm Fornarina store you can see below, as well as super hedgehog close up!

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Ciao* Bit swamped today - but will get some stuff up later tonight (west coast california time) - quick question to everyone - Anyone going to be in Copenhagen for their design week May 5-8? I just decided to head out there for that - and will probably be in Sweden and around London/Oxford a little as well... and possibly more for the month of May - possibly into June... Any suggestions? Must see, places not to miss, cool events going on?


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Miss Bibi Minis

Wow. French theme tonight it seems. Miss Bibi has some incredible miniatures - and again following the trend of the moment - precious metals forged into mini weapons/tools/objects as earings/rings/necklaces. In addition to these tiny shoes, guns, chandeliers, there are saws, charm necklaces of tools, hatchet looking weapons, magnifying glasses and more. Her design site is equally fascinating, filled with stop motion animations, slightly dark, slightly playful, mildly creepy. This line apparently takes its inspiration from "Cluedo" (yes yes, that detective game). "...they will please anyone with a dry, dark, irreverent humor and a taste for Monte Carlo's luxury" [Monte Carlo being the designer's hometown]... *noticed this one on the coolhunter, and on a side note, they are looking for tv personalities all over the world to do the "cool hunter tv show"... any comments on that?

Shade Elaine has started me noticing all the scissor/razor/gun/sword/knife miniature necklaces lately... and they really are popping up everywhere you turn, so does this means DRY, DARK, IRREVERENT HUMOR is in? It's a sad, dark world. So if dark and dry is trendy, does that mean the anti-trend followers have to be bright and happy?


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CES anyone?

[UPDATED] Hey guys, quickie - anyone hitting up vegas for CES this weekend? I registered, but haven't decided whether pop up there for it yet. Could be fun to meet up with some notcot/tech/design folks - drop me an email!

Sooo... i just gave in and booked a flight for Friday (heading out in the morning, back late that night? unless i can somehow figure out a place to stay, or hey, its vegas, anything can happen, maybe i'll run off with some crazy ideas and relocate notcot there... or not. i'm hyper tonight) But if anyone's going to be around friday, or has more ideas about things not to miss, EMAIL! =)


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tickle me elmoed


Did I miss something?  Is "elmo" the new "smurf?"  Someone, who shall remain nameless, tried to open up Adobe ImageReady CS for the first time, and got this interesting error message of "Could not elmo!!!!! The Great Elmo!!!!"  Hmm.


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Taxi Land

Ciao* bit slow today, just flew in to the land of these yellow taxis. Or NY. It was so early this morning on my 7am flight over from LA... proof of how tired i was? Apparently that Sex in the City/ex-Melrose Place girl was on my flight, and i didn't even notice. My friend that was waiting to pick me up saw her come out before me. I got in the plane, sat down, fell asleep and got up groggy on this side of the country. Here for a week. Might be a bit swamped with a top secret experiment, but any suggestions for things i simply can't miss? [leave notes up top, i am meaning to move/redesign that, but haven't decided where exactly yet!]


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Ascii Beck

beck.jpg YAY! for old school typewriters and ascii art. Don't blink or you'll miss something fun... love the way they use font size changes to mess with images as well... great effect. fun song. Beck's Black Tamborine Video.


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verabee.jpgCould it be? That you readers are right and the image below is the work of the incredibly inspiring Verabee? Aka Vera Brosgol? And even if it isn't, i'm so glad that the comments on the last post have opened my eyes to her breathtaking body of work! That combined with the music on the gift guide have somehow managed to perk me up substantially today in what has otherwise been a rather drab holiday week. So go check out her seriously impressive portfolio at Thanks, Robbio and Miss Madeline!


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zoom.gifI miss fishing with my dad as a kid, travelling the world, watching life float by as eggshell shards drift down into the abyss below... His birthday is coming up too, and this shirt just reminded me of all of that. Good times. When things were simple, unlike this shirt... which leaves the poor fisherman in quite the predicament... but that is truly what the hunt for the biggest, next fish always is, isn't it? It's all about the unattainable.

For more, check out the Artist's other work as well... nice illustration portfolio of Andy Weitzel.


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Milan April 2010 - Suggestions?

milan.jpg Heading off to Milan tomorrow… well… via a few weeks in asia and a quick stop in Stuttgart… but i’ll be in Milan April 8-19!!! And i can’t be giddier. It’s hard to believe the last time i was in Milan was when i was living there for a little over a year doing grad school… all pre-NOTCOT (the sites, the name was used on lots of random stuff for years before!)… so FINALLY, making it back for the salone, and to go see some of the old spots… but, that being said, its been 5 years!

SO! If you’re in Milan, or have some awesome recommendations, i’d love any ideas on what not to miss ~ people to meet up with ~ events at the Salone to check out ~ and more!

p.s. that image above? i found my old huge map of Italy… i totally forgot i used to highlight all the cities and towns i’d visited… so many left to see! Maybe if there’s time i ought to pop out and explore a bit more too!

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thrifty ice cream dishes


I visited the Salvation Army Thrift Store in South San Francisco today and found this cute set of ice cream dishes.  Awww.  I sort of miss Action Thrift Store down in San Diego.  They have a ton of miscellaneous junk there.  I was looking for some old bad/good/bad framed artwork, but struck out yet again today.  If anybody reading this is from the Bay Area and knows of a really great thrift store besides Thrift Town in the Mission in SF and the Salvation Army stores, please let me know!


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Chocolate Shavings

Y317000013.jpgAs far as experiences go, this one has made my night. I wandered next door to Whole Foods in search of hot chocolate (even swiss miss would have done at this point)... and could only find this stuff... "Old World Drinking Chocolate" Hmmmm ok well gave it a shot. As i popped open the canister and was faced with these incredibly cute chocolate shavings (imagine perfect pencil shavings)... in DARK CHOCOLATE... popped a few in my mouth. Delicious... melted some in a pot with milk... the apt smells incredible. You need some. It is too much fun, and gorgeous, and the whole sensation of the little shavings and the scents are just an incredible experience. Lake Champlain Chocolates, VT.


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Atmostheory Command Posters

scnposters.jpgI giggled when i first saw these "Command" posters on Swiss Miss... and then as i read them all a bit more, i couldn't help but think it would be awesome to have Somebody Save Me From These Fools above my seat in a conference room... as well as the Please Do Not Copy, Create Something New! Ahhhh, they are all so relevant for our day to day work. Also check out the Close Your Eyes and Open Your Mind on the next page. You can order the three set from My Little Underground for $12.

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Drink Me

Alice in Wonderland fans and Harry Potter fans both have Oxford in common, since much of the inspiration from both directly originated from this educational institution. And the timeless insanity provoked by Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass as well as the mystery behind his relationship with Alice Liddell have fascinated many for years on end... So one of the not to miss little parts of Oxford is the Sheep Shop. This was the little shop that Alice used to go buy her sweets at, and it is said that it was run by an old woman who's voice used to sound like a sheep. The Sheep Shop in the book was a curio shop where everything you try to look at begins to float away, and the original shop was even used as the model for the first Looking Glass illustrations. Above is the "Drink Me" pendant set i couldn't resist.


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Love Pics

lovepics.jpgThere's a new e-zine - LOVE PICS! - its pretty, its Italian, and it has 101 flashy glossy pages to blow your mind away. In particular the work of Fabio Catapano (aka licoszen) grabbed me. Check out this fab "happiness is illegal" image... The others were fun as well - my only complaint is i too much flash! It felt like it took me a year to flip through the pages... i miss paper. or even pdf in this case? But pretty stuff - so still worth checking out. And don't be silly, just b/c its Italian doesn't mean it doesn't want your contributions! So submit away, and convince them to tone down the flash a smidge?


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Unmentionable Monsters - Shinebox

unmentionables.jpg Preprinted mini color booklets of 20 cards by Shinebox ~ filled with monsters saying all the grumbly things you wish you could, or know you shouldnt... Unmentionables! Spotted over at Swiss Miss, these little guys are quite adorably grumpy, and i couldn't decide my favorite, so see them all on the next page!

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Suspension of Disbelief

Suspension of Disbelief: a magical world of mischief, memory, and imagination... over at Volume One, is my official 2am zone out happy/trippy/"hang-in-there" flash to stare at tonight. This new season from Matt Owens (thanks!). Check out the movie and print aspects of this great project as well... you can't afford to miss seeing all of these!


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Brio Network Toys 1.0

So while in the post below i focus on how fun the interface and animation interactivity is - this post was worthy because the toys themselves are so fascinating to me. Our old toys are growing and evolving with the times (remember monopoly started the credit/debit card edition?)... So here with brio, we have EMO, where when placed with some mail on his box, makes noises? - Lazie's CD Burner, where you push buttons to activate laser lights and jet engines - the Attacker + Viruses, a crazy offroad vehicle - Bernie's Flashing Diode, when you pass under it, it flashes. Dex's Search Pod has the magnifying glass and flashlight... See? Woody toys, taken to a whole new level, i WANT these for my desk, they are a) adorably amusing b) strangely techy yet woody... BRIO NETWORK 1.0! oh, and don't miss the video!


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Helvetica Cake

Happy *belated* Birthday, Helvetica! Check out this incredible cake that Matt Michaluk and friends made.... absolutely gorgeous, and making me a bit hungry this morning... more images here. And a MUST SEE video of the cake eating in action below... (via Swiss Miss!)

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Suspended Minis in Milan

mini0.jpg Thanks, Veuve Clicquot, for sponsoring our Milano Design Week coverage! That cute little icon up there is their new Clicq’up.

Hard to miss, yet so adorably cute ~ this cluster of crane suspended Mini Coopers are hanging out in Milan! And for whatever reason, i’ve been having far too many conversations about hoisting cars up on to roofs and what not with cranes, so had to share this display! See more pics from other angles on the next page!

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