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AR+COOK (Art & Cook) has some incredible designer gadgets for your culinary side. Left to right - citrus reamer, masher, twirl whisk, egg whisk, jet whisk, pizza roller... and that is only a mild black and white selection from their collection... they have quite the assortment of bright colors as well. Apparently Art & Cooks true claim to fame (beyond award winning design) is their Airgonomic handles - "While air is in the handle, zinc is in the core. A strong, durable material that is resistant to stains and scratching, zinc provides a long, maintenance-free life for more than 60 years. The weight of this metal allows the tools to work more efficiently, reducing the need for users to exert excessive force when completing the cooking tasks at hand." ~ diagram of the Airgonomic handles below.

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Polly George

Polly George has some gorgeous ceramic lines designed and made in Kent, which are unlike any other. She's the designer behind the Mr & Mrs Jones lemon and lime squeezers we've seen around for some time. I just spotted the Butterflies series at Oh Joy, and they actually first reminded me of the Mixko rings... Things to pay attention to? The crazy toast rack, butter dish, adorable egg and soldier stand and cake stand. Also, the site is designed with enormous background images (large like 4500 width)... so some snippets of pieces i liked below, but check out Polly's site here to see more.

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Twist Loofah/Sponge

Twist. There are two points of interest here... 1. the product... loofah sponges! and "euro" sponges... that are trying to revolutionize and evolve the sponge world. At TWIST, they take special care to make sure 99.97% of all our waste is reused in production. And, our cellulose is sourced from renewable tree farms. 2. the branding and packaging... lets be honest here, that's what really got this into my cart at Whole Foods...

So, regarding the product, they seem good enough, a sponge is a sponge, granted it does look a bit cooler and the loofah addition is interesting... but news to me is that you can dishwash it! But on to the branding and packaging... interesting aspect (beyond the playful graphic design and circular windows)... you can make it into a birdfeeder. Innovative idea (especially enticing for moms who want to let their kids have an activity to do while unpacking the groceries)... not so hot on the execution, the packaging is so thin that it's not that sturdy, and i do wish the design made better use of the existing creases and the diecut windows... this bird feeder wouldn't hold up well in a drizzle (how about some water proofed packing?) and isn't quite strong enough to support the birds. And perhaps a small packet of bird feed would be fun too? and the design is much like our print+cut toys we often feature. But great concept, fun sponges.

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Doesn't that adam and eve plate just put a smile on your face? Something about the simplicity of the design, and the vibrant red... and those animals on the kids cups? See more gorgeous graphic design from freshly launched (well fall 06) ~ british design/accessories/wallpaper firm : ISAK by Sandra Isaksson. (via design milk)

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