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1207dbros1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here's another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

D-BROS is the product arm of advertising and graphic design firm, Draft Co., Ltd. I love almost everything that comes out of D-BROS - very witty 2-D and 3-D products. The Jewelgraphy card above would be great as a stocking stuffer (or as a card). It reminds me of the costume jewelry I used to play with as a kid, only cooler. After the jump are a few of D-BROS' 2008 calendars. I love how actual ribbons are incorporated into the design of the Ribbon calendar. The Joy by Day by Toy calendar starts as a blank slate but comes with a pack of coded stickers that allow you to decorate it on an as needed basis.

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Conroy and Wilcox Thorn Cuff

thorncuff.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here is our second post from our new contributor Dara Lang (who i just told you a little bit about in the last post)!

Conroy and Wilcox, two designers from New York have designed this stylish Thorn cuff bracelet. Coinciding with the up and coming trend, glam rock, Conroy and Wilcox have successfully achieved the marriage of two very contradicting styles. Its versatile design can appeal to both men and women and if you look closely, each thorn is slightly slanted, creating a subtle wave in the pattern. This beautiful thorn cuff bracelet not only screams out Rock and Roll, it echoes a touch of allure! Available in 18k yellow (see below) and in white gold (see above).

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Gift Guide Day 25

day25com.jpgGift Guide Day 25 and counting down... i'm excited to present the Elsewares page! These guys have been one of my favorite stores since back in 06, and were a huge support when it came to NOTed, our first photoshoot ~ and we lucked out that they happened to be across the street and believed in our experiment as vague as it sounded! Anyhow, check out today's gift guide to see some of my favorite products they're currently stocking! (And yes, they were kind enough to help sponsor the gift guide as well ~ and for any that missed the announcement yesterday, of the 31 days, all of our 9 sponsors get one day where i show you my favorites from there stores, and so you get a chance to see these earlier, this will be a full sponsor week! Until i got nuts with randomness on the weekend again...)

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On 2D Rings

2drings.jpg2D looking rings... love em? hate em? What's your take on this trend of silhouettes and handscapes? Since every time a new one comes out, people seem quite into them, i needed to collage them all for some perspective, and i love them all as a means of creating a mini puppet show or diorama on my fingers, but i'm not sure about sporting them around town regularly (particularly for the sake of my knit goods who are unlikely to survive!). So here we have: Alissia MT Diamond Rings in plastic and silver (also available in gold), Blank & Reed's Bling Rings (in Bird and Bitch), Zelda Beauchampet's Handscapes, and Soop's City Farm (etsy store launching the 30th of Nov). There's something so pretty about seeing them all together, can't you imagine the story your punch could tell if you arranged them right?

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Oakley Minute Machine

owatch.jpgOn unexpected things ~ i've been having a lot of conversations with mid-20 something guys about high priced watches, particularly those who didn't grow up with them, and the desperate coveting of high end watches as status symbols, followed by the implication that that watch would get them some. And i've been mocking them all, but after this weekend - OK, i take it back, maybe the watch thing *can* work. The unexpected stand out from this Oakley weekend is definitely the Oakley Minute Machine. It caused some amusing drama at the after party, and perhaps that IS the best marketing strategy, after all that now even i find myself curious about it... well the Oakley Minute Machine Diamond Dial Edition ($3,500) anyhow (left watch)... although the Black face Titanium Edition ($1,195) is tempting too (right watch)... then there is the Unobtanium Edition($995).

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Toy Me

newtoyme.jpgToy Me has some fun new pieces ~ from their newest collection the ones that grabbed me are the macho arm, robotino, and the sunglasses to hang your sunglasses from (at first they almost look like the tabs from soda cans)! The mini rayban wayfarers and even aviators are far too cute, definitely a fun add on gift if you're gifting sunglasses this holiday season. Close ups below... and if Toy Me seems familiar, maybe you're remember those sweet Hunting Trap bracelets and Tank Cufflinks!

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Bittersweets Vampress

vampress.jpgOooooh. Robin over at Bittersweets has outdone herself with this latest creation. (For a refresher, we've written about Bittersweets a few times over the years, and even featured her opening and also showcased her products in the gallery)... this Vampress is the diamond ring variation of our favorite pairs of Baby Vamp Rings (see my favorite picture from NOTed featuring them after the jump). There is a slight issue with the wearing the two thin bands and keeping the jaws perfectly aligned ~ a minor issue that is instantly solved by having them holding a diamond... so the holidays are around the corner! Buy one for your Vampress.

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Shane by Brooks Salzwedel

Ok, this is going to be a bit backwards, but i needed to share this product discovery from the A+R launch dinner before the dinner itself. I've long loved the deep resin works of Brooks Salzwedel from my discovery of his belt buckles back in sept of 06 to further exploration of his intriguing and mesmerizing larger resin "paintings" of sorts (and the smaller ones in found tins, etc) in august 07. Well as it turns out, Andy (the A of A+R) loved them as much as i did, and got in touch with Brooks who is also a Silverlaker, and the buckles did amazingly... and as the story goes Rose (the R of A+R) even helped Brooks get into the GenArt Fresh Faces this year, where his work was incredibly well received. So although A+R is stocked with so many things i love (it was like being in the NOTCOT store, if there were a NOTCOT store, it was incredible, but more on that later)... these teeny tiny new necklaces caught my eye. There was that moment of literal - OMG. Are those...?

And here you have it, the latest - in fact the FIRST - pieces of jewelry from Brooks Salzwedel, which Andy and Rose had *just* put out tonight... incredibly intricately cast metal woody pieces with the classic Salzwedel depth in resin. And in those teeny tiny logs, are even tinier little trees, which are truly the coolest things i may have ever seen (and i see a lot.) So if you feel so inclined, these may not make it into any store or website for a while, but you can contact A+R for more info... just please don't buy these specific little logs! I need to go back and beg them to let me buy them... once they figure out how much they are. Many more images below (please don't mind my super quick mid-party shots) - including one of the belts gorgeously displayed on logs in the storefront. And click to see more of Brooks Salzwedel's Buckles and Art.

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Vivenne Westwood Saftey Pins

vivpins.jpgI can't remember if we were mildly obsessed with saftey pins before NotCouture, or if the safety pin naturally became our logo and then we kept noticing it everywhere. But regardless, saftey pins are truly popping up everywhere lately... i supposed it matches the whole psuedo-punk/glam trend with all the studded burberry, etc. But i was surprised to come across this new collection from Vivienne Westwood Hardcore Diamonds where she takes on safety pins and paperclips.

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Fishing Knuckles & Peace Buttons

1011angliker1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here's another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

Living in New York, I don't get to fish much, but Sean and I both grew up fishing with our dads and have a healthy appreciation for an idyllic day on a river or lake. I would love to have Christina Angliker's Fishing Knuckles - basically a bum's fishing kit that you can keep with you at all times. Not only a fishing rod, Fishing Knuckles is a protective device and a fashion statement. Though, it might be a bit more fashion than function - I'm not sure how you could reel in a fish without cutting your hand on the line. Christina recently graduated from Pratt and her website is definitely worth checking out - I appreciate that she includes so much of her process on the site. Also, her Peace Buttons shown below are a beautiful physical interpretation of a "wound"...

p.s. if these feel familiar, these were also seen as NOTCOT.org #1599 back in the day.

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Magic Symbols

magicsymbols.jpgMagic Symbols ~ its like a secret code through silver and string - and a card. "Once it is unwrapped to its full length of almost 4 feet (46" to be precise, or 120 cm), the meaning disappears and your secret love affair would never be recognizable in public as it turns into a multi-layered necklace. Only when you wrap it around the card, does the true meaning shows up." And that true meaning can be a heart, skull, or infinity symbol ~ seems like a brilliantly simple gesture, and also something easily replicable for the craftier kids in the group. Currently the soup du jour at Charles and Marie.

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Niwaka Rings

[NOTCOT Note: I'm so honored that Anna chose to share the beautiful packaging of her wedding rings with us. Again, congratulations to Anna and Sean on their wedding last month! I can't wait to see what else is going to be coming out of Sub-Studio this fall.]

As you might know, Sean and I got married in September. Sean bought my engagement ring from this amazing Japanese jeweler, Niwaka, and we loved the ring so much that we decided to get our wedding bands from them, too. Niwaka’s designs are (mostly) very simple and elegant, with clean lines and a twist on the traditional ring setting. Niwaka pays close attention to detail, and that extends to their packaging, as well. The rings sit in a two-piece, white ceramic box (it looks like a tooth in profile!), which comes packaged itself in a simple wooden box. A red ribbon ties the box together. So that the wooden box sits flat, two holes are cut into the bottom of two side faces to allow the ribbon to run concealed along the inside of the box. Niwaka has stores in Kyoto and New York. You can see more ring designs on their website.

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Black Sheep & CAST

cast1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here's another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

Derrick Cruz of Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons and THECAST collaborated on a series of handmade accessories for their Spring/Summer 2008 collection. Picking up on Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons' love for "Dark and Uncommon Goods" and THECAST's edgy basics, the collaboration brings to mind a refined Wild West - accessories for the urban cowboy, perhaps. Shown above, the Cottonmouth is a solid metal snake bolo on a hand-screened gauze scarf.

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Dominique Cohen for Target

dominiquecohenmain.jpgDominique Cohen for Target. You've probably heard about it. It was everywhere, as every GO Target collection seems to be. You've seen the ribbon pendant and broach. Well, me too. What i didn't expect was that when running over to Target for a quick errand, the collection would actually catch my eye and have me hovering at the Target jewelry case. In fact i have seldom even looked in that direction when i go (i tend to go to target to grab method goods and toys usually). Beyond the adorably edgy. fun, gothy display, a fresh shipment had just come in, and i saw a pile of the gorgeous satin pouches and ring/earring boxes taunting me. So when i came back to it three times, i finally gave in and played with a few of the pieces, and purchased this Dominique Cohen Lace-Covered Bead Necklace with Ribbon Tie. The attention to packaging details surprised me, i didn't realize that they created a series of brown satin corded bags (with a nice beige satin interior) printed with Dominique Cohen for Target on them, and the necklaces even have a tiny little "dom" tag on the silk ribbon. So if you're ready for an overdose of closeups, as well as my roundup of some of the best pieces, and pics from the LA launch party, as well as some of Dominique Cohen's high end collection that inspired these pieces... click on.

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Breakable Gift Wrap

breakable.jpgNotCouture #942 points out these great Fang Cufflinks, that are less than traditional (close up below)... and as i went exploring the Stephen Einhorn site i discovered their brilliant twist on Gift Packaging. (And its also making me kick myself, wondering why i didn't think of more creative ways to explore the idea of packaging when it came to gifts before!)...

They will gift wrap" your jewelry in a plaster heart, painted whatever color you desire (silver, gold, black, red, pink, etc)... and upon receipt the recipient has to break the heart to get their gift... doesn't it really feel more like a prize at that point? Or like the grown up version of those toy in the plastic eggs from the machines? And i love how this makes you rethink about the concept of the giftwrap as you open it as well... forcing upon you the idea that (unlike wrapping paper or those plastic eggs) this is a no return kind of move... you'll never have that heart again? Anyhow, i love the idea of how this changes the gift receiving experience!

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Crumley Bubbles

crumleybubbles.jpgCrumley. Gorgeous jewelry line out of NY ~ and i think Refinery 29 has helped them spread across the internet today ~ as the Peace Under Fire collection has been making its rounds... (images below!). BUT, i can't seem to stop staring at these glass bubbles. And on odd random associations, these glass bubbles remind me a lot of some of the strange body modifications you see... when browsing page after page of body mods last night which was incredibly inspiring and artistic. And also there's something so precious about the seemingly fragile nature of the bubbles...

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Kimberly Baker

Kimberly Baker's newest collection takes 7 old adages and transforms them into these gorgeous 18kt gold vermeil or sterling silver coins. "A bold way to glam up jeans and a vest, an original addition to your black cocktail dress, the classic coin, inscribed with the parable, is proof that old fashioned adages are made to be broken by a modern girl." The only thing more precious than these necklaces are the descriptions of them - pasted below, so i don't forget.

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Erica Weiner & Jenny Kwok

Erica Weiner has brilliant dark and beautiful jewelry... and since we last wrote about her her site has had some serious redesigning going on thanks to Jenny Kwok, and i love the aged paper, dusty old apothecary feel with creepy crawlies everywhere... not to mention some of the great new pieces. Can you believe that is a bronze cast of a Ruby Throated Hummingbird's Skull? And she has many great pairings of bird+bird whistles, birds+planes, etc. Snap shot of the site below...

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Lladros Re-Cyclos Magical

I must admit, i was actively hunting for NotCouture, and came across the Lladro Re-Cyclos Magic Forest Ring and in my excitement posted it quickly over there... only to later discover the full Lladro Re-Cyclos Magical collection. The Magic Forest collection has handmade porcelain rings, necklaces, chokers, earrings, broaches, hairpins and even cuff links. All incredibly beautiful and naturally inspired. Also worth a peek are the Bachhus Bottle Stopper Unicorn and the Gallus Salt and Pepper Shakers... see more images below.

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Emma Franklin Jewelry

I don't usually wear jewelry, but when I do I like for it to be something pretty unique and interesting. At the moment I'm loving the jewelry by British designer Emma Franklin. It's dark and has kind of an occult feel to it. I imagine the person wearing this jewelry to be sitting by the giant fireplace in their dark, burgundy-hued library/study, flipping through an old leather-bound book, and occasionally staring out the window, deep in thought... uh, that's not weird, is it?

Anyway... thanks to "canadian-in-swedish-clothing" for bringing this to our attention on Notcouture. Some more favorites after the jump!

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Mixko at Designboom Mart

Mixko at the Designboom Mart. As much as i love furniture and all the normal ICFF highlights, this was the part that leaves me giddy, as i sit here in the hotel room with almost no energy left. Skull Ring (40$) in person- even more amazing than the pics... the butterfly rings (10$) too! (As you can see i indulged and bought 6 rings - might need to go back for more!) It was fun to finally meet Nahoko in person, she's so sweet, and she even showed me a limited edition GOLD Skull Ring (pics below, she was kind enough to model it)... and the Cloud/Rainy Necklace has a name now! English Summer Necklace (30$). Anyhow, sorry my sentence forming abilities are a bit stunted at the moment, just wanted to share some highlights as they happen... more pics below. You can also buy on the Mixko site.

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Mixko at ICFF

On designers i'm excited to be seeing at NY Design Week ~ Mixko is high on that list. Their works have shown up here a few times (ok, 6 times to be exact)... from the butterfly rings, to handcuff watch, to the football bowl... and so much more.

So what do we have here? Other than the adorable designers themselves? Whippy (the awesome ice cream cone inspired lights) was a collaboration with Jeremy Scott for an installation at Colette in 2006. and i LOVE the Atari controller candle holder, brilliant piece for a gamer's housewarming. And the Rain Cloud and bone china Skull Ring are just too adorable... large images below.

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Funky Oysters

Funky Oysters - Camilla - Iridescent Gray, Bun Pearls, 3 Woven Strands, Short Length. No Good For Me has a discount coupon (code: FUNKYSMR) for 20% off until 06.15.07 - and i'm tempted, they've got some really fun pieces.

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The Kisses of Lola & Bailey

What does a kiss LOOK like? How does what it looks like convey what it FEELS like? I'm not sure, but there is something complex and sensual about these pieces by Lola & Bailey ~ and this "The FIRST Kiss" collection. There are 5 kisses in all... here are the first four... check out Lola & Bailey to see the 5th. I discovered them through .org #4005.

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Monzo VDAY

Vday is around the corner, so how do you show that you are into it, without being TOO over the top? Kind of loving this subtle little heart pin from Amor de Madre by Marc Monzo.

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