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Arkitip Highmath No. 0044

viewmaster1.jpgIt's here! My Arkitip issue #0044 just showed up! And i'm in love with this glossy black viewmaster that came with the issue... so much that i even have pics of it for you as if you were looking through it! (See after the jump for the woody mac within)... Since i was a bit excited, here's a quick reverse unboxing in images for you after the jump!

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Black Viewmaster + Arkitip

arkitip.jpgI've wanted a black viewmaster since the "Gifts for your Indie Ninja" list from my ThisNext days, but alas, i've been lazy and forgot to buy one... so when i saw that the latest issue of Arkitip, No. 0044 HIGHMATH ~ is a collaboration with one of my favorite Danish collectives, Wood Wood... and comes in a box with "1 Exhibition catalog, 3 image reels, 1 3D viewer"... i grabbed my credit card. How could i give up a chance at a black viewmaster (with white Arkitip, Wood Wood, and Nike branding) as well as fun art? Perhaps we need to get some branded NOTCOT Viewmasters, and every month/week/random whim we can send out a mysterious reel of inspiring imagery?

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Vogue - Lockpicks - Hacking

voguehack.jpgIs Vogue advocating lockpicking and hacking? So i was half awakenly flipping through the december issue of Vogue (the penelope cruz one) ~ Staring at this image, i was initially surprised that they don't mention the word 'lockpick' in the post - focusing on the "hacksaw blades, a paperclip, and keychains" in the caption... the torn page sat next to me as i read up on Claire Fontaine and the Passe-Partout pieces... and these most definitely ARE lockpicks... cut from hacksaw blades (brilliant, it might be one of my new favorite pieces!) And then i looked closely at the ridiculously small print that was tucked into the spine of the magazine which only became apparent once torn out... and i see the following links...

Is it terrible that i find it highly amusing that Vogue is showing people where to go to learn to pick locks and the hacker ethic (the hackerethic.org seems to be squatted on... don't they check links?) - See image of the full page and a close up of the tiny print in the spine below...

Also ~ take a look at Claire Fontaine - which few know as the "Paris-based collective founded in 2004, but the French brand of school supplies it is named after, whose logo is everywhere stamped on the tools of their trade." Frieze magazine has a great article on them by Vivian Rehberg. "Appropriation is an artistic strategy laden with precedents, and one of the ways Claire Fontaine distances herself from those is by advocating theft. 371 Grand (2006) copies of keys to Reena Spaulings Fine Art in New York made using the same process the FBI employs, and Passe-partout (Paris 10ème) (2006), a set of lock picks, hacksaw blades and a small flashlight hung on an ‘I Love Paris’ key-chain, are wryly subversive little sculptures, especially when accompanied by the lock-picking demonstration in the video Instructions for the sharing of private property (2006). As an extension to these works, Claire Fontaine has offered to duplicate keys to galleries that show her art, and to sell them titled with the gallery’s address, therefore granting the purchaser access to the valuable objects held there. In two recent Paris exhibitions, versions of Passe-partout were hung nonchalantly on a hook, ready for the taking. But, just as she expected, nobody walked off with them."

UPDATE - figured out where they got their links from... as well as some images of the FBI piece and more keyring sets...

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elemente.jpgI was approached by Elemente Magazine a few months back, and i hadn't heard of them. Apparently they are "Canada's Alternative Design Magazine" on Architecture + Design + Lifestyle + International (as it says on the cover)... and they have been Nominated Best New Magazine in Canada (also on the cover). Well this is definitely one not to pass up on the newstands ~ its a nice super glossy design mag filled with a lot of content similar to what you find here at NOTCOT. In fact the O2 Cocoon i previously wrote about turned up on the cover of the latest issue! They have nice clean layouts, great typography, and i do love the super glossy paper. After being quite impressed with the back issues Elemente editor, Angus MacKenzie sent over, i even agreed to write a few short pieces for the latest issue (first time being in print as a writer!)... so i couldn't help but share a few quick pics with you this Friday evening. You can check out my blurbs online at Elemente ~ but for frequent readers, it's nothing you haven't seen here... new copy, but i covered the Puma Urban Mobility line, Oxo Corn Stripper, and Art + Cook for them. Also check out the Elemente site for more insight on what else you can find in their magazine.

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Time Out Chicago

Just noticed this piece about the NOTCOT sites over in Time Out Chicago! Margaret Lyons did a really nice write up on us for Time In: Geek Out section, and it was the first im interview i've done ~ quite fun actually. Anyhow, take a look, and if anyone's feeling nice and can help me track down a print copy of the Time Out Chicago Issue 122: June 21–July 4, 2007 ~ i'd owe you big! Thanks everyone for the help, I think we've found a copy now!


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NotCouture in Newsweek

NotCouture in the July 16, 2007 Newsweek. Featured on the Checklist of The Tip Sheet, Newsweek says "SURF notcouture.com. Submit posts to this design-centric fashion Web site where editors pick the most stylish products for public viewing and voting and, of course, buying."

We're all really excited about this mention, and big thanks to all the readers who sent it in, and an extra big thanks to Victoria for sending me these scans (especially since i've been having a bit of trouble tracking down this issue!). We're especially flattered to have this mention, since we're still in beta, and the official launch (with goodies to go with) will be July 30th for NotCouture.

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Playground ~ is it a magazine? is it art? is it a dripping rubber box? Apparently it "is an unbound collection of fashion + art in exclusive numbered limited editions"... "is a means for free, spontaneous plays between famous and emerging artists, fashion photographers and illustrators from all over the world"... "is not a magazine, but a personal gallery encrusted in custom designed collectible box." SO, there you have it, it explains everything and nothing?

However, the launch party will be at Anna Kustera in NY tomorrow night, so maybe someone can go take a peek for us and shed some light on what's really inside that white Dror Benshetrit box that "characterizes the movement of liquid dripping in a tactile and plastic form". There are only 250 sets, and they are $600... and there is quite the list of who's who thats part of the secrets in the box!

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Monocle's Kitakoga

So, i've procrastinated on flipping through Tyler Brule's latest endeavor - Monocle "a briefing on global affairs, business, culture, & design" ~ and i think it might me one of my new favorite reads... but the real question is how did no one tell me about Kitakoga? The pull out manga in the back of the issue ~ think-- the comic book for the Bruce Wayne set? I'm hooked. And the blatant product placement made me giggle the whole time (who wants a prada phone now?)...

Here's the premise (go on, read it out loud to yourself in that dramatic voice-over tone): "Spring -- 2010. A Democrat is running the White House, Sweden is about to take up the reigns of the EU Presidency, NATO is still heavily engaged in Afghanistan and The Horn of Africa is up for grabs. On the opposite side of the rapidly melting polar ice cap, Canada has become the self-appointed guardian of the top of the world and Russia's playing catch-up. China is still basking in post-Olympic glory and South Korea has become the region's new creative powerhouse. In the middle of all of this, Japan has assumed a more assertive role not only within Asia but also globally. The country stunned the world in 2009 with the surprise launch of a corps of robotic soldiers it deployed to protect its embassy in Beirut and has been working on the launch of a new unmanned air vehicle that has sparked the curiosity of governments around the world. A special branch of the defence ministry has been established to safeguard the technology. Shinobi (shadow ninjas) are the guardians of the Rai-zing (Thunder of God) project."
The animated feature should be done by the Batman: animated series folks in collaboration with the Evangelion team? [Lots more below]

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Antenna ~ go write it down. This is a magazine to look out for this summer! Preview issue just showed up and i'm smitten. As much as blogs amuse me, they will never replace my need for magazines... something about precise layouts, the touch and smell of paper, the way you can FLIP through a stack of pages... its not to be replaced! That being said, Antenna got my magazine excitement going again, especially since it has some fun graphic design, and reads like a mix between Lucky magazine and design magazines with a dash of the street/skate scene. (oh and its more guy slanted, but without the softcore)... this issue literally goes from A to Z as you can see in the contents page, and between the "real" articles... i'm loving their layouts for themed pages... like roundups of great glasses, cell phones, candy, condoms, bomber jackets, skateboards, and so much more... so here's a sneak peak of some of my favorite pages to keep you going until August 2007! [and the (N)EEDS- morning after section cracked me up.]

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