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Endorphins @ NOTCOT

Endorphins are the feel good hormones... you know you love em... they give you that happy high. And who would have thought that you could sculpt them out of resin for a similar effect? Well the pictures made me smile enough... but i just received the sweetest package from Dave Pressler today with a set of 4 Endorphins from his latest show at Munky King ~ and as much as i love collectible toys, i HAD to open one... its living just below my monitor next to my mimobot... and in reality ~ that grin is even more contagious than you can imagine, when you can actually hold them in your hands. Big thanks to Dave, these endorphins gave me just the energy boost i needed today!

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Heart Throb @MK

Heart Throb opening was last night at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery. And it was packed... with scenesters, hipsters, art lovers, and some of the most breathtaking works i've seen in a while. (note: i might be biased, having loved the work of miss van for some time now... also junko mizuno.) It was incredible how highly priced all pieces were, but even more impressive was how quickly they were selling out. For all of my pictures during the show, view them in the gallery. .. also view the scans of the Miss Van limited edition postcards there.


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Miss Van Princesas

Went by the Miss Van/Junko Mizuno opening last night... and was floored. But before i show you all the gallery pics, here are scans of the limited edition Princesas postcard set (500 copies)... the paintings were drop dead gorgeous... literally could have spent all night standing and staring at them. Incredible thing is really how far she's come from the street art in the 90's, to practically instantly sold out $30,000 paintings.

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Le Blog De Nesk

Shade Elaine and i spent all day on Radar... and then in our brownie induced delirium to follow, we discovered Le blog de nesk... and couldn't stop giggling and loving the images... You can even get their shirts over at Le Neskerie.

So here we have a girl feeding spiders to her venus fly trap (much like the adorable little one Shade Elaine just bought a bell jar for)... a monster i wish i had, which seems to dump on people... and a strap on unicorn that can't not make you smile... more of our favs below.

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Speech Bubbles

MoMA has a new exhibition on ~ Comic Abstraction ~ and the speech bubbles have been mesmerizing me all morning. There is something fascinating about speech bubbles... to doodle them is so natural... and thought bubbles as well. These mylar speech bubbles are the work of Philippe Parreno back in 1997... great quote from him "A good image is always a social moment." The other is a close up from a series of works by Rivane Neuenschwander - blocking out all images and text and only leaving the structure of the comic... read more behind all these pieces and see more from other favorites like Murakami, Essenhigh, Herrerra, and more.


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Rasmus Mogensen

This post goes out to RUGenius as an early bday card of sorts (she's turning the big 22 on thurs!) ~ and as the design loving, saver of animals, nearly phd having, fencer in my life... this fashion photo set by Rasmus Mogensen was too breathtaking not to feature. And there's something about swords ~ and fencing masks... dangerously playful perhaps?

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Lego Pop Art

Only thing better than classic surrealist/pop art... and legos... are surrealist/pop art made of legos, in an exhibition, with drunken lego wander around the gallery. Although not new, Art Craziest Nation ran at the Walker Art Gallery in 2005-2006 - by The Little Artists (John Cake and Darren Neave)... and i just found it on my latest lego addiction, Brothers Brick. Above are some of my favorites ~ Dali's Lobster Phone ~ and Warhol's Money. Few other fun ones below...

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Ever have a day where "more just isn't enough"? Havidol is apparently the solution. This latest project by Justine Cooper reminds me of projects during undergrad ~ the full fledged mock site ~ this one complete with print ads, tv adverts, even the pill design, and jackets, shirts, etc.

Havidol is the first and only treatment for dysphoric social attention consumption deficit anxiety disorder (DSACDAD). What a mouthful. But i love these projects that really make you laugh first, then stop and think about the absurdity and even the similarity to reality today... scariest part, you know you wouldn't look twice if you saw that ad in a magazine today... it is just as ridiculous as many of the legit pharma campaigns now.

View more of the project at Daneyal Mahmood Gallery ~ (especially the animated ad ~ its brilliant) ~ and the Havidol Website.

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Cap & Pep & Lacoste

What happens when two playful pups meet a gator? Apparently this brilliant collaborative collection from Lacoste featuring Cap & Pep of Colette fame. My favorite aspects are really the gorgeous packaging as well as the playful nature of the characters interactions on the products... see more imagery below. Via TrendsNow.

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Also from Marjolijn Mandersloot - her Karavaan works (2005) over at the beeldenroute van Oorlogsmuseum naar Zoo-Parc, Overloon. [discovered her via laura sweet's .org #3133.

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Aluminum Monkeys

The aluminum monkeys of Markolijn Mandersloot decorate the Bredeschool Malburcht in Graslaan, Arnhem (2006). Breathtakingly taunting and playful, i wish i had these at my school as a kid! Although i would have probably spent most of the time doodling the monkeys outside my windows. Love her work, more images from this piece below.

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I love keys, magnets, and things that are not what they seem. So i'm smitten by this Matarile piece by Tomas Bedos for Amor de Madre... coming in two different sizes, what looks like simply a wood block, magnetically holds your keys! Brilliantly simple...

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Air Necklace

Air Necklace from Kyouei Designs ~ the guys who brought us the much talked about balloon lamp and honeycomb lamp. The air necklace really is just a nicely shaped extravagant mylar balloon ~ not sure how nice those edges would feel, and too bad they dont have a picture of someone wearing it~ but fun idea.

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Peer Pressure

PEER PRESSURE! The latest from Alice Wang (of Audio Sticks and Pet Plus) - this time she takes on the issue of peer pressure and how it relates to the public and private aspects of your persona. Oh come on, on SOME level you kind of sort of care what people think about you.

So here is Peer Pressure, which is currently on display at RCA ~ including double sided headphones (for when you want to listen to embarrassing music on the inside, but project ANYTHING else outward), popular mobile (because constantly getting sms' means you're popular), fast typing keyboards... and more. Details and closeups below. (And you know i also love this project for its stark black and white look.)

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DNA Jellyfish

If i had my way ~ this piece would be reformatted into the backpage ad of an old school comic book... you know... like the original sea monkey ads? Because what this process reads like, sure feels like sea monkey colonies in the making... only with spitting instead of the open small packet part.

Here we have the "How to extract DNA" technical drawing tutorial of Franz over at Vesolt, and its a fun one. You definitely need to check out the full series of panels.


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Carved Crayons

Diem Chau has mad skills when it comes to crayon carving... i keep finding myself stopping this post writing to go stare at the pictures again. Chau also has an incredible passion for storytelling, especially of the oral tradition. I love this quote from her statement "My grandmother told some of the best and most unique tales. She had a wonderful way of spicing up the traditional fable. According to her, Cinderella was kept from the Prince’s ball by having to sort a jumble of Mung beans, Red beans and Soybeans. Snow White went on many dates with Prince Charming before they got married, their first date being a picnic in the park with sandwiches and sliced melons. These small deviations are what fascinate me with oral traditions. Ordinary events injected into fantasy worlds make them more believable but, at the same time, it makes them extraordinary. Stories enable us to live a more vivid life." Her grandmother ought to write them down and publish them - with her crayon carvings to illustrate it... i'd buy that.

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